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“VINCENZO GALATI” Remember his name, this is one of

Pasco’s finest Corrupt Deputies.

There is a freedom of speech in this country, and public
record, so I feel it’s my right to protect any one that I can,
that comes across this deputy or has had the same situation
happen to them, I'm talking about innocently people being accused and
convicted of something they never did.
The Epitome of Police corruption in the Pasco sheriff's Department Florida. This is
a fine example of a deputy that not only makes up his own stories to get an
innocent person convicted. Then after an investigation is performed by the
Professional standards unit, the case is closed.
And the deputy is on the loose to cowardly collect his next victim, while stepping
his way up the stairs of promotion. Shame on you "VINCENZO GALATI"
Sounds like a "Hollywood Movie" Well let me tell you this story because this
deputy with his farfetched statement full of lies that got an innocent man charged
and convicted "He should be working for Steven King. Yes you "Vincenzo Galati"
You’re a disgrace to the tax payer's uniform that you ware and the badge that you
use to give yourself the advantage over whomever you feel like.
You are using the law to enhance your status.
This is the true story of what this Deputy, dreamt up on the mid-night hours of
April 28th 2009. So be well aware "YOU COULD BE HIS NEXT VICTIM".
One night in March around mid-night, “VINCENZO GALATI” gets called to a
A response to a woman being locked out of her house. And just wants to get entry
to pick up some money. When he arrives he automatically responds with
suggestions of CRIMINAL intent. Although he never considers the fact or asked
why there are four DRUNKEN people outside this house making a commotion?
(Later he watches and he lets them drive away drunk) He was too busy making
himself look like the hero to the 25 year old DAMSON IN DISTRES in tight blue
jeans and reveling top. As Mr. Stewart (Home owner) looks from his living room
window and see him drawling from the mouth. Hanging all over (#1-Intoxicated)
25 year old Miss Shannon Laymon, Yes! Hanging all over her like a cheap Extra-
large Wet shirt.
The husband of the house (Mr. Stewart) has locked his wife out, Due to an
argument over the four intoxicated friends that just caused a fight with the
barmaid at the club where they work. The Wife then turns up at the residence with
three of the four friends (#2- Intoxicated Mother, Mrs. Tammi Laymon) and (#3-
Intoxicated, Thomas Feaster).
Tammi Laymon is so drunk she can hardly stand up.
The owner of the house (Mr. Stewart) has just arrived home from work. He works
at the same club as the above mentioned people have sunk at least 8 to 10 bottles of
beer each (The 2 bars staff will witness this).
Tammi Laymon tries to force her way into the house, as the owner Mr. Stewart
opens the front door, she then spits on the husband and calls him all kinds of foul
and disgusting names. He then goes outside and picks up the garden hose and wash
the spit of off his hands and face.
Tammi Laymon then gets nasty again and starts chanting, what you going to squirt
me with the hose. “Come on Mother F**ker bring it on“."In which he did". He
squirts her with the water hose; He tells her to get of off his property and go home
and sleep it off. After a couple of minutes they hug each other, and Mr. Stewart
goes back in the house and locks the door. Now that’s the end of the entire saga. A
stupid dispute between friends in which Mr. Stewart lets it go. "You know how that
goes with drunks."

But before they drive away.

Deputy "VINCENZO GALATI" (Super hero) turns up on the scene.
This Deputy hangs around for about an hour, flirting and Shinning the 5000 watt
light from his/tax payer patrol car, into the window of the home owner trying to
make an impression, then another deputy also turns up on the scene, The home
owner, Mr. Stewart opens the side door after about half an hour and take's a photo
of them, as they moved away from his CCTV. I Guess "VINCENZO GALATI"
didn't like that. Then they both leave after they let and watch the (4 DRUNKS
DRIVE AWAY) in two separate Vehicles. (Who hired this dumb ass).
(NO ONE IS CHARGED). The next day "VINCENZO GALATI" writes up a
statement claiming that all 4 are pressing charges against the home owner (Mr.
Stewart). He writes in his statement that the wife (Mrs. Stewart), was pushed over
and fell on the floor, and that he observed bruising to her arms (although she was
wearing a dress that has long sleeves) and it was pitch black at mid-night.
Although, when you're a super hero like "VINCENZO GALATI" you have X-ray
Then he had the balls to add "She would Not let me photo her" (Don't you just
hate cops that do this) Make up anything and everything they can to make the
accused person look even worse, they try to demean you in every way they can.
Oh! By the way I forgot to mention that the wife & husband work together, she
was absolutely furious that this deputy would even suggest such an accusation.
Then (#-4 Intoxicated Husband to Tammi Laymon "Clyde Woolman") Turns up.
Oh yes!! Driving another vehicle.
"VINCENZO GALATI" writes in his report that Mr. Stewart sprayed them all
with water. He never once thought or considered that they were all trespassing,
causing a disturbance to the public, drunken and disorderly, driving under the
influence of alcohol or that Tammi Laymon had assaulted Mr. Stewart. He was too
busy flirting & playing the "Super Hero" in front of Shannon Laymon. After all
"she if a fine young lady". After this incident he then watches them drive away
drunk in two separate vehicles. Shame on you again "VINCENZO GALATI"
He then Phones Mrs. Stewart the next evening on her cell phone at 2 am in the
morning and awakes her and her husband out of a sound sleep asking her for Mr.
Stewarts Phone number. Hey! Vincenzo Galati, Nice try, "Go find yourself a
single woman".
The wife (Mrs. Stewart tells him to "Call back at a descent time" He (Vincenzo
Galati) then has the nerve to also write in his report that, the wife said “I’m not
going home I’m afraid for my life”. Not knowing that they where a-sleep together
at their home.


