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Reformed Druids like stories and short ith! "isdom sa!in#s$ O%er
the !ears& %arious Ar'h(Druids ha%e 'olle'ted #ood stories to share
"ith their fello" Gro%e mem)ers& ese'iall! durin# the meditati%e
art of the Order of *orshi$ Some 'onsider the meditation to )e
the %er! heart and urose of the ritual& so 'hose a sele'tion 'arefull!$
If !ou 'an+t find one& erhas one of these ma! "ork for !ou$
At ,arleton& the first Green Book -named after its 'o%er.& ro%ed
influential& )ut the /nd and 0rd %olumes seem mu'h less so$


3455 Introdu'tion )! 2ran#6uist
3475 Introdu'tion )! Shelton
3445 Note )! S'hardin#
GREEN BOOK 8olume One
Sa!in#s of the An'ient Druids
Sa!in#s of the An'ient DruidsSa!in#s of the An'ient DruidsSa!in#s of the An'ient DruidsSa!in#s of
the An'ient DruidsSa!in#s of the An'ient Druids
On Politi's
On Reli#ion
On 8arious Thin#s
Sa!in#s of the Hindus
Sa!in#s of the HindusSa!in#s of the HindusSa!in#s of the HindusSa!in#s of the HindusSa!in#s of the
Ri#(8eda9 To the *aters
The Arthura 8eda9 Hail:
Ri#(8eda9 ,reation
Bha#a%ad Gita9 Atman
Sa!in#s from the Buddhists
Sa!in#s from the BuddhistsSa!in#s from the BuddhistsSa!in#s from the BuddhistsSa!in#s from the
BuddhistsSa!in#s from the Buddhists
2our No)le Truths
<uestions not Edifi'ation
Rain ,loud
=aha!ana Ideal
Sa!in#s from >en =asters
Sa!in#s from >en =astersSa!in#s from >en =astersSa!in#s from >en =astersSa!in#s from >en
=astersSa!in#s from >en =asters
T"o =i'e
Gutei+s fin#er
Dialo#ue for 1od#in#
Sa!in#s of the Taoist Sa#es
Sa!in#s of the Taoist Sa#esSa!in#s of the Taoist Sa#esSa!in#s of the Taoist Sa#esSa!in#s of the Taoist
Sa#esSa!in#s of the Taoist Sa#es
Thirt! Sokes
Blo'k of *ood
,ountin# *ords
Sa!in#s of ,onfu'ius
Sa!in#s of ,onfu'iusSa!in#s of ,onfu'iusSa!in#s of ,onfu'iusSa!in#s of ,onfu'iusSa!in#s of
,onfu'ius the =an
On learnin#
2rom the Old Testament
2rom the Old Testament2rom the Old Testament2rom the Old Testament2rom the Old Testament2rom
the Old Testament
Psalm 3?@
Psalm A
2rom the Ne" Testament
2rom the Ne" Testament2rom the Ne" Testament2rom the Ne" Testament2rom the Ne"
Testament2rom the Ne" Testament
Sermon on the =ount
I ,orinthians 30
Sa!in#s from the >oroastrian
Sa!in#s from the >oroastrianSa!in#s from the >oroastrianSa!in#s from the >oroastrianSa!in#s from
the >oroastrianSa!in#s from the >oroastrian
Pra!er for Guidan'e
Sa!in#s of =ohammed
Sa!in#s of =ohammedSa!in#s of =ohammedSa!in#s of =ohammedSa!in#s of =ohammedSa!in#s
of =ohammed
=ornin# Star
Sa!in#s of the ;nitarians
Sa!in#s of the ;nitariansSa!in#s of the ;nitariansSa!in#s of the ;nitariansSa!in#s of the
;nitariansSa!in#s of the ;nitarians
Out of the Stars
Sa!in#s of Baha+u+llah
Sa!in#s of Baha+u+llahSa!in#s of Baha+u+llahSa!in#s of Baha+u+llahSa!in#s of Baha+u+llahSa!in#s of
On the Soul
Sa!in#s from the Poets
Sa!in#s from the PoetsSa!in#s from the PoetsSa!in#s from the PoetsSa!in#s from the PoetsSa!in#s
from the Poets
A 2aer! Son#
The Prohet
2er#us and the Druid
Sa!in#s of the Ps!'holo#ists
Sa!in#s of the Ps!'holo#istsSa!in#s of the Ps!'holo#istsSa!in#s of the Ps!'holo#istsSa!in#s of the
Ps!'holo#istsSa!in#s of the Ps!'holo#ists
GREEN BOOK 8olume T"o
,elti'& Nati%e Ameri'an&Afri'an& Hindu B Greek *ritin#s
En#lish Poetr!
En#lish Poetr!En#lish Poetr!En#lish Poetr!En#lish Poetr!En#lish Poetr!
Stoin# )! the *oods
*elsh and Irish Poetr!
*elsh and Irish Poetr!*elsh and Irish Poetr!*elsh and Irish Poetr!*elsh and Irish Poetr!*elsh and
Irish Poetr!
The *aterfall
Sadness in Srin#
Rain Outside
*inter and *arfare
=ountain Sno"
Bri#ht Trees
Soils of Ann"n
,ad Goddeau
Sunshine Throu#h =! *indo"
Su##ested further readin#
Thirteen 2old =!steries
Thirteen 2old =!steriesThirteen 2old =!steriesThirteen 2old =!steriesThirteen 2old
=!steriesThirteen 2old =!steries
Ni'hol+s 30
*illiams+ 30
Gra%es+ 30
Another 30
The 8o!a#e of Bran
The 8o!a#e of BranThe 8o!a#e of BranThe 8o!a#e of BranThe 8o!a#e of BranThe 8o!a#e of Bran
Pro%er)s of the =odern Gaels
Pro%er)s of the =odern GaelsPro%er)s of the =odern GaelsPro%er)s of the =odern GaelsPro%er)s of
the =odern GaelsPro%er)s of the =odern Gaels
Edu'ation B EDerien'e
God B Hea%en
H!o'ris! B Inte#rit!
Ta't B Talk
*isdom of the Nati%e Ameri'ans
*isdom of the Nati%e Ameri'ans*isdom of the Nati%e Ameri'ans*isdom of the Nati%e
Ameri'ans*isdom of the Nati%e Ameri'ans*isdom of the Nati%e Ameri'ans
Born Natural
Sa'red Earth
Silent 8i#ils
Simle Truth
,ro"ned 1eadershi
Pine Tree ,hiefs
Not B! Bread Alone
Sho" =e
2ree *isdom
<uarrelin# a)out God
God =ade =e This *a!
Please 1isten
The 8ie"s of T"o =en
Prett! Pe))les
The Po"er of Paer
2ranti' 2ools
The *hite =an+s Dreams
The 8i#il
*isdom of the Afri'ans
*isdom of the Afri'ans*isdom of the Afri'ans*isdom of the Afri'ans*isdom of the Afri'ans*isdom
of the Afri'ans
Pro%er)s on *isdom
Pro%er)s on Truth and 2alsehood
Pro%er)s on Human ,ondu't
Pro%er)s on 8irtue
Pro%er)s on ,ooeration and ,ontentment
Pro%er)s on Oortunit!
Pro%er)s on Human Bein#s
Pro%er)s on Nature
Pro%er)s on 1eadershi
=ore *isdom of the Afri'an *orld
=ore *isdom of the Afri'an *orld=ore *isdom of the Afri'an *orld=ore *isdom of the Afri'an
*orld=ore *isdom of the Afri'an *orld=ore *isdom of the Afri'an *orld
*isdom of the Hindus and Greeks
*isdom of the Hindus and Greeks*isdom of the Hindus and Greeks*isdom of the Hindus and
Greeks*isdom of the Hindus and Greeks*isdom of the Hindus and Greeks
2ro#s Desirin# a Kin#
The Bat& the Birds and the Beasts
the Do# and the *olf
The 2oD and the Graes
The 1ion and the Statue
The =an and His *i%es
The T"o ,ra)s
Her'ules and the *a##oner
The =an and the *ooden God
The =iser
The Bundle of Sti'ks
The Buffoon and the ,ountr!man
The Serent and the 2ile
GREEN BOOK 8olume Three
Oriental and =onotheist *isdom
Oriental and =onotheist *isdomOriental and =onotheist *isdomOriental and =onotheist
*isdomOriental and =onotheist *isdomOriental and =onotheist *isdom
>en Koans
>en Koans>en Koans>en Koans>en Koans>en Koans
See his Buddha Nature
Eueh holds it
Pai(!uns+ Bla'k and "hite
The Dr! ,reek
Eueh(shan+s 1ake
1i%in# Alone
Nan ,h+uan+s reFe'tion
Thou#hts from ,onfu'ius
Thou#hts from ,onfu'iusThou#hts from ,onfu'iusThou#hts from ,onfu'iusThou#hts from
,onfu'iusThou#hts from ,onfu'ius
Tao of Pooh
Tao of PoohTao of PoohTao of PoohTao of PoohTao of Pooh
The Stone 'utter
The ,ork
Te of Pi#let
Te of Pi#letTe of Pi#letTe of Pi#letTe of Pi#letTe of Pi#let
=akin# the )est of it
Sherlo'k on reli#ion
Emeror+s horses
Three Treasures
1i%e& )ut li%e "ell
Samurai+s late suer
The Gosel A''ordin# to >en
The Gosel A''ordin# to >enThe Gosel A''ordin# to >enThe Gosel A''ordin# to >enThe Gosel
A''ordin# to >enThe Gosel A''ordin# to >en
Cesus said$$$
Gasan and the )i)le
Strin#less Har
Eat "hen Hun#r!
Sortin# 2ish
Emt! Boats
Three in the =ornin#
>en Ar'her!
=eshin# Nets
The Butterflies of ,huan# TGu
The Butterflies of ,huan# TGuThe Butterflies of ,huan# TGuThe Butterflies of ,huan# TGuThe
Butterflies of ,huan# TGuThe Butterflies of ,huan# TGu
The Dream
*hat is A''eta)leH
The Ar#ument
Ha! 2ish
Se%en Oenin#s
1ook ;nder Eour 2eet
The Sa'red Tortoise
The 2ro# in the *ell
The ,a#ed Sea()ird
S"immin# Boatmen
Old =an 2all into *ater
,hristian Sele'tions
,hristian Sele'tions,hristian Sele'tions,hristian Sele'tions,hristian Sele'tions,hristian Sele'tions
Is God A TaoistH
,hristian Thou#hts
Cohn Shea and )ird
=onika Hell"i# ,atholi'
On Nature and On Blood
Ori#inal 1ilith =!th
S'ots Gaeli' Poems
S'ots Gaeli' PoemsS'ots Gaeli' PoemsS'ots Gaeli' PoemsS'ots Gaeli' PoemsS'ots Gaeli' Poems
The Heron
The Great Artist
Three Random Pie'es
Three Random Pie'esThree Random Pie'esThree Random Pie'esThree Random Pie'esThree Random
A Starfish
An Island "ith T"o ,hur'hes
*it and *isdom of Islam
*it and *isdom of Islam*it and *isdom of Islam*it and *isdom of Islam*it and *isdom of
Islam*it and *isdom of Islam
The 2ool and the Kin#
The Breakin#
The Stink of Greed
The ,laim
The =ueGGin+s ,all
The Drum
The =aFest! of the Sea
The Guest
The =an "ith the reall! u#l! fa'e
The =irror
Is it =eH
The G!s! and his Son
*here There+s a *ill
The Sermon of Nasrudin
Nasrudin and the *ise =en
2irst Thin#s 2irst
*hose Shot "as ThatH
Same Stren#th
The 8alue of the Past
Se'ond Thou#hts
The Or'hard
The Grammarian
Not a Good Puil
Hidden Deths
The Se'ret
The *isdom of Silen'e
Grateful to Allah
Hainess is not "here !ou seek it
There is =ore 1i#ht Here
The Blind =an and the 1am
Salt is not *ool
The Tri
Somethin# 2ell
The TaD =an
2or#otten <uestion
A =oment in Time
All I Needed "as Time
The Short ,ut
To Deal "ith the Enem!
8arious Other <uotes
8arious Other <uotes8arious Other <uotes8arious Other <uotes8arious Other <uotes8arious Other
Art& Beaut!& and Poetr!
,ommunit! and ,on%ersation
,ustom& Custi'e& and 1a"
Death and 2ate
Earth and E'olo#!
Edu'ation and 1earnin#
2ear and 2reedom
2ools and Humor
Pra'ti'al Simli'it!
The Green Book
8olume One
The Ori#inal 3455 Introdu'tion
Those "ho Foin the Reformed Druids are& in one sense or another&
reli#ious re)els$ The! are usuall! fed u "ith the h!o'risies
and inade6ua'ies of the institutionaliGed 'hur'hes$ The! seek a sat!ri'
outlet& and the! find it in Druidism$ But the! are seldom antireli#ious$
On the 'ontrar!& the! often feel that there is in fa't some
truth to )e found in reli#ion& and this )elief is affirmed in the Basi'
Tenets$ A 'ommon 'omlaint amon# Druids is that the truth has
)een o)s'ured )e'ause the! ha%e )een for'ed& more or less a#ainst
their "ill& into %arious arti'ular reli#ious molds$ The! seek to )e
freedIfreed in order to freel! seek& and to make indeendent Fud#ments
on "hat asses for reli#ious truth$
Druidism& as an institution& must remain indeendent$ It 'an ne%er
hoe to rofess a)solute truthJ for "hen it does& it then "ill )e'ome
no )etter than the fossiliGed institutions from "hi'h its mem)ers
ha%e fled$ But e%en "hile it s!stemati'all! shuns do#matism& it 'anI
and mustIstill lead$ It must ro%ide the oortunit! for dis'o%er!&
"hi'h man! of its mem)ers ha%e ne%er had$ It must& in short& ro%ide
in its "ritten meditations a taste of the "ritin#s of the "orld+s
#reat reli#ions& in the hoe that this taste "ill stimulate a "ider sear'h
for kno"led#e and "isdom in the 6uest for reli#ious truth$
As Ar'h(Druid& !ou are 'har#ed "ith rearin# meditations "hi'h
"ill ro%e meanin#ful to the 'on#re#ation$ In order to do this& !ou
must 'hoose sele'tions from the Buddhists& the Hindus& the Taoists&
the =uslims& and man! others& as "ell as from the Bi)le$ Eou must
ro%ide a "ide %ariet! in order to #i%e truth a 'han'e$ The )est method
is to stud! "idel! !ourself$ But this 'an )e too time('onsumin#$ I
therefore stron#l! ur#e !ou to ur'hase& for !our o"n edifi'ation& an
eD'ellent and useful 'olle'tion9 8ikin# Porta)le KL& Henr! Ballou+s
*orld Bi)le$ It is a%aila)le in aer for less than M/$??& or in hard'o%er
for sli#htl! more$ The sele'tions are short and illuminatin#&
and the editor eDhi)its a )ias "hi'h 'an almost )e 'alled Druidi'$ It
makes a #ood )e#innin#$
2or those Ar'h(Druids "ho are laGier still& or "ho suddenl! find
themsel%es in deserate need of a meditation at the last minute& I
offer the follo"in# 'olle'tion$ It is hoed that the 'olle'tion& althou#h
short& is reresentati%e and ese'iall! useful for Reformed Druids$
Da%id A$ 2ran#6uist
Editor& 3455
PRE2A,E to 3475 Edition
In the first fe" !ears after the foundation of Reformed Druidism
at ,arleton ,olle#e& there )e'ame atta'hed to the offi'e of Ar'h(
Druid three 'olle'tions of "ritten material& "hi'h )e'ame kno"n
'olle'ti%el! as the Three Books of the Ar'h(Druid$ Handed do"n
o%er the !ears from Ar'h(Druid to Ar'h(Druid& the! ha%e a'6uired
for the Druids at ,arleton some measure of %enera)ilit!& su'h as the
s'ant a#e of the Reform 'an 'onfer$
The first of these& The Book of the *orshi of the Earth(=other&
reser%es mu'h of the litur#! used in the )e#innin#& thou#h indeed
as the Reform #re"& so did the realiGation that litur#! 'annot remain
fiDed and stati' "hile reli#ious outlook 'han#es$ So toda! ea'h residin#
riest is en'oura#ed to "rite litur#! that he 'an 'ele)rate "ithout
anta#oniGin# his o"n reli#ious s'rulesJ and "hile mu'h is still
dra"n from the Book of *orshi& its influen'e is less than it on'e
"as$ The se'ond )ook& the Ar'hi%es& thou#h of mu'h histori'al interest&
has hardl! e%er )orne mu'h influen'e on the reli#ious a'ti%it!
at ,arleton$
B! 'ontrast& the Book of *ritten =editations has "aDed lar#e in
the 'ons'iousness of the ,arleton Gro%e& lar#er e%en& erhas& than
the Druid ,hroni'les$ These meditations "ere #athered )! Da%id
2ran#6uist as an aid to laG! Ar'h(Druids -or so he said.& and the
'olle'tion "as )ound in #reen 'o%ers "hi'h readil! distin#uish it
from the )la'k 'o%ers of the Book of *orshi and the )lue 'o%ers of
the Ar'hi%esJ indeed at ,arleton it is 'alled siml! Nthe #reen )ookOI
and that has )e'ome in effe't its title$ These meditations found their
"a! "ith in'reasin# fre6uen'! into ser%i'es at ,arleton& not from
in'reasin# laGiness& )ut from in'reasin# a"areness of the treasures
that Da%id had #athered to#ether )et"een the #reen 'o%ers$ =em)ers
of the #ro%e "ould often )orro" the )ook for their o"n meditation
and refle'tion& and e%entuall! the essen'e and 'ore of Druidism
at ,arleton 'ould )e found in seminal form "ithin this free(form&
e'le'ti' 'olle'tion more than an! la'e elseIsa%e onl! the #reat "orld
at lar#e& "hen'e& after all& these meditations 'ame$
And so "e ha%e thou#ht it aroriate to rint The Green Book
to )rin# it to a lar#er audien'e& in the hoe that others& too& ma! find
it useful in the sear'h for a"areness$ The a#es of the ori#inal are
unnum)ered& for Da%id en'oura#ed his su''essors to add su'h meditations
as the! found aroriate$ *e en'oura#e our readers to do
like"ise& and ha%e a''ordin#l! left the a#es unnum)ered$ There
ha%e )een additions sin'e Da%id+s time& )ut the! ha%e )een fe"$ 2or
this edition "e ha%e in'luded se%eral sele'tions that ha%e lon# "anted
addin#J the Eeats oems& for eDamle& "hi'h ha%e almost )e'ome
art of the ,arleton litur#!$ *e ha%e resisted the temtations to
make a fe" eD'isions$ *e should ese'iall! ha%e liked to eD'ise the
NSa!in#s of the An'ient DruidsO "hi'h are no more Druidi' than is
Stonehen#e& and "hi'h 'ertainl! 'annot )e said to reresent the
)eliefs of the Reformed DruidsJ !et Da%id in'luded it& and "e shall
not #ainsa! him$
Here"ith& then is The Green Book& in su)stantiall! the same form
as it "as )e6ueathed to ,arleton )! Da%id$ =a! !ou find Fo! in the
Ri'hard =$ Shelton
Ellen ,on"a! Shelton
Editors& 347@
Note )! the ,urrent Editor
The Green Book -%olume 3. ne%er 6uite made it to )ein# offi'iall!
u)lished$ B! 3475& all )ut a fe" of the eDemtions from 'o!ri#hts
"ere a'6uired$ Ho"e%er& the task )e'ame too diffi'ult and other 'on'erns
o''uied the attention of the Sheltons$ As a result& the le#alit!
of u)lishin# this 'olle'tion is rather du)ious and it ro)a)l! "ill
remain as an under#round u)li'ation$ 2or no arti'ular reason& I
ha%e ket their sele'tions in the order that the! "ere resented to me
-in'ludin# a re)ellious sele'tion from the Old Testament that is mis'hie%ousl!
hidin# in the Buddhist se'tion of The Green Book.$ I
ha%e neither deleted nor added an! ne" sele'tions to the first %olume&
)ut !ou ma! feel free to add ne" sele'tions or take out sele'tions
-ese'iall! the ones from the NAn'ient DruidsO.& if !ou "ish$
As stated )efore& The Green Book& "as near to the heart of Druidism
until the earl! A?+s "hen ,arleton Druidism lased$ *hen it
re%i%ed in the mid(A?s& ,arleton students had taken a #reater interest
in Neo(Pa#anism& *i''an and Nati%e Ameri'an )eliefsJ areas
rarel! eDlored )efore that time$ As a result& The Green Book has
not re'ei%ed mu'h attention sin'e due to its =onotheisti' and Asian
fo'i$ Ho"e%er for me& the Green Book is a o"erful reminder of the
)readth of sour'es that Reformed Druidism 'an and should dra"
uon durin# the sear'hes for reli#ious truth$
I ha%e )een ese'iall! en'oura#ed to follo" Da%id+s re6uest that
the Ar'h(Druid should 'olle't and distri)ute meditations 'ondu'i%e
to Druidism -a %a#ue and dauntin# task:.$ I ha%e& as of 344@& u)lished
t"o other %olumes of meditationJ "hi'h are Fust as du)ious
le#all! as the ori#inal Green Book$ Ho"e%er& m! Green Books ha%e
failed to #arner as mu'h enthusiasm as the first Green Book$ Perhas
it is a far more diffi'ult task than I understood "hen I first
)e#an to u)lish themH
2eel free& !ourself& at the otential risk of )reakin# the 'o!ri#ht
la"s& to make 'oies of The Green Book s for !our friends$ Ha!
=i'hael S'hardin#
Pu)lisher& 344L
Another 2ine Produ't of the Dr!nemton Press
Pu)lishin# Histor!
Pu)lishin# Histor!Pu)lishin# Histor!Pu)lishin# Histor!Pu)lishin# Histor!Pu)lishin# Histor!
3st Printin#I3455 '$e$
/nd Printin#I5?s B Earl! 7?s
0rd Printin#I3475 '$e$
@th Printin#ISe%enties and Ei#hties
Lth Printin#I3440 '$e$
5th Printin#I3445 '$e$ in ARDA
Note9 No arti'ular statement& do#mati' oint or do'trine eDressed
in these 'olle'ted "orks should )e 'onstrued as )ein# the )eliefs of
one arti'ular Druid or of all Reformed Druids$ The! are eDer'ises
and "ords to )e thou#ht uon and not ne'essaril! a#reed "ith$
Sa!in#s of the NAn'ient DruidsO

-On Reli#ion.
One God sureme the uni%erse does s"a!
*ith re%+ren'e his omnioten'e o)e!J
And kno"& that all "e ossi)l! 'an name&
2rom hea%+n itself ori#inall! 'ameJ
1et no mean thou#hts of dissolution fri#ht&
Or dam !ou sirits "ith the de"s of ni#ht$
The soul+s immortal and 'an ne%er dieJ
2or frail eDisten'e no %ain efforts make&
2or fear to lose "hat he "ants o"er to take$
Of a"ful %en#ean'e e%er shall )e hurl+d
B! nature+s God a#ainst a sinful "orldJ
In dreadful delu#es "e must eDire
Or else 'onsume in raid flames of fire$
In these tremendous elements alone&
=ankind shall erish& and their sins atone$
Another "orld is read! to re'ei%e
Immortal souls& that earthl! )odies lea%e
To dust the erisha)le arts return&
But at the #ra%e eternal sirits surn$
And if in %irtue+s ath the! trod )elo"&
In hea%+nl! mansions Ptis their fate to #lo"J
But if )! %i'e ensla%+d& their doom+s to roam
*ithout a hea%+nl!& or an earthl! home$
On !our !oun# offsrin# send !our utmost 'are&
And of the earl! seeds of %i'e )e"areJ
This no)le talk !ou 'an+t 'ommen'e too soon&
EDand their %irtues& and their follies rune$
Their !outhful minds& like melted "aD imress&
And hea%+n+s fair ima#e in their souls eDress$
-On Politi's.
,hildren must from their arents )e remo%ed&
Tho+ fondl! riGed and tenderl! )elo%+dJ
Till fourteen times the sun "ith radiant ra!s&
Shall round the "orld in annual 'ir'uit )laGe9
1est )lind artiall! in !outh should "ron#
Those risin# minds that to the state )elon#$
+Tis Fust& uon emer#en'ies of state&
To !ield an indi%idual to fateJ
Better a art should erish than the "hole&
A )od!+s forfeit 'annot hurt the soulJ
The sa'rifi'e& )! feelin# earthl! ain&
=a! #reater )liss in future life o)tain$
Blind diso)edien'e to the state+s de'ree&
Shall al"a!s eD'ommuni'ated )eJ
And interdi'ted thus& the "ret'h shall roam&
Se'luded from so'iet! and home9
De%oid of trust in the most triflin# 'ause&
And unrote'ted )! the inFured la"s$
*hen dan#er 'alls& and dele#ates should meet&
1et not the senate "ait for tard! feetJ
2or in the 'risis of our 'ountr!+s fate&
He merits death "ho #i%es ad%i'e too late$
-On 8arious Thin#s.
Those "ho lend mone! to the "ret'h de'a!+d&
In the neDt life "ill )e a#ain rea!+d$
If )! one ne"l! dead !ou "ant to send&
A note to an! lon# dearted friend9

,omose !our letter in a solemn stile&

And slo"l! 'ast it on the funeral ileJ

Then kno" the sentiments therein eDress+d&

*ill )e deli%er+d to the hand address+d$

Ea'h mem)er of a famil! "e deem&
In his o"n ha)itation& 1ord suremeJ
O+er life and roert! his o"er eDtends&
If the state ratifies "hat he intends$
Prisoners of "ar are doomed )! fate to die&
Then sa'rifi'e them to some diet!J
;on the altars let them soon eDire&
Or 'losed in "i'ker feed the sa'red fire$
Be arts instill+dI)e useful s'ien'e she"n&
And "isdom tau#ht in sa'red #ro%es aloneJ
There& and there onl!& shall the mind imro%e
In needful kno"led#e and in so'ial lo%eJ
But let no lesson )e in "ritin# #i%+n&
Trust all to memor!Ithat #reat #ift of hea%+n$
*hen stron# diseases& the "eak frame enthrall&
The moon+s the so%erei#n remed! of all$
1et mistletoe "ith re%erent a"e )e sou#ht&
Sin'e as a )oon& from hea%+n itself Ptis )ou#htJ
The sa'red oak as'end& and then "ith skill&
,ut the "ith+d )ran'hes "ith a #olden )ill$
Sele'tions from9

*illiam Au#ustus Russel$ Histor! of En#land$ 1ondon& C$ ,ooke&

3777$ $ @$

Sa!in#s of the Hindus
-The Ri#(8eda9 To the *aters.
2orth from the middle of the flood the "atersItheir 'hief the seaI

flo" 'leansin#& ne%er sleein#$

Indra& the )ull& the thunderer& du# their 'hannels9 here let those

"aters& #oddesses& rote't me$

*aters "hi'h 'ame from hea%en& or those that "ander du# from the

earth& or flo"in# free )! nature$

Bri#ht& urif!in#& sreadin# to the o'ean& here let those "aters& #oddesses&
rote't me$

Those amid "hom #oes 8aruna& the so%erei#n& he "ho dis'riminates
men+s truth and falsehoodI

Distillin# meath& the )ri#ht& the urif!in#& here let those "aters& #oddesses&
rote't me$

The! from "ho 8aruna the kin#& and Soma& and all the deities drink

stren#th and %i#our&

The! into "hom the uni%ersal A#ni entered& here let those "aters&

#oddesses& rote't me$

Sele'tions from9
Ro)ert O$ Ballou$ The Bi)le of the *orld$ Ne" Eork& The 8ikin#
Press& 3404$
-The Athar%a(8eda9 To Hea%en and Earth.
All hail to hea%en:

All hail to earth:

All hail to air:

All hail to air:

All hail to hea%en:

All hail to earth:

=ine e!e is sun and m! )reath is "ind& air is m! soul and earth m!


