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Managing and Avoiding Bunker Claims


Monday 22nd - Tuesday 23rd February 2010

Prospero House, London

Lloyd’s Maritime Academy is delighted to bring you the 9th annual Managing and Avoiding
Bunker Claims Seminar, one of the highlights of the Bunker training calendar, and one which
regular provides a wide range of shipping professionals with top quality learning in the area of
Bunker Claims.

This essential Bunker training course provides an excellent opportunity to examine the complex
details of this key area of shipping practice with expert speakers and international colleagues.

The Bunker Claims seminar will help you learn straightforward and cost-effective ways of
avoiding and reducing bunker claims:

• Claims avoidance
• Claims presentation
• Claims mitigation
• Claims resolution

Plus: a highly practical and lively case study will help you put what you have learned into practice,
using real life scenarios.

12 Hours CPD: The Solicitors Regulation Authority

Two essential days of learning from leading bunker experts:

• Understand bunker contracts, negotiation and terms and conditions

• Explore ways to avoid and manage a claim
• Discover how onboard practices and contractual arrangements can minimise risk of dispute
• Assess the impact of the latest environmental requirements, including MARPOL Annex VI
• Harness available credit facilities
• Analyse sampling methods, fuel specifications and explore potential pitfalls
• Discuss fuel handling and safety, and supply chain management
• Learn how to resolve disputes and manage litigation
• Explore how ship arrest can be used to obtain security

Featuring: Case Study

• Bunker disputes – ‘real life’ lessons put into practice

A significant proportion of bunker deliveries every month result in disputes of quality or quantity.
The potential financial loss to both the shipping and bunker industries runs to many millions of
dollars every year. With the increasing cost of bunkers as part of operating costs, avoiding disputes
is an essential component of good business practice.

Parties to bunker disputes could significantly reduce the risk of dispute before the event by:

• Putting correct shipboard practices and risk management procedures into place
• Understanding and drafting tighter contracts
• Managing fuel specifications, fuel handling and safety correctly

As part of the training for management of the whole bunker operation, this seminar is an essential
tool in the armoury of the bunker professional.

Join fellow professionals...

• Brokers
• Bunker traders
• Charterers
• Classification societies
• Fuel suppliers
• Insurers
• Maritime lawyers
• Port & harbour authorities
• Shipowners/operators

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