PREAMBLE: The scope of work includes the supply and installation of 1x 150kVA Diesel Generator (DG) set mounted inside the Rarotonga Hospital’s existing generator building and associated works. The outgoing cables shall be sized to suit the DG output. 1.0 GENERAL This specification covers the turnkey installation of 1 x 150kVA standby diesel generating system covering the diesel engine, alternator, engine control panel, associated accessories, cooling system, ventilation system, fuel and exhaust system, acoustic enclosure and switchgear etc. The contractor shall assume full responsibility of co-ordinating the work with various sub-vendors and other contracting agencies at site and execute the work to the total satisfaction of the clients and statutory agencies. 2.0 SITE CONDITIONS:

Temperature Humidity Rainfall Altitude

: : : :

Maximum 35 deg C Minimum 15 deg C 60-100%

2000mm per annum 300ft AMSL


ELECTRICAL SUPPLY SPECIFICATIONS Nominal voltage No. of Phases Frequency : : : : : 415V + 6% 3 + Neutral 50Hz + 2.5%

Neutral earthing Control supply 4.0 4.1

Solidly Grounded 24V, 2-wire DC

SCOPE OF WORK & EXCLUSIONS The scope of work shall include but not be limited to the supply, installation, testing and commissioning of the following items. The supplier shall study the requirements stipulated in the specification and also to suit the site conditions and offer a complete system with guaranteed performance under the severest operating conditions specified. a. 1 off 415V, 3-phase + Neutral, 150kVA 1500 RPM, DG set with accessories as specified.


Set mounted microprocessor based engine control panel.

c. Radiator cooling system. d. Exhaust piping including supports. e. Thermal insulation for exhaust piping. f. Exhaust stacks with steel supporting system.

g. Preparation of related schematic and GA drawings for DG installation, exhaust piping, ventilation system, etc. h. Co-ordination with Ministry of Health (MOH) to ensure timely completion. i. Obtaining Diesel Engine manufacturer’s approval of the installation with specific emphasis on alignment, exhaust & fuel piping and ventilation before commissioning.

j. Testing and commissioning of the installation. k. House keeping during the installation work and removal of debris and unwanted materials on a day to day basis and clearing the site on completion.

l. Any related work covering supply of installation materials, consumables, etc. whether specified or not, to render the system fully functional and conforming to the best engineering standards. This shall include battery charging. m. The winning tenderer shall work with the MOH personnel in all civil construction works for making the foundation for DG set including other works as required. 5.0 5.1 DIESEL ENGINE & ACCESSORIES ENGINE a. The diesel engines shall be of approved make, direct injection, four stroke, multi cylinder, water cooled radiator type, turbo charged, operating at a nominal speed of 1500 R.P.M and capable of developing requisite Brake Horse Power (BHP). The engine and the governing system shall be suitable for standby and Automatic Mains Failure (AMF) duty power generating application and shall conform to BS5514 / ISO3046. The unit shall be suitable for operation on high speed diesel oil available in the Cook Islands. The engine shall be electric start and shall be suitable for battery assisted manual / auto starting. The governing system of the engine shall be electronic type and suitable to control frequency variation within + 2.5% whenever a load of 100 150kW is switched in or thrown off.


c. d.


The engine fittings shall include but not be limited to the following: i) Closed coupling and flywheel with guard. ii) Dry type air filter with clogged condition indicator. iii) Cooling radiator. iv) Fuel pump. v) Electronic governor. vi) Dual fuel filter with online filter changing provision. vii) viii) ix) x) Lube oil pump, oil cooler and filter. Turbo charger. 24V DC starter & battery charging alternator. Engine mounted microprocessor based control panel to display the following minimum engine and electrical parameters: a. Lube oil pressure indicator and temperature gauge. b. Tacho meter for speed indication with hour meter. c. Battery charging Ammeter. d. Starting switch with key. e. Over speed stop switch with contacts. f. Low lube oil pressure switch. g. High water temperature alarm & trip xi) Wiring harness using temperature resistant insulation and flexible copper conductor wires. The wiring should be clamped at regular intervals and terminated using lugs and terminals. Stainless steel flexible for engine exhaust. Stop solenoid.

xii) xiii)

f. The engine speed shall be regulated through an electronic governing system which shall also provide the overspeed protection. The governor shall ensure that the speed of the set is regulated within 1% of the nominal speed under normal operating conditions. h. The DG set shall be capable of handling step load up to 70% of the capacity without dropping other loads due to voltage dips. Further the engine shall be capable of taking full load within 10 seconds of starting.


