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Ro-Ro Shipping


Tuesday 23rd - Wednesday 24th February 2010


With approximately 22% of tonnage of the current inter- European traffic coming through short
sea shipping from the ports of Dover, Calais, Lubeck, Zeebrugge and Immingham using Ro-Pax
ships and ferry services, there is certainly a growing need to assess whether the future lies with
unaccompanied Ro-Ro and container services, or with Ro-Pax?

Lloyd's Maritime Academy are pleased to present this newly researched high profile seminar on
Ro-Ro and Ro-Pax shipping which will analyse the operational concerns and technical
innovation and developments in Ro-Ro / Ro-Pax terminals and vessels.

You will have the opportunity of sharing the views and experiences of leading industry experts.
They will address some key questions including

• Have we reached full integration with the door-to-door supply chain?

• What are the requirements to achieve higher port efficiency and good hinterland
• What new technical innovations are forthcoming to enable the most affordable, efficient
and green means of shipping via short routes?

New developments and industry best practice:

• Learn about the future requirements to service flexibility and productivity in the ports
• Determining short sea shipping as a sustainable link in door to door logistics chain
• Supply and demand conditions for Ro-Ro shipping including a geographical analysis of
the Atlantic, Baltic and Black Sea
• Measuring KPI’s for Ro-Ro terminals and securing efficiency in operations
• Analysing challenges of building a supply chain for LNG powered Ro-Ro vessels
• Looking at future innovations and design of gates in Ro-Ro terminals
• Determining design-based solution approach to launching life boat systems in vessels and
eliminating risks

Featuring: practical session

• Gain an understanding of the commercial and contractual matrix of door to door logistics
Green ro-ro operations

• Industry perspective on reducing fuel emissions, developing ballast water treatment for
Ro-Ro vessels and learning about the role of paints and coatings in greener shipping

Case study examples

• Hearing about the latest in terminal expansion projects and cost reductions

12 Hours CPD: The Solicitors Regulation Authority

Essential training for:

• Ports & terminal operators and owners

• Ports & terminal technical managers
• Shipping lines
• Ferry operators
• Logistics providers
• Port planners and contractors
• Lawyers and regulators
• Class societies
• Short sea feeder operators
• Ship brokers & managers
• Inland shipping operators
• Feeder operators
• Insurers
• Ship engineers and designers
• Terminal technology providers
• Equipment manufacturers and operators

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