I %eril! "ho ne%er ha%e )een 'on6uered fi%e u m! life to hea%en

and earth for keein#$

EDalt m! life& m! stren#th& m! deed and a'tionJ in'rease m! understandin#
and m! %i#our$

Be !e m! o"erful keeers& "at'h and #uard me& !e mistresses of life

and life+s 'reators: D"ell !e "ithin me& and for)ear to harm me$

Sele'tions from9
Ro)ert O$ Ballou$ *orld Bi)le$ Ne" Eork& The 8ikin# Press& 34@@$
$ 07$
Sa!in#s of the Hindus
-2rom the ;anishads.
On'e "hen Ea#na%alk!a 'ame to the 'ourt of Kin# Canaka& the
kin# "el'omed him "ith a 6uestion$
Ea#na%alk!a& "hat ser%es as the li#ht for manH
The li#ht of the sun& Eour =aFest!J for )! the li#ht of the sun man
sits& #oes out& does his "ork& and returns home$
True indeed& Ea#na%alk!a$ But "hen the sun has set& "hat ser%es
then as his li#htH
The moon is then his li#ht$
*hen the sun has set& O Ea#na%alk!a& and the moon has set&
"hat ser%es then as his li#htH
The fire is then his li#ht$
*hen the sun has set& O Ea#na%alk!a& and the moon has set& and
the fire has #one out& "hat ser%es then as his li#htH
Sound is then his li#htJ for "ith sound alone as his li#ht& man
sits& #oes out& does his "ork& and returns home$ E%en thou#h he
'annot see his o"n hand& !et "hen he hears a sound he mo%es
to"ard it$
True indeed& O Ea#na%alk!a$ *hen the sun has set& and the moon
has set& and the fire has #one out& and no sound is heard& "hat
ser%es then as his li#htH
The Self indeed is his li#htJ for )! the li#ht of the Self man sits&
mo%es a)out& does his "ork& and "hen his "ork is done& rests$
*ho is that SelfH
The self(luminous )ein# "ho d"ells "ithin the lotus of the heart&
surrounded )! the senses and sense or#ans& and "ho is the li#ht of
the intelle't& is that Self$ Be'omin# identified "ith the intelle't& he
mo%es to and fro& throu#h )irth and death& )et"een this "orld and
the neDt$ Be'omin# identified "ith the intelle't& the Self aears to
)e thinkin#& aears to )e mo%in#$ *hile the mind is dreamin#& the
Self also aears to )e dreamin#& and to )e )e!ond the neDt "orld as
"ell as this$
Pure like 'r!stal "ater is that Self& the onl! seer& the One "ithout
a se'ond$ He is the kin#dom of BrahmanIman+s hi#hest #oal& sureme
treasure& #reatest )liss$ ,reatures "ho li%e "ithin the )onds
of i#noran'e eDerien'e )ut a small ortion of his infinite )ein#$
The Self is to )e des'ri)ed as not this& not that$ It is in'omrehensi)le&
for it 'annot )e 'omrehendedJ unde'a!in#& for it ne%er de'a!sJ
unatta'hed& for it ne%er atta'hes itselfJ unfettered& for it is ne%er
)ound$ He "ho kno"s the Self is unaffe'ted& "hether )! #ood or )!
e%il$ Ne%er do su'h thou#hts 'ome to him as NI ha%e done an e%il
thin#O or NI ha%e done a #ood thin#$O Both #ood and e%il he has
trans'ended& and he is therefore trou)led no more )! "hat he ma!
or ma! not ha%e done$
The eternal #lor! of the kno"er of Brahman& )e#innin#less and
endless& re%ealed )! di%ine kno"led#e& is neither in'reased nor de'reased
)! deeds$ 1et a man therefore seek to o)tain it& sin'e ha%in#
o)tained it he 'an ne%er )e tou'hed )! e%il$ Self('ontrolled is he "ho
kno"s the Self& tran6uil& oised& free from desire& a)sor)ed in meditatin#
uon it& he sees it "ithin his o"n soul& and he sees all )ein#s
in it$ E%il tou'hes him not& trou)les him not& for in the fire of his
di%ine kno"led#e all e%il is )urnt a"a!$
The Self& the #reat un)orn& the unde'a!in#& the und!in#& the immortal&
the fearless& is& in %er! truth& Brahman$ He "ho kno"s Brahman
is "ithout fear$ He "ho kno"s Brahman )e'omes Brahman:
Sele'tions from
S"ami Pra)ha%ananda B 2rederi'k =an'hester& trans$ The
;anishads 9 Breath of the Eternal$ Ne" Eork& =entor -=P0A5.$ 34L7$
$ 3?0$
-The Ri#(8eda9 ,reation.
Then "as not non(eDistent nor eDistent9 there "as no realm of air&

no sk! )e!ond it$

*hat 'o%ered in& and "hereH and "hat #a%e shelterH *as "ater there&

unfathomed deth of "aterH

Death "as not then& nor "as there au#ht immortal9 no si#n "as

there& the da!+s and ni#ht+s di%ider$

That One Thin#& )reathless& )reathed )! it+s o"n nature9 aart from

it "as nothin# "hatsoe%er$

Darkness there "as9 at first 'on'ealed in darkness this All "as

undis'riminated 'haos$

All that eDisted then "as %oid and formless9 )! the #reat o"er of

"armth "as )orn that unit$

*ho %eril! kno"s and "ho 'an here de'lare it& "hen'e it "as )orn

and "hen'e 'omes this 'reationH

The #ods are later than this "orld+s rodu'tion$ *ho kno"s then

"hen'e it first 'ame into )ein#H

He& the first ori#in of this 'reation& "hether he formed it all or did

not form it&

*hose e!e 'ontrols this "orld in hi#hest hea%en& he %eril! kno"s it&

or erhas he kno"s not$

Sele'tions from9

Ro)ert O$ Ballou$ *orld Bi)le$ Ne" Eork& The 8ikin# Press& 34@@$

$ 0/$
The Sa!in#s of the Hindus
-2rom the Bha#a%ad(Gita.
Sri Krishna9
Eou ha%e the ri#ht to "ork& )ut for the "ork+s sake onl!$ Eou ha%e
no ri#ht to the fruits of "ork$ Desire for the fruits of "ork must ne%er
)e !our moti%e in "orkin#$ Ne%er #i%e "a! to laGiness either$
Perform e%er! a'tion "ith !our heart fiDed on the Sureme 1ord$
Renoun'e atta'hment to the fruits$ Be e%en(temered in su''ess and
*ork done "ith anDiet! a)out results is far inferior to "ork done
"ithout su'h anDiet!& in the 'alm of self(surrender$ Seek refu#e in the
kno"led#e of Brahman$ The! "ho "ork selfishl! for results are misera)le$
In the 'alm of self(surrender !ou 'an free !ourself from the )onda#e
of %irtue and %i'e durin# this %er! life$ De%ote !ourself& therefore&
to rea'hin# union "ith Brahman$ To unite the heart "ith Brahman
and then to a't9 that is the se'ret of unatta'hed "ork$ In the 'alm of
self(surrender& the seers renoun'e the fruits of their a'tions& and so
rea'h enli#htenment$ Then the! are free from the )onda#e of re)irth&
and ass to that state "hi'h is )e!ond all e%il$
*hen !our intelle't has 'leared itself of its delusions& !ou "ill
)e'ome indifferent to the results of all a'tion& resent and future$ At
resent& !our intelle't is )e"ildered )! 'onfli'tin# interretations of
the s'ritures$ *hen it 'an rest& stead! and undistra'ted& in 'ontemlation
of the Atman -the Godhead "ithin e%er! )ein#.& then !ou
"ill rea'h ;nion "ith the Atman$
Krishna& ho" 'an one identif! a man "ho is firml! esta)lished
and a)sor)ed in BrahmanH $$$$
Sri Krishna9

He "ho kno"s )liss in the Atman

And "ants nothin# else$

,ra%in#s torment the heart9

He renoun'es 'ra%in#s$

I 'all him illumined$

Not shaken )! ad%ersit!&

Not hankerin# after hainess9

2ree from fear& free from an#er&

2ree from the thin#s of desire$

I 'all him a seer& and illumined$

The )onds of his flesh are )roken$

He is lu'k!& and does not reFoi'e9

He is unlu'k!& and does not "ee$

I 'all him illumined$

The tortoise 'an dra" in his le#s9

The seer 'an dra" in his sense$

I 'all him illumined$

The a)stinent run a"a! from "hat the! desire

But 'arr! their desires "ith them9

*hen a man enters Realit!&

He lea%es his desires )ehind him$

E%en a mind that kno"s the ath

,an )e dra##ed from the ath9

The senses are so unrul!$

But he 'ontrols the senses

And re'olle'ts the mind

And fiDes it on me$

I 'all him illumined$

Thinkin# a)out sense(o)Fe'ts
*ill atta'h !ou to sense(o)Fe'tsJ
Gro" atta'hed& and !ou )e'ome addi'tedJ
Th"art !our addi'tion& it turns to an#erJ
Be an#r!& and !ou 'onfuse !our mindJ
,onfuse !our mind& !ou for#et the lesson of eDerien'eJ
2or#et eDerien'e& !ou lose dis'riminationJ
1ose dis'rimination& and !ou miss life+s onl! urose$
*hen he has no lust& no hatred&
A man "alks safel! amon# the thin#s of lust and hatred$
To o)e! the Atman
Is his ea'eful Fo!9
Sorro" melts
Into that 'lear ea'e9
His 6uiet mind
Is soon esta)lished in ea'e$
The un'ontrolled mind
Does not #uess that the Atman is resent9
Ho" 'an it meditateH
*ithout meditation& "here is ea'eH
*ithout ea'e& "here is hainessH
The "ind turns a shi
2rom its 'ourse uon the "aters9
The "anderin# "inds of the senses
,ast man+s mind adrift
And turn his )etter Fud#ment from its 'ourse$
*hen a man 'an still the senses
I 'all him illumined$
The re'olle'ted mind is a"ake
In the kno"led#e of the Atman
*hi'h is dark ni#ht to the i#norant9
The i#norant are a"ake in their sense(life
*hi'h the! think is da!li#ht9
To the seer it is darkness$
*ater flo"s 'ontinuall! into the o'ean
But the o'ean is ne%er distur)ed9
Desire flo"s into the mind of the seer
But he is ne%er distur)ed$
The seer kno"s ea'e9
The man "ho stirs u his o"n lusts
,an ne%er kno" ea'e$
He kno"s ea'e "ho has for#otten desire
He li%es "ithout 'ra%in#9
2ree from e#o& free from ride$
This is the state of enli#htenment in Brahman9
A man does not fall )a'k from it
Into delusion$
E%en at the moment of death
He is ali%e in that enli#htenment9
Brahman and he are one$
Sele'tion from9
S"ami Pra)ha%ananda and ,hristoher Isher"ood& trans$ The Son#
of God& Bha#a%ad(Gita$ Ne" Eork& =entor -=P@55.& 34L@$ $ @?
Sa!in#s of the Hindus
-2rom the "orks of Sri Ramakrishna.
Peole artition off their lands )! means of )oundaries& )ut no
one 'an artition off the all(em)ra'in# sk! o%erhead$ The indi%isi)le
sk! surrounds all and in'ludes all$ So 'ommon man in i#noran'e
sa!s& N=! reli#ion is the onl! one& m! reli#ion is the )est$O But "hen
his heart is illumined )! true kno"led#e& he kno"s that a)o%e all
these "ars of se'ts and se'tarians resides the one indi%isi)le& eternal&
all(kno"in# )liss$
As a mother& in nursin# her si'k 'hildren& #i%es ri'e and 'urr! to
one& and sa#o arro"root to another& and )read and )utter to a third&
so the 1ord has laid out different aths for different men suita)le to
their natures$
Disute not$ As !ou rest firml! on !our o"n faith and oinion&
allo" others also the e6ual li)ert! to stand )! their o"n faiths and
oinions$ B! mere disutation !ou "ill ne%er su''eed in 'on%in'in#
another of his error$ *hen the #ra'e of God des'ends on him& ea'h
one "ill understand his o"n mistakes$
So lon# as the )ee is outside the etals of the lil!& and has not
tasted the s"eetness of its hone!& it ho%ers round the flo"er emittin#
its )uGGin# soundJ )ut "hen it is inside the flo"er& it noiselessl!
drink its ne'tar$ So lon# as a man 6uarrels and disutes a)out do'trines
and do#mas& he has not tasted the ne'tar of true faithJ "hen
he has tasted it& he )e'omes 6uiet and full of ea'e$
A man after fourteen !ear+s enan'e in a solitar! forest o)tained at
last the o"er of "alkin# on "ater$ O%erFo!ed at this& he "ent to his
Guru and said& N=aster& master& I ha%e a'6uired the o"er of "alkin#
on "ater$O The master re)ukin#l! relied& N2ie& O 'hild: is this
the result of th! fourteen !ears+ la)oursH 8eril! thou has o)tained
onl! that "hi'h is "orth a enn!J for "hat thou hast a''omlished
after fourteen !ears+ arduous la)our ordinar! men do )! a!in# a
enn! to the )oatman$O
Sele'tions from9

Ro)ert O$ Ballou$ *orld Bi)le$ Ne" Eork& The 8ikin# Press& 34@@$

$ A0& AA$
Sa!in# from the Buddhist Sutras

-The 2our No)le Truths.
Thus ha%e I heard9
At one time the 1ord d"elt at Benares at Isiatana in the Deer
Park$ There the 1ord addressed the fi%e monks9
These t"o eDtremes& monks& are not to )e ra'ti'ed )! one "ho
has #one forth from the "orld$ *hat are the t"oH That 'onFoined
"ith the assions and luDur!& lo"& %ul#ar& 'ommon& i#no)le& and
uselessJ and that 'onFoined "ith self(torture& ainful& i#no)le& and
useless$ A%oidin# these t"o eDtremes the Tatha#ata has #ained the
enli#htenment of the =iddle Path& "hi'h rodu'es insi#ht and kno"led#e&
and tends to 'alm& to the hi#her kno"led#e& enli#htenment&
And "hat& monks& is the =iddle Path& of "hi'h the Tatha#ata has
#ained enli#htenment& "hi'h rodu'es insi#ht and kno"led#e& and
tends to 'alm& to hi#her kno"led#e& enli#htenment& Nir%anaH This is
the Ei#htfold *a!9 namel!& ri#ht %ie"& ri#ht intention& ri#ht see'h&
ri#ht a'tion& ri#ht li%elihood& ri#ht effort& ri#ht mindfulness& ri#ht
'on'entration$ This& monks& is the =iddle Path& of "hi'h Tatha#ata
has #ained enli#htenment& "hi'h rodu'es insi#ht and kno"led#e&
and tends to 'alm& to hi#her kno"led#e& enli#htenment& Nir%ana$
No" this& monks& is the no)le truth of ain9 )irth is ainful& old
a#e is ainful& si'kness if ainful& death is ainful& sorro"& lamentation&
deFe'tion& and desair are ainful$ ,onta't "ith unleasant
thin#s is ainful& not #ettin# "hat one "ishes is ainful$ In short the
fi%e #rous of #rasin# are ainful$
No" this& monks& is the no)le truth of the 'ause of ain9 the
'ra%in#& "hi'h tends to re)irth& 'om)ined "ith leasure and lust&
findin# leasure here and thereJ namel!& the 'ra%in# for assion& the
'ra%in# for eDisten'e& the 'ra%in# for non(eDisten'e$
No" this& monks& is the no)le truth of the 'essation of ain9 the
'essation "ithout a remainder of 'ra%in#& the a)andonment& forsakin#&
release& non(atta'hment$
No" this& monks& is the no)le truth of the "a! that leads to the
'essation of ain9 this is the no)le Ei#htfold *a!J namel!& ri#ht
%ie"s& ri#ht intention& ri#ht see'h& ri#ht a'tion& ri#ht li%elihood&
ri#ht effort& ri#ht mindfulness& ri#ht 'on'entration$
Sele'tions from
Ed"in A$ Burtt$ The Tea'hin#s of the ,omassionate Buddha$ Ne"
Eork& =entor -=P0A?.& 34LL$ $ /4$
Sa!in#s from the Buddhist Sutras

-<uestions Not Tendin# to Edifi'ation.
Thus ha%e I heard9
The %enera)le =alunk!autta arose at e%entide from his se'lusion&
and dre" near to "here The Blessed One "asJ and ha%in#
dra"n near and #reeted The Blessed One& he sat do"n rese'tfull!
at one side$ And seated rese'tfull! at one side& the %enera)le
=alunk!autta soke to The Blessed One as follo"s9
NRe%ered Sir& it haened to me& as I "as Fust no" in se'lusion and
lun#ed in meditation& that a 'onsideration resented itself to m! mind&
as follo"s9 PThese theories "hi'h the Blessed One has left unelu'idated&
has set aside and reFe'tedIthat the "orld is finite& that the "orld is
infinite& that the saint eDists after death& that the saint does not eDist
after death& that the saint )oth eDists and does not eDist after death& that
the saint neither eDists nor does not eDist after deathIthese the Blessed
One does not elu'idate to me$ And the fa't that The Blessed One does
not elu'idate them to me does not lease me nor suit me$ I "ill dra"
near to The Blessed One and in6uire of him 'on'ernin# this matter$ If
The Blessed One "ill elu'idate -them. to me& in that 'ase "ill I lead the
reli#ious life under The Blessed One$ If The Blessed One "ill not
elu'idate -them. to me& in that 'ase "ill I a)andon reli#ious trainin#
and return to the lo"er life of a la!man$+O
NIf The Blessed One kno"s that the "orld is eternal& let The Blessed
One elu'idate to me that the "orld is not eternalJ if The Blessed One
kno"s that the "orld is not eternal& let The Blessed One elu'idate to
me that the "orld is not eternal$ If The Blessed One does not kno"
either that the "orld is eternal or that the "orld is not eternal& the onl!
uri#ht thin# for one "ho does not kno"& or "ho has not that insi#ht&
is to sa!& PI do not kno"J I ha%e not that insi#ht$+O
-And The Blessed One relied9.
N=alunk!autta& an!one "ho should sa!& PI "ill not lead the reli#ious
life under The Blessed One until The Blessed One shall elu'idate
-these thin#s. to me+Ithat erson "ould die& =alunk!autta&
)efore the Tatha#ata had e%er eDlained this to him$
NIt is as if a man had )een "ounded )! an arro" thi'kl! smeared
"ith oison& and his friends and 'omanions "ere to 'ure for him a
h!si'ianJ and the si'k man "ere to sa!& PI "ill not ha%e this arro"
taken out until I ha%e learnt "hether the man "ho "ounded me
)elon#ed to the "arrior 'aste& or to the Brahmin 'aste& or to the
a#ri'ultural 'aste& or to the menial 'aste$+
NOr a#ain he "ere to sa!& PI "ill not ha%e this arro" taken out
until I ha%e learnt the name of the man "ho "ounded me& and to
"hat 'lan he )elon#s$+
NOr a#ain he "ere to sa!& PI "ill not ha%e this arro" taken out
until I ha%e learnt "hether the man "ho "ounded me "as tall& or
short& or of the middle hei#ht$+
NThat man "ould die& =alunk!autta& "ithout e%er ha%in# learnt this$
NThis reli#ious life does not deend on the do#ma that the "orld
is eternalJ nor does the reli#ious life deend on the do#ma that the
"orld is not eternal$ *hether the do#ma o)tain that the "orld is
eternal& or that the "orld is not eternal& there still remain )irth& old
a#e& death& sorro"& lamentation& miser!& #rief& and desair& for the
eDtin'tion of "hi'h in the resent life I am res'ri)in#$
NA''ordin#l!& )ear al"a!s in mind "hat it is that I ha%e elu'idated&
and "hat it is that I ha%e not elu'idated$ And "hat ha%e I not
elu'idatedH I ha%e not elu'idated that the "orld is eternalJ I ha%e not
elu'idated that the "orld is not eternal$$$$ And "h! ha%e I not elu'idated
thisH Be'ause this rofits not& nor has it to do "ith the fundamentals
of reli#ion& nor tends to a%ersion& a)sen'e of assion& 'essation&
6uies'en'e& the suernatural fa'ulties& sureme "isdom& and
Nir%anaJ therefore I ha%e not elu'idated it$O
Sele'tions from9

Henr! ,larke *arren$ Buddhism& in Translation$ Ne" Eork& Atheneum
-34.& 3450$ $ 337$

Sa!in#s from the Buddhist Sutras

-The Rain ,loud.
It is as if a 'loud risin# a)o%e the horiGon shrouds all sa'e -in
darkness. and 'o%ers the earth$
That #reat rain('loud& )i# "ith "ater& is "reathed "ith flashes of
li#htnin# and rouses "ith its thunderin# 'all all 'reatures$
B! "ardin# off the sun)eams& it 'ools the re#ionJ and #raduall!
lo"erin# so as to 'ome in rea'h of hands& it )e#ins ourin# do"n its
"ater all around$
And so& flashin# on e%er! side& it ours out an a)undant mass of
"ater e6uall!& and refreshes this earth$
And all her)s "hi'h ha%e srun# u on the fa'e of the earth& all
#rasses& shru)s& forest trees& other trees small and #reatJ
The %arious field fruits& and "hate%er is #reenJ all lants on hills&
in 'a%es and thi'ketsJ
All those #rasses& shru)s& and trees are %i%ified )! the 'loud that
)oth refreshes the thirst! earth and "aters the her)s$
Grasses and shru)s a)sor) the "ater of one essen'e "hi'h issues
from the 'loud a''ordin# to their fa'ult! and rea'h$
And all trees& #reat& small& and mean& drink that "ater a''ordin#
to their #ro"th and fa'ult!& and #ro" lustil!$
the #reat lants "hose trunk& stalk& )ark& t"i#s& ith& and lea%es
are moistened )! the "ater from the 'loud de%elo their )lossoms
and fruits$
The! !ield their rodu'ts& ea'h a''ordin# to its o"n fa'ult!& rea'h&
and their arti'ular nature of the #ermJ still the "ater emitted -from
the 'loud. is of )ut one essen'e$
In the same "a! the Buddha 'omes into the "orld like a rain(
'loud& and& on'e )orn& he& the "orld+s 1ord& seaks and sho"s the
real 'ourse of life$
And the #reat Seer& honoured in the "orld& in'ludin# the #ods&
seaks thus9 I am the Tatha#ata& the hi#hest of men& the GinaJ I ha%e
aeared in this "orld like a 'loud$
I shall refresh all )ein# "hose )odies are "ithered& "ho are 'lo##ed
to the trile "orld$ I shall )rin# to feli'it! those that are inin# a"a!
"ith toils& #i%e them leasures and -final. rest$
I am ineDora)le& )ear no lo%e nor hatred to"ards an! one& and
ro'laim the la" to all 'reatures "ithout distin'tion& to the one as
"ell as the other$
I re'reate the "hole "orld like a 'loud sheddin# its "ater "ithout
distin'tionJ I ha%e the same feelin#s for rese'ta)le eole as for the
lo"J for moral ersons as for the immoralJ
2or the dera%ed as for those "ho o)ser%e the rules of #ood 'ondu'tJ
for those "ho hold se'tarian %ie"s and unsound tenets as for
those "hose %ie"s are sound and 'orre't$
I also our out rain9 the rain of the la" )! "hi'h this "hole "orld
is refreshedJ and ea'h a''ordin# to his fa'ult! take to heart this "ell(
soken la" that is one in its essen'e$
E%en as all #rasses and shru)s& as "ell as lants of middle siGe&
trees and #reat trees a at the time of rain look )ri#ht in all 6uartersJ
So it is the %er! nature of the la" to romote the e%erlastin# "eal
of the "orldJ )! the la" the "hole "orld is re'reated& and as the
lants -"hen refreshed. eDand their )lossoms& the "orld does the
same "hen refreshed$
So then is the rea'hin# of the la" like the "ater oured out )!
the 'loud e%er!"here alikeJ )! "hi'h lants and men thri%e& endless
-and eternal. )lossoms -are rodu'ed.$
Sele'tions from
H$ Kern$ Saddharma(Pundarika or The 1otus of the True 1a"$ Ne"
Eork& Do%er -T3?5L.& 3450$Q $ 3//$
QH$ Kern+s translation is ori#inall! %ol$ XXI of The Sa'red Books of
the East& edited )! 2$ =aD =uller$
-The =aha!ana Ideal.
B! 'onstant use the idea of an NIO atta'hes itself to forei#n dros
of seed and )lood& althou#h the thin# eDists not$ then "h! should I
not 'on'ei%e m! fello"+s )od! as m! o"n selfH That m! )od! is
forei#n to me is not hard to see$ I "ill think of m!self as a sinner& of
others as o'eans of %irtueJ I "ill 'ease to li%e as self& and "ill take as
m! self m! fello"('reatures$ *e lo%e our hands and other lim)s& as
mem)ers of the )od!J then "h! not lo%e other li%in# )ein#s& as mem)ers
of the uni%erseH B! 'onstant use man 'omes to ima#ine that his
)od!& "hi'h has no self()ein#& is a NselfJO "h! then should he not
'on'ei%e his NselfO to lie in his fello"s alsoH Thus in doin# ser%i'e to
others ride& admiration& and desire of re"ard find no la'e& for
there)! "e satisf! the "ants of our o"n self$ Then& as thou "ouldst
#uard th!self a#ainst sufferin# and sorro"& so eDer'ise that sirit of
helfulness and tenderness to"ards the "orld$$$$
=ake th!self a s! for the ser%i'e others& and "hatsoe%er thou
seest in th! )od!+s "ork that is #ood for th! fello"s& erform it so
that it ma! )e 'on%e!ed to them$ )e thou Fealous of thine o"n self
"hen thou seest that it is at ease and th! fello" in distress& that it is
in hi#h estate and he is )rou#ht lo"& that it is at rest and he is at
Sele'tions from9

Ed"in A$ Burtt$ The Tea'hin#s of the ,omassionate Buddha$ Ne"

Eork& =entor -=P0A?.& 34LL$ $3@?$

2rom the Old Testament
-E''lesiastes 3.
The "ords of the Prea'her& the son of Da%id& kin# in Cerusalem$
8anit! of %anities& saith the Prea'herJ %anit! of %anities& all is %anit!$
*hat rofit hath a man of all his la)our "herein he la)oureth under
the sunH One #eneration #oeth& and another #eneration 'omethJ )ut
the earth a)ideth for e%er$ The sun also ariseth& and the sun #oeth
do"n& and hasteth to its la'e "here it ariseth$ The "ind #oeth to"ard
the southJ it turneth a)out unto the northJ it turneth a)out
'ontinuall! in its 'ourse& and the "ind returneth a#ain to its 'ir'uits$
All the ri%ers run into the sea& !et the sea is not fullJ unto the la'e
"hither the ri%ers #o& thither the! #o a#ain$ All thin#s are full of
"earinessJ man 'annot utter it9 the e!e is not satisfied "ith seein#&
nor the ear filled "ith hearin#$ That "hi'h hat )een is that "hi'h
shall )eJ and that "hi'h hath )een is that "hi'h shall )e done9 and
there is no ne" thin# under the sun$ Is there a ne" thin# "hereof it
ma! )e said& See this is ne"H it hath )een lon# a#o& in the a#es "hi'h
"ere )efore us$ There is no remem)ran'e of the former #enerationsJ
neither shall there )e an! remem)ran'e of the latter #enerations that
are to 'ome& amon# those that shall 'ome after$
I the Prea'her "as kin# o%er Israel in Cerusalem$ And I alied m!
heart to seek and sear'h out )! "isdom 'on'ernin# all that is done
under hea%en9 it is a sore tra%ail that God hath #i%en to the sons of
men to )e eDer'ised there"ith$ I ha%e seen all the "orks that are
done under the sunJ and& )ehold& all is %anit! and a stri%in# after
"ind$ That "hi'h is 'rooked 'annot )e made strai#htJ and that "hi'h
is "antin# 'annot )e num)ered$ I 'ommuned "ith mine o"n heart&
sa!in#& 1o& I ha%e #otten me #reat "isdom a)o%e all that "ere )efore
me in CerusalemJ !ea& m! heart hath had #reat eDerien'e of "isdom
and kno"led#e$ And I alied m! heart to kno" "isdom& and to
kno" madness and foll!9 I er'ei%ed that this also "as a stri%in# after
"ind$ 2or in mu'h "isdom is mu'h #riefJ and he that in'reaseth
kno"led#e in'reaseth sorro"$
Sele'tions from9