All moving parts of the engine and other associated equipment shall be provided with guards to prevent accidental contact. The guard shall be designed to facilitate easy removal and reinstallation. The engine supplied with first filling of oil of required quantity as recommended by the manufacturer.

j. 5.2

ACCESSORIES The following accessories shall be supplied with the DG set. a. b. c. d. e. f. Common base frame for the engine and alternator. Antivibration mounts of requisite capacity. Residential silencer. Protective guards for all rotating parts. Electric driven lube oil priming pump complete with hosepipes and couplers. Diesel tank with capacity to last 12 hours on 100% load. Capacity fabricated out of 1.5-3mm thick sheet steel including first filling of diesel. The tank shall be further complete with overflow pipe, drain pipe, fuel level indicator, valves, low level contact and alarm. Galvanized sheet steel trays beneath the engine and day tank to collect the leakage oil. Batteries The batteries shall be of heavy duty, high performance lead acid type of Exide make or equivalent. Each battery shall be rated 24V. The number and AH capacity shall be selected to suit the engine requirements. Battery shall be suitable for six successive starting attempts each of 10 seconds duration with a gap of 5 seconds between successive starts. The battery shall be supplied complete with electrolyte and accessories. The accessories shall include battery stand, battery leads with terminal ends acrylic top cover and inter battery connectors. The charger shall allow the battery to be charged when the set is not running. The charger shall get disconnected from the mains when the generator set is running. i. Control Panel The DG shall be supplied with an engine mounted Microprocessor based control panel. The control panel shall display all the engine, alternator & battery parameters. It shall not only display faults but also keep a record of faults. An emergency stop push button will be provided to stop the DG during emergency. For Engine faults, the set will be stopped in emergency mode & for electrical faults it shall be stopped with a time

g. h.

delay for cooling down. An audible alarm shall be provided in the main panel to announce tripping of DG. j. Alarms The following alarms shall be provided in the DG control Panel to indicate & protect against abnormal operations. Condition Low Oil Pressure High Water Temperature Over Speed Low Fuel Level High Fuel Level Earth fault on Alternator Fail to start Battery charger fault 6.0 ALTERNATOR 1500 RPM, 415V, 3-Phase, 150 kVA, star-connected, 50Hz, 0.8 P.F, horizontal foot mounted, double bearing, self excited, self-regulated, brushless, screen protected drip proof, continuous duty alternator with class “H” insulation in IP22 enclosure incorporating the following. a. Continuous damper winding. b. One anti-condensation heater wired to a separate terminal box. c. Pilot exciter. d. 3 Phase sensing AVR with + 0.5% voltage regulation. e. A neutral CT of adequate ratio and class for REF relay for DG Protection. 6.1 The Alternator shall further meet the following specifications: a. b. c. d. e. f. g. The alternator shall conform to BS2613. The alternator shall be suitable for 20% over speed for two minutes. The alternator shall be capable of carrying 50% overload for a duration of one minute. The alternator shall be capable of carrying 10% overloading for one hour in any period of 12 hrs running. The inertia constant shall be 0.26 second or above. The alternator terminal voltage for any load variation should be maintained within + 5%. The prime mover response should be such that with 150kW load throw OFF / ON for the generator both transient and steady state frequency Status 2 stage Alarm 2 stage Alarm Alarm Day tank Alarm Day tank Alarm Alarm Alarm Alarm Function Engine Stop Engine Stop Engine Stop Engine Stop

variation should be within + 3%. The generator terminal voltage for this load variation should be maintained with + 5%. h. The field coil terminals shall be wired to terminal box for external speed control. i. j. k. 6.2 Both ends of each phase winding shall be brought to the terminal box. The alternator shall withstand a 3-phase short circuit at the terminals for a period of 3 seconds. The total harmonic distortion shall not exceed 3% and the design shall permit up to 30% unbalance between phases while in operation.

