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Cynthia Clement – Self-appraisal

December 2009
During a meeting between my line manager, Liz Mitchell and myself
on Friday 04th December 2009, I was asked to complete a self-
assessment. This was to take the form of an appraisal, based on
the deputy manager’s job description.

The purpose of the appraisal was to highlight where I felt my

strengths were and the additional support I consider I require for me
to successfully fulfil my duties as deputy manager.

My self-appraisal is as follows:


To help create and maintain a nurturing and learning

environment within the house.
I am currently contributing to helping to create and maintain a
nurturing and learning environment by:

• Carrying out one to one sessions with families to provide

guidance and support with parenting and life skills issues.

• Taking responsibility for the completion of the Every Child

Matters report, which highlights how the centre meets the five
main outcomes and in doing so, the families’ needs. I feel
however, that as my first language is not English, I would
benefit for some additional support to improve my grammar
and spelling.

• Undertaking the role of centre Health and Safety

representative. I support staff and families to adhere to the
Health and Safety policies and procedures and am also
responsible for completing the yearly Health and Safety report.

• Supporting families and staff if any conflicts occur in the house.

I have been asked on numerous occasions to support staff
when differences took place with families, often acting as a
mediator to resolve the situation.

• Liaising with various outside agencies to facilitate workshops

that provide families with knowledge and skills around various
topics, i.e. domestic violence, drug and alcohol problems,
access to education and sexual health education.
Cynthia Clement – Self-appraisal

December 2009
• Taking an active role in the provision of various workshops. I
am currently responsible for running the cooking and the
introduction to sexual health education workshops.

• Supporting staff and families during difficult periods such as

placements breakdowns, ensuring staff and families are given
the opportunity to express their feelings and anxieties.

To take overall responsibility for the centre in the absence

of the Manager.
For the last 17 months I have managed the centre in Liz’s absence
on several occasions, during periods of sickness and annual leave.
Due to nature of the manager’s responsibility. During those periods,
I have sometimes sought advice from the Deputy Director.

I have also supported various staff with court requirements and

have accompanied staff to court to provide emotional and practical
support. I was also required to attend court on my own for one
particular case to represent St Michael’s.

I do feel however, that there are some of the manager’s

responsibilities that I need further support with. These include:

Report writing/editing - As I have previously stated English is not

my first language and there are times when I find report editing to
be challenging. This was raised with Liz at the end of August 2009,
when I requested assistance to apply for an A level in English to
improve my knowledge and use of English. During my last
supervision in October 2009, I asked Liz if I could have some
financial support with the cost of the training. Liz informed me that
she would pass on my request to her line manager, but as yet I have
not received an answer.

Administrative Duties - Since taking on my current position, my

time management has improved and I am better at prioritizing my
workload to take into account the centre’s daily requirements. I am
much more flexible and am able to deal with unexpected situations
in the absence of Liz. I attended my first time management training
in November 2009, which has given me new ideas of how to
manage my time more effectively. I believe however, that I would
benefit from more structured/scheduled admin time to fully fulfill my
administrative responsibilities.

To ensure a high standard of social work practice.

Cynthia Clement – Self-appraisal

December 2009
I take pride in my work and am very conscientious in my approach
to social practice. I actively apply the organisation’s policies and
procedures and encourage staff to do the same. This is especially
important when dealing with Child Protection issues. I have also
liaised with appropriate agencies to provide constructive feedback
to ensure the best interests of the families I deal with. I recognise
however, that I would benefit from some additional support to
further improve my confidence when making some difficult
decisions in the absence of my line manager.

I also ensure I keep abreast of any new legislation or procedures

that might affect the organisation or the local authority.

In addition, I have expressed the desire to undertake a degree in

social studies whilst working at St Michaels’. I believe that this will
provide me with a much fuller understanding of social work practice.

To ensure a reasonable standard of childcare and general

house management
As deputy manager I am responsible for the general house
management, which includes ensuring the house is clean and
welcoming at all times.

