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December 2009

East Midlands
Inside this issue: A Welcome From the Committee
A warm welcome to
Welcome 1 readers, especially new
members to the East
Diary 1
Midlands. Please note
Visit Bromley the upcoming events,
House Library 2
particularly if you are
thinking about furthering
Managing your ca-
reer day 3 your career. Have a
look too, at our website,
National Council within the Special Interest Groups at the updated Cilip site. Note also the
Feedback 4
Facebook account and read inside about Managing your career and a
visit to the Bromley House Library……..Read on…….…The Committee
EMCDG Facebook 4

Contact details 4
Diary Dates Chartership Workshop
Next Meeting Chesterfield Library
Committee Meeting Monday 7th December
9:30am - 4:00pm
11th December 2.30 — 4.45pm
Why not get your career in
Bromley House Library,
shape this winter?
If you're thinking about Charter-
(Christmas Meal to follow) ship, perplexed by portfolios, or
just want to know what's in it for
Forthcoming Events you, then this the day to get all
If you want to get in-
volved in the CDG com- Chartership Workshop your questions answered! Come
and hear Kath Owen (Chartership
mittee, please contact Chesterfield Library
board member) and Liz Edwards
Paul Tovell (paul.tovell@ Monday 7th December (Local Candidate Support Officer) or explain, advise and motivate you.
EMBoC Members’ Day
Liz Guildford
To be arranged Cost: included in your chartership registration
(Please note lunch not included) Details of all our events are circu-
lated on the EMCDG mailing list. If To book, please contact Sue Grice at
Feel free to turn up at by Friday 4th Dec
you would like to receive these
our meetings and see Read about Sue’s visit to
emails, send an email to
what we do! Bromley House—see page 2
VISIT A visit to Bromley House Library
Nottingham’s Market Square
by Sue Grice (EMBoC visit)
In September I joined some 40 mem-
bers of the East Midlands branch of the Chartered
Institute of Information and Library Professionals resultant expanding miscellaneous section. The pre-
(CILIP) on a visit to this library in the centre of sent 1050 subscribers treat the quiet rooms and the
Nottingham. Being told that it was located between garden as a haven from the busy city working day.
Barnardos and MSN
News and down the
road from the Bell Stock is mainly purchased on the recommendation
Inn was the only of subscribers and includes good quality fiction and
direction any of us bibliographies along with audio materials. The librar-
had been given. See- ian has the princely sum of £8.000 a year for her
ing the building from new stock. A large proportion of the stock is avail-
outside gave no indi- able to borrow and covers such subjects as local
cation of the treas- social history, law records and bibliographical mate-
ures we would find rials. Subscribers can sponsor the repair of any vol-
within. We passed ume to enable items to be returned to a borrow-
over the well worn able state. Through the years many donations have
threshold and were swelled the stock including the British Sundial li-
let in through the brary and the Standfast collection. The borrower
inner door. records are still kept in bound ledgers with reserva-
tions being processed by placing a note in the ledg-
ers that the item is
Walking into the hall- required by a bor-
“ The borrower records are still kept in
way you are first struck rower.
by the impressive stair- bound ledgers……….”
way but also the won- The present librarian
derful view of the walled garden to the rear. finds herself at the helm of a very small team of
This library is a subscription library initially estab-
lished in 1816 by local dignitaries for the needs of

part-time staff and is involved in activities ranging

form banker, heritage manager, DIY expert and rat
catcher. Amongst her equipment she proudly dis-
plays a stout truncheon, part of the equipment re-
quired by her predecessors when the Nottingham
Goose Fair was held on the market square and visi-
the middle and upper classes of the city. The tors became rowdy.
350,000+ volumes are still organised in
Contact Sue if you are interested in attending the
Page 2 an alphabetical pre-Dewey system with a Chartership Workshop on 7th December at Ches-
Managing your career day — Paul Tovell
De Montfort University, Leicester her session, including several things that I’d not thought
about. We did an exercise to show us that we need to
9th September 2009 be a memorable person to our interview panel, and
then lots of advice followed, such as, when you feel
This was one of those days where you feel motivated, you’ve answered a question in an interview, stop!
inspired and confident that come along far too rarely Caroline Kent (Monograph Processing Manager, Brit-
sometimes. The speakers were excellent, and all ish Library) spoke on “So, is it all about the money?”,
backed up each other’s points throughout the day, designed to help us reflect on the reasons for us seeking
giving the hearers the impression of a consistent, co- another job. Her salient point was that our CV does
herent message. Great stuff. Here is a summary of not define us as a person; employers want to see much
what I managed to pick up when I wasn’t helping to more than that. In other words, we need to think not
run the day. only about our past experience, but also how we have
developed other skills in our lives. Again, a very positive

………...lots of advice followed, such

as, when you feel you’ve answered a
question in an interview, stop!