Performance Under normal operating conditions, the sound pressure levels when measured at a distance of one (1) metre outside the DG building shall be not more than 70 dB.


Painting The entire system shall be coated with grey oxide paint. After erection rust preventive painting must be essential. After erection one coat of Dark Green color synthetic enamel must be applied.


DIMENSIONS Refer to layout of Generator building.


SPARES The DG set will be supplied with the following spares, which shall be handed over at the time of commissioning. 2 2 5 5 1 1 1 sets of renewable parts of oil, fuel & air filters Nos. fan belts Nos. spare fuses of each type & size used spare relays of each type set of fuel injectors No. Operators manual No. Service manual

9.0 9.1

Diesel Generator Set a. The assembled DG set shall be installed on anti-vibration mounts. The unit shall be visually inspected for any transit damage.

INSTALLATION The bidder shall undertake the installation work at site. The general scope of installation work shall include but not be limited to the following:

b. The contractor shall arrange for the inspection of the set by the diesel engine manufacturer’s authorized representative and obtain his approval before rolling the set. c. The fuel oil day tank shall be installed over the drip tray at the location indicated. d. The batteries shall be fully charged, installed, and connected. e. The battery charger shall be heavy duty. 9.2

Exhaust Piping a. The exhaust piping shall be fabricated from 1.5-3mm thick mild steel pipes. b. c.

The exhaust piping and the silencers shall be insulated using 50mm thick mineral wool inside the container & up to the exhaust stack. The insulation shall be cladded with 24G aluminium sheet. The exhaust pipe shall be supported using spring suspension supports. The shipping sections of the stack shall be welded at site and erected over the mild steel frame work. The entire length including flanges, bolts and washers shall be aluminised inside and outside to inhibit corrosion. A weather cowl shall be provided on top. All tools and tackles used for the erection shall have valid safety certification.


e. 9.3

Electrical Installation a. The electrical power cabling from alternator to the panel will be carried out by the Ministry of Health (MOH) personnel. However the DG control cabling from the DG to the DG Panel will be carried out by the DG vendor. b. The contractor shall appoint an experienced full time engineer throughout the installation period till the set is handed over. Three month maintenance from the date of commissioning shall be carried out by the DG vender. c. The contractor shall carry out the control cabling from the engine control panel to the breakers in the main panel. d. Connecting block with wiring diagram shall be provided in the DG Panel for integrating with our local power utility Te Aponga Uira’s (TAU) Panel. TESTING At Manufacturer’s works The routine tests and full load test on Engine, and Alternator shall be carried out at the manufacturer’s work in accordance with applicable New Zealand, Australian or British standards. All test results must be forwarded to the MOH, Rarotonga, Cook Islands. The following tests shall be conducted: a. Full load testing for 8 hours with load bank. b. Overload testing at 10% overload for one hour immediately after the full load test. c. Operation of protective devices.

10.0 10.1


Site Testing Following tests shall be conducted at site in the presence of the MOH’s representative before energisation. The contractor shall provide all testing equipment, labour and consumables required for the testing. a. Checking the alignment by engine manufacturer’s representative and obtaining approval. b. Insulation resistance test on alternator, control panel and cabling / bus bar trunking. c. Checking the Automatic Mains Failure (AMF) operation both on auto and manual mode. d. Checking the engine safeties for satisfactory operation. e. Checking vibration levels. f. Testing of individual protective devices on engine and alternator and ensuring that the wiring is carried out properly. g. Full load running for 8 hours continuously. All the readings shall be logged to evaluate the fuel consumption, lube oil pressure, water & oil temperature vis-à-vis the electrical load. h. One hour overload testing at 110% load shall be carried out at the end of the full load trial. i. The guaranteed specific fuel consumption shall not exceed 150 grams / BHP. HR with a tolerance of + 2.5 %. The same shall be proved during the load trial. j. The noise level at 1m from the enclosure and the temperature rise inside the enclosure shall be measured. k. Any deviation from the guaranteed parameters shall be made good and these performance parameters should be measured once again till the required results are achieved. l. The DG set shall be deemed to be commissioned after satisfactory performance of all associated equipment.