The Ameri'an Standard 8ersion of The Hol! Bi)le$

Sa!in#s of the >en =asters
-T"o =i'e.
Buddha told this ara)le9 A tra%eler& fleein# a ti#er "ho "as 'hasin#
him& ran till he 'ame to the ed#e of a 'liff$ there he 'au#ht hold of
a thi'k %ine& and s"un# himself o%er the ed#e$
A)o%e him the ti#er snarled$ Belo" him he heard another snarl&
and )ehold& there "as another ti#er& eerin# u at him$ The %ine
susended him mid"a! )et"een the t"o ti#ers$
T"o mi'e& a "hite mouse and a )la'k mouse& )e#an to #na" at
the %ine$ He 'ould see the! "ere 6ui'kl! eatin# it throu#h$ Then in
front of him on the 'liffside he sa" a lus'ious )un'h of #raes$
Holdin# onto the %ine "ith one hand& he rea'hed and i'ked a #rae
"ith the other hand$
Ho" deli'ious:
*hile Bankei "as rea'hin# 6uietl! to his follo"ers& his talk "as
interruted )! a Shinshu riest "ho )elie%ed in mira'les& and thou#ht
sal%ation 'ame from reeatin# hol! "ords$
Bankei "as una)le to #o on "ith his talk& and asked the riest
"hat he "anted to sa!$
NThe founder of m!
m! reli#ion&O )oasted the riest& Nstood on one
shore of a ri%er "ith a "ritin# )rush in his hands$ His dis'ile stood
on the other shore holdin# a sheet of aer$ And the founder "rote
the hol! name of Amida onto the aer a'ross the ri%er throu#h the
air$ ,an !ou do an!thin# so mira'ulousHO
NNo&O said Bankei& NI 'an onl! do little mira'les$ 1ike9 "hen I am
hun#r! I eat& "hen I am thirst! I drink& "hen I am insulted& I for#i%e$O
-Gutei+s 2in#er.
Gutei raised his fin#er "hene%er he "as asked a 6uestion a)out
>en$ A )o! attendant )e#an to imitate him in this "a!$ *hen an!one
asked the )o! "hat his master had rea'hed a)out& the )o!
"ould raise his fin#er$
Gutei heard a)out the )o!+s mis'hief$ He seiGed him and 'ut off
his fin#er$ The )o! 'ried and ran a"a!$ Gutei 'alled and stoed
him$ *hen the )o! turned his head to Gutei& Gutei raised u his
o"n fin#er$ In that instant the )o! "as enli#htened$
*hen Gutei "as a)out to ass from this "orld he #athered his
monks around him$ NI attained m! fin#erI>enO he said& Nfrom m!
tea'her Tenr!u& and in m! "hole life I 'ould not eDhaust it$O Then
he assed a"a!$
=ummon+s 'ommentar!9 Enli#htenment& "hi'h Gutei and the
)o! attained& has nothin# to do "ith a fin#er$ If an!one 'lin#s to a
fin#er& Tenr!u "ill )e so disaointed that he "ill annihilate Gutei&
the )o!& and the 'lin#er all to#ether$
Gutei 'heaens the tea'hin# of Tenr!u&
Eman'iatin# the )o! "ith a knife$
,omared to the ,hinese #od "ho ushed aside a mountain
"ith one hand
Old Gutei is a oor imitator$
Sele'tions from9

>en Buddhism$ =ount 8ernon& The Peter Pauer Press& 34L4$ $53&

Sa!in#s of the >en =asters
-Tradin# Dialo#ue for 1od#in#.
Pro%idin# he make and "ins an ar#ument a)out Buddhism "ith
those "ho li%e there& an! "anderin# monk 'an remain in a >en
temle$ If he is defeated& he has to mo%e on$
In a temle in the northern art of Caan t"o )rother monks "ere
d"ellin# to#ether$ The elder one "as learned& )ut the !oun#er one
"as stuid and had )ut one e!e$
A "anderin# monk 'ame and asked for lod#in#& roerl! 'hallen#in#
them to a de)ate a)out the su)lime tea'hin#$ The elder
)rother& tired that da! from mu'h stud!in#& told the !oun#er one to
take his la'e$ NGo and re6uest the dialo#ue in silen'e&O he 'autioned$
So the !oun# monk and the stran#er "ent to the shrine and sat
Shortl! after"ards the tra%eler rose and "ent in to the elder )rother
and said9 NEour !oun# )rother is a "onderful fello"$ He defeated
NRelate the dialo#ue to me&O said the elder one$
N*ell&O eDlained the tra%eler& Nfirst I held u one fin#er& reresentin#
Buddha& the enli#htened one$ So he held u t"o fin#ers&
si#nif!in# Buddha and his tea'hin#$ I held u three fin#ers& reresentin#
Buddha& his tea'hin#& and his follo"ers& li%in# the harmonious
life$ then he shook his 'len'hed fist in m! fa'e& indi'atin# that all
three 'ome from one realiGation$ Thus he "on and so I ha%e no ri#ht
to remain here$O *ith this& the tra%eler left$
N*here is that fello"HO asked the !oun#er one& runnin# in to his
elder )rother$
NI understand !ou "on the de)ate$O
N*on nothin#$ I+m #oin# to )eat him u$O
NTell me the su)Fe't of the de)ate&O asked the elder one$
N*h!& the minute he sa" me he held u one fin#er& insultin# me
)! insinuatin# that I ha%e onl! one e!e$ Sin'e he "as a stran#er I
thou#ht I "ould )e olite to him& so I held u t"o fin#ers& 'on#ratulatin#
him that he has t"o e!es$ Then the imolite "ret'h held u
three fin#ers& su##estin# that )et"een us "e ha%e onl! three e!es$ So
I #ot mad and started to un'h him& )ut he ran out and that ended
Sele'tions from9

Paul Res& ed$ >en 2lesh& >en Bones$ Garden ,it!& Dou)leda! An'hor
-A/00.& 3453$ $ 4/& /A$

Haiku from the Caanese Poets

The Oak Tree stands
No)le on the hill e%en in
,herr! Blossom time$
*akin# )efore da"n& See
Ho" the 'onstellations are all
Turned around:
Sin'e m! house
Burned do"n& I no" o"n a )etter %ie"
of the risin# moon$
The lea%es ne%er kno"

*hi'h leaf "ill )e the first to fall$$$

Does the "ind kno"H

A rain 'loud darkens
Red males 'lin#in# to 'ra#s
B! a "aterfall$
Hello: 1i#ht the fire:

I+ll )rin# inside a lo%el!

Bri#ht )all of sno":

Sele'tions from9

Peter Beilenson B Harr! Behn& trans$ Haiku Har%est$ =ount 8ernon&

Peter Pauer ress& 345/$

Sa!in#s of the Taoist Sa#es
-1ao TGu9 K33.
Thirt! sokes "ill 'on%er#e
In the hu) of a "heelJ
But the use of the 'art
*ill deend on the art
Of the hu) that is %oid$
*ith a "all all around
A 'la! )o"l is moldedJ
But the use of the )o"l
*ill deend on the art
Of the )o"l that is %oid$
,ut out the "indo"s and doors
In the house as !ou )uildJ
But the use of the house
*ill deend on the sa'e
In the "alls that is %oid$
So ad%anta#e is had
2rom "hate%er is thereJ
But usefulness rises
2rom "hate%er is not$
-1ao TGu9 K0/.
The *a! eternal has no name$

A )lo'k of "ood untooled& thou#h small&

=a! still eD'el the "orld$

And if the kin# and no)les 'ould

Retain its oten'! for #ood&

Then e%er!thin# "ould freel! #i%e

Alle#ian'e to their rule$

The earth and sk! "ould then 'onsire

To )rin# the s"eet de" do"nJ

And e%enl! it "ould )e #i%en

To folk "ithout 'onstrainin# o"er$

,reatures 'ame to )e "ith order+s )irth&

And on'e the! had aeared&

,ame also kno"led#e of reose&

And "ith that "as se'urit!$

In this "orld&

,omare those of the *a!

To torrents that flo"

Into ri%er and sea$

Sele'tions from9

Ra!mond B$ Blakne!$ The *a! of 1ife9 Tao Te ,hin#$ Ne" Eork&

=entor -=P@35.& 34LL$ $50& AL$Sa!in#s of the Taoist Sa#es

-1ao TGu9 K7A.
Sa!in#s of the Taoist Sa#es
Nothin# is "eaker than "ater&

But "hen it atta'ks somethin# hard

Or resistant& then nothin# "ithstands it&

And nothin# "ill alter its "a!$

E%er!one kno"s this& that "eakness re%ails

O%er stren#th and that #entleness 'on6uers

The adamant hindran'e of men& )ut that

No)od! demonstrates ho" it is so$

Be'ause of this the *ise =an sa!s

That onl! one "ho )ear the nation+s shame

Is fit to )e its hallo"ed lordJ

That the onl! one "ho take uon himself

The e%ils of the "orld ma! )e its kin#$

This is aradoD$

Sele'tions from9

Ra!mond B$ Blakne!$ The *a! of 1ife9 Tao Te ,hin#$ Ne" Eork&

=entor -=P@35.& 34LL$ $303$

-,huan# TGu.
Take the 'ase of some "ords& ,huan# TGu sa!s& arod!in# the
lo#i'ians& I do not kno" "hi'h of them are in an! "a! 'onne'ted
"ith realit! or "hi'h are not at all 'onne'ted "ith realit!$ If some
that are so 'onne'ted and some that are not so 'onne'ted are 'onne'ted
"ith one another& then as re#ards truth or falsehood the former
'ease to )e in an! "a! different from the latter$ Ho"e%er& Fust as an
eDeriment& I "ill no" sa! them9 I2 there "as a )e#innin#& there
must ha%e )een a time )efore the )e#innin# )e#an& and if there "as
a time )efore the )e#innin# )e#an& there must ha%e )ee a time )efore
the time the )e#innin# )e#an$ If there is a )ein#& there must also )e
a not()ein#$ If there "as a time )efore there )e#an to )e an! not(
)ein#& there must also ha%e )een a time )efore the time )efore there
)e#an to )e an! not()ein#$ But here I am& talkin# a)out )ein# and
not()ein# and still do not kno" "hether it is )ein# that eDists and
not()ein# that does not eDist& or )ein# that does not eDist and not(
)ein# that reall! eDists: I ha%e soken& and do not kno" "hether I
ha%e said somethin# that means an!thin# or said nothin# that has
an! meanin# at all$
NNothin# under Hea%en is lar#er than a strand of #ossamer& nothin#
smaller than =t$ T+ai$ Noone li%es lon#er than a 'hild that dies
in its s"addlin#('lothes& no one dies sooner than P=ethuselah$O
Hea%en and earth "ere )orn "hen I "as )ornJ the ten thousand
thin#s and I amon# them are )ut one thin#$O All this the sohists
ha%e ro%ed$ But if there "ere indeed onl! one thin#& there "ould )e
no lan#ua#e "ith "hi'h to sa! so9 And in order that an!one should
state this& there must )e more lan#ua#e in "hi'h it 'an )e stated$
Thus their one thin# to#ether "ith their talk a)out the one thin#
makes t"o thin#s$ And their one thin# to#ether "ith their talk and
m! statement a)out it makes three thin#s$ And so it #oes on& to a
oint "here the 'le%erest mathemati'ian 'ould no lon#er kee 'ount&
mu'h less an ordinar! man$ Startin# "ith not()ein# and #oin# on to
)ein#& one soon #ets to three$ *hat then "ould haen if one started
"ith )ein# and "ent on to )ein#H
Sele'tions from9

Arthur *ale!$ Three *a!s of Thou#ht in An'ient ,hina$Garden ,it!&

Dou)leda! An'hor -A7L.& 34L5$ $ A$

2isher& Nelson& HotG& B 2ran6uist& Hill of Three Oaks& '$ 3450
Sa!in#s of the Taoist Sa#es
-,huan# TGu.
In the )e#innin# 1ieh TGu "as fond of tra%elin#$ The adet Hu'h+iu
TGu said to him& NI hear that !ou are fond of tra%elin#$ *hat is
it in tra%elin# that leases !ouHO N2or me&O said 1ieh TGu& NThe leasure
of tra%elin# 'onsists in the are'iation of %ariet!$ *hen some
eole tra%el the! merel! 'ontemlate "hat is )efore their e!esJ "hen
I tra%el& I 'ontemlate the ro'ess of muta)ilit!$O NI "onder&O said
Hu('h+iu TGu& N"hether !our tra%els are not %er! mu'h the same as
other eole+s & desite the fa't that !ou think them so different$
*hene%er eole look at an!thin#& the! are ne'essaril! lookin# at
ro'esses of 'han#e& and one ma! "ell are'iate the muta)ilit! of
outside thins& "hile "holl! una"are of one+s o"n muta)ilit!$ Those
"ho take infinite trou)le a)out eDternal tra%els& ha%e no idea ho" to
set a)out the si#ht(seein# that 'an )e done "ithin$ The tra%eler a)road
is deendent uon outside thin#sJ he "hose si#ht(seein# is in"ard&
'an in himself find all he needs$ Su'h is the hi#hest form of tra%elin#J
"hile it is a oor sort of Fourne! that is deendent uon outside
After this 1ieh TGu ne%er "ent an!"here at all& a"are that till no"
he had not kno"n "hat tra%elin# means$ NNo"&O said Hu('h+iu TGu&
N!ou ma! "ell )e'ome a tra%eler indeed: The #reatest tra%eler does
not kno" "here he is #oin#J the #reatest si#ht(seer does not kno"
"hat he is lookin# at$ His tra%els do not take him to one art of
'reation more than another$ That is "hat I mean )! true si#ht(seein#$
And that is "h! I said& PNo" !ou ma! "ell )e'ome a tra%eler
Sele'tions from9

Arthur *ale!$ Three *a!s of Thou#ht in An'ient ,hina$ Garden ,it!&

Dou)leda! An'hor -A7L.& 34L5$ $ 07$

Sa!in#s of ,onfu'ius
-,onfu'ius the =an.
,onfu'ius "as #entle !et firm& di#nified )ut not harsh& rese'tful
!et "ell at ease$ -8II907.
*hen ,onfu'ius "as leased "ith the sin#in# of someone he "as
"ith& he "ould al"a!s ask to ha%e the son# reeated and "ould Foin
in himself$ -8II903.
The Duke of She asked TGu 1u a)out ,onfu'ius& and TGu 1u #a%e
him no ans"er$ ,onfu'ius said9 N*h! didn+t !ou tell him that I am
a erson "ho for#ets to eat "hen he is enthusiasti' a)out somethin#&
for#ets all his "orries in his enFo!ment of it& and is not a"are that
old a#e is 'omin# onHO -8II93A.
,onfu'ius said9 NHa%in# onl! 'oarse food to eat& lain "ater to
drink& and a )ent arm for a illo"& one 'an still find hainess
therein$ Ri'hes and honor a'6uired )! unri#hteous means are to me
as driftin# 'louds$O -8II93L.
-On learnin# and edu'ation.
,onfu'ius said9 N*hen "alkin# in a art! of three& I al"a!s ha%e
tea'hers$ I 'an sele't the #ood 6ualities of the one for imitation& and
the )ad ones of the other and 'orre't them in m!self$O -8II9/3.
There "ere four thin#s that ,onfu'ius "as determined to eradi'ate9
a )iased mind& ar)itrar! Fud#ments& o)stina'!& and e#otism$
,onfu'ius said9 NThose "ho kno" the truth are not u to those
"ho lo%e itJ those "ho lo%e the truth are not u to those "ho deli#ht
in it$O -8I93A.
,onfu'ius said9 NHa%in# hear the *a! -Tao. in the mornin#& one
ma! die 'ontent in the e%enin#$O -I89A.
,onfu'ius said9 NIn edu'ation there are no 'lass distin'tions$O
,onfu'ius said9 NThe !oun# are to )e rese'ted$ Ho" do "e kno"
that the neDt #eneration "ill not measure u to the resent oneH But
if a man has rea'hed fort! or fift! and nothin# has )een heard of
him& then I #rant that he is not "orth! of rese't$O -IX9//.
,onfu'ius said9 N*hen it 'omes to a'6uirin# erfe't %irtue& a man
should not defer e%en to his o"n tea'her$O -X890L.
,onfu'ius said9 N1earnin# "ithout thinkin# is la)or lostJ thinkin#
"ithout learnin# is erilous$O -II93L.
,onfu'ius said9 NEu& shall I tea'h !ou "hat kno"led#e isH *hen
!ou kno" a thin#& sa! that !ou kno" itJ "hen !ou do not kno" a
thin#& admit that !ou do not kno" it$ That is kno"led#e$O -II937.
-Tea'hin#s on re'iro'it! or humanit!.
,onfu'ius said9 NShen: =! tea'hin# 'ontains one rin'ile that
runs throu#h it all$O NEes&O relied TGen# TGu$ *hen ,onfu'ius had
left the room the dis'iles asked9 N*hat did he meanHO Tsen# TGu
relied9 NOur =aster+s tea'hin# is simle this9 lo!alt! and re'iro'it!$O
TGu Kun# asked9 Nis there an! one "ord that 'an ser%e as a rin'ile
for the 'ondu't of lifeHO ,onfu'ius said9 NPerhas the "ord
Pre'iro'it!+9 Do not do to others "hat !ou "ould not "ant others to
do to !ou$O -X89/0.
,onfu'ius said9 NIt is man that 'an make the *a! #reat& not the
*a! that 'an make man #reat$O -X89/A.
2an ,h+ih asked a)out humanit!$ ,onfu'ius said9 N1o%e men$O
TGu ,han# asked ,onfu'ius a)out humanit!$ ,onfu'ius said9 NTo
)e a)le to ra'ti'e fi%e %irtues e%er!"here in the "orld 'onstitutes
humanit!$O TGu ,han# )e##ed to kno" "hat these "ere$ ,onfu'ius
said9 N,ourtes!& ma#nanimit!& #ood faith& dili#en'e& and kindness$
He "ho is 'ourteous is not humiliated& he "ho is ma#nanimous
"ins the multitude& he "ho is of #ood faith is trusted )! the eole&
he "ho is dili#ent attains his o)Fe'ti%e& and he "ho is kind 'an #et
ser%i'e from the eole$O -X8II95.
,onfu'ius said9 NOnl! the humane man 'an lo%e men and 'an
hate men$O -I890.
-,onfu'ius on reli#ion.
1in 2an# asked a)out the fundamental rin'ile of rites$ ,onfu'ius
relied9 NEou are askin# an imortant 6uestion: In rites at lar#e& it is
al"a!s )etter to )e too simle rather than too la%ish$$$O -III9@.
TGu 1u asked a)out the "orshi of #hosts and sirits$ ,onfu'ius
said9 N*e don+t kno" !et ho" to ser%e men& ho" 'an "e kno"
a)out ser%in# the siritsHO N*hat a)out death&O "as the neDt 6uestion$
,onfu'ius said9 N*e don+t kno" !et a)out life& ho" 'an "e
kno" a)out deathHO -XI933.
2an ,h+ih asked a)out "isdom$ ,onfu'ius said9 NDe%ote !ourself
to the roer demands of the eole& rese't the #hosts and sirits
)ut kee them at a distan'eIthis ma! )e 'alled "isdom$O -8I9/?.
,onfu'ius said9 NI "ish I did not ha%e to seak at all$O TGu Kun#
said9 NBut if !ou did not seak& Sir& "hat should "e dis'iles ass on
to othersHO ,onfu'ius said9 N1ook at Hea%en there$ Does it seakH
The four seasons run their 'ourse and all thin#s are rodu'ed$ Does
Hea%en seakHO -X8II934.
-On the #entlemen.
Ssu(na Niu asked a)out the #entleman$ ,onfu'ius said9 NThe #entleman
has neither anDiet! nor fear$O Ssun(na Niu reFoined9 NNeither
anDiet! nor fearIis that "hat is meant )! )ein# a #entlemanHO
,onfu'ius said N"hen he looks into himself and finds no 'ause for
self(reroa'h& "hat has he to )e anDious a)outJ "hat has he to fearHO
TGu Kun# asked a)out the #entleman$ ,onfu'ius said9 NThe #entleman
first ra'ti'es "hat he rea'hes and then rea'hes "hat he
ra'ti'es$O -II930.
,onfu'ius said9 NThe #entleman rea'hes u"ardJ the inferior man
rea'hes do"n"ard$O -XI89/0.
,onfu'ius said9 NThe #entleman understand "hat is ri#htJ the
inferior man understands "hat is rofita)le$O -I8935.
,onfu'ius said9 NThe #entleman makes demands on himselfJ the
inferior man makes demands on others$O -X89/?.
,onfu'ius said9 NThe #entleman seeks to ena)le eole to su''eed
in "hat is #ood )ut does not hel them in "hat is e%il$ The
inferior man does the 'ontrar!$O -XII9 35.
,onfu'ius said9 NThe #entleman is )road(minded and not artisanJ
the inferior man is artisan and not )road(minded$O -II93@.
Sele'tions from9

*m$ Theodore de Bar!& ed$ Sour'es of the ,hinese Tradition& 8ol$ I$

Ne" Eork& ,olum)ia ;ni%ersit! Press& 345?$ $ /?(00$

Num)ers in arentheses are referen'es to the Anale'ts$
2rom the Old Testament
-Psalm 3?@.
Bless the 1ord& O m! soul$ O lord m! God& thou art %er! #reatJ
thou art 'lothed "ith honour and maFest!9
*ho 'o%erest th!self "ith li#ht as "ith a #arment9 "ho stret'hest
out the hea%ens like a 'urtain9
*ho la!eth the )eams of his 'ham)ers in the "aters9 "ho maketh
the 'louds his 'hariot9 "ho "alketh uon the "in#s of the "ind9
*ho maketh his an#els siritsJ his ministers a flamin# fire9
*ho laid the foundations of the earth& that it should not )e remo%ed
for e%er$
Thou 'o%eredst it "ith the dee as "ith a #arment9 the "aters
stood a)o%e the mountains$
At th! re)uke the! fledJ at the %oi'e of th! thunder the! hasted
The! #o u )! the mountainsJ the! #o do"n )! the %alle!s unto
the la'e "hi'h thou has founded for them$
Thou hast set a )ound that the! ma! not ass o%erJ that the! turn
not a#ain to 'o%er the earth$
He sendeth the srin#s into the %alle!s& "hi'h run amon# the
The! #i%e drink to e%er! )east of the field9 the "ild asses 6uen'h
their thirst$
B! them shall the fo"ls of the hea%en ha%e their ha)itation& "hi'h
sin# amon# the )ran'hes$
He "atereth the hills from his 'ham)ers9 the earth is satisfied "ith
the fruit of th! "orks$
He 'auseth the #rass to #ro" for the 'attle& and her) for the ser%i'e
of man9 that he ma! )rin# forth food out of the earth9
And "ine that maketh #lad the heart of man& and oil to make his
fa'e to shine& and )read "hi'h stren#theneth man+s heart$
The trees of the 1ord are full of saJ the 'edars of 1e)anon& "hi'h
he hath lantedJ
*here the )irds make their nests9 as for the stork the fir(trees are
her house$
The hi#h hills are a refu#e for the "ild #oatsJ and the ro'ks for the
He aointed the moon for seasons9 the sun kno"eth his #oin#
Thou makest darkness& and it is ni#ht9 "herein all the )east of the
forest do 'ree forth$
The !oun# lions roar after their re!& and seek their meat from
The sun ariseth& the! #ather themsel%es to#ether& and la! them
do"n in their dens$
=an #oeth forth unto his "ork and to his la)our until the e%enin#$
O 1ord& ho" manifold are th! "orks: in "isdom hast thou made
them all9 the earth is full of th! ri'hes$
So is this #reat and "ide sea& "herein are thin#s 'reein# innumera)le&
)oth small and #reat )easts$
There #o the shis9 there is that le%iathan& "hom thou hast made
to la! therein$
These "ait all uon theeJ that thou ma!est #i%e them their meat in
due season$
That thou #i%est them& the! #ather9 thou oenest thine hand& the!
are filled "ith #ood$
Thou hidest th! fa'e& the! are trou)led9 thou takest a"a! their
)reath& the! die& and return to their dust$
Thou sendest forth th! sirit& the! are 'reated9 and thou rene"est
the fa'e of the earth$
The #lor! of the 1ord shall endure for e%er9 the 1ord shall reFoi'e
in his "orks$
He looketh on the earth& and it trem)leth9 he tou'heth the hills&
and the! smoke$
I "ill sin# unto the 1ord as lon# as I li%e9 I "ill sin# raise to m!
God "hile I ha%e m! )ein#$
=! meditation of him shall )e s"eet9 I "ill )e #lad in the 1ord$
1et the sinners )e 'onsumed out of the earth& and let the "i'ked
)e no more$ Bless thou the 1ord& O m! soul$ Praise !e the 1ord$

Sele'tions from9

The AuthoriGed 8ersion -Kin# Cames. of The Hol! Bi)le$

-Psalm A.
O 1ord our 1ord& ho" eD'ellent is th! name in all the earth: "ho
hast set th! #lor! a)o%e the hea%ens$
Out of the mouths of )a)es and su'klin#s thou ordained stren#th
)e'ause of thine enemies& that thou mi#htest still the enem! and the
*hen I 'onsider th! hea%ens& the "ork of th! fin#ersJ the moon
and the stars& "hi'h thou hast ordainedJ
*hat is man& that thou art mindful of himH and the son of man&
that thou %isitest himH
2or thou has made him a little lo"er than the an#els& and has
'ro"ned him "ith #lor! and honour$
Thou madest him to ha%e dominion o%er the "orks of th! handsJ
thou hast ut all thin#s under his feet9
All shee and oDen& !ea& and the )easts of the fieldsJ
The fo"l of the air& and the fish of the sea& and "hatsoe%er asseth
throu#h the aths of the seas$
O 1ord our 1ord& ho" eD'ellent is th! name in all the earth:
Sele'tions from9