Mr. Stewart gets charged with 4 counts of battery, on the assumption of
"VINCENZO GALATI" false statement, he was then arrested on a warrant Six
months later. He NEVER received any paper work at ALL for any charges, or any
court dates, the 4 people never filed any statements at all, in fact Mr. Stewart and
the four have been best of friends for some 9 years. (Yet, another corrupt trick that
the system has) They call it "BACK LOGGED" In other words, you get a court
date but the clerk doesn't send you a letter, so now the judge issues a warrant for
your arrest without you knowing (as you didn't turn up for your court hearing,
Isn't that convenient. Or is it because the clerk has been told not to send it, (it make
you wonder).
The husband then ends up in jail for not going to court, has to pay to get bailed out,
then hire’s an attorney.
Deputy "VINCENZO GALATI" has caused (Mr. Stewart) a massive problem and
knows it, with his falsified document and statements, the cost to Mr. Stewart the
"Now "Convicted/defendant" was $1,574.00.
Why was Mr. Stewart Convicted you may ask?
The prosecutor offers a lesser charge of "Disorderly Conduct" That carries a
$100.00 fine with court costs added of course. So Mr. Stewart pleads no contest in
order to avoid the high cost of a court trial of which would be another $3000.00 in
attorney fees alone.
The now Mr. Stewart convicted/defendant files a complaint to the Professional
Standards unit. And after four weeks gets an answer back in a letter form, saying
"they would not pursue the accusation against "VINCENZO GALATI" because
the defendant pleaded guilty to a lesser offence, and there for it would not meet the
appropriate standard to file charges against their Deputy as it "WAS A
CONFLICT". (At this time, the Professional standards unit will take no further
action with your complaint and file the complaint by Florida public records law)
What a cover up!! Also they never mentioned about the other deputy that turned
up, no one even knows his name, that’s because he's a witness to the wrong doings
"VINCENZO GALATI" Also wrote in his statement that Mr. Stewart opened the
door shouted out obscene language to him then closed and secured the door. Which
is another pack of lie to make Mr. Stewart look like the bad guy even more?
(Note. This is all in the public records)
If Mr. Stewart did all these bad doings of that evening, "why he was not arrested
Mr. Stewart Adds, seeing as you can't get me on a double jeopardy charge. And you
have already accused and convicted me off shouting bad language to you,
something I would never do.
This is how I really feel about you know.
I hope you are proud of yourself "VINCENZO GALATI" Cos' I think you’re a
low-life scumbag. You're a disgrace to the Pasco sheriff's department you're
dishonest a liar and don't deserve the job going around in a "Tax Payers" deputies
suit and using the badge to cover your dishonest ways, there are plenty of honest
people out there that need the job that you're not worthy of.
I'm sure you have heard many a stories of innocent people getting jailed many
times before, and this case is trivial to some convicted innocent people, that don’t
get a chance, when the cop, prosecutor and judge are all against the charged
person. You're supposed to be innocent until found guilty, what a crock that is,
you're guilty as soon as corrupt cops like "VINCENZO GALATI" files there
report. This is a vicious money making scam system going on designed by the
county to rip off the working class.
“We now they protect their own” otherwise, why would you have a Professional
standards unit located in the sheriffs building.
As they say, Pasco has the reputation as being one of the most corrupt justice
departments in the country.
But as Mr. Stewart added. There’s more than one way of skinning a cat.
I “use” to give money to the Pasco county sheriff's office charities, but no more.
After all, who wants' to drive around with a bumper sticker on their Vehicle
promote and supporting a corrupt system? Not Me!!
As far as I’m concerned I will never help or donate one cent to this county ever
again and I suggest the same thing to everyone I know.
If you have had a similar problems like this you need to make a report but do it
before you go to court, don’t make the same mistake I did. Fight back; there a
wonderful thing now called "The World Wide Web" expose these corrupt cops that
are making a living from your taxes and all the fines that they rip us of for. Also
they have no problem plastering your face all over the internet on their web-site.
When you get arrested. It doesn't matter if it's for a parking ticket or spraying
someone with a hose, you can be guaranteed you photo is on their web-site for the
public to view "PUBLIC RECORDS".
If you have had a problem with a Pasco Deputy, do not fill intimidated or scared,
that's what they want you to feel. Here’s where you file a report, although it
probably won’t help you much, but at least then it's in the "Pubic Records" As
quoted to me by Inspector "James Mello" and that means there's a paper trail.
You will need to fill out the form and have it notarized, and then mail it in. Make
sure you send it “registered mail” So you get a returned post card, that it was
accepted and signed for. Then you know it was delivered. "You know how mail gets
lost sometime!!
Go on line to and click on contacts.
Write a letter to inspector James Mallo. Saying you wish to file a complaint, and by
"LAW" he has to send you the form/s to fill out.
Or write to him at:
To Professional Standards unit.
James Mallo inspector
Sheriffs Administration’
8700, Citizens Drive.
New Port Richey Fl 34654
727 847 5878