TAKING OVER The Ministry of Health (MOH) will take over the DG set for operation on completion of the following: a. DG set are installed, tested and commissioned as per the specifications. b. Original test certificates are furnished for engine, alternator, acoustic enclosure, centrifuge and all other bought out items. c. Load trials are successfully conducted including the performance of acoustic protection and ventilation fans. d. 2 sets of AS BUILT documentation, spare parts list, maintenance chart and operation and maintenance manual are to be submitted. e. The set shall be handed over with first fill of lube oil and day tanks full of diesel oil along with spares mentioned.

12.0 12.1

GUARANTEE Diesel Generator Set The DG set and accessories shall be guaranteed for satisfactory operation for a period of 24 months from the date of commissioning or 5000 running hours from the date of supply whichever is earlier. Any defects noticed during this period shall be rectified free of cost. The supplier shall indicate the type of records to be maintained so that the warranty claims if any are honoured by the manufacturer.

13.0 13.1

MAINTENANCE The bidder shall be required to maintain the installation at no extra cost to the owner for a period of two year from the date of commissioning. During this period, the contractor shall make good any defects caused due to faulty design, bad workmanship and poor quality of materials. The response time to attend any reported break down shall not be more than 1 hour. This response do not mean to physically be on site. During the guarantee period, the bidder shall carry out regular servicing of the unit at regular intervals as recommended by the manufacturer. The consumables required for this will be made available by the Ministry of Health. DOCUMENTATION

13.2 13.3


As a part of the equipment supply, following documentation shall be furnished: a. General arrangement plan of DG set. b. Exhaust fabrication drawing. c. Layout of exhaust piping. d. Engine wiring diagram. e. Test certificate for engine and alternator. f. Installation, operation and maintenance instructions for diesel engine and alternator.

g. Spare parts list. 15.0 PREFERED MAKES

In case the Tenderer proposes to supply any make other than in the approved list, then the Tenderer should submit: 1. Full technical specifications 2. The proposed model should have been installed in at least 3 locations around New Zealand or Australia. Completion certificate and performance certificate should be submitted in the technical bid. It may be noted that this criteria is in addition to the eligibility criteria mentioned in the tender notice.) 15.1 15.2 15.3 15.4 Diesel engine with residential: Silencer Alternator Anti-vibration mounts Battery : : : Caterpillar / Cummins / Perkins / Deutz or equivalent Stamford / Newage or equivalent Dunlop – S class or equivalent Exide or equivalent

15.5 15.6 15.7 15.8 16.0 16.1

DG Panel Motors Pipes Starters

: : : :

Microprocessor based engine mounted as per the DG Manufacturer instructions Crompton / Siemens or equivalent Mild/Galvanized steel 24V system

SCHEDULE OF TECHNICAL PARTICULARS All the installation shall fully conform to the requirement stipulated and the tests shall be carried out as stipulated. Deviations if any, shall be clearly brought out in the tender. STANDARDS The following Standards apply: BS5000 Part 3: 2006 - Generators to be driven by Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines BS5514 Parts 1 – 6 (ISO3046) -Specification for Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines BS5486 (IEC60439) -Factory Built assemblies of Low Voltage Switchgear and Control Gear BS4999 Parts 103, 140, 141 & 145 (IEC34-1) - General requirements for Rotating Electrical Machines


TECHNICAL SCHEDULE – STANDBY RATED DIESEL GENERATOR 150kVA Ref. Description Units Particulars As Specified As offered

1 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 1.7 1.8 1.9

1.10 1.11





Diesel Engine Manufacturer's Name Country of Origin ISO rating Site rating at 26°C Brake mean effective pressure at site rating Number of cylinders Bore Stroke Speed Type of Aspiration Year this type was put in service Drop in frequency/speed when engine response to 100% load injection Fuel consumption at 100% Prime rated load is less than Radiator Applicable standard Manufacturer's Name Manufacturer's Type No. Fan tip speed Fan power required Cooling airflow Cooling surface area - water Cooling surface area - oil Cooling water system Applicable standard Water temperature Water pressure System capacity Thermostat bypass valve type Low water level switch type Lubricating oil system Applicable standard Oil pressure Oil temperature Grade of oil Sump capacity Oil consumption/100 hr. Recommended oil change Engine alarms Applicable standard Low oil pressure setting Low water level setting as % of total cooling Water capacity