I also took an active role during the redecoration of the house,

liaising with Liz and the contractors to ensure the project was
undertaken with minimum disruption for families and staff.

I also ensure I am aware of any maintenance required in the

building. I will frequently liaise with the L&Q to carry out necessary
repairs to the building and with our gardener, Nigel.

To keep abreast of current legislation, which informs and

prescribes our work, paying particular attention to the
Children Act 1989, 2004 and Care Standards Act 2000
As mentioned above, I always ensure I keep abreast of any new
legislation. This includes undertaking ongoing research to gain
more knowledge and understanding. I am also proactive in relation
to ensuring adherence to Child Protection policies and procedures
and encourage staff to do the same, for example ensuring
immediate contact is made with social services and the police in the
event of a family failing to return to the centre.

I have also read all of the relevant material given to me at start of

my employment, such as the Every Child Matters document and the
national minimum standards. I also attended specific training
following the Baby P case.

To work within the “Framework for the Assessment of

Children in Need and their Families
I have been working in line with the ‘Framework for the Assessment
Cynthia Clement – Self-appraisal

December 2009
of Children in Need and their families’ for the last 8 years and as
such, am very familiar with its contents. When completing the daily
recording and compiling reports, I always follow the DOH
Assessment Framework. I also encourage staff to be thorough with
their daily recordings, explaining the importance of doing so.

During the induction of new staff, I go through the daily recordings

and emphasize the importance of correctly completing each section
due to the fact they are sometimes submitted to court as evidence.

To work in accordance with the Fellowship’s Health and

Safety policy
I am currently the Health and safety representative and as part of
this role, ensure I promote safe practice in the house. I carry out
most of the monthly building inspections and will inform my line
manager of any issues highlighted in the report. I am also
responsible for replacing necessary equipment for the benefit of
families and staff. Due to the nature of work, this is often done in
my own time.

I also liaise with the relevant agencies to promote Health and safety
in the building. Recently for example I had to liaise with L&Q as our
electrical system was not up to standard, resulting in a number of
lights having to be repaired.

I also attend the organisation’s Health and Safety meeting and

provide feedback to the rest of the team during team meetings. In
addition, with the support of my line manager, I created a Health
and Safety folder that provides useful guidance on Health and
Safety issues. This includes, for example: the safe use of ladders,
dealing with minor injuries, fire safety and swine flu prevention

I am not currently responsible for scheduling the fire drill and fire
point test, as my line manager has carried out this role for some
time. I do however, monitor the Health and Safety folder to ensure
these are carried out in due time.

It is also important to note that Liz is also involved with the overall
management of Health & Safety issues and often carries out these
functions without asking for my assistance.

To work in accordance with the Fellowship’s Equal

Opportunities policy.
During the last 17 months, I have worked in accordance with the
organisations EOP and have been asked on numerous occasions to
intervene in situations where the behaviour of families towards staff
was inappropriate or dismissive.

I have also in the past supported a member of staff who was

experiencing problems with her key family, who had issues with her
background and ethnicity.
Cynthia Clement – Self-appraisal

December 2009
However, it has been brought to my attention in the last week that
during a team meeting, I failed to challenge staff who made an
inappropriate comment about a particular religion. On reflection I
agree that I should have challenged this and will ensure I am more
mindful of this in the future.

To perform domestic duties as required by the Manager

Throughout my time in the role I have been very involved in
domestic duties such as:

• Attending to the general household duties:

o Cleaning offices, bathrooms and kitchens

o Clearing the garden and the front of the house of

potential hazards

o Ordering cleaning supplies

o Repairing families’ equipment

o Ensuring the house is clean and welcoming at all times.

o Removing body fluids

o Encouraging the rest of the team to attend their daily

cleaning duties

I never shy away from the cleaning and take great pride in ensuring
the house is clean and tidy at all times.

To do sleep-in duties and work a Rota as required.

I am extremely flexible with any sleep-in duties and have been
happy to accommodate late changes to the rota, or to stay longer
than my shift to deal with unplanned situations.