The AuthoriGed 8ersion -Kin# Cames. of The Hol! Bi)le$

2rom the Ne" Testament
-2rom the Sermon on the =ount.
And seein# the multitudes& he "ent u into the mountain9 and
"hen he had sat do"n& his dis'iles 'ame unto him9 and he oened
his mouth and tau#ht them& sa!in#&
Blessed are the oor in sirit9 for their is the kin#dom of hea%en$
Blessed are the! that mourn9 for the! shall )e 'omforted$
Blessed are the meek9 for the! shall inherit the earth$
Blessed are the! that hun#er and thirst after ri#hteousness9 for
the! shall )e filled$
Blessed are the mer'iful9 for the! shall o)tain mer'!$
Blessed are the ure in heart9 for the! shall see God$
Blessed are the ea'emakersJ for the! shall )e 'alled the sons of
Blessed are the! that ha%e )een erse'uted for ri#hteousness+ sake&
for theirs is the kin#dom of hea%en$
Blessed are !e "hen men shall reroa'h !ou& and erse'ute !ou&
and sa! all manner of e%il a#ainst !ou falsel!& for m! sake$ ReFoi'e&
and )e eD'eedin# #lad9 for #reat is !our re"ard in hea%en9 for so
erse'uted the! the rohets that "ere )efore !ou$
Ee are the salt of the earth9 )ut if the salt ha%e lost its sa%or&
"here"ith shall it )e saltedH it is then'eforth #ood for nothin#& )ut to
)e 'ast out and trodden under foot of men$ Ee are the li#ht of the
"orld$ A 'it! set on a hill 'annot )e hid$ Neither do men li#ht a
lam& and ut it under the )ushel& )ut on a standJ and it shineth
unto all that are in the house$ E%en so let !our li#ht shine )efore
menJ that the! ma! see !our #ood "orks& and #lorif! !our 2ather
"ho is in hea%en$
1a! not u for !oursel%es treasures uon the earth& "here moth
and rust 'onsume& and "here thie%es )reak throu#h and steal9 )ut
la! u for !oursel%es treasures in hea%en& "here neither moth nor
rust doth 'onsume& and "here thie%es do not )reak throu#h and
steal9 for "here th! treasure is& there "ill th! heart )e also$ The lam
of the )od! is the e!e9 if therefore thine e!e )e sin#le& th! "hole )od!
shall )e full of li#ht$ But if thine e!e )e e%il& th! "hole )od! shall )e
full of darkness$ If therefore the li#ht that is in thee )e darkness& ho"
#reat is the darkness: No man 'an ser%e t"o mastersJ for either he
"ill hate the one& and lo%e the otherJ or else he "ill hold to one and
desise the other$ Ee 'annot ser%e God and mammon$ Therefore I
sa! unto !ou& )e not anDious for !our life& "hat !e shall eat& or "hat
!e shall drinkJ nor !et for !our )od!& "hat !e shall ut on$ Is not the
life more than the food& and the )od! than the raimentH Behold the
)irds of the hea%en& that the! so" not& neither do the! rea& nor
#ather into )arnsJ and !our hea%enl! 2ather feedeth them$ Are not
!e of mu'h more %alue than the!H And "hi'h of !ou )! )ein# anDious
'an add one 'u)it unto the measure of his lifeH And "h! are !e
anDious 'on'ernin# the raimentH ,onsider the lilies of the field& ho"
the! #ro"J the! toil not& neither do the! sin9 !et I sa! unto !ou& that
e%en Solomon in all his #lor! "as not arra!ed like one ofthese$ But if
God doth so 'lothe the #rass of the field& "hi'h toda! is& and tomorro"
is 'ast into the o%enJ shall he not mu'h more 'lothe !ou& O !e of
little faithH Be not therefore anDious& sa!in#& *hat shall "e eatH or&
*hat shall "e drinkH or& *here"ithal shall "e )e 'lothedH 2or after
all these thin#s do the Gentiles seekJ for !our hea%enl! 2ather kno"eth
that !e ha%e need of all these thin#s$ But seek !e first his kin#dom&
and his ri#hteousnessJ and all these thin#s shall )e added unto !ou$
Be not therefore anDious for the morro"9 for the morro" "ill )e
anDious for itself$ Suffi'ient unto the da! is the e%il thereof$
Sele'tions from9

=atthe" L93(35& 5934(0@$ The AuthoriGed 8ersion -Kin# Cames. of

The Hol! Bi)le$

-I ,orinthians 30.
If I seak "ith the ton#ues of men and of an#els& )ut ha%e not
lo%e& I am )e'ome soundin# )rass& or a 'lan#in# '!m)al$ And if I
ha%e the #ift of rohe'!& and kno" all m!steries and all kno"led#eJ
and if I ha%e all faith& so as to remo%e mountains& )ut ha%e not lo%e&
I am nothin#$ And if I )esto" all m! #oods to feed the oor& and if
I #i%e m! )od! to )e )urned& )ut ha%e not lo%e& it rofiteth me
nothin#$ 1o%e suffereth lon#& and is kindJ lo%e en%ieth notJ lo%e
%aunteth not itself& is not uffed u& doth not )eha%e itself unseeml!&
seeketh not its o"n& is not ro%oked& taketh not a''ount of e%ilJ
reFoi'eth not in unri#hteousness& )ut reFoi'eth "ith the truthJ )eareth
all thin#s& )elie%eth all thin#s& endureth all thin#s$ 1o%e ne%er faileth9
)ut "hether there )e rohe'ies& the! shall )e done a"a!J "hether
there )e ton#ues& the! shall 'easeJ "hether there )e kno"led#e& it
shall )e done a"a!$ 2or "e kno" in art& and "e rohes! in artJ
)ut "hen that "hi'h is erfe't is 'ome& that "hi'h is in art shall )e
done a"a!$ *hen I "as a 'hild& I sake as a 'hild& I felt as a 'hild& I
thou#ht as a 'hildJ no" I am )e'ome a man& I ha%e ut a"a! 'hildish
thin#s$ 2or no" "e see in a mirror darkl!J )ut then fa'e to fa'e9
no" I kno" in artJ )ut then shall I kno" full! e%en as also I "as
full! kno"n$ But no" a)ideth faith& hoe& lo%e& these three9 and the
#reatest of these is lo%e$
Sele'tions from9

The AuthoriGed 8ersion -Kin# Cames. of The Hol! Bi)le$

2rom the >oroastrian S'ritures

-A Pra!er for Guidan'e.
O Ahura =aGda& this I ask of thee9 seak to me trul!:

Ho" should I ra!& "hen I "ish to ra! to one like !ouH

=a! one like !ou& O =aGda& "ho is friendl!& tea'h one like meH

And ma! !ou #i%e us suortin# aids throu#h the friendl! Custi'e&

And tell us ho" !ou ma! 'ome to us "ith Good DisositionH

O Ahura =aGda& this I ask of thee9 seak to me trul!:

*hether at the )e#innin# of the )est life

The retri)utions "ill )e of rofit to their re'iientsH

And "hether he& "ho is )ounteous to all throu#h Custi'e& and "ho

"at'hes the end

Throu#h his =entalit!&I"hether he is the life(healin# friend of the


O Ahura =aGda& this I ask of thee9 seak to me trul!:

*ho "as the first father of Custi'e )! #i%in# )irth to himH

*ho esta)lished the sunlit da!s and the star #listenin# shere and

the =ilk! *a!H

*ho& aart from thee& esta)lished the la" )! "hi'h the moon "aDes

and "anesH

These and other thin#s "ould I like to kno":

O Ahura =aGda& this I ask of thee9 seak to me trul!:

*ho "as from )eneath sustainin# the earth and the 'louds

So that the! "ould not fall do"nH *ho made the "aters and the


*ho !oked the t"o s"ift ones& thunder and li#htnin#& to the "ind

and to the 'loudsH

*ho is the 'reator of Good DisositionH

O Ahura =aGda& this I ask of thee9 seak to me trul!:

*ho rodu'ed "ell(made li#hts and darknessH

*ho rodu'ed slee& "ell(indu'ed throu#h la)orious "akin#H

*ho rodu'ed the da"ns and the noon throu#h the 'ontrast "ith

the ni#ht

*hose dail! 'han#es a't for the enli#htened )elie%ers as monitors of

their interestsH

O Ahura =aGda& this I ask of thee9 seak to me trul!:

Is the messa#e I am a)out to ro'laim #enuineH

Does 1o%e suort Custi'e throu#h deedsH

Dost thou "ith Good Disosition destine the realm for these )elie%ersH

2or "hom )ut these )elie%ers didst thou shae the fortune()rin#in#


O Ahura =aGda& this I ask of thee9 seak to me trul!:

*ho shaed riGed 1o%e "ith Po"erH

*ho& )! #uidan'e& rendered sons re%erent to their 2athersH

It is I "ho stri%e to learn to re'o#niGe thee

Throu#h the )ounteous =entalit!& as #i%er of all #ood thin#s:

O Ahura =aGda& this I ask of thee9 seak to me trul!:

I "ould like to kno" "hat sort of a urose is thine& that I ma! )e

mindful of itJ

*hat are th! utteran'es& a)out "hi'h I asked throu#h the aid of

Good DisositionJ

The roer kno"led#e of life throu#h Custi'eI

Ho" shall m! soul& en'oura#ed )! )liss& arri%e at that re"ardH

O Ahura =aGda& this I ask of thee9 seak to me trul!:

Ho" ma! I a''omlish the san'tifi'ation of those sirits

To "hom thou& the "ell(disosed =aster of the 'omin# Kin#dom&

Has ronoun'ed romises a)out its #enuine )lessin#s&

Promisin# that those sirits shall d"ell in the same d"ellin#s "ith

Custi'e and Good DisositionH

O Ahura =aGda& this I ask of thee9 seak to me trul!:

Ho" "ill 1o%e a'tuall!& in deeds& eDtend o%er those ersons

To "hom th! sirit "as announ'ed as a do'trineH

On a''ount of "hom "as I first ele'ted& and "hom I lo%eJ

All others I look uon "ith hostilit! of mentalit!:

O Ahura =aGda& this I ask of thee9 seak to me trul!:

Ho" shall I 'arr! out the o)Fe't insired )! !ou&

Namel!& m! atta'hment to !ou& in order that m! see'h ma! #ro"

mi#ht!& and

That )! that "ord of mine the adherent of Custi'e

=a! in the future 'ommune "ith Health& and Immortalit!H

Sele'tions from9

Ro)ert O$ Ballou$ *orld Bi)le$ Ne" Eork& The 8ikin# Press& 34@@$

Sa!in#s of =uhammad
-The =ornin# Star.
In the name of Allah& the Benefi'ent& the =er'iful9

B! "hat hea%en and the =ornin# Star

IAh& "hat "ill tell thee "hat the =ornin# Star is:

IThe ier'in# Star:

No human soul )ut hath a #uardian o%er it$

So let man 'onsider from "hat he is 'reated$

He is 'reated from a #ushin# fluid

That issued from )et"een the loins and ri)s$

1o: He %eril! is a)le to return him -unto life.

On the da! "hen hidden thou#hts shall )e sear'hed out$

Then "ill he ha%e no mi#ht nor an! heler$

B! the hea%en "hi'h #i%eth the returnin# rain&

And the earth "hi'h slitteth -"ith the #ro"th of trees and lants.

1o: this -<ur+an. is a 'on'lusi%e "ord&

It is no leasantr!$

1o: the! lot a lot -a#ainst thee& O =uhammad.

And I lot a lot -a#ainst them.$

So #i%e a resite to the dis)elie%ers$ Deal thou #entl! "ith them for a


-The O%er"helmin#.
In the name of Allah& the Benefi'ent& the =er'iful$
Hath there 'ome unto thee tidin#s of the O%er"helmin#H
On that da! -man!. fa'es "ill )e do"n 'ast&
Toilin#& "ear!&
S'or'hed )! )urnin# fire&
Drinkin# from a )oilin# srin#&
No food for them sa%e )itter thorn(fruit
*hi'h doth not nourish nor release from hun#er$
In that da! other fa'es "ill )e 'alm&
Glad for their effort ast&
In a hi#h #arden
*here the! hear no idle see'h&
*herein is a #ushin# srin#&
*herein are 'ou'hes raised
And #o)lets at hand
And 'ushions ran#ed
And silken 'arets sread$
*ill the! not re#ard the 'amels& ho" the! are 'reatedH
And the hea%en& ho" it is raisedH
And the hills& ho" the! are set uH
And the earth& ho" it is sreadH
Remind them& for thou art )ut a remem)ran'er&
Thou art not at all a "arder o%er them$
But "hoso is a%erse and dis)elie%eth&
Allah "ill unish him "ith direst unishment$
1o: unto ;s is their return
And Our their re'konin#$
Sele'tions from9
=ohammed =armaduke Pi'kthall& trans$ The =eanin# of the Glori
ous Koran$ Ne" Eork& =entor -=T//0.& 34L0$ $ @07& @0A$
Sa!in#s of the ;nitarian


-Out of the Stars.
Out of the stars in their fli#ht& out of the dust of eternit!& here ha%e

"e 'ome&

Stardust and sunli#ht& min#lin# throu#h time and throu#h sa'e$

Out of the stars ha%e "e 'ome& u from time

Out of the stars ha%e "e 'ome$

Time out of time )efore time in the %astness of sa'e& earth sun to

or)it the sun&

Earth "ith the thunder of mountains ne")orn& the )oilin# of seas$

Earth "armed )! sun& lit )! sunli#ht9 this is our homeJ

Out of the stars ha%e "e 'ome$

=!ster! hidden in m!ster!& )a'k throu#h all timeJ

=!ster! risin# from ro'ks in the storm and the sea$

Out of the stars& risin# from the ro'ks and the sea&

Kindled )! sunli#ht on earth& arose life$

Ponder this thin# in !our heartJ onder "ith a"e9

Out of the sea to the land& out of the shallo"s 'ame ferns$

Out of the sea to the land& u from darkness and li#ht&

Risin# to "alk and to fl!& out of the sea trem)led life$

Ponder this thin# in !our heart& life u from sea9

E!es to )ehold& throats to sin#& mates to lo%e$

1ife from the sea& "armed )! sun& "ashed )! rain&

1ife from "ithin& #i%in# )irth rose to lo%e$

This is the "onder of timeJ this is the mar%el of sa'eJ

Out of the stars s"un# the earthJ life uon earth rose to lo%e$

This is the mar%el of man& risin# to see and to kno"J

Out of !our heart& 'r! "onder9 sin# that "e li%e$

Sele'tions from9

Ro)ert T$ *eston& NOut of the Stars$O ;nitarian( ;ni%ersalist

H!mn)ook ,ommission& H!mns for the 'ele)ration of life$ Boston&

Bea'on Press& 345@ & no$ 0@L$

Sa!in#s of Baha+u+llah
-On the Soul.
,onsider the sun "hen it is 'omletel! hidden )ehind the 'louds$
Thou#h the earth is still illumined "ith its li#ht& !et the measure of
li#ht "hi'h it re'ei%eth is 'onsidera)l! redu'ed$ Not until the 'louds
ha%e disersed& 'an the sun shine a#ain in the lenitude of its #lor!$
Neither the resen'e of the 'loud nor its a)sen'e 'an& in an! "a!&
affe't the inherent slendor of the sun$ The soul of man is the sun
)! "hi'h his )od! is illumined& and from "hi'h it dra"eth its sustenan'e&
and should )e so re#arded$
,onsider& moreo%er& ho" the fruit& ere it is formed& lieth otentiall!
"ithin the tree$ *ere the tree to )e 'ut into ie'es& no si#n nor
an! art of the fruit& ho"e%er small& 'ould )e dete'ted$ *hen it
aeareth& ho"e%er& it manifesteth itself& as thou has o)ser%ed& in its
"ondrous )eaut! and #lorious erfe'tion$ ,ertain fruits& indeed& attain
their fullest de%eloment onl! after )ein# se%ered from the tree$
Sele'tions 2rom9

Sho#hi Effendi& trans$ Gleanin#s 2rom the *ritin#s of Baha+u+llah$

*ilmette& Baha+i Pu)$ Trust& 34L/$ $ 3LL$

Sa!in#s of the Poets
-A 2aer! Son#.
-Sun# )! the eole of the 2aer! o%er Diarmuid and Grania& in their
)ridal slee under a ,romle'h$.
*e "ho are old& old and #a!&

O so old:

Thousands of !ears& thousands of !ears&

If all "ere told9

Gi%e to these 'hildren& ne" from the "orld&

Silen'e and lo%eJ

And the lon# de"(droin# hours of the ni#ht&

And the stars a)o%e9

Gi%e to these 'hildren& ne" from the "orld&

Rest far from men$

Is an!thin# )etter& an!thin# )etterH

Tell us it then9

*e "ho are old& old and #a!&

O so old:

Thousands of !ears& thousands of !ears&

If all "ere told9

Sele'tion from9

*$B$ Eeats$ NA 2aer! Son#&O from The Rose$ In =$1$ Rosenthal&
Sele'ted Poems and T"o Pla!s of *illiam Butler Eeats$ Ne" Eork9
,ollier Books& 345/$ $3/$
-2er#us and the Druid.
2er#us$ This "hole da! ha%e I follo"ed in the ro'ks&

And !ou ha%e 'han#ed and flo"ed from shae to shae&

2irst as a ra%en on "hose an'ient "in#s

S'ar'el! a feather lin#ered& then !ou seemed

A "easel mo%in# on from stone to stone&

And no" at last !ou "ear a human shae&

A thin# #re! man half lost in #atherin# ni#ht$

Druid$ *hat "ould !ou& kin# of the roud Red Bran'h kni#htsH

2er#us$ This "ould I sa!& most "ise of li%in# souls9

Eoun# su)tle ,on'hu)ar sat 'lose )! me

*hen I #a%e Fud#ment& and his "ords "ere "ise&

And "hat to me "as )urden "ithout end&

To him seemed eas!& so I laid the 'ro"n

;on his head to 'ast a"a! m! sorro"$

Druid$ *hat "ould !ou& kin# of the roud Red Bran'h kin#sH

2er#us$ A kin# and roud: and that is m! desair$

I feast amid m! eole on the hill&

And a'e the "oods& and dri%e m! 'hariot("heels

In the "hite )order of the murmurin# seaJ

And still I feel the 'ro"n uon m! head$

Druid$ *hat "ould !ou& 2er#usH

2er#us$ Be no more a kin#&

But learn the dreamin# "isdom that is !ours$

Druid$ 1ook on m! thin #re! hair and hollo" 'heeks

And on these m! hands that ma! not lift the s"ord&

This )od! tre)lin# like a "ind()lo"n reed$

No "oman+s lo%ed me& no man sou#ht m! hel$

2er#us$ A kin# is )ut a foolish la)ourer

*ho "astes his )lood to )e another+s dream$

Druid$ Take& if !ou must& this little )a# of dreamsJ

;nloose the 'ord& and the! "ill "ra !ou round$

2er#us$ I see m! life #o driftin# like a ri%er

2rom 'han#e to 'han#eJ I ha%e )een man! thin#sI

A #reen dro in the sur#e& a #leam of li#ht

;on a s"ord& a fir(tree on a hill&

An old sla%e #rindin# at a hea%! 6uern&

A kin# sittin# uon a 'hair of #oldI

And all these thin#s "ere "onderful and #reatJ

But no" I ha%e #ro"n nothin#& kno"in# all$

Ah: Druid& Druid& ho" #reat "e)s of sorro"

1a! hidden in the small slate('oloured thin#:

Sele'tion from9

*$B$ Eeats$ N2er#us and the Druid&O from The Rose$ In =$1$
Rosenthal& Sele'ted Poems and T"o Pla!s of *illiam Butler Eeats$ Ne"
Eork9 ,ollier Books& 345/$ $7(A$
-The Prohet.
And an old riest said& NSeak to us of Reli#ion$O
And he said9
Ha%e I soken this da! of au#ht elseH
Is not reli#ion all deeds and all refle'tion&
And that "hi'h is neither deed nor refle'tion&
And that "hi'h is neither deed nor refle'tion& )ut a "onder and a
surrise e%er srin#in# in the soul& e%en "hile the hands he" the
stone or tend the loomH
*ho 'an searate his faith from his a'tions& or his )elief from his
*ho 'an sread his hours )efore him& sa!in#& NThis for God and
this for m!selfJ This for m! soul& and this other for m! )od!HO
All !our hours are "in#s that )eat throu#h sa'e from self to self$
He "ho "ears his moralit! )ut as his )est #arment "ere )etter
The "ind and the sun "ill tear no holes in his skin$
And he "ho defines his 'ondu't )! ethi's imrisons his son#()ird
in a 'a#e$
The freest son# 'omes not throu#h )ars and "ires$
And he to "hom "orshiin# is a "indo"& to oen )ut also to
shut& has not !et %isited the house of his soul "hose "indo"s are
da"n to da"n$
Eour dail! life is !our temle and !our reli#ion$
*hene%er !ou enter into it take "ith !ou !our all$
The thin#s !ou ha%e fashioned in ne'essit! or for deli#ht$
2or in re%erie !ou 'annot rise a)o%e !our a'hie%ements nor fall
lo"er than !our failures$
And take "ith !ou all men9
2or in adoration !ou 'annot fl! hi#her than their hoes nor hum)le
!ourself lo"er than their desair$
And if !ou "ould kno" God )e not therefore a sol%er of riddles$
Rather look a)out !ou and !ou shall see Him la!in# "ith !our
And look into sa'eJ !ou shall see him "alkin# in the 'loud&
outstret'hin# His arms in the li#htnin# and des'endin# in rain$
Eou shall see him smilin# in flo"ers& then risin# and "a%in# His
hands in trees$
Sele'tions from9

Kahlil Gi)ran$ The Prohet$ Ne" Eork& Alfred A$ Knof& 3450$ $77$

Sa!in#s of -Good Grief:. the


In the traditional s!'holo#ies& one #rou ma! find that a 'ertain
te'hni6ue "orks "ell in a #i%en situation$ Its mem)ers ma! tend to
al! it in situations "here it is inaroriate& or "ith eole for
"hom it is inaroriate$ Be'ause the te'hni6ue "orks for them&
the! 'ome to )elie%e that it ou#ht to "ork for e%er!one at all times$
The te'hni6ue )e'omes the end& and ma! )e'ome an o)session$
Those "ho are in%ol%ed in usin# su'h a te'hni6ue& )e it a arti'ular
meditation te'hni6ue or a 'ertain )reathin# eDer'ise& 'an )e'ome
fiDated and restri'ted to "hat the te'hni6ue has to offer$ The adherents
ma! set u s'hools to tea'h the Nsa'redO ritual& for#ettin# that
an! te'hni6ue has its rele%an'e onl! for a 'ertain 'ommunit! at a
'ertain time$ Cust as 'an haen "ith an! s'ientifi' te'hni6ue "hi'h
is o%ereDtended or "hi'h ersists for too lon#& the ori#inal ali'ation
and intent of the esoteri' te'hni6ue ma! )e'ome lost& althou#h
the surfa'e aearan'e of the enterrise is "ell(maintained$ Reli#ions
'onstru't 'athedrals and desi#n ro)es& Fust as s'ientist de%elo ela)orate
e6uiment and rofessional Fournals& )ut all too often the enterrise
ma! )e'ome limited to a roa#ation of the means& "ith the
ori#inal end& the desired o)Fe'ti%e& for#otten$
Sele'tion from9

Ro)ert E$ Ornstein$ The Ps!'holo#! of ,ons'iousness$ Ne" Eork& The

8ikin# Press& 347/$ $ 47(4A$

A Green Book of =editations
8olume T"o9

,elti'& Nati%e Ameri'an& Afri'an&
,elti'& Nati%e Ameri'an& Afri'an&,elti'& Nati%e Ameri'an& Afri'an&,elti'& Nati%e Ameri'an&
Afri'an&,elti'& Nati%e Ameri'an& Afri'an&,elti'& Nati%e Ameri'an& Afri'an& Hindu and Greek
Hindu and GreekHindu and GreekHindu and GreekHindu and GreekHindu and Greek


I assem)led this %olume durin# one of m! more nati%ist hases$
There is a #ood reason that the 2ounders of the RDNA ori#inall!
'hose a ,elti' fla%or to their #rou& )e'ause ,elti' literature is full of
)eautiful o)ser%ations of Nature& as did the Nati%e Ameri'ans& Afri'ans&
Hindus and Greeks$ Ea'h of the other #rous ha%e had to deal
"ith the aroa'h of *esterniGation and the destru'tion of traditional
"a!s$ Ho"e%er& I feel that these sele'tions ma! ro%ide useful
solitar! onderin# and some ma! e%en make #ood readin#s at %arious
Druidi' ser%i'es& 'amfires and tea arties$ The translations of
the "orks found in the Green Book 8olume T"o& "ith fe" eD'etions&
ori#inall! from old )ooks and are ro)a)l! safel! ast the
'o!(ri#ht limit& so feel free to share$
It "as ori#inall! titled N,elti' and En#lish *ritin#sO and released
in 3440& durin# a flurr! of a'ti%it! "hen I released ne" rintin#s of
t"o %olumes of Green Books& the Book of the Afri'an Cedi Kni#ht&
Book / of Poetr!& The Dead 1ake S'rolls& The Dead Ba! S'rolls and
a ne" edition of The Druid ,hroni'les$ I "as a )it o%erl! )us!$
The ori#inal edition of the Green Book of =editations& %olume
t"o had 6uite a different 'ontent than this edition& editted for ARDA$
The En#lish Poetr! se'tion is the same& )ut the Irish and *elsh
Poetr! se'tion "as rearran#ed in order to redu'e sa'e$ I remo%ed
the 7 translations )! =atthe"s and Ni'hol+s to a%oid 'o!ri#ht ro)lems
here$ Similiarl! I ha%e remo%ed the 3? S'ottish Gaeli' Poetr!
translations out of rese't for those authors$ I+ll ut them into a
searate file on the "e)(site for eole to o)ser%e$ I+%e also remo%ed
a Rosi'ru'ian ie'e and some Grateful Dead son# l!ri's$ 1ess than a
third of the ori#inal %olume remains in this edition$
This editin# "as also done )e'ause I felt that I had done too hea%!
a fo'us on ,elti' "ritin#s than is #ood for the destin! of the Reform$
I feel that eole should )e "ide ran#in# in their studies& so I ha%e
rela'ed those remo%ed se'tions "ith "ritin#s from other nati%e "isdom
traditions$ I feel the final rodu't is more intri#uin# and )alan'ed$
Please 1earn and EnFo!&
=i'hael S'hardin#
Grand Patriar'h of the An'ient Order of Bam)i
Bi# Ri%er Gro%e& Saint ,loud =innesota
Da! 70 of Earra'h& Eear XXXIII of the Reform
Aril 3@th& 3445 '$e$
En#lish Poetr!

Stoin# )! the *oods on a Sno"! E%enin#
)! Ro)ert 2rost
)! Ro)ert 2rost)! Ro)ert 2rost)! Ro)ert 2rost)! Ro)ert 2rost)! Ro)ert 2rost
*hose "oods these are I think I kno"$

His house is in the %illa#e thou#hJ

He "ill not see me stoin# here

To "at'h his "oods fill u "ith sno"$
=! little horse must think it 6ueer

To sto "ithout a farmhouse near

Bet"een the "oods and froGen lake

The darkest e%enin# of the !ear$
He #i%es his harness )ells a shake

To ask if there is some mistake$

The onl! other sound+s the s"ee

Of eas! "ind and do"n! flake$
The "oods are lo%el!& dark and dee&

But I ha%e romises to kee$

And miles to #o )efore I slee&

And miles to #o )efore I slee$

)! 1e"is ,arrol
)! 1e"is ,arrol)! 1e"is ,arrol)! 1e"is ,arrol)! 1e"is ,arrol)! 1e"is ,arrol
+T"as )rilli#& and the slith! to%es

Did #!re and #!m)le in the "a)eJ

All mims! "ere the )oro#ro%esJ

And the mome raths out#ra)e$
NBe"are the Ca))er"o'k& m! son

The Fa"s that )ite& the 'la"s that 'at'h:

Be"are the Cu)Fu) )ird& and shun

The frumious Bandersnat'h:O
He took his %oral s"ord in hand9

1on# time the manDome foe he sou#ht

So rested he )! the Tumtum tree&

And stood a"hile in thou#ht$

And as in uffish thou#ht he stood&

The Fa))er"o'k& "ith e!es of flame&

,ame "hirrin# throu#h the tul#e! "ood&

And )um)led as it 'ame:
One& t"o One& t"o And throu#h and throu#h

The %oral )lade "ent sni'ker(sna'k:

He left it dead& and "ith its head

He "ent #alumhin# )a'k$
N(And hast thou slain the Fa))er"o'kH

,ome to m! arms& m! )eamish )o!l

? fra)Fous da! ,alooh: ,alla!:(O

He 'hortled in his Fo!$
+T"as )rilli#& and the slim! to%es

Did #!re and #am)le in the "a)eJ

All mims! "ere the )oro#o%es&

And the mome raths out#ra)e$

Irish B *elsh Poetr!

