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Bella Volturi

Bella Pov:
“Bella her name is Irina she is part of the Denali
clan” My Uncle Caius said, as he showed me my
next vampire victim who had broken the law. Im
the Princess of Volterra, I’m also the strongest
Vampire i have ever met, i can reflect powers back
to the person who sent them, so basically if Jane
for example sent pain my way i could reverse it so
that she was cop the agony, for trackers i could
reflect there powers so they would not know my
scent and i would be invisible, and for mind
readers and people who can see the future i can
make their thought come tumbling into my heads
so they wont hear it or see it i would. Oh and did i
tell you i could make myself smell, look, act and
have emotions like humans, one of my other many
talents that only i specialize in. So myself, Felix,
Demitri, Jane, Alec and the rest of the gaurds are in
charge of finding vampires who commit offences
and break rules for our kind. “So where do i find
this Irina?” I asked staring at the picture of the
lady that was about to be history. “There is a
benefit meeting happening tonight, she, her family
and every other vampire will be there, thats where
you will go” He explained “Ok where is this Benefit
being held?” “Forks, High school, Home of the
Spartans!” He gave out a choked laugh at the last
part that used to be on our welcome sign. How do i
know? Cause that was my old school before the
Cullens left me to fend for myself. “I know where
that is, We better start leaving if we want to be
there on time” I said walking up to my throne and
chucking on my black cloak.
We swam half way which our clothes dried because
we ran the rest. We got there and it just started.

Irina Pov:
What have i done? What have i done? They know
all about this benefit what if they pick tonight to
come after me “Irina everything ok?” Kate asked
as we walked through the double doors to the
school we were having this meeting “never better”
i answered in a dull tone
Flash back...

“you are a bitch, a cold hearted bitch” the girl from my school
yelled at me “Shut up” was all i kept saying i was getting angrier
by the minute and if she didn’t watch herself she might end up
dead. “YOUR A FAT BITCH AND YOU KNOW IT” she yelled a little
louder, by now there was the whole school huddled around us. I
couldn’t take it i looked around and picked a car up over my head
and that caught everyones attention, Oh shit that would get
around to the volturi for sure. I chucked the car down and ran
home .

End Flashback...

We took our seats and the meeting began.