I have done some additional sleep-ins at very short notice to

accommodate the unit.

I also provide additional support during my days off and have been
happy to work during those days to suit the needs of the unit. This
includes providing telephone support and coming to the unit when

I am also on permanently on call with Liz and I am have provided

telephone and physical support t to the staff during out of hours.

To perform such additional tasks as may be required by the

I am always willing to undertake any additional tasks given to me by
my line manager, even where this has meant I have had to
Cynthia Clement – Self-appraisal

December 2009
complete them in my own time. I do sometimes find it difficult to
say ‘no’ and would welcome some additional support in this area in
the future, as this would allow me to gain more confidence.


To be involved in the system of keyworking

I have key worked 2 families thus far, one from August 2008 to the
end of November 2008 and the second from April 2009 to the
beginning of July 2008, which includes the following requirement:

• One to one sessions with the families

• Reports

• Attending all relevant meetings

• Work plans for the family and for staff (weekly planner and
preparation for sessions).

• Support the families throughout their 12 weeks placement

• Direct observations

• Support and guidance with parenting

• Support with accessing all local resources.

To work in partnership with parents, colleagues, social

workers and other agencies to improve the service offered
to families

For the last 17 months, I have demonstrated my competences in

liaising with families, social workers and other agencies.

For example, I:

• Work directly with families on daily basis, as a key worker and

as a deputy manager. I have mediated when conflicts have
taking place. I have been asked by staff to intervene with
families when some conflicts occurred. I have also facilitated
workshops with the families within the centre.

• Meet with potential residents and use an honest and open

approach with regards to St Michael’s responsibilities and
Cynthia Clement – Self-appraisal

December 2009
involvement in their and their children life.

• I have chaired and participate to numerous meetings, such as

placement reviews, LAC reviews, Child Protection Conference,
professional and contract meetings etc… and have liaised
almost daily with professionals either via phone or emails.

• I have worked hard with regards to the workshop; last January

certain of our workshop had to be terminated due to lack of
funding, consequently I liaised closely with various agencies
for the necessary support to be provided for the families.

• I am also playing an active role with the Lambeth Condoms

Distribution scheme by facilitating Introductory Sexual Health
Education sessions with new residents, liaising very closely
with the scheme co-ordinator.

I would however would to press that liaising with various

professionals can be very time consuming and I would like to have
some time scheduled every 3 months to reassess our workshops
and indentify new workshop topics the families may benefit from.

To liaise closely with the staff team in establishing the

desired content of contracts and plans of work for each
I normally attend and chair most professional meetings with staff
and on some occasions with Liz. During those meetings clear plans
and contract outlines are discussed and drawn to meet the families’
overall needs.

I also draw and revise care plans and risk assessments after each
placement review. I also inform each key worker to update the
paperwork in the required timescale. Consequently I liaise very
closely with key workers and social services to achieve this.

As a Keyworker to liaise closely with parents and social

worker in drawing up contract and plan of work.
As mentioned previously, I have keyworked only twice since starting
my position as deputy manager, however I have had daily dealings
with families and social services. I am always aware of each family’s
progress and areas of support that are required. Each day I ask staff
for a short handover on each family and read the communication
book to make sure I am fully aware of any issues needing to be
dealt with.

So far I have not produced contract plans as we are using very

similar templates for each family, however I make the necessary
Cynthia Clement – Self-appraisal

December 2009
alterations required to meet each individuals’ needs.

I frequently draw up various agreements with the Local Authority,

such as financial, escort, child minding, essential items agreements
and email them. I also chase the social work team if the agreements
are not singed on time as this would seriously impact on our families
if not attended to.

To work with and alongside parents on the tasks of daily

This is an area that I have grown since starting with the
organization, due to the background and ages of the families we
work with; it is important to work closely with them, this means to
respect them as individuals and to work in an open way. However
this sometimes involves the use of authority and to establish
boundaries for the harmony of the centre and for the families to
reach their full potential. This can be quite frustrating for the young

I encourage the families to take an active role with daily living tasks,
such as

• Attending to their communal household duties

• To look after themselves

• To ensure the living environment is to an acceptable standard

of hygiene, free from hazard and potential dangers for their

• To respect the rules of the house and to create a friendly and

content atmosphere.