=ost of the NDruidi'O material used )! modern Druid #rous has
sur%i%ed in the form of o)s'ure oetr!$ =an! #rous #o to #reat
len#ths to Nread intoO man! of these oems for Druidi'al material&
NhiddenO )! the Bards durin# the erse'utions$ Sin'e some of !ou
"ill Nro#ressO on to more NseriousO Druid #rous& it is #ood to )e
familiar "ith some of the more NstressedO readin# material$
Onl! the En#lish Translations ha%e )een ro%ided$ In the ori#inal&
these oems had mar%elous rh!mes& meters and 'le%er oeti'
de%i'es that a literal translation 'annot hoe to 'on%e!$ ;se the s!m)olo#!
and nature ima#er! to oen !our mind$ Please don+t tr! to
rush throu#h these oems& man! are of intermina)le len#th and "ill
Fust )o# !ou do"n$ Ski the lon#er ones "hen !ou are Fust erusin#&
that "a! !ou+ll enFo! them more "hen !ou ha%e time$
The *aterfall

B! Daf!dd ! ,oed
B! Daf!dd ! ,oedB! Daf!dd ! ,oedB! Daf!dd ! ,oedB! Daf!dd ! ,oedB! Daf!dd ! ,oed

Rou#h& )old& 'old Rha!adr& "ith tin! tresses&

Piddlin# enn!"orths&

Blare& )lo"& )laGe& soft arses+ snare&

Se"er to Hell+s hollo" 'oom)e$
Harsh foul(smellin# hollo"& threatenin# harm&

Dark 'andleless )edlam&

,ati%e "aterfall& un'ur)ed&

Hard(ressin# reress& sl! slut$
Sl!ness )ound in dark )anks& foul dum of dre#s&

*here m! slau#hter "as sou#ht&

Sad tale& ma! there 'ome to to"n

2ier'e flame throu#h %ile *!e+s Rha!adr$
Hateful is filth! Rha!adr&

I hate its foul so"(like lake&

Hateful& hau#ht!& shit(hole+s stink&

Hounds+ hate& hate& hate& hate& hate& hate&

Hateful& sta#less& m! #rie%an'e&

Thi'k(th"a'kin# furro" for 'hurls:

Sadness in Srin#
2rom The Earliest *elsh Poetr!& #$ 44
Srin#time& lo%eliest season&

Nois! the )irds& ne" the shoots&

Plou#hs in furro"& oDen !oked&

Green the sea& fields are daled$
*hen 'u'koos sin# on 'omel! tree(tos&

The #reater is m! sadness&

Smoke )itter& loss of slee lain&

Be'ause m! kinsmen are #one$
In mount& in meado"& in o'ean isles&

in ea'h "a! one ma! take&

2rom ,hrist there is no se'lusion$

Rain Outside
2rom The Earliest *elsh Poetr!& #$ 44
Rain outside& dren'hes )ra'kenJ
Sea shin#le "hite& frin#e of foamJ
2air 'andle& man+s dis'retion$
Rain outside& need for refu#eJ
2urGe !ello"ed& ho#"eed "itheredJ
1ord God& "h! made !ou a 'o"ardH
Rain outside& dren'hes m! hairJ
The fee)le lainti%e& sloe steeJ
O'ean allid& )rine salt!$
Rain outside& dren'hes the deeJ
*histle of "ind o%er reed(tisJ
*ido"ed ea'h feat& talent "antin#$
EDITOR+S NOTE9 The follo"in# oems use a *elsh -and Irish. tradition
of "ritin# in three line oems 'alled Triads$ The use of trilets makes
it more o"erful$
*inter and *arfare
2rom The Earliest *elsh Poetr!& #$ 45
*ind ier'in#& her )are& hard to find shelterJ
2ord turns foul& lake freeGes$
A man 'ould stand on a stalk$
*a%e on "a%e 'loaks 'ountr!sideJ
Shrill the shrieks from the eaks of the mountainJ
One 'an s'ar'e stand outside$
,old the lake()ed from "inter+s )lastJ
Dried reeds& stalks )rokenJ
An#r! "ind& "oods stried naked$
,old )ed of fish )eneath a s'reen of i'eJ
Sta# lean& stalks )eardedJ
Short e%enin#& trees )ent o%er$
Sno" is fallin#& "hite the soil$
Soldiers #o not 'amai#nin#$
,old lakes& their 'olour sunless$
Sno" is fallin#& "hite hoar(frost$
Shield idle on an old shoulder$
*ind intense& shoots are froGen$
Sno" is fallin# uon the i'e$
*ind is s"eein# thi'k tree(tos$
Shield )old on a )ra%e shoulder$
Sno" is fallin#& 'loaks the %alle!$
Soldiers hasten to )attle$
I #o not& a "ound sta!s me$
Sno" is fallin# on the sloe$
Stallion 'onfinedJ lean 'attle$
No summer da! is toda!$
Sno" is fallin#& "hite the mountain+s ed#e$
Shi+s mast )are at sea$
A 'o"ard 'on'ei%es man! s'hemes$
Gold rims round horns& horns round )ards$

Roads froGen& air #leamin# )ri#htJ

Brief t"ili#ht& tree(tos )o"ed do"n$
Bees in hone!'om)s& faint 'r! of )irds$

Da! )leak&

*hite(mantled hill(rid#e& red da"n$
Bees in refu#e& 'old lid on the ford&

2roGen "hen i'e forms$

None ma! es'ae death+s 'omin#$
Bees in rison& #reen(hued o'ean$

Stalks dried out& hillside hard$

2ri#id& )itter& the "orld toda!$

Bees in shelter from "inter+s "etness$
Pale hone!& ho#"eed hollo"$
2oul hold on a man& 'o"ardi'e$
1on# ni#ht& )are heath& )ro"n hillside&

Gre! shore& #ulls in a 'lamour&

Rou#h seas9$ it "ill rain toda!$
Dr! "ind& "et road& )ra"lin# "ater("a!s&

,old 'orses& lean sta#&

Ri%er in flood9 it "ill 'lear$
Storm on the mountain& ri%ers em)roiled&

2loors of houses flooded9

To one+s si#ht& the "orld is a sea$
Eou+re not a s'hoolman& !ou+re not a #re!)eard&

Eou+ll not ans"er a 'risis9

Ah& ,!ndili#& if !ou+d )een a "oman:
Sta# 'rou'hes 'urled in the 'oom)e+s nook$

I'e 'rum)les& 'ountr!side )are$

The )ra%e ma! sur%i%e man! )attles$
Bankside 'rum)les )eneath the s'ra"n! sta#+s hoof

Hi#h(it'hed the "ind& s'ree'hin#$

One 'an s'ar'el! stand outside$
*inter+s first da!& darkened surfa'e of heather$

Sumin# the sea("a%e$

Brief da!9 let !our 'ounsel )e done$
*ith shield for shelter and stallion+s sirit

And men& fearless& eerless&

2ine the ni#ht for routin# foes$
S"ift the "ind& stried the "oods$

Hollo" stalks& hard! sta#$

Stern Pelis& "hat land is thisH
Thou#h hi#h as the ta"n! horse "ere the sno"&

The dark "ould not make me #rie%e$

I "ould lead a )and to Br!n T!dd"l$
*ith hi#h seas )eatin# the em)ankment and ford&

Sno"s falls on the hillside&

Pelis& ho" 'an !ou lead usH
Not a "orr! for me in Britain toni#ht

Raidin# Nu'hein+s lord+s lands

On "hite steed& O"ain leadin#$
Before !ou "ere )earin# arms and )u'kler&

2ier'e )ul"ark in )attle&

Pelis& "hat re#ion reared !ouH

The man God releases from too strait a rison&
Red lan'e of a leader&
o"ain of Rhe#ed reared me$
Thou#h a ruler+s #one to I"er!dd+s ford&

2rom the )and& do not flee:

After mead& do not seek dis#ra'e$
The mornin# of #re! da!)reak&

*hen ="n# =a"r Dref!dd "as 'har#ed&

=e'h!dd+s steeds "ere not amered$
Drink does not make me merr!&

*hat "ith the tales and m! thou#hts&

=e'h!dd& )ran'hes !our 'o%er$
The! en'ountered at ,afall

A )lood! 'ar'ass& desised$

Rhun+s 'lash "ith another hero$
Be'ause the searmen of ="n# sle" =e'h!dd&

Bold lad "ho kno"s it not&

1ord of hea%en& !ou+%e #i%en me an#uish$
=en in 'om)at& ford froGen&

*a%e fri#id& o'ean+s )reast #re!9

These ma! summon to )attle$
=e'h!dd a 1l!"ar'h& dauntless no)leman&

,omel!& s"an('oloured 'loak&

The first to$ )ridle his steed$

=ountain Sno"
The Earliest *elsh Poetr!&#$ 3??
=ountain sno"& ea'h re#ion "hiteJ

,ommon the ra%en 'allin#J

No #ood 'omes of too mu'h slum)er$
=ountain sno"& dee din#le "hiteJ

*oods )end )efore "ind+s onslau#htJ

=an! 'oules are in lo%e

And ne%er 'ome to#ether$
=ountain sno"& "ind s'atters itJ

=oonli#ht far(sread& lea%es aleJ

Rare the ro#ue "ho 'laims no ri#hts$
=ountain sno"& sta# nim)leJ

,ommon to Britain& roud rin'esJ

A stran#er re6uires 'unnin#$
=ountain sno"& sta# in rutJ

Du'ks on the lake& o'ean "hiteJ

Slo" the old& soon o%ertaken$

=ountain sno"& sta# )endin#J

The heart lau#hs for one lo%edJ

Thou#h a tale )e told of me&

I kno" shame "here%er it )e$
=ountain sno"& shin#le "hite #ritJ

2ish in ford& shelter in 'a%eJ

*ho a'ts harshl! is hated$
=ountain sno"& sta# in fli#htJ

,ommon for a lord& #leamin# )lade&

And mountin# a saddle()o"&

And dismountin#& an#er "ell(armed$
=ountain sno"& sta# hun'hed(uJ

=an! ha%e muttered& trul!&

This is not like a summer da!$
=ountain sno"& sta# huntedJ

*histle of "ind o%er to"er ea%esJ

Burdensome& =an& is sin$
=ountain sno"& sta# )oundin#J

*histle of "ind o%er hi#h "hite "allJ

,ommon& a 6uiet )eaut!$
=ountain sno"& sta# on sea(strandJ

An old man kno"s his !outh lostJ

A foul fa'e kees a man do"n$
=ountain sno"& sta# in #ro%eJ

Ra%en dark()la'k& roe)u'k s"iftJ

One free and "ell& stran#e he should #roan$
=ountain sno"& sta# in rushesJ

=arshes freeGin#& mead in 'askJ

,ommon for the 'riled to #roan$
=ountain sno"& to"er+s )reast studdedJ

The )east sear'hes for shelterJ

Pit! her "ho has a )ad man$
=ountain sno"& 'ra#+s )reast studdedJ

Reeds "ithered& herd shunnin# "aterJ

Pit! him "ho has a )ad "ife$

=ountain sno"& sta# in #ull!J
Bees are sleein# "ell(shelteredJ
A lon# ni#ht suits a ro))er$
=ountain sno" Pli%er"ort in ri%erJ

*ed un"illin# to trou)le&

The slu##ard seeks no s"ift re%en#e$
=ountain sno"& fish in lakeJ

2al'on roud& rin'e in slendourJ

One "ho has all does not #roan$
=ountain sno"& lords+ front rank redJ

1an'es an#r!& a)undantJ

Ah #od& for m! )rother+s an#uish::
Bri#ht Trees
-Taliesin )! *illiams.
-Taliesin )! *illiams.-Taliesin )! *illiams.-Taliesin )! *illiams.-Taliesin )! *illiams.-Taliesin )!
Bri#ht are the ash(tosJ tall and "hite "ill the! )e

*hen the! #ro" in the uer art of the din#leJ

The lan#uid heart& lon#in# is her 'omlaint$$$
Bri#ht are the "illo"(tosJ la!ful the fish

In the lakeJ the "ind "histles o%er the tos of the )ran'hesJ

Nature is suerior to learnin#$
Bri#ht the tos of the furGeJ ha%e 'onfiden'e

In the "iseJ and to the uni%erse )e reulsi%eJ

ED'et God& there is none that di%ines$
Bri#ht are the tos of the 'lo%erJ the timid ha%e no heartJ

Fealous ones "ear! themsel%es outJ

;sual is 'are uon the "eak$
Bri#ht the tos of the reed(#rassJ furious is the Fealous&

And he 'an hardl! )e satisfiedJ

It is the a't of the "ise to lo%e "ith sin'erit!$
Bri#ht the tos of the oatJ )itter the ash )ran'hesJ

S"eet the 'o"(arsni& the "a%e kees lau#hin#J

The 'heek "ill not 'on'eal the an#uish of the heart$
Bri#ht the tos of the do#roseJ hardshi has no formalit!J

1et e%er!one reser%e his urit! of life$

The #reatest )lemish is ill manners$
Bri#ht the tos of the )roomJ let the lo%er make assi#nationsJ

8er! !ello" are the 'lustered )ran'hesJ

Shallo" fordJ the 'ontented enFo! slee$
Bri#ht the tos of the ale treeJ 'ir'umse't is

E%er! rudent one& a 'hider of anotherJ

And after lo%in#& indis'retion lea%in# it$
Bri#ht the haGel(tos )! the hill of Di#ollJ

;naffli'ted "ill )e e%er! ne#le'ted oneJ

It is an a't of the mi#ht! to kee a treat!$
Bri#ht the tos of reedsJ it is usual for the slu##ish

To )e hea%!& the !outh to )e learnersJ

None )ut the foolish "ill )reak the faith$
Bri#ht the tos of the lil!J let e%er! )old one )e a ser%itorJ

The "ord of a famil! "ill re%ailJ

;sual "ith the faithless& a )roken "ord$
Bri#ht the tos of the heathJ usual is mis'arria#e

To the timidJ "ater "ill )e intrusi%e alon# the shoreJ

;sual "ith the faithful& an un)roken "ord$
Bri#ht the tos of rushesJ 'o"s are rofita)le&

Runnin# are m! tears this da!J

No 'omfort is there for the misera)le$
Bri#ht the tos of fern& !ello"

The 'harlo'kJ ho" reroa'hless are the )lindJ

Ho" at to run a)out are !oun#sters:
Bri#ht the tos of the ser%i'e(treeJ a''ustomed to 'are

Is the a#ed one& and )ees to the "ildsJ

ED'et God& there is no a%en#er

Bri#ht the tos of the oakJ in'essant is the temestThe
)ees are hi#hJ )rittle the dr! )rush"oodJ

;sual for the "anton is eD'essi%e lau#hter$
Bri#ht the tos of the #ro%eJ 'onstantl! the trees

And the oak lea%es are failin#J

Ha! is he "ho sees the one he lo%es$
Bri#ht the tos of the oaksJ 'oldl! urls the streamJ

1et the 'attle )e fet'hed to the )ir'h(en'losed areaJ

A)rutl! #oes the arro" of the hau#ht! to #i%e ain$
Bri#ht the tos of the hard holl!J let #old )e sharedJ

*hen all fall aslee on the ramart&

God "ill not slee "hen he #i%es deli%eran'e$
Bri#ht the tos of the "illo"sJ inherentl! )old

*ill the "ar(horse )e in the lon# da!& "hen lea%es a)oundJ

Those "ith mutual friends "ill not hate ea'h other$
Bri#ht the tos of the rushesJ ri'kl! "ill the! )e

*hen sread under the illo"J

The "anton mind "ill )e e%er hau#ht!$
Bri#ht the tos of the ha"thornJ 'onfident the steedJ

It is usual for a lo%er to ursueJ

=a! the dili#ent messen#er do #ood$
Bri#ht the tos of the 'ressesJ "arlike the steedJ

Trees are fair ornaments for the #roundJ

Co!ful the soul "ith "hat it lo%es$
Bri#ht is the to of the )ushJ %alua)le the steedJ

It is #ood to ha%e dis'retion "ith stren#thJ

1et the unskillful )e made o"erless$
Bri#ht are the tos of the )rakesJ #a! the luma#e

Of )irdsJ the lon# da! is the #ift of the li#htJ

=er'ifull! has the )enefi'ent God made them$
Bri#ht the tos of the meado"(s"eetJ and musi'

In the #ro%eJ )old the "ind& the trees shakeJ

Inter'edin# "ith the o)durate "ill not a%ail$
Bri#ht the tos of the elder(treesJ )old is the solitar! sin#erJ

A''ustomed is the %iolent to oressJ

*oe to him "ho takes a re"ard from the hand$

The Soils of Ann"n
Earliest *elsh Poetr!& #$ /30 The follo"in# oem& the Soils of

Ann"!n& refers to the ad%entures of the =a)ino#ian hero& P"!ll&

"ho %isits the land of the Dead -Ann"n.
Praise to the 1ord& Sureme Ruler of the hi#h re#ion&

*ho hath eDtended his dominion to the shores of the "orld$

,omlete "as the rison of G"air in ,aer SidiJ

Throu#h the ermission of P"!ll and Pr!deri&

No one )efore him "ent to it$

A hea%! )lue 'hain firml! held the !outhJ

And for the soils of Ann"n #loomil! he sin#s&

And till doom shall 'ontinue his la!$ Thri'e the fullness of Pr!d"n

"e "ent into it$

ED'et se%en& none returned from ,aer Sidi$
Am I not a 'andidate for fame to )e heard in the son#&

In ,aer Pedr!%an four times re%ol%in#

The first "ord from the 'auldron& "hen "as it sokenH

B! the )reath of nine damsels #entl! "armed$

Is it not the 'auldron of the ,hief of Ann"n "hi'h is so'ialH

*ith a rid#e round its ed#e of earls&

It "ill not )oil the food of a 'o"ard nor of one eD'ommuni'ated$

A s"ord )ri#ht flashin# to him "ill )e )rou#ht&

And left in the hand of 1l!mina"#$

And )efore the door of the or'h of hell a lantern is )urnin#$

And "hen "e "ent "ith Arthur in his slendid la)ours&

ED'et se%en& none returned from ,aer 8endi"id$
Am I not a 'andidate for fame& to )e heard in son# H

In ,aer Pedr!fan& the island of P!)!rdor&

T"ili#ht and darkness meet to#ether$

Bri#ht "ine "as their drink in their assem)l!$

Thri'e the )urden of Pr!d"en "e "ent on the sea$

ED'et se%en& none returned from ,aer Ri#or$
I "ill not allo" #reat merit to the dire'tors of learnin#$

Be!ond ,aer *!dr the! ha%e not )eheld the ro"ess of Arthur$

Three s'ore hundred men "ere la'ed uon the "allJ

It "as diffi'ult to 'on%erse "ith the sentinel$

Thri'e the fullness of Pr!d"en "e "ent "ith Arthur$

ED'et se%en& none returned from ,aer Golur$
I "ill not allo" merit to the multitude trailin# on the 'ir'uit

The! kno" not on "hat da! or "ho 'aused it&

Nor "hat hour in the slendid da! ,"! "as )orn&

Nor "ho re%ented him from #oin# to the %ales of Deo"!$

The! kno" not the )rindled oD& "ith this thi'k head)and&

And se%en s'ore kno)s in his 'ollar$

And "hen "e "ent "ith Arthur of mournful memor!&

ED'et se%en& none returned from ,aer 8and"!$

,ad Goddeu
NBattle of the TreesO
NBattle of the TreesONBattle of the TreesONBattle of the TreesONBattle of the TreesONBattle of the TreesO
)! Taliesin& found in Cohn =atthe"s )ooks Taliesin& #$ /47& "hi'h
I hi#hl! re'ommend$ Take this ie'e for instan'e$ The neDt ie'e is
eDtremel! o%erused )! ,eltohiles )e'ause of it+s mar%elous des'rition
of fi#htin# trees and lants$ =an! think this refers to the O#ham
alha)et& "hi'h reresents trees )! their first letter in the Irish lan#ua#e$
Therefore& man! )elie%e this son# 'ontains hidden Druidi'
kno"led#e$ I think so too& )ut it also is #reat for fi#htin# ima#er!$
NTaliesinO "as a *elsh )ard -or e%en an Irish one "ritin# *elsh.
of the Lth(Ath 'entur! "ho is a''redited "ith "ritin# man! of the
earliest sur%i%in# oems in the *elsh lan#ua#e$ He sho"s u in the
=a)ino#ian "ith the other #ods of the *elsh and ma! a't as the
*elsh N=use$O
I ha%e )een in man! shaes

Before I assumed a 'onstant form9

I ha%e )een a narro" s"ord&

A dro in the air&

A shinin# )ri#ht star&

A letter amon# "ords

In the )ook of ori#ins$

I ha%e )een lantern li#ht

2or a !ear and a da!&

I ha%e )een a )rid#e

Sannin# three s'ore ri%ers$

I ha%e flo"n as an ea#le&

Been a 'ora'le on the sea&

I ha%e )een a dro in a sho"er&

A s"ord in a hand&

A shield in )attle&

A strin# in a har$

Nine !ears in en'hantment&

In "ater& in foam&

I ha%e a)sor)ed fire&

I ha%e )een a trout in a 'o%ert&
There is nothin# of "hi'h

I ha%e not )een art$
I fou#ht& thou#h small&

At the )attle of Goddeu Bri#$

*ith Pr!dain+s ruler&

*ith his ri'h(laden fleet$

;n"ise )ards retend

A terri)le )east

*ith a hundred headsI

The )attle "as 'ontested

At the root of its ton#ue&

At the )a'k of its skull$

The hundred('la"ed )la'k toad&

The 'rested& se'kled snake

Are the soul+s unishment&

A torment to the flesh$
I "as at ,aer Nefenhir&

*here #rass and trees 'ame s"iftl!I

*a!farers er'ei%ed them&

*arriors stood astonished&

At the mi#ht of the Britons&

Sho"n forth )! G"!dion$

=en 'alled uon the ,hrist&

On the Saints as "ell&

To deli%er them s"iftl!
2rom terri)le ra#e$

Ans"er the! #ot

In elemental lan#ua#e9

Rush& !e 'hiefs of the *ood

*ith the rin'es in !our thousands&

To hinder the hosts of the enem!$

The trees "ere en'hanted

2or "ork of destru'tion&

The )attle "as Foined

"ith the musi' of hars$

In the tumult man! fell&

But )rou#ht forth ne" heroes $$

Rfour lines omittedS$
The Alders& first in line&

Thrust for"ard in time$

The *illo"s and =ountain Ash

*ere late to the arra!$

The Bla'kthorns& full of sines&
And their mate& the =ediar

,ut do"n all oosition$

The Rose mar'hed alon#

A#ainst a hero thron#$

The Ras)err! "as de'reed

To ser%e as useful food&

2or the sustenan'e of lifeI

Not to 'arr! on the strife$

The *ild Rose and the *ood)ine

*ith the I%! intert"ined

Ho" the Polar trem)led&

And the ,herr! dared$

The Bir'h& all am)ition&

*as tardil! arra!edJ

Not from an! diffiden'e& )ut

Be'ause of its ma#nifi'en'e

The 1a)umum set its heart

On )eaut! not )ra%er!$

The Ee" "as to the fore&

At the seat of "ar$

The Ash "as most eDalted

Before the so%erei#n o"ers$

The Elm& desite %ast num)ers&

S"er%ed not half a foot&

But fell uon the 'entre&

On the "in#s& and on the rear$

The HaGel "as esteemed&

B! its num)er in the 6ui%er$

Hail& )lessed ,ornell&

Bull of )attle& Kin# of all$

B! the 'hannels of the sea&

The Bee'h did roserousl!$

The Holl! li%id #re"&

And manl! a'ts it kne"$

The *hite Thorn 'he'ked allI

its %enom s'ored the alm$

The 8ines& "hi'h roofed us&

*ere 'ut do"n in )attle

And their 'lusters lundered$

The Broom& )efore the ra#e of "ar

In the dit'h la! )roken$

The Gorse "as ne%er riGedJ

Thus it "as %ul#ariGedI

Before the s"ift oak(darts

Hea%en and earth did 6uake$

The ,hestnut suffered shame

At the o"er of the Ee"$

2orest& that 'aused o)stru'tion&

The multitude "as en'hanted&

At the Battle of Goddeu Bri#$ R3/ lines omittedS
Not of mother nor of father "as m! 'reation$

I "as made from the nine fold elementsI

2rom fruit trees& from aradisia'al fruit&

2rom rimroses and hill(flo"ers&

2rom the )lossom of trees and )ushes$

2rom the roots of the earth "as I made&

2rom the )room and the nettle&

2rom the "ater of the ninth "a%e$

=ath en'hanted me )efore I "as made immortal&

G"!dion 'reated me "ith his ma#i' "and$

2rom Emr!s and Eur!on& from =a)on and =odron&

2rom fi%e fifties of ma#i'ians like =ath "as I made

=ade )! the master in his hi#hest e'stas!I

B! the "isest of druids "as I made )efore the "orld )e#an&

And I kno" the star(kno"led#e from the )e#innin# of Time$
Bards are a''ustomed to raises$

I 'an frame "hat no ton#ue utters$

3 slet in urle&

I "as in the en'losure

*ith D!lan Eil =or&

I "as a 'loak )et"een lords&

T"o sears in the hand of the mi#ht!&

*hen the torrent fell

2rom the hei#ht of hea%en$

I kno" four hundred son#s

*hi'h )ards )oth older and !oun#er 'annot sin#I

Nine hundred more& unkno"n to an! other$

I "ill sin# 'on'ernin# the s"ord

*hi'h "as red "ith )lood$

I "ill sin# the )oar(sla!in#&

Its aearan'e& and its %anishin#I

Of the kno"led#e it 'ontained$

I ha%e kno"led#e of slendid starli#ht&

The num)er of rulin# stars

S'atterin# ra!s of fire

A)o%e the "orld$
I ha%e )een a snake en'hanted on a hill&

3 ha%e )een a %ier in a lakeJ

I ha%e )een a star& 'rooked at first&

The heft of a knife& or a sear in )attle$

,learl! shall I rohes!
Of )attle "here smoke 'omes driftin#$

2i%e )attalions of lads "ill dan'e on m! knife$

SiD !ello" horses ( the )est of the )reedI

Better than an! is m! 'ream('oloured steed&

S"ift as a sea(me" alon# the shore$

I m!self am a o"er in )attle&

A 'ause of )lood from a hundred 'hieftains$

,rimson is m! shield& #old m! shield(rim$

Onl! Geron"!& from the dales of Edr!"!&

Is )etter than I$
1on# and "hite are m! fin#ers$

Sin'e I "as a sheherd&

Sin'e I "as learned&

I ha%e tra%eled the "orldJ

I ha%e made m! 'ir'uit&

I ha%e d"elled in a hundred islands&
In a hundred 'aers$

O "ise and rofi'ient druids

Do !ou rohes! of ArthurI

Or is it I !ou 'ele)rateH

I kno" "hat is to )eI

Eou "hat has )eenJ

I kno" the sa#a of the flood&

,hrist+s 'ru'ifiDion&

The da! of doom$

Golden& Ce"eled&

3 shall )e ri'hl! )ede'ked

1uDur! shall attend me

Be'ause of 8ir#il+s -or Pthe 2f!rllt+s+. rohe'!$

Be not too "ise& not too foolish&

)e not too 'on'eited& nor too diffident&

)e not too hau#ht!& nor too hum)le&

)e not too talkati%e& nor too silent

)e not too hard& nor too fee)le$


If !ou )e too "ise& one "ill eDe't too mu'h of !ouJ

if !ou )e too foolish& !ou "ill )e de'ei%edJ

if !ou )e too 'on'eited& !ou "ill )e thou#ht %eDatiousJ

if !ou )e too hum)le& !ou "ill )e "ithout honorJ

if !ou )e too talkati%e& !ou "ill not )e heededJ

if !ou )e too silent& !ou "ill not )e re#ardedJ

if !ou )e too hard& !ou "ill )e )rokenJ

if !ou )e too fee)le& !ou "ill )e 'rushed$

NIt is throu#h these ha)its&O adds ,orma'&

NThat the !oun# )e'ome old and kin#l! "arriors$O

Sunshine throu#h the *indo"
Pleasant to me is the #litterin# of the sun toda! uon these mar#ins&
)e'ause it fli'kers so$
IrishJ mar#inal note )! an unkno"n Irish s'ri)eJ 4th 'entur!
2urther Readin#s
An eD'ellent )ook to 'ontinue !our readin#s is A ,elti' =is'ellan!
'olle'ted )! Kenneth Hurlestone Ca'kson "hi'h is a%aila)le in the
Pen#uin ,lassi's se'tion$ It has a #reat man! sele'tions of an'ient
Irish and *elsh oems& stories and ra!ers$
The Thirteen 2old =!ster!