kW brake kW brake Bar mm mm rpm


Clause 17 m/s kW m3/min m2 m2 ˚C Bar litre

Bar ˚C litre litre hrs Bar % Clause 17





Overspeed setting High water temperature setting High oil pressure setting Exhaust system Applicable standard Silencer manufacturer's name Type of silencer (residential or standard) Exhaust temperature gauge range Engine governor Applicable standard Manufacturer's name Class of governing Base Fuel tank Mounted integrally with engine bed plate Capacity Fitted with level gauge Emission Standard (a) HC (Hydro Carbon) (b) CO (c) NOx A.C. Generator Manufacturer's name Type Country of Origin Rated output Terminal voltage Power factor Frequency Winding Connection Weight of complete alternator Weight of name of heaviest single item for erection Applicable standard Generator mechanical protection class Short circuit ratio Stator insulation class Stator d.c. resistance per phase at 75°C Type of rotor bearings Number of rotor bearings Method of protection against shaft currents Rotor critical speed (s) Rotor inertia Weight of rotor Rotor winding resistance at 75°C Generator response for 100% load change at a low Power factor :-

rpm ˚C Bar

˚C Clause 17

Yes Yes gr/kWh gr/kWh gr/kWh

2 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 2.6 2.7 2.8 2.9 2.10 2.11 2.12 2.13 2.14 2.15 2.16 2.17 2.18 2.19 2.20 2.21 2.22 2.23

KVA V Cos Ö Hz Kg Kg

At site rating 0.8 50 Star

Clause 17 IP23


rpm kg m2 kg ohm

A. Instantaneous values when at :(i) Minimum excitation (ii) Maximum excitation B. After 10 Hz when initially at :(i) Minimum excitation (ii) Maximum excitation 2.24 2.25 2.26 3 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 3.5 3.6 3.7 3.8 3.9 3.10 3.11 3.12 State whether stator windings are protected with embedded thermistor overloads State whether thermostatically controlled anticondensation heaters are fitted in the generator Wattage of the heaters Generator Exciter Applicable standard Manufacturer's name Field winding insulation Field winding resistance at 75°C Exciter winding insulation class Exciter winding resistance per phase at 75°C Number of diodes Type of diodes Diode rated current Diode rated voltage Exciter full load current in d.c. amp State what provision has been made to suppress the field when the main circuit opens under fault conditions Generator Automatic Voltage Regulator Applicable standard Manufacturer's name Type Range of manual voltage control Generator Circuit Breaker Applicable standard Manufacturer's Name Type Country of origin Rated current Rated voltage Breaking capacity

%V %A %V %A %V %A %V %A

Yes Yes

W Clause 17 ohm ohm A V A

4 4.1 4.2 4.3 4.4 5 5.1 5.2 5.3 5.4 5.5 5.6 5.7

Clause 17 V Clause 17


415 (mini. 35kA)


Inherent protections provided Short circuit Overcurrent Range of adjustment of overcurrent Range of adjustment for under voltage Battery Manufacturer's name Type Electrolyte Voltage Capacity at 10 hour rate Number of cells Voltage per cell Normal charging rate Maximum charging rate Ampere-hour efficiency at 10 hour rate Ampere-hour efficiency at 1 hour rate Dimensions of cells Dimensions of battery complete Weight of cell complete with electrolyte Total weight of battery complete Internal resistance per cell when fully charged Battery voltage at end of the duty cycle Charger Manufacturer's name Type AC input to charger DC output of charger Type of d.c. voltage control Range of d.c. voltage control Regulation Overall dimensions Total weight Maximum allowable Noise Level of the Generator Set At 1m distance At 10m distance

Yes Yes ....% to ....% …..%

6 6.1 6.2 6.3 6.4 6.5 6.6 6.7 6.8 6.9 6.10 6.11 6.12 6.13 6.14 6.15 6.16 6.17 7 7.1 7.2 7.3 7.4 7.5 7.6 7.7 7.8 7.9 8 8.1 8.2

V Ah V A A % % mm mm Kg Kg Ohm V

kVA kW V % mm kg

dB dB

70 60