• I provide support around budgeting, frequently supporting

the family in being proactive in buying the essentials, enabling
them to meet their children’s overall needs.

To enable parents to acquire the skills of parenting and

independent living.
As Keyworker and deputy manager I work closely with the families,
support and guide them with their parenting skills, I:

• Support newly qualified staff

• Encourage families to accept and act on staff’s guidance and

advice and challenging inappropriate behaviour on a regular

• Carry out sessions or observe and guide less experienced

Cynthia Clement – Self-appraisal

December 2009
staff and students during their probation period.

• Work normal shift, which enables me to observe the families

during the day, and evening shifts. I also work night shift,
which, in my opinion enables me to have a better
understanding and overview of the families overall

As mentioned above, I encourage the family to develop their

independent living skills however I provide extra support depending
on individual needs. For example I worked with a client who had
some learning difficulties, I helped her to purchase essential items
and reserved them on line for her to collect, which helped her as
she was experiencing some difficulties with the process.

I have also accompanied families to register with our local GP and

empowered the families to fend for themselves and complete their
own paperwork

As previously mentioned, I have taken an active role with all the

workshops since August 2009. I am currently facilitating 2
workshops, which I enjoy very much. These give me an opportunity
to have more one to one contact with the families in a friendly and
non-authoritarian approach. It is my desire to continue to do so in
the future, as I feel this is beneficial for the families and for me to
develop a stronger relationship with them.

To monitor and supervise parents where necessary in the

care of their children.
I am very conscientious in my work, consequently I monitor and
supervise parents whenever possible and will also leave messages
for the rest of the team if any pertinent information needs to be
passed on.

I also challenge certain staff members who are not so proactive in

this area to observe the families whenever possible. I encourage
them to be detailed and specific with their recordings, which is
necessary and useful for report writing. I have left many messages
in the communication book to highlight this, in the past.

To share with parents the content of all reports personally

compiled before wider distribution.
Whilst key working, I have scheduled time with my families to go
through my reports, I also asked if they fully understood the
content and the recommendations.

As deputy manager, I encourage staff to inform their key families

that I am available for them at all time if they have an issue that
needs to be addressed whenever their Keyworker or Liz are not
Cynthia Clement – Self-appraisal

December 2009

I have taken an active part in the last 6 months with placement

breakdowns; I have chaired emergency meetings and provided
direct feedback to the families giving reasons why their placement
would be terminated. I admit that this can be quite challenging and
difficult however I believe I have demonstrated my ability to
manage several placement breakdowns with minimum disruption
for other residents and staff. It would be fair to say that during those
times, I have a level of anxiety but I am able, in my opinion, to act
professionally in front of others to deal with the situation.

I have also been asked to edit a couple of reports so far and I

recognise that I need direct support from my line manager and
more training to help develop the skills to write reports to the
standard expected by St Michael’s.

To encourage parents to participate in house activities,

sessions and groups where appropriate.
For the last 17 months I have encouraged parents to follow their
placement requirements, this includes attending sessions,
workshops, and local resources such as domestic violence groups,
baby/toddler groups.

I have also encouraged parents to seek medical advice when

necessary and empower them to call NHS direct when concerned
about their children’s health.

I inform parents of the community facilities available to them and

encourage them to use those resources.

I also liaise closely with the Sure Start and Sure Start Plus Team and
encourage the parents to attend any of their group sessions and

I also liaise closely with the father worker, when a father is part of
our assessment. This is to encourage fathers to have additional
involvement with their child/ren on a one to one basis.

To be involved in the resettlement of a family as required in

consultation with the Resettlement Worker.
I have been involved in the past with the resettlement worker for
one particular family, however further opportunities have not arisen
due to the restructuring of the service.