Editor+s Note9 Both OBOD and the RDNA use the follo"in# oem )!
Amer#in& as he tries to disel the Druidi' "ind that is keein# his =ilesian
fleet of )oats off the shore of Ireland$ Translators of Old Irish take #reat
li)ert! "ith it& and so ea'h renderin# is different in the ima#er! of its
inherent shamanisti' 6ualities$ Therefore I+ll #i%e man! %ersions& so 'hoose
the %ersion !ou "ish$ It is from the NBook of In%asions&O one of the maFor
Irish m!tholo#i'al '!'les$ In the RDNA& "e 'all this assa#e& The Thirteen
2old =!ster!$
Amer#in+s Son#
-2ound in Book of Druidr!& #$ /A4.
I am a "ind on the "a%e&
I am a "a%e of the o'ean&
I am the roar of the sea&
I am a o"erful oD&
I am a ha"k on a 'liff&
I am a de"dro in the sunshine&
I am a )oar for %alor&
I am a salmon in ools&
I am a lake in a lain&
I am the stren#th of art&
I am a sear "ith soils that "a#es )attle&
I am a man that shaes fire for a head$
*ho 'lears the stone(la'e of the mountainH
*hat the la'e in "hi'h the settin# of the #un liesH
*ho has sou#ht ea'e "ithout fear se%en timesH
*ho names the "aterfallsH
*ho )rin#s his 'attle from the house of TethraH
*hat erson& "hat #od&
2orms "eaons in a fortH
In a fort that nourishes satirists&
,hants a etition& di%ides the O#am letters&
Searates a fleet& has sun# raisesH
A "ise satirist$
Amer#in+s Son#
-from NTaliesinO )! Ed"ard *illiams.
At on'e& the "ind droed and the sea )e'ame flat 'alm$ The
=ilesians sailed on and desite some losses& landed finall! at In)er
,oltha$ There Amer#in& the Druid& soke this rhasod!9
I am the "ind uon the sea&
I am a "a%e uon the o'ean&
I am the sound of the sea&
I am a sta# of se%en oints&
I am a )ull of se%en fi#hts&
I am a )ull a 'liff&
I am a ha"k uon a 'liff&
I am a teardro of the sun&
I am the fairest of )lossoms&
I am a )oar of )oldness&
I am a salmon in a ool&
I am a lake on a lain&
I am a "ord of skill&
I am a )attle("a#in# sear of soil&
I am a God "ho fashions fire in the mind$
*ho )ut I kno"s the se'rets of the stone doorH
*ho has se%en times sou#ht the Pla'es of Pea'eH
*ho& sa%e I& kno"s the a#es of the moon&
The la'e and time the sun setsH
*ho 'alls the kine from Tethra+s house&
And sees them dan'e in the )ri#ht hea%ensH

*ho shaes "eaons in a fort of #lass&

In a fort that har)ors satiristsH

*ho ut the oet& the sin#er of raises&

*ho )ut I di%ides the O#am letters&

Searates 'om)atants& aroa'hes the 2aer! moundH

I& "ho am a "ind uon the sea$

Based on the ori#inal Irish& and on the translations of =a'alister&
Hull B ,ross and Slo%er 37?& 30?$
The Son# of Amer#in I
-as arran#ed )! Ro)ert Gra%es.
Eear of 30 =onths
De' /@(Can /3
Can //(2e) 3A
2e) 34(=ar 3A
=ar 34(Ar 3L
Ar 35(=a! 30
=/! 3@(Cune 3?
Cune 33(Cul! A
Cul! 4(Au# L
Au# 5(Set /
Set 0(Set 0?
O't 3(O't /A
O't /4(No% /L
No% /5(De' //
De' /0 H
God is seakin#
I am a sta# of se%en tines$
I am a "ide flood on a lain
I am a "ind on the dee "aters
I am a shinin# tear of the sun$
I am a ha"k on a 'liff$
I am a fair amon#s flo"ers
I am a #od "ho sets the head afire "ith smoke
I am a )attle "a#in# sear
I am a salmon in a ool
I am a hill of oetr!
I am a ruthless )oar
I am a #reat noise from the sea$
I am a "a%e of the sea
*ho )ut I kno"s the se'ret of the unhe"n dolmenH
Tree Alha)et
Beith the Bir'h
1uis the Ro"an
Nuinn the Ash
2earn the Alder
Saille the *illo"
Huath the Ha"thorn
Duir the Oak
Teinn the Holl!
,oll the HaGel
=uinn the 8ine
Gort the I%!
N#etal the Reed
Ruis the Elder tree
Irish(Gaeli' Poeti' *isdom -Book of Druidr!&#$ A4.
I am the *ind that )lo"s o%er the sea&

I am the *a%e of the O'eanJ

I am the =urmur of the )illo"sJ

I am the OD of the Se%en ,om)atsJ

I am the %ulture uon the ro'kJ

I am a Ra! of the SunJ

I am the fairest of PlantsJ

I am a *ild Boar in %alourJ

I am a Salmon in the *aterJ

I am a 1ake in the lainJ

I am the ,raft of the artifi'erJ

I am a *ord of S'ien'eJ

I am the Sear(oint that #i%es )attleJ+

I am the #od that 'reates in the head of man the fire of thou#ht$

The 8o!a#e of Bran& Son of 2e)al
-#$ LA4 of Taliesin)! Ed"ard *illiams& 3A@A.

Editor+s Note9 The follo"in# eDtensi%e oem from the Irish-H. is a)out a

!oun# rin'e "ho Fourne!s )! )oat into the land of faeries$ Islands "ere

'onsidered some"hat ma#i'al )! the ,elti' eoles$ Referen'es to the afterlife
'an )e found in the des'ritions of "hat faeries do to ass the time$

It+s reall! lon#& )ut #ood$

+T"as fift! 6uatrains that the "oman from unkno"n lands san#
on the floor of the house to Bran son of 2e)al& "hen the ro!al house
"as full of kin#s& "ho kne" not "hen'e the "oman had 'ome& sin'e
the ramarts "ere 'losed$
This is the )e#innin# of the stor!$ One da!& in the nei#h)orhood&
of his stron#hold& Bran "ent a)out alone& "hen he heard musi'
)ehind him$ As often as he looked )a'k& +t"as still )ehind him the
musi' "as$ At last he fell aslee at the musi'& su'h "as its s"eetnessI
*hen he a"oke from his aslee& he sa" 'lose )! him a )ran'h of
sil%er "ith "hite )lossoms& nor "as it eas! to distin#uish its )loom
from the )ran'h$ Then Bran took the )ran'h in his hand to his
ro!al house$ *hen the hosts "ere in the ro!al house& the! sa" a
"oman in stran#e raiment therein$ +T"as then she san# the fift!
6uatrains to Bran& "hile the host heard her& and all )eheld the "oman$
And she said9
A )ran'h of the ale(tree from Emne

I )rin#& like those one kno"sJ

T"i#s of "hite sil%er are on it&

,r!stal )ro"s "ith )lossoms$
There is a distant isle&

Around "hi'h sea(horses #listen9

A fair 'ourse a#ainst the "hite(s"ellin# sur#e&I

2our illars uhold it$
A deli#ht of the e!es& a #lorious ran#e&

Is the lain on "hi'h the hosts hold #ames9

,ora'le 'ontends a#ainst 'hariot

In the southern Plain of *hite Sil%er$
Pillars of "hite )ronGe under it

Glitterin# throu#h )eautiful a#es$

1o%el! land throu#hout the "orld+s a#e&

On "hi'h the man! )lossoms dro$
An an'ient tree there is "ith )lossoms&

On "hi'h )irds 'all the 'anoni'al Hours$

+Tis in harmon! it is their "ont

To 'all to#ether e%er! Hour$
Slendors of e%er! 'olor #listen
Throu#hout the #entle(%oi'ed lains$
Co! is kno"n& ranked around musi'&
In southern *hite(Sil%er Plain$
;nkno"n is "ailin# or trea'her!
In the familiar 'ulti%ated land&
There is nothin# rou#h or harsh&
But s"eet musi' strikin# on the ear$

*ithout #rief& "ithout sorro"& "ithout death&
*ithout an! si'kness& "ithout de)ilit!&
That is the si#n of EmneI
;n'ommon is an e6ual mar%el$
A )eaut! of a "ondrous land&
*hose ase'ts are lo%el!&
*hose %ie" is a fair 'ountr!&
In'omara)le is its haGe$
Then if Sil%er! 1and is seen&
On "hi'h dra#on stones and 'r!stals dro&
The sea "ashes the "a%e a#ainst the land&
Hair of 'r!stal dros from its mane$
*ealth& treasures of e%er! hue&
Are in ,iuin& a )eaut! of freshness&
1istenin# to s"eet musi'&
Drinkin# the )est of "ine$
Golden 'hariots in =a# Rein&
Risin# "ith the tide to the sun&
,hariots of sil%er in =a# =on&
And of )ronGe "ithout )lemish$
Eello" #olden steeds are on the s"ard there
Other steeds "ith 'rimson hue
Others "ith "ool uon their )a'ks
Of the hue of hea%en all()lue$
At sunrise there "ill 'ome
A fair man illuminin# le%el landsJ
He rides uon the fair sea("ashed lain&
He stirs the o'ean till it is )lood$
A host "ill 'ome a'ross the 'lear sea&
To the land the! sho" their ro"in#J
Then the! ro" to the 'onsi'uous stone&
2rom "hi'h arise a hundred strains$
It sin#s a strain unto the host
Throu#h lon# a#es& it is not sad&
its musi' s"ells "ith 'horus of hundredsI
The! look for neither de'a! nor death$
=an!(shaed Emne )! the sea&

*hether it )e near& "hether it )e far&

In "hi'h are man! thousands of %arie#ated "omen&

*hi'h the 'lear Sea en'ir'les$
If he has heard the %oi'e of the musi'&

The 'horus of the little )irds from Im'hiunn&

A small )and of "omen "ill 'ome from a hei#ht

To the lain of sort in "hi'h he is$

There "ill 'ome hainess "ith health *hile to me in m! 'hariot from afar
To the land a#ainst "hi'h lau#hter eals& It is a flo"er! lain on "hi'h he ro"s a)out$
Into Im'hiuin at e%er! season
*ill 'ome e%erlastin# Fo!$ That "hi'h is a 'lear sea
2or the ro"ed skiff in "hi'h Bran is&
It is a da! of lastin# "eather That is a ha! lain "ith rofusion of flo"ers
That sho"ers sil%er on the lands& To me from the 'hariot of t"o "heels$
A ure("hite 'liff on the ran#e of the sea& Bran sees
*hi'h from the sun re'ei%es its heat$ The num)er of "a%es )eatin# a'ross the 'lear sea9
I m!self see in =a# =on
The host ra'e alon# =a# =on& Ros!('olored flo"ers "ithout fault$
A )eautiful #ame& not fee)le&
In the %arie#ated land o%er a mass of )eaut!$ Sea(horses #listen in summer
The! look for neither de'a! nor death$ As far as Bran has stret'hed his #lan'e9
Ri%ers our forth a stream of hone!
1istenin# to musi' at ni#ht& In the land of =anannan son of 1ir$
And #oin# into Ildatha'h&
A %arie#ated land& slendor on a diadem of )eaut!& The sheen of the main& on "hi'h thou art&
*hen'e the "hite 'loud #listens$ The "hite hue of the sea& on "hi'h thou ro"est&
Eello" and aGure are sread out&
There are thri'e fift! distant isles It is land& and is not rou#h$
In the o'ean to the "est of usJ
1ar#er than Erin t"i'e Se'kled salmon lea from the "om)
Is ea'h of them& or thri'e$ Of the "hite sea& on "hi'h thou lookest9
The! are 'al%es& the! are 'olored lam)s
A #reat )irth "ill 'ome after a#es& *ith friendliness& "ithout mutual slau#hter$
That "ill not )e in a loft! la'e&
The son of a "oman "hose mate "ill not )e kno"n& Thou#h )ut one 'hariot(rider is seen
He "ill seiGe the rule of the man! thousands$ In =a# =ell of man! flo"ers&
There are man! steeds on its surfa'e&
A rule "ithout )e#innin#& "ithout end& Thou#h them thou seest not$
He has 'reated the "orld so that it is erfe't&
*hose are earth and sea& The siGe of the lain& the num)er of the host&
*oe to him that shall )e under His un"ill ,olors #listen "ith ure #lor!&
+Tis He that made the hea%ens& A fair stream of sil%er& 'loths of #old&
Ha! he that has a "hite heart& Afford a "el'ome "ith all a)undan'e$
He "ill urif! hosts under ure "ater&
+Tis He that "ill heal !our si'kness$ A )eautiful #ame& most deli#htful&
The! la! sittin# at the luDurious "ine&
Not to all of !ou is m! see'h #i%en& =en and #entle "omen under a )ush&
Thou#h its #reat mar%el has )een heard9 *ithout sin& "ithout 'rime$
1et !ou& Bran& onl! hear from amon# this 'ro"d
*hat of "isdom has )een told to him$ Alon# the to of a "ood has s"um
Th! 'ora'le a'ross rid#es&
Do not fall on a )ed of sloth& There is a "ood of )eautiful fruit
1et not th! intoDi'ation o%er'ome theeJ ;nder the ro" of th! little )oat$
Be#in a %o!a#e a'ross the 'lear sea&
If er'han'e thou ma!st rea'h the land of "omen$ A "ood "ith )lossom and fruit&
On "hi'h is the %ine+s %erita)le fra#ran'e&
Thereuon the "oman "ent from them& "hile the! kne" not A "ood "ithout de'a!& "ithout defe't&
"hither she "ent$ And she took her )ran'h "ith her$ The )ran'h On "hi'h are lea%es of #olden hue$
sran# from Bran+s hand into the hand of the "oman& nor "as there
stren#th in Bran+s hand to hold the )ran'h$ *e are from the )e#innin# of 'reationThen on the morro"
Bran "ent uon the sea$ The num)er of his *ithout old a#e& "ithout 'onsummation of earth&
men "as three 'omanies of nine$ One of his foster()rothers and Hen'e "e eDe't not that there should
)e frailt!J
shield mates "as set o%er ea'h of the three 'omanies of nine$ *hen Sin has not 'ome to us$
he had )een at sea t"o da!s and t"o ni#hts& he sa" a man in a
'hariot 'omin# to"ards him o%er the sea$ That man also san# thirt! An e%il da! "hen the Serent
"entother 6uatrains to him& and made himself kno"n to him& and said To the father to his 'it!:
that he "asJ =anannan son of 1ir& and said that it "as uon him to She has er%erted the times in this
#o to Ireland after lon# a#es& and that a son "ould )e )orn to him& So that there 'ame de'a! "hi'h "as
not ori#inal=on#an son of 2ia'hnaIthat "as the name "hi'h "ould )e uon
him$ So =anannan san# these thirt! 6uatrains to Bran9 B! #reed and lust he has slain us&
Throu#h "hi'h he has ruined his no)le ra'e9
Bran deems it a mar%elous )eaut! The "ithered )od! has #one to the fold of torment&
In his 'ora'le a'ross the 'lear sea9 And e%erlastin# a)ode of torture$
Steadil! then let Bran ro"&
It is a la" of ride in this "orld Not far to the 1and of *omen&
To )elie%e in the 'reatures& to for#et God& Emne "ith man! hues of hositalit!
O%erthro" )! diseases& and old a#e& Thou "ilt rea'h )efore the settin# of the sun$
Destru'tion of the soul throu#h de'etion$
Thereuon Bran "ent from =anannan ma' 1ir$ And he sa" an
A no)le sal%ation "in 'omeisland$ He ro"ed round a)out it& and a lar#e host "as #ain# and
2rom the Kin# "ho has 'reated us&lau#hin#$ The! "ere all lookin# at Bran and his eole& )ut "ould
A "hite la" "ill 'ome o%er seasJnot sta! to 'on%erse "ith them$ The! 'ontinued to #i%e forth #usts of
Besides )ein# God& He "ill )e man$lau#hter at them$ Bran sent one of his eole on the island$ He
ran#ed himself "ith the others& and "as #ain# at them like the
This shae& he on "hom thou lookestother men of the island$ Bran ket ro"in# round a)out the island$
*ill 'ome to th! artsJ*hene%er his man 'ame ast Bran& his 'omrades "ould address
+Tis mine to Fourne! to her house&him$ But he "ould not 'on%erse "ith them& )ut "ould mostl! look
To the "oman in =o!linn!$&at them and #ae at them$ The name of this island is the Island of
Co!$ Thereuon the! left him there$
2or it is =anannan son of 1ir&It "as not lon# thereafter "hen the! rea'hed the 1and of *omen$
2rom the 'hariot in the shae of a manJThe! sa" the leader of the "omen at the ort$ Said the 'hief of
Of his ro#en! "ill )e a %er! short "hile"omen9 N,ome hither on land& ? Bran son of 2e)al: *el'ome
is th!
A fair man in a )od! of "hite 'la!$'omin#:O Bran did not %enture to #o on Shore$ The "oman thre" a
)all of thread to Bran strai#ht o%er his fa'e$ Bran ut his hand on
=anannan the des'endent of 1ir "ill )ethe )all& "hi'h adhered to his alm$ The thread of the )all "as
in the
A %i#orous )ed(fello" to ,ainti#ern9"oman+s hand& and she ulled the 'ora'le to"ards the ort$
shall )e 'alled to his son in the )eautiful "orld&uon the! "ent into a lar#e house& in "hi'h "as a )ed
for e%er!
2ia'hna "ill a'kno"led#e him as his son$'oule& e%en thri'e nine )eds$ The food that "as ut on e%er!
%anished not from them$ It seemed a !ear to them that the! "ere
He "ill deli#ht the 'oman! of e%er! fair!(mound&thereIit 'han'ed to )e man! !ears$ No sa%or "as
"antin# to them$
He "ill )e the darlin# of e%er! #oodl! land&Home(si'kness seiGed ea'h one of them& e%en Ne'htan son
He "ill make kno"n se'rete(a 'ourse of "isdomI,oll)ran$ Bran+s kindred ket ra!in# him that he
should #o to Erin
In the "orld& "ithout )ein# feared$"ith them$ The "oman said to them their #oin# "ould make them
He "ill )e in the shae of e%er! )east& Ho"e%er& the! "ent& and the "oman said that none of them
Both on the aGure sea and on land&tou'h the land& and that the! should %isit and take "ith them the
He "ill )e a dra#on )efore hosts at the onset&man "hom the! had left in the Island of Co!$
He "ill )e a "olf in e%er! #reat forest$ Then the! "ent until the! arri%ed at a #atherin# at Sru) Brain
the 'oast of Erin$ The men asked of them "ho it "as 'ame o%er the
He "ill )e a sta# "ith horns of sil%erErin$ Said Bran9 NI am Bran the son of 2e)al$O One of the men
In the land "here 'hariots are dri%en&N*e do not kno" su'h a one& thou#h the P8o!a#e of Bran+ is in
He "ill )e a se'kled salmon in a full ool&an'ient stories$O
He "ill )e a seal& he "in )e a fair("hite s"an$ One of Bran+s men sran# from them out of the 'ora'le$
As soon
as he tou'hed the earth of Ireland& forth"ith he "as a hea of ashes&
He "ill )e throu#hout lon# a#esas thou#h he had )een in the earth for man! hundred !ears$ +T"as
A hundred !ears in fair kin#shi&then that Bran san# this 6uatrain9
He "ill 'ut do"n )attalion&Ia lastin# #ra%eI
He "ill redden fields& a "heel around the tra'k$ 2or ,oll)ran+s son #reat "as the foll!
To lift his hand at a#e&
It "ill )e a)out kin#s "ith a 'hamion *ithout an! one 'astin# a "a%e of ure "ater
That he "ill )e kno"n as a %aliant hero& O%er Ne'htan& ,oll)ran+s son$
Into the stron#holds of a land on a hei#ht
I shall send an aointed end from Isla!$ Thereuon& to the eole of the #atherin# Bran told all his
from the )e#innin# until that time$ And he "rote these 6uaHi#h
shall I la'e him "ith rin'es&trains in o#am& and then )ade them fare"ell$ And from that hour
He "ill )e o%er'ome )! a son of errorJhis "anderin#s are not kno"n$
=anannan the son of 1ir
*ill )e his father& his tutor$
He "ill )eIhis time "ill )e shortI
2ift! !ears in this "orld9
A dra#on(stone from the sea "ill kill him
In the fi#ht at Senla)or$
He "ill ask a drink from 1o'h 1o&
*hile he looks at the stream of )loodJ
The "hite host "ill take him under a "heel of 'louds
To the #atherin# "here them is no sorro"$
*isdom of the =odern Gaels

The Gaeli' eoles of Ireland& S'otland and the Isle of man ha%e
al"a!s )een kno"n for their "its and "isdom& althou#h not al"a!s
'arried out in ra'ti'e$ The follo"in# ro%er)s are taken from t"o
'olle'tions9Irish Pro%er)s and Sa!in#s9 Gems of Irish *isdom)! Padrai'
O+2arrell from =er'ier Press in Du)lin Ireland 34A? and S'ottish
Pro%er)s)! 1an# S!ne Pu)lishers 1td$ of Ne"ton#ran#e& =idlothian
34A?$ *hile the! are sort of short for a meditational readin#& the!
are #ood for solitar! readin#$
It+s no use #i%in# #ood ad%i'e unless !ou ha%e the "isdom to #o "ith
Neither #i%e 'herries to i#s nor ad%i'e to a fool$
Good ad%i'e often 'omes from a fool$
It is foolish to s'orn ad%i'e )ut more foolish to take all ad%i'e$
Don+t thro" a"a! the dirt! "ater until !ou are sure !ou ha%e 'lean
If !ou ha%e to #i%e ad%i'e to lo%ers find out "hat the! "ant first and
ad%ise them to do that$
The am)itious man is seldom at ea'e$
A #entle ans"er 6uells the an#er$
Don+t #o to the #oat+s shed if it+s "ool !ou+re seekin#$
There+s no oint in keein# a do# if !ou are #oin# to do !our o"n
The )est "a! to #et an Irishman to refuse to do somethin# is )!
orderin# it$
Bi#ots and )e#rud#ers "ill ne%er )id the ast fare"ell$
The man "ith the )roken ankle is most 'ons'ious of his le#s$
Hatin# a man doesn+t hurt him half as mu'h as i#norin# him$
All men raise their nati%e 'ountr!$
Initiati%e is raise"orth! "hen it su''eeds& stuid "hen it fails$
A '!ni' is N$$$ a man "ho kno"s the ri'e of e%er!thin# and the %alue
of nothin#$O I*ilde
Titles distin#uish the medio're& em)arrass the suerior and are dis#ra'ed
)! the inferior$ ISha"
=oralit! is siml! the attitude "e adot to"ards eole "hom "e
ersonall! dislike$ I*ilde
There is no satisfa'tion in han#in# a man "ho does not o)Fe't to it$
Sa! "hat !ou "ill& an ill mind "ill turn it to ill$
Kee a )lind e!e "hen !ou+re in another man+s 'orner$
The more !ou ste on the dun#hill& the more dirt !ou+ll #et in$
Don+t )less "ith the ti of !our ton#ue if there+s )ile at the )utt$
Here+s to a)sent friends and here+s t"i'e to a)sent enemies$
If !ou lie do"n "ith do#s !ou+ll rise "ith fleas
The loneliest man is the man "ho is lonel! in a 'ro"d$
Talk to !ourself rather than to )ad 'omanions$

If !ou "ant to )e "ith the 'oman! !ou+ll 'all it #ood 'oman!

Don+t kee 'oman! "ith !our )etters$ Eou "on+t like them and

the! "on+t like !ou$

There+s no "ar as )itter as a "ar )et"een friends$

The )est "a! to make friends is to meet often$ The )est "a! to kee

them is to meet seldom$

,hoose !our friend aman# the "ise& and !our "ife aman# the %irtu

2riendshi multilies our Fo!s& and di%ides our #rief$

Hearts ma! a#ree& thou#h heads differ$

Enou#h is as #ood as lent!$
Be ha! "ith "hat !ou ha%e and !ou+ll ha%e lent! to )e ha!
The far hills ma! )e #reener& )ut the hill !ou 'lim) on the "a! to
"ork is less stee$
The slo" horse rea'hes the mill$
Ni#ht ne%er !et failed to fall$
If !ou rush the 'ook the suds "ill )e hard$
The ale "on+t fall till it is rie$
A und o+ 'are "inna a! an oun'e o+ de)t$
Death looks the old in the fa'e and lurks )ehind the !ouths$
Dead men tell not tales& )ut there+s man! a thin# learned in a "ake
There are more lies told in a "ake(room than in a 'ourt(room$
Death is deaf& and "ill hear nae denial$
Edu'ation and EDerien'e
A kno"led#ea)le man fro"ns more often than a simleton$
No use ha%in# the )ook "ithout the learnin#$
Eou "on+t learn to s"im on the kit'hen floor$
A "iseman doesn+t kno" his master+s mistakes$
1earnin# is a li#ht )urden$
Sense )ou#ht )! eDerien'e is )etter than t"o senses learned )!
Don+t start to edu'ate a nation+s 'hildren until its adults are learned$
A s'holar+s ink lasts lon#er than a mart!r+s )lood$
The s'hool house )ell sounds )itter in !outh and s"eet in a#e$
An eDerien'ed rider doesn+t 'han#e his horse in midstream$
An old )room kno"s the dirt! 'orners )est$
The "earer kno"s )est "here the )oot in'hes$
An old do# slees near the fire )ut he+ll not )urn himself$
The lesson learned )! a tra#ed! is a lesson ne%er for#otten$
A famil! of Irish )irth "ill ar#ue and fi#ht& )ut let a shout 'ome from
"ithout and see them all unite$
If !ou+re )orn to )e han#ed& !ou+ll ne%er )e dro"ned$
No matter ho" lon# the da!& ni#ht must fall$

*ho+s dro"ned in the storm is to )e mourned forIafter the storm

has 'almed$

An oak is often slit )! a "ed#e from its )ran'h$

Ne%er miss the "ater till the "ell runs dr!$

*e learn in sufferin# "hat "e tea'h in son#$

2lee as fast as !ou "ill& !our fortune "ill )e at !our tail$

He "ho fa'es disaster )ra%el! 'an fa'e his maker$
If !ou+re the onl! one that kno"s !ou+re afraid& !ou+re )ra%e$
One )ra%e man forms a maForit!$
,oura#e a#ainst misfortune& and reason a#ainst assion$
Better to 'ome in at the end of a feast than at the )e#innin# of a fi#ht$
The 6uarrelsome man is lu'k!$ E%er!)od! has to ut u "ith him
eD'et himself$
If "e fou#ht temtation the "a! "e fi#ht ea'h other "e+d )e a nation
of saints a#ain$
Better )ear the alm than fa'e the fist$
An Irishman is seldom at ea'e unless he is fi#htin#$
The first )lo" is half the )attle$ IGoldsmith
This 'ontest is one of enduran'e and it is not the! that 'an infli't the
most& )ut the! "ho 'an suffer the most "ho "ill 'on6uer$ ITeren'e
An#er )e#ins "i+ foll!& and ends "i+ reentan'e$
An#er+s mair hurtfu+ than the "ran# that 'aused it
He that "ill )e an#r! for on! thin#& "ill )e an#r! for naethin#$
*hen drums )eat& la" is silent$
=us'les "on+t )end a stron# man+s "ill$
The stron# man ma! "hen he "ishesJ the "eak man ma! "hen he
It+s not the stron#est "ho li%e lon#est$
The man "ith the stron#est 'hara'ter is atta'ked most often$
There+s no fool like an old fool$
,orre't !our o"n mistakes from those made )! fools$
A man ma! seak like a "ise man& and a't like a fool$
God and Hea%en
God #a%e us t"o ears and one mouth and "e should use them in the
same roortion$
God is #ood )ut don+t dan'e in a 'anoe$
God+s hel is 'loser than the door$
Pra!ers from a )la'k heart are like thunder from a )la'k sk!Ineither
are "anted )! God nor man$
The road to Hea%en is "ell si#nosted )ut )adl! lit at ni#ht$
2orsake not God till !ou find a )etter master$
A #ood life is the onl! reli#ion
A #ood eDamle is the )est sermon$
A #ood 'ons'ien'e is the )est di%init!$
E%er! man is )orn 'lean& 'le%er and #reed!$ =ost of them sta! #reed!$

