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Name : Adelia Sharfina Rosanti

School: Al Azhar 8 Kemang Pratama Junior High School, Bekasi, Indonesia

Age : 14

Gender Equality
In this globalization era, gender equality is a subject which is still very
sensitive to debate. Gender equality is essential to the way life. But on the other
hand, there are times when gender equality can’t be too forced. Many opinions about
gender equality that it makes many people confused about their own opinion. When
we talk about gender equality, automatically we will also discuss human rights.
Therefore we must make all of opinion that still abstract it becomes a true opinion
was clearly without prejudice to both parties.

As we know, gender equality is an equality between men and women without

any adverse party, especially the women. Long ago, still occur where the degree of
women is still considered lower than men. But, when if we look again the degree of
women do not always been considered inferior. Each gender has their own roles that
can’t be changed. That what I mean, gender equality is not always enforced.

Actually a lot of people have done to do with gender equality as fair as

possible. Reality is seldom we find differences in life opportunities between women
and men. Opportunity to work, the chance of expression, and the chance to live.
Women and man are same. But think again, women not be underestimated again.
Even the reality is reversed. Gender equality is an equality between men and women
to make them in the same level. Did not we see that now men just got swept up in
the gender equality?

Who does not know the word ladies first. It means people must give priority to
women. It is not a gender equality, but the player returned the facts. Women mostly
meant as a sign that women are equal with men, so men should respect a woman.
That should be done by both parties when they wanted gender equality, is a
competition. Is not the woman who feels it is less appreciated and ultimately lead to
gender equality can’t be done precisely correctly.
There are still many out there where gender equality is not going properly.
Starting from the unfair treatment of men to women, to treat women who are too
demanding gender equality. That happens because there is still a lack of
understanding of human rights and the definition of true gender equality. If we want
the true gender equality point, it is easy but difficult.

We as a society that still need an explanation of gender equality should have

an awareness of each to place himself. Gender equality is not always acceptable, we
must remember that. There's no way an army would make a woman will fight only for
reasons of gender equality. Awareness is the key to gender equality can be realized
correctly. Many opinions make us confused, but if we can open our minds and see
that men and women are equal, it is not difficult to implement.

As a man who has not experienced, I can do is try to look further into the
person. Not always able to protect every man woman and not always a woman
should always be protected. A father can’t be replaced by a woman, but a father
figure can be replaced by a woman though. Every human being has a social sense,
and that should we use to share knowledge about gender equality. A mother can
teach children to respect the figure of a man. a friend can tell his friend to appreciate
the opinion of the opposite sex. It will facilitate the creation of a true gender equality.

The most important things about gender equality is, where are we it’s where
we life and where we love each other, respect each other without seeing gender.
Thank you.