Cynthia Clement – Self-appraisal

December 2009
To assist the Manager in the management of the staff team.

General management
Since February 2009, soon after my 6 months probation period was
over, I started supervising one staff member. I schedule regular
supervision with her, support her in her every day responsibility. I
have always been available for any support and guidance required.

Thus far I have not been allocated any more staff to supervise,
although I was informed that when one of the team members
returns from her maternity leave, I will be supervising her.

I also supervise sessional staff and some agency staff when

required. In addition I have so far mentored 3 university students;
this includes direct supervision for 2 Social Work students.

I undertook an initial 2 days supervision-training course in October

2008. I was scheduled to attend a more advanced supervisor-
training course in September 2009, however this was subsequently
withdrawn, which I found disappointing. To date, I have not been
informed of any further training scheduled for me.

For the last several months I have chaired numerous weekly team
meetings. During those meetings I encourage the staff team to
express their views, opinions and give Liz feedback as soon as

As mentioned in previous sections, I consider that I would benefit

from some guidance in report writing. I am fully aware that report
writing and editing is an important part of my role and this is an
area where I need to improve, particularly as English is not my first
language. I am confident that this can be achieved with sufficient
training, support and time.

I positively welcome the opportunity to receive regular and

structured (verbal or written) feedback on my performance as often
as possible. I firmly believe that this assists me with my career

Staff issues
The feedback I received at the end of my probation period was that I
needed to improve the way in which I challenged staff and that I
needed to be more assertive in my approach. Some months ago it
was suggested that I am too soft and too friendly with staff, which
resulted in a perceived lack of respect for me as a manager. I was
receptive to these observations and have made a conscious effort to
address them. I consider my efforts have been generally successful.

This however has affected my working relationship with certain

Cynthia Clement – Self-appraisal

December 2009
members of staff who have found my revised approach too
assertive. It has been necessary on some occasions to have one to
one meetings to resolve issues that have arisen as a result of
misunderstandings. I am very conscious of the importance of
developing positive working relationships with all members of staff.

I recognize that I need to gain more confidence in approaching Liz

with certain issues without feeling anxious about how my concerns
might be interpreted.

In my role of deputy manager I am using my skills and knowledge to

support less experienced staff. During the last 17 months the
centre has had a large turnover of staff; since September 2008, 5
staff members have left. This sometimes has seriously impacted on
the staff team, and has affected my role as a deputy manager and
my personal development. Throughout the last past 17 months, I
supported 6 new staff members assisting and guiding them with
their key working duties and daily responsibilities within the centre.

To keep records of the day to day running of the house

using the house diary, message book and daily report sheets
on individual families.

I have consistently ensure I maintain accurate and relevant records

of the day-to-day running of the house. I liaise closely with either Liz
or the rest of the team throughout the day, this can be verbally, via
telephone contacts, a message in the commutation book or by
emails. Consequently, I feel I am competent this area.

To write reports for reviews, court, end of placement etc. as


Since the commencement of my employment, I have compiled 2

mid-placement and 2 final reports, this in addition to bullet point
reports. I already highlighted this area in a previous section. I
recognize that there are times when I find report editing to be
challenging and would welcome additional support in this area. I
need to increase my understanding of English grammar and spelling
and I would welcome and be prepared to undertake any further
training, which I believe, will increase my confidence in this area. I
am extremely committed to develop further in this area.

As mentioned previously, at the end of August 2009, I requested

assistance to apply for an A level in English to improve my
knowledge and use of English. During my last supervision in October
2009, I asked Liz if I could have some financial support with the cost
of the training. Liz informed me that she would pass on my request
to her line manager, but as yet I have not received an answer

To attend case conferences, attend or chair reviews,

Cynthia Clement – Self-appraisal

December 2009
planning meetings as required.

In my role as Deputy manager I have frequently chaired the

following meetings:

• Placement review meetings

• Professional meetings
• Contract meetings
• Placement breakdown meeting
• Initial resident visit meetings.