Helena Attardo: "Selling Yourself" Two workshops followed lunch – Your route to char-
tership, or Making change work for you. Then our final
speaker, Debby Shorley (Director of Library Services,
Kathryn Arnold (Director of Library Services, De Imperial College London) provided some closing food
Montfort University) welcomed our delegates to the for thought. Her
university and in pointing out how keen her institution anecdote of being
was on professional development made very positive a librarian in Bel-
start which was picked up by our other speakers. fast in the 1970s,
in “a central li-
brary between
Martin Molloy (Strategic Director: Cultural and
two warring fac-
Community Services, Derbyshire Libraries) entitled
tions, so no-one
his talk “I am still learning”. He really focussed on the
dared enter”, was
idea that big companies are not looking out for your
a precursor to a
development. That’s up to you. speech about her
real belief in the
Helena Attardo (Recruitment Consultant, In- power of infor-
fomatch) offered some very useful interview tips in mation – the ba-
Workshop session: "Your sic fundamental
route to chartership" thing about our
job that does not
The speakers were excellent, and all
backed up each other’s points
throughout the day………. A great day, and great to see career development is so
well-supported by librarians across the East Midlands.

Page 3
Notes from the New Professional Conference:
Again first one over subscribed with over 100 atten-
CDG National Council Feedback dees. Lots of people submitted papers for presenta-
tion – Kath Aitken Derbyshire Libraries was one of
Oct 5th 2009 the NPs chosen. Didn’t make as much money as
hoped (£1,200 profit shared with Diversity Group)
Birmingham Central Library despite sponsored (free) venue. Agreed to continue as
Alison Barlow an annual event, without Diversity Group this time.
Discussion about theme – keen not to be too Web
2.0 – possibly something around USPs. Looking to ap-
proach people involved this year.
National Council Meetings:

Rebranding/Marketing Campaign:
After the successful pilot there will continue to be
A working party is looking at a complete rebranding
three full council meetings (officers and reps) with is-
for CDG, to better represent what the group is
sues based agenda. The first, with presidential recep-
about. Present logo is old, not relevant and isn’t DDA
tion is 1st - 2nd Feb 2009 in London, subsequently
compliant. Other Special Interest Groups are also
moving around the country. Volunteers have already
looking into this matter. Idea that this would be ac-
put themselves forward to host. companied by full relaunch of the CDG brand for
maximum publicity with associated branded items;
Activists’ Training Day: conference type materials, memory sticks, pens etc.
Need to look at costings before deciding whether to
The first one hugely successful - a valuable training day
go ahead.
for new committee members and people went away
with lots of enthusiasm. It was decided to make this a
yearly event. To mitigate costs it was agreed that com- Elections/Fellowships
mittees would bear some of the cost. The amount was
Reminder that elections are for all posts on divisional
not agreed but important that charges were set at a
and national committee (except president and past
level accessible to all. president) and everyone should be encouraged to ap-
ply for anything, even if someone else is presently do-
National Conference: ing that role.
Successful and brought in a good profit this year. Will
be continuing as an Annual Event. Suggested theme for If you have any questions about anything
2010 “Working Smarter not Harder”. Looking for divi- above – or want more information let me
sion and venue to host in South. know. … ..Alison Barlow

Your Committee members are:

The East Midlands Career De-
velopment Group now has a Ian Hardcastle, Chair Paul Tovell, Secretary
Facebook account...go to http:// Sam Thomas, Treasurer Helen Fox, Events Officer and log on Jon White, Web Officer Rachel MacKenzie, EMBoC Rep’
Tim Peacock, Publications Officer Alison Barlow, National Council Rep’
Please contact our Secretary Paul Tovell (

The Career Development Group is a special interest group of CILIP, The Chartered Institute of Library & Page 4
Information Professionals. Registered Charity Number 313014.

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