The #reed! man stores all )ut friendshi$

Disensin# 'harit! is the onl! ad%anta#e in amassin# a fortune$

A mean a't is lon# felt$

If !ou lend !our 'oat don+t 'ut off the )uttons$

There+s little differen'e )et"een a 'losed hand and a fist$

It+s eas! to slee on !our nei#h)our+s misfortune$

,harit! )e#ins at hame& )ut shouldna end there$

NI hoe toO is a "eak man+s "a! of refusin#$
He "ho has ne%er hoed 'an ne%er desair$
There+s nothin# that trou)le hates fa'in# as mu'h as a smile$
A sense of humor is not a )urden to 'arr! !et it makes hea%! loads
One man "ith humour "ill kee ten men "orkin#$
Humour& to a man& is like a feather illo"$ It is filled "ith "hat is
eas! to #et )ut #i%es #reat 'omfort$
*hen a thin# is funn!& sear'h it for a hidden truth$ ISha"
H!o'ris! and Inte#rit!
The )i##er the at'h& the )i##er the hole$
The man that hu#s the altar(rails does not al"a!s hu# his o"n "ife$
Before !ou shake the ri#ht hand of an enem! make sure he+s not left
It+s harder to )e'ome honest than it is to )e'ome ri'h$
*hen an Irishman talks of Nrin'ileO he is a dan#er to e%er!)od!$
Those "ho make the la"s are often their #reatest )reakers$
Greatness in a man kno"s modest!$
Bri)e the ro#ue and !ou needn+t fear the honest man$
=an 'an 'lim) the hi#hest summits& )ut he 'annot d"ell there lon#$
The reasona)le man adats himself to the "orldJ the unreasona)le
one ersists in tr!in# to adat the "orld to himself$ (Sha"
If !ou li%e in m! heart& !ou li%e rent(free$
A fli'ker that "arms is )etter than a )laGe that )urns$
1o%e is like sun to a flourIit in%i#orates the stron# )ut "ilts the
It 'osts nothin# to see nature+s #reat non(sto sho"$
It takes e%er! )lade of #rass to make the meado" #reen$
The oliti'ian is a man "ho 'an find a ro)lem in e%er! solution$

An am)assador is a oliti'ian "ho 'an do less harm a"a! from


The su''essful oliti'al leader 'an di%ide the national 'ake so that

e%er!)od! thinks he+s #ettin# a sli'e$

There+s nothin# like a fe" shots to 'han#e the fanati' into a nonartisan$

A atrioti' oliti'ian "ill al"a!s la! do"n !our life for his 'ountr!$

A oliti'al art! is the madness of the man! for the #ain of a fe"$ I


Eou 'annot soothe the roud$
Pride is the author of e%er! sin$
Pride ne%er stos #ro"in# until it+s read! to 'hallen#e God$
The #entr!+s ride re%ents their seein# the )eaut! of humilit!$
He that "inna )e 'ounseled 'anna )e heled$
Ta't and Talk
A dilomat must al"a!s think t"i'e )efore he sa!s nothin#$
Ne%er talk a)out a roe in the house of a han#ed man$
A ta'tful "ord is )etter than a ound in the hand$
Ne%er talk a)out the )lo" that+s not !et stru'k$
Ta't is 'le%er humilit!$
If !ou sa! e%er!thin# !ou "ant to sa!& !ou+ll hear somethin# !ou
don+t "ant to hear$
A kind "ord ne%er #ot a man in trou)le$
*hiser into !our 'u "hen ill is soken$
Eou 'an easil! "in an ar#ument if !ou start off )! )ein# ri#ht$
1ea%e the )ad ne"s "here !ou found it$
E%er! man is "ise till he seaks$
Eou need not raise the Irish lan#ua#eIsiml! seak it$ IPearse
There are t"o t!es of theater 'riti'$ One thinks he+s God Almi#ht!&
the other is sure of it$
A #ossi seaks ill o+ a+& and a+ o+ her$
A man )e#ins 'uttin# his "isdom teeth the first time he )ites off
more than he 'an 'he"$
Takin# the se'ond thou#hts means takin# the first stes to "isdom$
A 6uestionin# man is half "a! to )e#in "ise$
The "isest "ords e%er "ritten "ere the ten 'ommandments$ The
most foolish "ords "ere "ritten )! those "ho i#nored them$
The "isest man sees the least& sa!s the least& )ut ra!s the most$
A "ord to the "ise is enou#h$
A small leak "ill sink a #reat shi$
1et sleein# do#s lie$
Truth has a #ude fa'e )ut ra##it 'laes$
Truth "ill a!e stand "ithout a ro$
A "ise man "a%ers& a fool is fiDed$
He+s "ise that 'an mak a friend o+ a fae$
The first ste to %irtue is to lo%e it in another$

,ommonsense has its feet lanted in the ast$

On an unkno"n ath it is )etter to )e slo"$

A )lind man should not )e sent to )u! aint$

It+s no use 'arr!in# an um)rella if !our shoes are leakin#$

In site of the foD+s 'unnin#& man! a "oman "ears its skin$

The 'le%er man dis'o%ers thin#s a)out himself and sa!s them a)out


The in'ometent talk& the 'ometent "alk$

It+s )etter to like "hat !ou do than to do "hat !ou like$
The "illin# horse is al"a!s loaded$
*ell )e#un is half done$
=an! hands make li#ht "ork$
It+s not a dela! to sto and sharen the s'!the$
*ork hard& "ork lon# and ha%e nothin# to "orr! a)outI)ut in
doin# so don+t )e'ome the )oss or !ou+ll ha%e e%er!thin# to "orr!
*ork is the refu#e of eole "ho ha%e nothin# )etter to do$ I*ilde
Perse%eran'e erforms #reater "orks than stren#th$
*isdom of the Nati%e Ameri'ans

2rom a 'olle'tion of sa!in#s entitled Nati%e Ameri'an *isdom )!
Kent Ner)urn B 1ouise =en#elko'h& u)lished in the ,lassi' *isdom
series )! Ne" *orld 1i)rar! 3443$
Born Natural
I "as )orn in Nature+s "ide domain: The trees "ere all that sheltered
m! infant lim)s& the )lue hea%ens all that 'o%ered me$ I am one
of Nature+s 'hildren$ I ha%e al"a!s admired her$ She shall )e m!
#lor!9 her features& her ro)es& and the "reath a)out her )ro"& the
seasons& her statel! oaks& and the e%er#reenIher hair& rin#lets o%er
the earthIall 'ontri)ute to m! endurin# lo%e of her$
And "hene%er I see her& emotions of leasure roll in m! )reast&
and s"ell and )urst like "a%es on the shores of the o'ean& in ra!er
and raise to Him "ho has la'ed me in her hand$ It is thou#ht
#reat to )e )orn in ala'es& surrounded )! "ealthI)ut to )e )orn in
Nature+s "ide domain is #reater still:
I "ould mu'h more #lor! in this )irthla'e& "ith the )road 'ano!
of hea%en a)o%e me& and the #iant arms of the forest trees for m!
shelter& than to )e )orn in ala'es or mar)le& studded "ith illars of
#old: Nature "ill )e Nature still& "hile ala'es shall de'a! and fall in
Ees& Nia#ara "ill )e Nia#ara a thousand !ears hen'e: The rain)o"&
a "reath o%er her )ro"& shall 'ontinue as lon# as the sun& and
the flo"in# of the ri%erI"hile the "ork of art& ho"e%er 'arefull!
rote'ted and reser%ed& shall fade and 'rum)le into dust:
Geor#e ,o"a! -Kah#e#a#ah)o"h. OFi)"e
Sa'red Earth
The 'hara'ter of the Indian+s emotion left little room in his heart for
anta#onism to"ard his fello" 'reatures$$$ 2or the 1akota& mountains&
lakes& ri%ers& srin#s& %alle!s& and "oods "ere all finished )eaut!$
*inds& rain& sno"& sunshine& da!& ni#ht& and 'han#e of seasons
"ere endlessl! fas'inatin#$ Birds& inse'ts& and animals filled the "orld
"ith kno"led#e that defied the 'omrehension of man$
The 1akota "as a true naturalistIa lo%er of Nature$ He lo%ed the
earth and all thin#s of the earth& and the atta'hment #re" "ith a#e$
The old eole 'ame literall! to lo%e the soil and the! sat or re'lined
on the #round "ith a feelin# of )ein# 'lose to a motherin# o"er$
It "as #ood for the skin to tou'h the earth& and the old eole
liked to remo%e their mo''asins and "alk "ith )are feet on the sa'red
Their tiis "ere )uilt uon the earth and their altars "ere made of
earth$ The )irds that fle" in the air 'ame to rest uon the earth& a
and it "as the final a)idin# la'e of all thin#s that li%ed and #re"$
The soil "as soothin#& stren#thenin#& 'leansin#& and healin#$
That is "h! the old Indian still sits uon the earth instead of
roin# himself u and a"a! from its life(#i%in# for'es$ 2or him& to
sit or lie uon the #round is to )e a)le to think more deel! and to
feel more keenl!J he 'an see more 'learl! into the m!steries of life
and 'ome 'loser in kinshi to other li%es a)out him$
I,hief 1uther Standin# Bear Teton SiouD
Silent 8i#ils
In m! oinion& it "as 'hiefl! o"in# to their dee 'ontemlation in
their silent retreats in the da!s of !outh that the old Indian orators
a'6uired the ha)it of 'arefull! arran#in# their thou#hts$
The! listened to the "ar)lin# of )irds and noted the #randeur and
the )eauties of the forest$ The maFesti' 'loudsI"hi'h aear like
mountains of #ranite floatin# in the airIthe #olden tints of a sum
mer e%enin# sk!& and all the 'han#es of nature& ossessed a m!sterious
All this 'om)ined to furnish amle matter for refle'tion to the
'ontemlatin# !outh$
I2ran'is Assikina'k -Bla'k)ird. Otta"a
Simle Truth
I )elie%e mu'h trou)le and )lood "ould )e sa%ed if "e oened our
hearts more$ I "ill tell !ou in m! "a! ho" the Indian sees thin#s$
The "hite man has more "ords to tell !ou ho" the! look to him& )ut
it does not re6uire man! "ords to seak the truth$
I,hief Coseh NeG Per'e
,hildren "ere tau#ht that true oliteness "as to )e defined in a'tions
rather than in "ords$ The! "ere ne%er allo"ed to ass )et"een
the fire and an older erson or a %isitor& to seak "hile others "ere
seakin#& or to make fun of a 'riled or disfi#ured erson$ If a 'hild
thou#htlessl! tried to do so& a arent& in a 6uiet %oi'e& immediatel!
set him ri#ht$
EDressions su'h as NeD'use me&O Nardon me&O and Nso sorr!&O
no" so often li#htl! and unne'essaril! used& are not in the 1akota
lan#ua#e$ If one 'han'e to inFure or 'ause in'on%enien'e to another&
the "ord "anunhe'un& or Nmistake&O "as soken$ This "as suffi'ient
to indi'ate that no dis'ourtes! "as intended and that "hat had
haened "as a''idental$
Our !oun# eole& raised under the old rules of 'ourtes!& ne%er
indul#ed in the resent ha)it of talkin# in'essantl! and all at the
same time$ To do so "ould ha%e )een not onl! imolite& )ut foolishJ
for oise& so mu'h admired as a so'ial #ra'e& 'ould not )e a''omanied
)! restlessness$ Pauses "ere a'kno"led#ed #ra'efull! and did
not 'ause la'k of ease or em)arrassment$
In talkin# to 'hildren& the old 1akota "ould la'e a hand on the
#round and eDlain9 N*e sit in the la of our =other$ 2rom her "e&
and all other li%in# thin#s& 'ome$ *e shall soon ass& )ut the la'e
"here "e no" rest "ill last fore%er$O So "e& too& learned to sit or lie
on the #round and )e'ome 'ons'ious of life a)out us in its multitude
of forms$
Sometimes "e )o!s "ould sit motionless and "at'h the s"allo"s&
the tin! ants& or erhas some small animal at its "ork and onder
its industr! and in#enuit!J or "e la! on our )a'ks and looked lon# at
the sk!& and "hen the stars 'ame out made shaes from the %arious
E%er!thin# "as ossessed of ersonalit!& onl! differin# from us in
form$ Kno"led#e "as inherent in all thin#s$ The "orld "as a li)rar!
and its )ooks "ere the stones& lea%es& #rass& )rooks& and the )irds
and animals that shared& alike "ith us& the storms and )lessin#s of
earth$ *e learned to do "hat onl! the student of nature e%er learns&
and that "as to feel )eaut!$ *e ne%er railed at the storms& the furious
"inds& and the )itin# frosts and sno"s$ To do so intensified
human futilit!& so "hate%er 'ame "e adFusted oursel%es& )! more
effort and ener#! if ne'essar!& )ut "ithout 'omlaint$
E%en the li#htnin# did us no harm& "hene%er it 'ame too 'lose&
mothers and #randmothers in e%er! tii ut 'edar lea%es n the 'oals
and their ma#i' ket dan#er a"a!$ Bri#ht da!s and dark da!s "ere
)oth eDressions of the Great =!ster!& and the Indian re%eled in
)ein# 'lose to the Great Holiness$
O)ser%ation "as 'ertain to ha%e its re"ards$ Interest& "onder&
admiration #re"& and the fa't "as are'iated that life "as more
than mere human manifestationJ it "as eDressed in a multitude of
This are'iation enri'hed 1akota eDisten'e$ 1ife "as %i%id and
ulsin#J nothin# "as 'asual and 'ommonla'e$ The Indian li%eI
li%ed in e%er! sense of the "ordIfrom his first to his last )reath$
I,hief 1uther Standin# Bear Teton SiouD
Praise& flatter!& eDa##erated manners& and fine& hi#h soundin# "ords
"ere no art of 1akota oliteness$ ED'essi%e manners "ere ut do"n
as insin'ere& and the 'onstant talker "as 'onsidered rude and thou#htless$
,on%ersation "as ne%er )e#un at on'e& or in a hurried manner$
No one "as 6ui'k "ith a 6uestion& no matter ho" imortant& and
no one "as ressed for an ans"er$ A ause #i%in# time for thou#ht
"as the trul! 'ourteous "a! of )e#innin# and 'ondu'tin# a 'on%ersation$
I,hief 1uther Standin# Bear Teton SiouD
*hen !ou )e#in a #reat "ork !ou 'an+t eDe't to finish it all at on'eJ
therefore do !ou and !our )rothers ress on& and let nothin# dis'oura#e
!ou until !ou ha%e entirel! finished "hat !ou ha%e )e#un$
No"& Brother& as for me& I assure !ou I "ill ress on& and the
'ontrar! "inds ma! )lo" stron# in m! fa'e& !et I "ill #o for"ard and
ne%er turn )a'k& and 'ontinue to ress for"ard until I ha%e finished&
and I "ould ha%e !ou do the same$
Thou#h !ou ma! hear the )irds sin#in# on this side and that side&
!ou must not take noti'e of that& )ut hear me "hen I seak to !ou&
and take it to heart& for !ou ma! al"a!s deend that "hat I sa! shall
)e true$
ITeed!us'un# Dela"are
,ro"ned 1eadershi
*e no" 'ro"n !ou "ith the sa'red em)lem of the deer+s antlers& the
em)lem of !our 1ordshi$ Eou shall no" )e'ome a mentor of the
eole of the 2i%e Nations$ The thi'kness of !our skin shall )e se%en
sans( "hi'h is to sa! that !ou shall )e filled "ith ea'e and #ood"ill
and !our mind filled "ith a !earnin# for the "elfare of the eole of
the 'onfedera'!$
*ith endless atien'e !ou shall 'arr! out !our dut!& and !our
firmness shall )e temered "ith tenderness for !our eole$ Neither
an#er nor fur! shall lod#e in !our mind& and all !our "ords and
a'tions shall )e marked "ith 'alm deli)eration$
In all !our deli)erations in the ,oun'il& in !our efforts at la"makin#&
in all !our offi'ial a'ts& self(interest shall )e 'ast into o)li%ion$
,ast not a"a! the "arnin#s of an! others& if the! should 'hide !ou
for an! error or "ron# !ou ma! do& )ut return to the "a! of the Great
1a"& "hi'h is Fust and ri#ht$
1ook and listen for the "elfare of the "hole eole and ha%e
al"a!s in %ie" not onl! the resent )ut also the 'omin# #enerations&
e%en those "hose fa'es are !et )eneath the surfa'e of the earthIthe
un)orn of the future Nation$
I,onstitution of the 2i%e Nations
Pine Tree ,hiefs
Should an! man of the Nation assist "ith se'ial a)ilit! or sho"
#reat interest in the affairs of the Nation& if he ro%es himself "ise&
honest& and "orth! of 'onfiden'e& the ,onfederate 1ords ma! ele't
him to a seat "ith them and he ma! sit in the ,onfederate ,oun'il$
He shall )e ro'laimed a Pine Tree srun# u for the Nation and )e
installed as su'h at the neDt assem)l! for the installation of 1ords$
Should he e%er do an!thin# 'ontrar! to the rules of the Great
Pea'e& he ma! not )e deosed form offi'eIno one shall 'ut him
do"n( )ut thereafter e%er!one shall )e deaf to his %oi'e and his ad%i'e$
Should he resi#n his seat and title& no one shall re%ent him$ A
Pine Tree ,hief has no authorit! to name a su''essor& nor is his title
I,onstitution to the 2i%e Nations
Not )! Bread Alone
=! friends& ho" deseratel! do "e need to )e lo%ed and to lo%e$
*hen ,hrist said that man does not li%e )! )read alone& he soke of
a hun#er$ This hun#er "as not the hun#er of the )od!$ It "as not the
hun#er for )read$ He soke of a hun#er that )e#ins dee do"n in
the %er! deths of our )ein#$ He soke of a need as %ital as )reath$
He soke of our hun#er for lo%e$
1o%e is somethin# !ou and I must ha%e$ *e must ha%e it )e'ause
our sirit feeds uon it$ *e must ha%e it )e'ause "ithout it "e )e'ome
"eak and faint$ *ithout lo%e our self(esteem "eakens$ *ithout
it our 'oura#e fails$ *ithout lo%e "e 'an no lon#er look out
'onfidentl! at the "orld$ *e turn in"ard and )e#in to feed uon
our o"n ersonalities& and little )! little "e destro! oursel%es$
*ith it "e are 'reati%e$ *ith it "e mar'h tirelessl!$ *ith it& and
"ith it alone& "e are a)le to sa'rifi'e for others$
I,hief Dan Geor#e
Sho" =e
Brother: *e are told that !ou ha%e )een rea'hin# to the "hite
eole in this la'e$ These eole are our nei#h)ors$ *e are a'6uainted
"ith them$ *e "ill "ait a little "hile& and see "hat effe't
!our rea'hin# has uon them$ If "e find it does them #ood and
makes them honest and less disosed to 'heat us& "e "ill then 'onsider
a#ain )e'omin# ,hristians$
IRed Ca'ket Sene'a
2ree *isdom
*e ha%e men amon# us& like the "hites& "ho retend to kno" the
ri#ht ath& )ut "ill not 'onsent to sho" it "ithout a!: I ha%e no
faith in their aths& )ut )elie%e that e%er! man must make his o"n
IBla'k Ha"k Sauk
<uarrelin# a)out God
*e do not "ant 'hur'hes )e'ause the! "ill tea'h us to 6uarrel a)out
God& as the ,atholi's and Protestants do$ *e do not "ant to learn
*e ma! 6uarrel "ith men sometimes a)out thin#s on this earth$
But "e ne%er 6uarrel a)out God$ *e do not "ant to learn that$
I,hief Coseh NeG Per'e
God =ade =e This *a!
I am of the oinion that so far as "e ha%e reason& "e ha%e a ri#ht to
use it in determinin# "hat is ri#ht or "ron#& and "e should ursue
the ath "e )elie%e to )e ri#ht$
If the Great and Good Sirit "ished us to )elie%e and do as the
"hites& he 'ould easil! 'han#e our oinions& so that "e "ould see&
and think& and a't as the! do$ *e are nothin# 'omared to His
o"er& and "e feel and kno" it$
Bla'k Ha"k& Sauk
*hene%er& in the 'ourse of the dail! hunt& the hunter 'omes uon a
s'ene that is strikin#l! )eautiful& or su)limeIa )la'k thunder'loud
"ith the rain)o"+s #lo"in# ar'h a)o%e the mountain& a "hite "aterfall
in the heart of a #reen #or#e& a %ast rairie tin#ed "ith the )lood(
red of the sunsetIhe auses for an instant in the attitude of "orshi$
He sees no need for settin# aart one da! in se%en as a hol! da!&
)e'ause to him all da!s are God+s da!s$
I,harles AleDander Eastman -Ohi!esa.& Santee SiouD
Please 1isten
Grandfather& Great Sirit& on'e more )ehold me on earth and lean
to hear m! fee)le %oi'e$ Eou li%ed first& and !ou are older than all
needs& older than all ra!ers$ All thin#s )elon# to !ouIthe t"o le##ed&
the four le##ed& the "in#s of the air& and all #reen thin#s that li%e$
Eou ha%e set the o"ers of the four 6uarters of the earth to 'ross
ea'h other$ Eou ha%e made me 'ross the #ood road& and the road of
diffi'ulties& and "here the! 'ross& the la'e is hol!$ Da! in& da! out&
fore%ermore& !ou are the life of thin#s$
IBla'k Elk O#lala SiouD
The 8ie"s of T"o =en
Nothin# the Great =!ster! la'ed in the land of the Indian leased
the "hite man& and nothin# es'aed his transformin# hand$ *here%er
forest ha%e not )een mo"ed do"n& "here%er the animal is re'essed
in their 6uiet rote'tion& "here%er the earth is not )ereft of
four(footed lifeIthat to him is an Nun)roken "ilderness$O
But& )e'ause for the 1akota there "as no "ilderness& )e'ause nature
"as not dan#erous )ut hosita)le& not for)iddin# )ut friendl!&
1akota hilosoh! "as health!Ifree from fear and do#matism$ And
here I find the #reat distin'tion )et"een the faith of the Indian and
the "hite man$ Indian faith sou#ht the harmon! of man "ith his
surroundin#sJ the other sou#ht the dominan'e of surroundin#s$
In sharin#& in lo%in#& all and e%er!thin#& one eole naturall!
found a due ortion of the thin# the! sou#ht& "hile in fearin#& the
other found need of 'on6uest$
2or one man the "orld "as full of )eaut!J for the other it "as a
la'e of sin and u#liness to )e endured until he "ent to another
"orld& there to )e'ome a 'reature of "in#s& half(man and half()ird$
2ore%er one man dire'ted his =!ster! to 'han#e the "orld He had
madeJ fore%er this man leaded "ith Him to 'hastise his "i'ked
onesJ and fore%er he imlored his God to send His li#ht to earth$
Small "onder this man 'ould not understand the other$
But the old 1akota "as "ise$ He ne" that man+s heart& a"a! from
nature& )e'omes hardJ he kne" that la'k of rese't for #ro"in#& li%in#
thin#s soon led to la'k of rese't for #ro"in#& li%in# thin#s soon
led to la'k of rese't for humans& too$ So he ket his 'hildren 'lose
to nature+s softenin# influen'e$
,hief 1uther Standin# Bear& O#lala SiouD
Do not #rie%e$ =isfortunes "ill haen to the "isest and )est of
men$ Death "ill 'ome& al"a!s out of season$ It is the 'ommand of
the Great Sirit& and all nations and eole must o)e!$ *hat is ast
and "hat 'annot )e re%ented should not )e #rie%ed for$ $ $ =isfortunes
do not flourish arti'ularl! in our li%eIthe! #ro" e%er!"here$
Bi# Elk Omaha ,hief
Prett! Pe))les
As a 'hild& I understood ho" to #i%eJ I ha%e for#otten that #ra'e
sin'e I )e'ame 'i%iliGed$ I li%ed the natural life& "hereas I no" li%e
the artifi'ial$ An! rett! e))le "as %alua)le to me then& e%er! #ro"in#
tree an o)Fe't of re%eren'e$
No" I "orshi "ith the "hite man )efore a ainted lands'ae
"hose %alue is estimated in dollars: Thus the Indian is re'onstru'ted&
as the natural ro'ks are #round to o"der and made into artifi'ial
)lo'ks that m! )e )uilt into the "alls of modern so'iet!$
,harles AleDander Eastman -Ohi!esa.& Santee SiouD
The Po"er of Paer
=an! of the "hite man+s "a!s are ast our understandin#$ $ $ The!
ut a #reat store uon "ritin#J there is al"a!s a aer$
The "hite eole must think aer has some m!sterious o"er to
hel them in the "orld$ The Indian needs no "ritin#sJ "ords that
are true sink dee into his heart& "here the! remain$ He ne%er for#ets
them$ On the other hand& if the "hite man loses his aers he is
I on'e heard one of their rea'hers sa! that no "hite man "as
admitted to hea%en unless there "ere "ritin#s a)out him in a #reat
2our Guns& O#lala SiouD
2ranti' 2ools
The En#lish& in #eneral& are a no)le& #enerous minded eole& free
to a't and free to think$ The! %er! mu'h ride themsel%es on their
'i%il and reli#ious ri%ile#eJ on their learnin#& #enerosit!& manufa'turin#&
and 'ommer'eJ and the! think that no other nation is e6ual
to them$$
No nation& I think& 'an )e more fond of no%elties than the En#lishJ
the! #aGe uon forei#ners as if the! had Fust droed do"n
from the moon$$$
The! are trul! industrious& and in #eneral %er! honest and uri#ht$
But their 'lose attention to )usiness rodu'es& I think& too
mu'h "orldl! mindedness& and hen'e the! for#et to think enou#h
a)out their souls and their God$
Their motto seems to )e N=one!& mone!& #et mone!& #et ri'h&
and )e a #entleman$O *ith this sentiment& the! fl! a)out in e%er!
dire'tion& like a s"arm of )ees& in sear'h of the treasure that lies so
near their hearts$
Peter Cones& or Kahke"a6uona)!
-NSa'red *a%in# 2eathersO.& OFi)"e
The si#ht of !our 'ities ains the e!es of the red man$ But erhas it
is )e'ause the red man is a sa%a#e and does not understand$
There is no 6uiet la'e in the "hite man+s 'ities& no la'e to hear
the lea%es of srin# or the rustle of inse'ts+ "in#s$ Perhas it is )e'ause
I am a sa%a#e and do not understand& )ut the 'latter onl!
seems to insult the ears$
The Indian refers the soft sound of the "ind dartin# o%er the
fa'e of the ond& the smell of the "ind itself 'leansed )! a midda!
rain& or s'ented "ith inon ine$ The air is re'ious to the red man&
for all thin#s share the same )reathIthe animals& the trees& the man$
1ike a man "ho has )een d!in# for ma! da!s& a man in !our 'it!
is num) to the sten'h$
,hief Seattle& Su6"amish and Du"amish
The *hite =an+s Dreams
A fe" more hours& a fe" more "inters& and none of the 'hildren of
the #reat tri)es that on'e li%ed on this earth& or that roamed in small
)ands in the "oods& "ill )e left to mourn the #ra%es of a eole on'e
as o"erful and hoeful as !ours$
The "hites& too& shall assIsooner than other tri)es$ ,ontinue to
'ontaminate !our o"n )ed& and !ou "ill one ni#ht suffo'ate in !our
o"n "aste$
*hen the )uffalo are all slau#htered& the "ild horses all tamed&
the se'ret 'orners of the forest hea%! "ith the s'ent of man! men&
and the %ie" of the rie hills )lotted )! talkin# "ires& "here is the
thi'ketH Gone$ *here is the ea#leH Gone$
And "hat is it to sa! fare"ell to the s"ift and the hunt& to the end
of li%in# and the )e#innin# of sur%i%alH *e mi#ht understand if "e
kne" "hat it "as that the "hite man dreams& "hat he des'ri)es to
his 'hildren on the lon# "inter ni#hts& "hat %isions he )urns into
their minds& so the! "ill "ish for tomorro"$ But "e are sa%a#es$ The
"hite man+s dreams are hidden from us$
,hief Seattle& Su6"amish and Du"amish
The 8i#il
)! 1ame Deer at *illo"& at Rose)ud& South Dakota& 3457& re'orded
)! Erdoes$
Editor+s Note9 The 2ollo"in# stor! is from =!ths and 1e#ends of the
Ameri'an Indian)! BoeG and Endroes -a%aila)le on Oen Reser%e.
des'ri)es "hat 'an #o "ron# on an all ni#ht %i#il& one like the RDNA
do in rearation for enterin# the 0rd Order$
The %ision 6uest is a tradition amon# the Plains eole$ A man
or "oman seekin# the "a! an the road of life& or tr!in# to find the
ans"er to a ersonal ro)lem& ma! #o on a %ision 6uest for kno"led#e
and enli#htenment$ This means sta!in# on to of a hill or
inside a %ision it& alone& "ithout food or "ater& for as lon# as four
da!s and ni#hts$ It is said& that if the 6uiet %oi'es re%eal or 'onfer a
%ision that shaes a erson+s life& then the 6uest is "orth all the
sufferin#+$ The follo"in# tale& ho"e%er& treats the %ision 6uest "ith
less than 'omlete solemnit!& "ith SiouD man 1ame Deer+s 'hara'teristi'
A !oun# man "anted to #o on a lum)asa& or %ision 6uest& thinkin#
that "ould #i%e him the stuff to )e a #reat medi'ine man$ Ha%in#
a hi#h oinion of himself& he felt sure that he had )een 'reated to
)e'ome #reat amon# his eole and that the onl! thin# la'kin# a
The !oun# man "as darin# and )ra%e& ea#er to #o u to the
mountain to$ He had )een )rou#ht u )! #ood& honest eole "ho
"ere raised in the an'ient "a!s and "ho ra!ed for him$ All throu#h
the ni#ht the! "ere )us! #ettin# him read!& feedin# him "asna& 'orn&
and lots of #ood meat to make him stron#$ At e%er! meal the! set
aside e%er!thin# for the sirits so that the! "ould hel him to #et a
#reat %ision$
His relati%es thou#ht he had the o"er e%en )efore he "ent u
there$ That "as uttin# the 'art )efore the horse& or rather the tra%ois
)efore the horse& as this is an Indian le#end$
*hen at last he started on his 6uest& it "as a )eautiful mornin#
in late srin#$ The #rass "as u& the lea%es "ere out& nature "as at its
T"o medi'ine men a''omanied him$ The! ut u a s"eatlod#e
to urif! him in the hot& "hite )reath of the sa'red steam$ The!
smoked him "ith the in'ense of s"eet #rass& ru))in# his )od! "ith
sal%e of )ear #rease$ Around his ne'k the! hun# it "ith an ea#le+s
"in#$ The! "ent to the hillto "ith him to the %ision it and make
an offerin# of to)a''o )undles$
The! told the !oun# man to 'r!& to hum)le himself& to ask for
holiness& to 'r! for o"er& for a si#n from the Great Sirit& for a #ift
"hi'h "ould make him into a medi'ine man$ After the! had done
all the! 'ould& the! left him there$
He sent the first ni#ht in the hole the medi'ine men had du# for
him& trem)lin# and 'r!in# out loudl!$ 2ear ket him a"ake& !et he
"as 'o'k!& read! to "restle "ith the sirits for the %ision& the o"er
that he "anted$ But no dreams 'ame to ease his mind$ To"ard mornin#
li#ht& the sun 'ame u& he heard a %oi'e in the s"irlin# "hite
mists of da!$
Seakin# from no arti'ular dire'tion& as if it 'ame from different
la'es it said9 NSee here& !oun# man& there are other sots !ou 'ould
ha%e i'kedJ Pthere are other hills around here$ *h! don+t !ou #o
there and 'r! for a dreamH Eou distur)ed us all ni#ht& all us 'reatures&
animals and )irdsJ !ou e%en ket the trees a"ake$ *e 'ouldn+t
slee$ *h! should !ou 'r! hereH Eou+re a )rash !oun# man& not !et
read! or "orth! to re'ei%e a %ision$O
But the !oun# man 'len'hed his teeth& determined to sti'k it
throu#h$ He resol%ed to for'e that %ision to 'ome$ He sent another
da! in the it& )e##in# for enli#htenment "hi'h "ould not 'ome&
and then another ni#ht of fear and 'old and hun#er$
The !oun# man 'ried out in terror$ He "as aral!Ged "ith fear&
una)le to mo%e$ The )oulder d"arfed e%er!thin# in %ie"J it to"ered
o%er him& he stared oenmouthed& )ut as it 'ame to 'rush him& it
stoed$ Then& as the !oun# man stared& his hair standin# u& his
e!es startin# out of his head& the )oulder RO11ED ;P THE =O;NTAIN&
all the "a! to the to$ He 'ould hardl! )elie%e "hat he sa"$
He "as still 'o"erin# motionless "hen he heard the roar and
ram)le a#ain and sa" that immense )oulder 'omin# do"n at him
on'e more$ This time he mana#ed to Fum out of his %ision it at the
last moment$ The )oulder 'rushed it& o)literated it& #rindin# the
!oun# man+s ea'e ie and #ourd rattle into dust$
A#ain the )oulder rolled u the mountain& and a#ain it 'ame
do"n$ NI+m lea%in#& I+m lea%in#:O hollered the !oun# man$ Re#ainin#
his o"er of motion& he s'ram)led do"n the hill as fast as he
'ould$ This time the )oulder a'tuall! leafro##ed o%er him& )oun'in#
do"n the sloe& 'rushin# and ul%eriGin# e%er!thin# in its "a!$
He ran unseein#l!& stum)lin#& fallin#& #ettin# u a#ain$ He did not
e%en noti'e the )oulder rollin# u on'e more and 'omin# do"n for
the fourth time$ On this last and most fearful des'ent& it fle" throu#h
the air in a #iant lea& landin# ri#ht in front of him and em)eddin#
itself so deel! in the earth that onl! its to "as %isi)le$ The #round
shook itself like a "et do# 'omin# out of a stream and flun# the
!oun# man this "a! and that$
Gaunt& )ruised& and shaken& he stum)led )a'k to his %illa#e$ To
the medi'ine men he said9 NI ha%e re'ei%ed no %ision and #ained no
kno"led#e$O He returned to the it& and "hen da"n arri%ed on'e
more& he heard the %oi'e a#ain9 NSto distur)in# usJ #o a"a!:O The
same thin# haened on the third mornin#$ B! this time he "as
faint "ith hun#er& thirst& and anDiet!$ E%en the air seemed to oress
him& to fi#ht him$ He "as antin#$ His stoma'h felt shri%eled u&
shrunk ti#ht a#ainst his )a'k)one$ But he "as determined to endure
one more ni#ht& the fourth and last$ Surel! the %ision "ould 'ome$
But a#ain he 'ried for it out of the dark and loneliness until he "as
hoarse& and still he had no dream$ Fust )efore da!)reak he heard the
same %oi'e a#ain& %er! an#r!9 N"h! still hereHO He kne" then that he
had suffered in %ain$
He no" kne" he "ould ha%e to #o )a'k to his eole and 'onfess
that he had #ained no kno"led#e and no o"er$ The onl! thin# he
'ould tell them "as that he #ot )a"led out e%er! mornin#$ Sad and
'ross& he relied NI 'an+t hel m!self this is =E last da!& and I+m
'r!in# m! e!es out$ I kno" !ou told me to #o home& )ut "ho are !ou
to #i%e me ordersH I don+t kno" !ou$ I+m #oin# to sta! until m!
un'les 'ome to fet'h me& "hether !ou like it or not$:O
All at on'e there "as a rum)le from a lar#er mountain that shook
the hill$ It )e'ame a mi#ht! roar& and the "hole hill trem)led$ The
"ind started to )lo"$ The !oun# man looked u and sa" a )oulder
oised on the mountain+s summit$ He sa" li#htnin# hit it& sa" it
s"a!$ Slo"l! the )oulder mo%ed$ Slo"l! at first& then faster and faster&
it 'ame tum)lin# do"n the mountain side& 'hurnin# u the earth&
snain# hu#e trees as if the "ere little t"i#s$ And the )oulder *AS
He )arel! made it )a'k to the %illa#e and talked to his un'les$ NI
ha%e made the sirits an#r!$ It "as all for nothin#$O
N*ell !ou did find out one thin#&O said the older of the t"o& "ho
"as his un'le$ NEou "ent after !our %ision like a hunter after )uffalo&
or a "arrior after s'als$ Eou "ere fi#htin# the sirits$ Eou thou#ht
the! o"ed !ou a %ision$ Sufferin# alone )rin#s no %ision nor does
'oura#e& nor does sheer nor "ill o"er$ A %ision& 'omes as a #ift
)orn of humilit!& of "isdom& and of atien'e$ If from !our %ision
6uest !ou ha%e learned nothin# else& !ou ha%e alread! learned mu'h$
Think a)out it$O
*isdom of the Afri'ans