I am confident that during these meetings, I conduct myself

appropriately and professionally, which I believe is paramount to
feed our families’ overall needs and have a positive working
relationship with others.

To attend court hearings and give evidence when

So far I have attended court on 5-6 occasions, either representing St
Michael’s or to provide support for another member of staff. I always
ensure I am fully prepared for each court hearing, which due to
competing priorities, is often done in my own time. This includes
reading all relevant documents, giving guidance and support to less
experienced staff and providing them with reassurance on the day
of the hearing.

During those court hearings, I represent the team as a whole and I

am extremely aware not to input my personal beliefs and feelings.
This is essential due to the seriousness of the potential decisions,
which can be as the result of my witness statement.

In consultation with the Manager to liaise with outside

agencies in order to make use of resources available in the
community to enhance the work with parents and children.
I have been very proactive in this area since the beginning of my
employment. I liaise regularly with others agencies in order for
families to benefit from available local resources. For example, I
liaise with St Michael’s Sure Start team, Lambeth condoms
distribution scheme, Hospitals, Connexions Services, Lambeth drug
and alcohol services, to ensure that our families have access to
services which make a positive contribution to their lives and well-
being. I really enjoy this part of my work and gain great fulfillment
when our families enjoy the workshops and various group sessions
they attend. I would like to continue to do so in the future.

To stimulate referrals and be involved in the selection of

new families.
Thus far I have attended and chaired numerous initial professional
Cynthia Clement – Self-appraisal

December 2009
meetings both with and without Liz present. During those meetings
I have been able to give and promote St Michael’s which is
paramount at this stage of the referral. I also take initial phone calls
for potential referrals; I am able to gather any relevant information,
which helps during decision-making processes.

I complete the referral forms, send relevant information to various

professionals and to Liz, for her to assess whether the referrals can
be considered. In this area I able to assert myself to other
professionals and give clear guidance on our referral process and
the centre’s expectations.

To carry out various administrative tasks; keeping an

accurate record of expenditures, rotas, correspondence.

As part of my overall responsibilities, I monitor petty cash, liaise

with HQ when money is required needed and will also go to collect
it. I also gather and collate all receipts and weekly fees for the main
office to save Liz time. I would welcome the opportunity to
undertake additional duties with regard to expenditure as my
academic background is in accounting.

I do however, alter the Rota in the event of shift cancellations,

sickness and other unforeseen circumstances and arrange cover
with sessional staff or agencies.

I am responsible for my own correspondence and at times I ask Liz

to check my spelling, which she has agreed to do every time. As
mentioned previously I recognize the need of support in this area as
this restrains me from my other duties and is time consuming.

To keep records to monitor the work of the centre and with

the Manager to compile an annual evaluation report.

I have so far compiled the following reports:

• The Annual Health & Safety reports

• The annual and 3 monthly house committee reports
• Every Child Matters reports

I am also responsible for monitoring the following:

• Families files
• Health & Safety folder
• Sessional and communication book
• House Meetings log folder
• House maintenance book
• Staff help/info folder.
Cynthia Clement – Self-appraisal

December 2009

I carry out these tasks regularly as I am conscious of the need for

these documents, book/folders, etc to be kept maintained and up to
date in the event of an Ofsted inspection. I also liaise with the rest
of the team to ensure that all the folders are up to date.

To attend House Committee meetings as required.

Since the end of my probation period I have attended all House
Committee meetings and compiled most reports with Liz’s support
with my spelling. I very much enjoy these meetings as it gives me
opportunity to meet with our allocated trustee, give feedback and
generally update myself on any organizational events.

To attend Executive Committee meetings in the absence of

the Manager as required.
Again, I have not as yet been asked to attend any senior
management meetings.

To attend Senior Management meetings in the absence of

the Manager.
I have not been asked or required to attend any Senior Management
Meetings thus far in my position as a deputy manager.