Bella Pov:
We all threw our hoods on over our heads and
walked in i was leading them of course but Felix
and Jane went around the other side just incase
she tried to do a runner.i slammed the doors open
making them smash into the walls, everyone
turned to look at us and I spotted Irina out in a
second looking terrified. “Sorry to interrupt but we
came to collect someone”i said as i walked
towards Irina. She stood up and looked at me
obviously trying to make out what my face looked
like, “I have done nothing wrong” she screamed
“Oh but you have, and we are here to fix that, Now
please come for a walk” i said in a sweet but bitter
tone. “Id rather stay here” she said through gritted
teeth “Ah Irina we can do this the hard way or the
easy way but either way you will still come for a
walk with me. “Irina what is this about?” one of her
sisters said obviously Kate, Daddy Aro told me all
about them and their powers even their bonds with
one another “Ah you have not told them? Well your
sister here revealed herself to human kind” i
informed them “Irina is this true?” Tanya said
standing up “Yes! i didn’t mean too she was
pissing me off” Irina said trying to defend herself
“WHAT DID YOU DO?” Tanya yelled getting furious
“I picked up a car” she whispered “oh Irina, cant
you just follow our rules?” Kate said in defeat “I
forgot ok” She said falling to the floor “you forgot?
You forgot that we were Vampires? That Humans
cant know about us? All the rules my dad has ever
made? Everything forgotten?” I yelled marching
closer I leaned down and whispered in her ear “
And now you are about to die at my hands” i got
up and picked her up by her arm. I felt electricity
rush towards the spot where Kate had suddenly
grabbed me, i reflected it and she was sent flying
across the room. I turned my back for a minute
and Irina was already making a move “FELIX,
JANE” they came rushing in and she gasped and
turned back to me running “Please stop please, i
did not mean it” She said gripping my leg pleading.
“Im sorry, But i cant” i said stepping back Felix
grabbed her head to steady it as Demitri and Alec
held Tanya and Kate back. “How will this help by
you killing me? The students that saw still know, its
only a matter of time before they all spread the
news. What are you going to do then?” she said
raging “Oh don’t worry so much dear! We have all
of that under control, some are for Breakfast, some
are for lunch, some for dinner and the really juicy
ones” i looked at jane and she laughed “The juicy
ones are for dessert” We all nodded our heads
“just thinking about it is making my mouth water”
Alec said licking his lips “No! No! All of those
people, there and hundreds” Irina yelled “Oh and
there’s hundreds of volturri members too” i said as
i reached out for her head “Please i have a family”
She whimpered “maybe you should have thought
of that before your stupidity” i pushed her head to
the side and snapped it in the opposite direction.
Felix and jane ripped her arms off and chucked it
to the floor. “NO!” Tanya and Kate screamed
crying Tearless sobs. They kneeled over and fell to
the floor, “is this what you enjoy? Tearing families
apart?” i turned to the new voice and looked into
Carlisle’s Topaz eyes “ We don’t do this to the
innocent we do this to the people that deserve it!
People that put our existence at risk by living,
people that don’t care about us, Vampires that
think they are free to rome around like there are
no rules involved” I said looking at him as though
he had changed a dramatic amount since i last
seen him “Oh and all those innocent people that
you kill are putting our existence at risk too?” i
could see Esme gripping his arm trying to make
him sit down before he got killed to “We do that for
survival, we arnt like you that can live off Animals
blood, its taste just doesn’t thrill me, and neither
does it tie us over, we would eventually go back to
eating those poor, hopeless humans one way or
another” I said in one breathe “You haven’t even
tried it” he yelled back at me “Dad calm down”
Rosalie whispered flicking her hair back “no to be
honest i have not tried it” i said honestly “Then
why?” “Because i have seen what it does to you, i
know that all of you are fighting for control
whenever you are around a human, i know it does
not satisfy you either so why do it?” I said
“Because its the right thing to do” He yelled “No
the right thing to do is to be yourself you and your
family are acting like something you are not, also
what is right is sticking with your family, not after 1
year leaving her because of some stupid accident.
Thats not right.” I said getting angrier by the
minute “Yeah well i don’t know how old you are
and i don’t want to know how old you are, But you
used to be human once apon a time” He said “I’ve
actually only been a vampire for 5 months, and i
was 18 when i was changed, and so yes i do
remember my human life, but like i said im not
longer human so i will not act like i am, Well
sometimes for food that is, that’s one of my
talents” I explained clearly “Who are you?” Jasper
said standing up “Glad you asked Jasper” I pushed
my hood off and the whole family gasped, “How
you doing there?” I said with a fake grin on my
face “Bella? What have you become? Your a
monster” Alice said getting up and walking slowly
towards me “oh you are a vampire too, so im not
the only monster here” I said in a low voice “Bella
did we do this to you?” Emmett said infront of Rose
“no of corse not, My boyfriend did” when i said this
Edward looked crushed, I didn’t actually have a
boyfriend i was changed by Aro who happened to
be passing while i punched Jessica in the face,
somehow he saw an interest in me “Your
Boyfriend?” Edward asked quietly “Yeah my
boyfriend, Felix” I ran up to Felix and he got what i
was doing and opened his arms, i leaped into them
and he smiled and whispered that he could get
used to this. “Filly, im starved can we go find those
humans already?” i whined “no Bella this isn’t you,
you shouldn’t be doing this, join our coven, don’t
do this, think of the families you are hurting” Alice
said sobbing of what i had become “Sure babe”
Felix said playing it up again we all took off
running and the Cullens had to hold Irina’s sisters
back. “Oh by the way” i said taking a step back in
the door “just incase” i walked up to Irina’s sisters
and chucked a match at them, boy did they go up
like bonfires. Carlisle Jasper and Emmett had to
jump back from the flames as they watched two of
their many friends burn. We practically flew to
where all the humans were since we were running
so fast. One by one we took them and brang them
back to volterra.