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Englewood, CO | (859) 559-7460 |

University of Kentucky | Lexington, KY | Bachelor of Science | College of Engineering 8/2004 12/2007
o Major: Computer Science | Minor: Mathematics
Programming Languages & Proficiencies
o Oracle | PL/SQL | T-SQL | SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008 | SSIS | DTS | Java | J2EE (WebLogic, WebMethods, Spring
Batch) | PowerShell | CMD | WMIC | VB6 | VB.NET | My SQL | C/C++ | JavaScript | HTML | XML | PHP | Perl | SAS

Operating Systems, Business Software, & Development Tools
o Oracle SQL Developer | TOAD | SQLPLUS | OSQL | SQL Server Management Studio | SQL Server Business Intelligence
Studio | SQL Enterprise Manager | SQL Query Analyzer | Access 2000, 2003, 2007 | Windows (XP, 7, 2003, 2008 R2) |
Windows Scripting | Powershell | Linux | UNIX | Java | JDBC | Eclipse | Control-M | Citrix | VMware /vSphere | RDP |
Registry Scripting | WMI | WMIC | PSEXEC | PSTOOLS | Serena Dimensions | Visual Studio .NET 2005 | Visual Source
Safe 6.0 | C/C++ | Lotus Notes | IBM Mainframe | Microsoft Office (Word,Excel,Outlook, PowerPoint)

Kaiser Permanente | Englewood, CO 6/2014Present
Oracle DBA | PL/SQL Developer
o Develop Data Migration & ETL procedures, processes and stand-alone apps to merge, insert, update or delete across databases
and servers.
o Monitor historical SQL stats, execution plans, and sessions to identify poorest performing queries and sessions consuming the
most resources. Trace SQL statements using historical statistics to then modify the source query for better performance and
data optimization for a better end user application experience.
o Developed various procedures and standalone apps to compare two different database Objects and then generate a detailed
report and DDL scripts to synchronize the database objects and source code.
o Created procedures and stand-alone apps to compare table Row counts and primary key data across two databases and generate
detail report of differences.
o Investigate, analyze and resolve any database issue that may arise by tracing a root cause and creating a DDL, DML, and/or
admin script(s).
Ashland Inc. / Valvoline | Lexington, KY 1/2006 6/2014
Systems Specialist III 1/2014 6/2014
Systems Specialist II 3/2010 12/2013
Systems Specialist I 3/2009 3/2010
Computer Analyst 12/2007 3/2009
Application Development Co-op 1/2006 8/2007
o Database Programmer & Architect | Data Analyst | Application Developer | Application Support Specialist | Application Server
Administrator | Project Leader
o The Systems Specialist role supports the national Valvoline Instant Oil Change Point of Sale systems, a Java J2EE/HTML5 based
application and set of tools that run at each store (approximately 1,000 nationwide) and interacts with two databases: a local SQL
server and a centralized Oracle database. Various systems supported include but are not limited to J2EE web based point of sale
management sites, business intelligence data warehouse, Numara customer support ticket tracking system, and other ETL
o Monitor and ensure the synchronization of data between all retail stores and the central Oracle database
o Serve as lead database developer, architect, and support specialist for the SQL Server Business Data Warehouse
o Monitor software, hardware, OS features and patches at all servers using powershell C# and WMI system queries
o Build small applications used to analyze and maintain all retail store servers or any other business function/unit
o Optimize the central Oracle database to function more efficiently by analyzing and developing key constraints, indexes, triggers,
and stored procedures
o Write complex queries for analysis of various data sources used for troubleshooting application issues and delivering data sets to
resource groups
o Migrate data from acquired stores external POS systems into the VIOC POS
o Investigate and resolve any application, server, or database issue that may arise across the 1000 server landscape


Powershell/C# Scripting
o I have written several different types of powershell/C# scripts to monitor and deploy software to the wide array of
servers supported. One particular script was used to schedule a data extraction process for that takes 10-20 minutes
to run. These extractions are used to deploy new point of sale software to all VIOC store locations nationwide. I have
also used powershell/c# scripting to analyze registry entries and modify where needed for software and operating
system issues and defects. The vast knowledge of powershell scripting would transfer o C# .NET development. I
have also written and supported other .NET applications several years ago as a co-op student in another role within
the company.

Redesigned a $1MM Data Warehouse | Lead Developer & Analyst
o I completely redesigned a $1 million dollar data warehouse (developed by an external contractor) to perform more
efficiently and correctly, as well as developed many additional tables, views, and procedures. The redesign included
rewriting various load queries so they would run faster and dropping, adding, and altering various indexes, primary
keys, unique keys, and foreign keys. I was also the developer of the data warehouse phase 2 of tables, which included
designing 20 new summarization tables used for analytics and then developing methods to back fill and load data.
Other duties consist of daily support analytic tasks by researching various data issues found by business users and
adding new columns to preexisting tables for new reporting requests.

Developed Java Swing JDBC Application
o The sole development of a Java Swing JDBC application resulted in a utility used to connect to approximately 1000
dynamically changing VIOC store servers that can execute queries to collect business critical information or compare
business critical transactional data (such as information in the central Oracle database to data at the stores SQL
Server database). If data is missing in central Oracle, the application will execute a stored procedure at the store to
resend the information via a Data Sync WebMethods / WebLogic Processing Service. The tool can also connect to
any other MS SQL or Oracle database, given the correct parameters, and execute queries and export the results to a

Built Automated Design Tools for Oracle & SQL Databases
o I built several automated structural design tools for Oracle and SQL databases via java JDBC that analyze the entire
schema/database table structure and then generates structural design and data modifying scripts for an entire
database or schema. An example would be schema wide table triggers that insert any data change into customized
history tables. Other tools analyze entire schema/database structures to create keys and/or indexes to help optimize
transactional and query performance of the given database.

Migrated, Extracted,Transferred, & Loaded Data for Numerous Database Projects
o As a Systems Specialist at Ashland Inc., I have worked on several database projects for data migration, data transfer,
and data extractions. Such assignments included:
o Migrating/ETL data from an old or external point of sale system(s) to a new system across platforms
o Development under Oracle PL/SQL, SQL Server T-SQL 2000/2005/2008/R2 with Java JDBC, SSIS, DTS,
and Access
o The creation of custom java JDBC applications
o The data extraction import/export projects were primary used to extract data from an acquired stores point of sale
system and import into the central POS or other internally used system applications across platforms using complex
business logic. One mentionable tool developed moved data incrementally (scheduled via control-m) from a
Customer Call center application (Numara Footprints running SQL 2008R2) to the Central POS System Oracle
database. Such utility directs customer call complaints to be imported incrementally into the POS System and then
synchronizes data to the corresponding customers store server location.