In consultation with the Manager to liaise with outside

agencies in promoting the work of St. Michael’s by receiving
visitors, students etc.
I have supervised and mentored several social work students within
the last 17 months; I am currently supervising a Year 2 social work
student from Greenwich University. This has been very beneficial for
me to keep abreast of social practice and it’s key elements. I also
feel this is a bonus for when I will have the opportunity to undertake
my social work, which has been a wish of mine to accomplish for
several years, but unable to fulfill due to financial restrictions.

I also participated in the organisation’s open day in September 2009

and liaised with various professionals to promote the work and aims
of St Michael’s.

To be jointly responsible with the Manager for the review

and implementation of work practices and policies, and
I have had limited dealing in this area so far. I have not been asked
or mentored to implement new policies and procedures as such,
however I have in the past discussed procedures and revised
everyday work practice, finding solutions, which benefit the families
and the team. I always liaise with Liz if I feel something is not
working and will seek advice and guidance.
Cynthia Clement – Self-appraisal

December 2009
Staff Development

To participate in supervision and appraisal sessions with the


I have been supervised 15 times since the commencement of my

employment at St Michael’s, however this has been sporadic rather
than regular. My last supervision was on the 13 th of October and I
have been given so far 4 sets of written supervision notes.

When supervision is scheduled, I am prepared and come with my

own agenda. This in addition to the standard agenda, which is as

• Feelings/Health
• Keyworking
• Feedback and observations for Families present in the centre
• Staff issues
• General performance feedback
• Annual leave
• Training needs
• Organizational update
• Any other business (AOB)

I ensure I take notes, but would request written feedback after my

future supervision, as I believe this will help in my ongoing

To supervise family assessment workers, sharing

responsibility with Manager.
As mentioned in a previous section, soon after my 6 months
probation period ended, I started supervising one staff member. I
schedule regular supervision with her, support her in her every day
responsibilities and make sure that I am always available for any
support and guidance required.

Thus far I have not been allocated any more staff to supervise,
although I was informed that when one of the team members
returns from her maternity leave, I would be supervising her.

I also supervise sessional staff and some agency staff when

required. In addition I have so far mentored 4 university students;
this includes direct supervision for 2 Social Work students.

I undertook initial 2 days supervision training in October 2008. I was

scheduled to attend a more advanced supervisor-training course in
September 2009, however this was subsequently withdrawn which I
found disappointing. To date, I have not been informed of any
Cynthia Clement – Self-appraisal

December 2009
further training scheduled for me.

To attend appropriate training courses as arranged in order

to meet those training needs identified by appraisal and to
enhance professional development and skills in line with the
Fellowship’s training policy.

So far I have attending the following training:

• Race and culture

• Child Protection updates
• Managing for the first time (2 days)
• Introduction to Supervision (2days)
• First Aid (4 days)
• Expert Witness training (2 days)
• Domestic Violence
• Drug and alcohol (6 days)
• Practice teaching level 1
• Health and safety
• Risk assessments
• Power Point Presentation.
• Time management

From my 6 months probation meeting, I was scheduled to undertake

the in-house child protection training but I have not done so yet

I have also been put forward to start an NVQ level 3 in management

in October 2009 but I am still waiting for the college tutor to contact
me to start the qualification.

I was scheduled to attend a more advanced supervisor-training

course in September 2009, however this was subsequently

It is essential to recognise that I have recognized my strengths and

weaknesses, identifying my need of support throughout this
appraisal; consequently I will welcome and embrace any additional
training to overcome my weaknesses. I am also extremely
committed to work in partnership with Liz and the organization to
reach my full potential.

To attend group consultancy sessions with outside

I have regularly attended the consultation sessions and I take an
active role in debates, tasks and discussion.

To attend weekly staff meetings

Cynthia Clement – Self-appraisal

December 2009
As mentioned previously, for the last several months I have chaired
numerous weekly team meetings.

In conclusion, I have a passion for my work; I am extremely

committed, dedicated and really intend to develop my chosen
profession further. In my opinion, there are many areas of my job
where I can demonstrate my strengths, however in my self-
appraisal I have also identified areas where I know I would benefit
from some further training and mentoring.

Cynthia Clement

09th December 2009.