Sour'e9 These ro%er)s are from the Akan eole of Ghana and
"ere 'olle'ted from the )ookJ Seak to the *inds& Pro%er)s from Afri'a
)! Kofi Asare Ooku& 1othro& 1ee and Sheard ,oman!&
Ne" Eork 347L$
Pro%er)s on *isdom
A fool+s "alkin# sti'k hels the "ise erson to stand$
*isdom is not like mone! "hi'h should )e ket in a safe$
If !ou are #reed! in 'on%ersation& !ou lose the "isdom of !our friends$
The "ise erson "ho does not learn 'eases to )e "ise$
All kno"led#e is a'6uired )! learnin#$
It is throu#h other eole+s "isdom that "e learn "isdom oursel%esJ
a sin#le erson+s understandin# does not amount to an!thin#$
One must 'ome out of one+s house to )e#in learnin#$
Pro%er)s on Truth and 2alsehood
If !ou tra%el "ith fraud& !ou ma! rea'h !our destination )ut "ill )e
una)le to return$
*hereas a liar takes a thousand !ears to #o on a Fourne!& the one
"ho seaks the truth follo"s and o%ertakes the liar in a da!$
Pro%er)s on Human ,ondu't
If !ou see "ron#(doin# or e%il and sa! nothin# a#ainst it& !ou )e'ome
its %i'tim$
One "ho refuses to o)e! 'annot 'ommand$
The sa!in# is& N8isit a forei#n 'ountr! and rese't its 'itiGens&O and
not N8isit a forei#n 'ountr! and a't )etter than its 'itiGens$O
If !ou )uild a oor "ooden )rid#e a'ross the ri%er& it ne%er seems to
rot until !ou ha%e to 'ross it !ourself$
It is easier to ut out the fire in the house of nei#h)ors than to deal
"ith the smoke in one+s o"n house$
Pro%er)s on 8irtue
*hen %irtue founds a to"n& the to"n #ro"s and lasts lon#$
Goodness is hidden& )ut e%entuall! aears$
The seed of #oodness is as diffi'ult to so" as it is hard to uroot the
Pro%er)s on ,ooeration and ,ontentment
*hen the ri#ht hand "ashes the left and the left hand "ashes the
ri#ht& then )oth hands "ill )e 'lean$
Good fello"shi is sharin# #ood thin#s "ith friends$
The strin# 'an )e useful until a roe 'an )e found$
Pro%er)s on Oortunit!
The one "ho asks the "a! does not #et lost$
One does not thro" the sti'k after the snake has #one$
Pro%er)s on Human Bein#s
1a'k of 'omanionshi is "orse than o%ert!$
=a! death not kill the erson "ho tortures us& ma! the #ods rote't
the one "ho ill(treats usJ ho"e%er lon# it takes our destin! to #i%e us
Pro%er)s on Nature
If !ou "ant to seak to God& seak to the "inds$
If the mouse "ere the siGe of a 'o"& it "ould )e the 'at+s sla%e ne%ertheless$
If lain "ater "ere satisf!in# enou#h& then fish "ould not take the
Ho"e%er oor the 'ro'odile )e'omes& it hunts in the ri%er& not in the
Pro%er)s on 1eadershi
Peole 'ount "hat the! are refused& not "hat the! are #i%en$
The ears of the leader are like a strainerJ there are more than a thousand
oenin#s to them$
Po"er must )e handled in the manner of holdin# an e## in the
hand9 if !ou hold it too firml! it )reaksJ if !ou hold it too loosel! it
The hen kno"s "hen it is da"n )ut she lea%es the 'ro"in# to the
=ore *isdom of the Afri'an


Editor+s Note9 These 6uotes "ere taken from *isdom of the Afri'an
*orld edited )! Re#inald ='Kni#ht and u)lished )! the ,lassi'
*isdom series of the Ne" *orld 1i)rar!$
E%en the most in'orri#i)le ma%eri'k has to )e )orn some"here$ he
ma! lea%e the #rou that rodu'ed himIhe ma! )e for'ed toI)ut
nothin# "ill effa'e his ori#ins& the marks of "hi'h he 'arries "ith
him e%er!"here$ ICames Bald"in
The %arious 'ultures of eole of 'olor often seem %er! attra'ti%e to
"hite eole$ -Ees& "e are "onderful& "e 'an+t den! it$. But "hite
eole should not make a la!#round out of other eole+s 'ultures$
*e are not 6uaint$ *e are not eDoti'$ *e are not 'ool$ IAmo'o
Three Ri%ers
Euroeans 'reated and oulariGed the ima#e of Afri'a as a Fun#le& a
"ild la'e "here eole "ere 'anni)als& naked and sa%a#e in a 'ountr!side
o%errun "ith dan#erous animals$ Su'h an ima#e of the Afri'ans
"as so hateful to Afro(Ameri'ans that the! refused to identif!
"ith Afri'a$ *e did not realiGe that in hatin# Afri'a and the Afri'ans
"e "ere hatin# oursel%es$ Eou 'annot hate the roots of a tree and not
hate the tree itself$ I=al'olm X
Honor a 'hild and it "ill honor !ou$ IIla
Gro"n eole kno" that the! do not al"a!s kno" the "h! of thin#s&
and e%en if the! think the! kno"& the! do not kno" "here and ho"
the! #ot the roof$ Hen'e the irritation the! sho" "hen the 'hildren
kee on demandin# to kno" if a thin# is so and ho" the #ro"n folks
#ot the roof of it$ It is so trou)lesome $$$ to the i#eonhole "a! of
life$ I>ora Neale Houston
A 'hild that asks 6uestions isn+t stuid$ IE"e
E%e "e old eole must learn& and re'o#niGe that the thin#s eole
kno" toda! "ere not )orn "ith us$ No& kno"led#e is not a hereditar!
thin#$ ISem)ene Ousmane
A '!ni'al !oun# erson is almost the saddest si#ht to see& )e'ause it
means that he or she has #one from kno"in# nothin# to )elie%in# in
nothin#$ I=a!a An#elou
It takes a "hole %illa#e to raise a sin#le 'hild$ IEoru)a
If !ou see an old man runnin#& either he is 'hasin# somethin# or
somethin# is 'hasin# him$ INue
If "ith the ri#ht hand !ou flo# the 'hild& "ith !our left hand dra"
her unto !our )reast$ IEoru)a
Eou need not tell a 'hild that there is a #od$ INGima
Not "here I "as )orn& )ut "here it #oes "ell "ith me is m! home$ I
1o%e is the understandin# that all eole are )ound to#ether in #uilt
and onl! indi%iduals are 'aa)le of a'hie%in# ersonal sal%ation$ The
dut! of e%er! sensiti%e indi%idual is to see to it that 'onditions are
'reated in "hi'h he and others like him 'an )e'ome the maForit!$ I
1e"is NiDon$
No friendshi& eD'et after enmit!$ IE#!t
*hoe%er lo%es thee& e%en a do#& thou "ilt also lo%e$ ITson#a
It is refera)le to 'han#e the "orld on the )asis of lo%e of mankind$
But if that 6ualit! )e too rare& then 'ommonsense seems to )e the
neDt )est thin#$ IBessie Head
=ake friends "hen !ou no need them$ ICamai'a
He "ho ulls a )ran'h )rin#s the lea%es "ith it$ IIla
There+s a time "hen !ou ha%e to eDlain to !our 'hildren "h! the!+re
)orn& and it+s a mar%elous thin# if !ou kno" the reason )! then$ I
HaGel S'ott
A erson 'an run for !ears )ut sooner or later he has to take a stand
in the la'e "hi'h& for )etter or "orse& he 'alls home& do "hat he
'an to 'han#e thin#s there$ IPaule =arshall
If !ou "ish to )e )lamed& marr!J if !ou "ish to )e raised& die$ I
Before !ou marr!& kee )oth e!es oenJ after !ou marr!& shut one$ I
Tell me "hom !ou lo%e& I+ll tell !ou "ho !ou are$ I,reole
God 'reated us so that "e should form the human famil!& eDistin#
to#ether )e'ause "e "ere made for one another$ *e are not made
for an eD'lusi%e self(suffi'ien'! )ut for interdeenden'e& and "e )reak
the la" of )ein# at our eril$ IDesmond Tutu
God made the sea& "e make the shiJ He made the "ind& "e make
the sailJ He made the 'alm& "e make oars$ IS"ahili
E%er! so'iet! is reall! #o%erned )! hidden la"s& )! unsoken )ut
rofound assumtions on the art of the eole& and ours is no
eD'etion$ It is u to the Ameri'an "riter to find out "hat these la"s
and assumtions are$ ICames Bald"in
Peole "ish to )e oets more than the! "ish to "rite oetr! and
that+s a mistake$ One should "ish to 'ele)rate more than one "ishes
to )e 'ele)rated$ I1u'ille ,lifton
The artisti' inno%ator is erhas our so'iet!+s most %alua)le 'itiGen$
He or she does not so mu'h 'han#e the "orld& as 'han#e ho" "e
%ie" it$ The! are am)assadors of ea'e and ad%o'ates of understandin#$
The! melt our differen'es into the 'ommon #round of the dan'e
floor& the theater& the 'on'ert hall& and a million li%in# rooms a'ross
the nation$ That is "h! it is imortant that "e so dili#entl! sear'h for
them$ IOssie Da%is$
I ha%e a #reat )elief in the fa't that "hene%er there is 'haos& it 'reates
"onderful thinkin#$ I 'onsider 'haos a #ift$ ISetima Poinsette ,lark
There is no )eaut! )ut in relationshis$ Nothin# 'ut off )! itself is
)eautiful$ Ne%er 'an thin#s in destru'ti%e relationshis )e )eautiful$
All )eaut! is in the 'reati%e urose of our relationshisJ all u#liness
is in the destru'ti%e aims of the destro!er+s arran#ements$
IA!i K"ei Armah
Ba'k of the ro)lem of ra'e and 'olor lies a #reater ro)lem "hi'h
)oth o)s'ures and imlements itJ and that is the fa't that so man!
'i%iliGed ersons are "illin# to li%e in 'omfort e%en if the ri'e of this
is o%ert!& i#noran'e and disease of the maForit! of their fello"menJ
that to maintain this ri%ile#e men ha%e "a#ed "ar until toda! "ar
tends to )e'ome uni%ersal and 'ontinuous& and the eD'use for this
"ar 'ontinues lar#el! to )e 'olor and ra'e$ I*$E$B$ DuBois
2ri#ht is "orse than a )lo"$ I=oro''o
Non%iolent assi%e resistan'e is effe'ti%e as lon# as !our oosition
adheres to the same rules as !ou do$ But if ea'eful rotest is met
"ith %iolen'e& its effi'a'! is at an end$ 2or me& non(%iolen'e "as not
a moral rin'ile )ut a strate#!J there is no moral #oodness in usin#
an ineffe'ti%e "eaon$ INelson =andela
*e "ill either find a "a! or make one$ IHanni)al
The knife does not kno" its o"ner$ INdau
Ra'ism is eas! to see& hard to ro%e& imossi)le to den!$ IAnon!mous
The man "ho #oes ahead stum)les so that the man "ho follo"s ma!
ha%e his "its a)out him$ IBondei
*hen t"o elehants stru##le it is the #rass that suffers$ IS"ahili
=edio'rit! is safe$ INikki Gio%anni
An elehant does not die of one )roken ri)$ ITson#a
The lion "hi'h kills is not one that roars$ IXhosa
A man dies )efore "e are'iate him$ ICa)o
Al"a!s )ein# in a hurr! doesn+t hinder death& neither does #oin#
slo"l! hinder li%in#$ IS"ahili
Be'ause it rained the da! the e## "as hat'hed the foolish 'hi'ken
s"ore he "as a fish$ I*ole So!inka$
The thin# that makes !ou eD'etional& if !ou are at all& is ine%ita)l!
that "hi'h must also make !ou lonel!$ I1orraine Hans)err!
He "ho hoes fares )etter than he "ho "ishes& and he "ho "ishes
fares )etter than he "ho desairs$ I=oro''o
*hat is a '!ni' )ut a romanti'ist turned sourH I1e"is Nkosi
*hen !ou ha%e )een )itten )! a snake !ou flee from a "orm$ IBasa
E%er! man honest till the da! the! 'at'h him$ ICamai'a
A man is his "ords$ IKru
In the midst of !our illness !ou "ill romise a #oat& )ut "hen !ou
re'o%er& a 'hi'ken "ill seem suffi'ient$ ICukun
Peole do not "ish to aear foolishJ to a%oid the aearan'e of
foolishness& the! "ere "illin# to remain a'tuall! fools$ IAli'e *alker
A fool is a treasure to the "ise$ IBots"ana
*hen the fool does not su''eed in )lea'hin# e)on! he then tries to
)la'ken i%or!$ IAmhari'
At the )ottom of atien'e there is hea%en$ IKam)a
Ne%er )e afraid to sit a"hile and think$ I1orraine Hans)err!
The indolent erson re'kons reli#ious fastin# a la)or$ IEoru)a
I )elie%e in the )rotherhood of all men& )ut I don+t )elie%e in "ast
in# )rotherhood on an! one "ho doesn+t "ant to ra'ti'e it "ith me$
Brotherhood is a t"o("a! street$ I don+t think )rotherhood should
)e ra'ti'ed "ith a man Fust )e'ause his skin is "hite$ Brotherhood
should hin#e uon the deeds and attitudes of a man$ I=al'olm X
There is no a#on! like learnin# an untold stor! inside !ou$ I>ora
Neale Hurston
An'ient thin#s remain in the ears$ IOFi
Ne%er #i%e u "hat !ou ha%e seen for "hat !ou ha%e heard$ IS"ahilli
A #ood 'on%ersation is )etter than a #ood )ed$ IGalla
He "ho #i%es !ou the diameter of !our kno"led#e& res'ri)es the
'ir'umferen'e of !our a'ti%ities$ I=inister 1ouis 2arrakhan
That "hi'h is "ritten is )indin#& )ut that "hi'h is soken is for#ot
ten$ IAmhari'
Suddenl!& it has )e'ome oular to defend tri)al eole& their "orld
%ie" and their life "a!s$ But "hile the *est is en#a#ed in a #reat
de)ate a)out "hat it means to reser%e 'ulture& the indi#enous "orld
is a"are that it has alread! lost the )attle$ It seems o)%ious to me that
as soon as one 'ulture )e#ins to talk a)out Nreser%ationO it means
that it has alread! turned the other 'ulture into an endan#ered se'ies$
I=alidoma Patri'e Some
Peole are easier to kill if the! 'ome from no"here$ If the! ha%e no
names& no fathers or mothers$$$$ The dead iles of 'orses are no)odies
"ho )e#an no"here& #o no"here& eD'et )a'k "here the!
)elon#$ No"here$ No 'ount$ Nothin#$ ICohn Ed#ar *ideman
Eou 'an li%e "ithout an!thin# !ou "eren+t )orn "ith& and !ou 'an
make it throu#h on e%en half of that$ IGloria Na!lor
The monke! sa!s there is nothin# like o%ert! for takin# the 'on'eit
out of a man$ IOFi
*ork is #ood ro%ided !ou do not for#et to li%e$ IBantu
The #rum)ler does not lea%e his Fo)& )ut he dis'oura#es ossi)le
ali'ants$ IGanda
*ealth is like hair in the noseJ if mu'h is ulled out& it is ainful& if
little& it is ainful$ I=ada'as'ar
*ealth& if !ou use it& 'omes to an endJ learnin#& if !ou use it& in'reases$
E%er!thin# "ill satisf! !ou eD'et mone!J as mu'h as !ou ha%e& so
mu'h more !ou "ill "ant$ I=oro''o
The one(e!ed man does not thank God till he see the )lind man$ I
As a leader$$$ I ha%e al"a!s endea%ored to listen to "hat ea'h and
e%er! erson in a dis'ussion had to sa! )efore %enturin# m! o"n
oinion$ Oftentimes& m! o"n oinion "ill siml! reresent a 'onsensus
of "hat I heard in the dis'ussion$ I al"a!s remem)er the
aDiom9 a leader is like a sheherd$ He sta!s )ehind the flo'k& lettin#
the most nim)le #o out ahead& "hereuon the others follo"& not
realiGin# that all alon# the! are )ein# dire'ted from )ehind$ INelson
Rese't deends on re'iro'it!$ IN!an#
Custi'e )e'omes inFusti'e "hen it makes t"o "ounds on a head "hi'h
onl! deser%es one$ IBakon#o
A de%otion to humanit! is too easil! e6uated "ith a de%otion to a
'ause& and 'auses& as "e kno"& are notoriousl! )loodthirst!$ ICames
If the! 'ome for me in the mornin#& the! "ill 'ome for !ou at ni#ht$
IAn#ela Da%is
*e de'ide our affairs& then rest them "ith God$ ICa)o
I ha%e "alked the lon# road to freedom )ut I ha%e dis'o%ered the
se'ret that after 'lim)in# a #reat hill& one onl! finds that there are
man! more hills to 'lim)$ I ha%e taken a moment here to rest& to
steal a %ie" of the #lorious %ista that surrounds me& to look )a'k on
the distan'e I ha%e 'ome$ But I 'an rest onl! for a moment& for "ith
freedom 'omes resonsi)ilities& and I dare not lin#er& for m! lon#
"alk is not ended$ INelson =andela
Slo"ness 'omes from God and 6ui'kness from de%il$ I=oro''o
To 'ommit ten sins a#ainst God is )etter than to 'ommit one sin
a#ainst a ser%ant of God$ I=oro''o
God #i%es and does not remind us 'ontinuall! of itJ the "orld #i%es
and 'onstantl! reminds us$ INue
Pra!er needn+t )e lon# "hen faith is stron#$ ICamai'a
It is not our 'ustom to fi#ht for our #ods$$$ 1et us not resume to do
so no"$ If a man kills the sa'red !thon in the se're'! of his hut& the
matter is )et"een him and the #od$ *e did not see it$ If "e ut
oursel%es )et"een the #od and his %i'tim "e ma! re'ei%e )lo"s intended
for the offender$ *hen a man )lashemes& "hat do "e doH
Do "e #o and sto his mouthH No& "e ut our fin#ers into our ears
to sto us hearin#$ That is a "ise a'tion$ I,hinua A'he)e
E%er! knot has an unra%eler in God$ IE#!t
Don+t )lame God for ha%in# 'reated the ti#er& )ut #i%e him thanks
for not ha%in# #i%en the ti#er "in#s$ IAmhari'
If !ou are #oin# to ask from God& take a )i# re'eta'le$ IHausa
*isdom of the Hindus B


Ori#in of the 2a)les of Aeso
These famous stories "ere taken from S'hoken Book+s 3455 rerint
of the 3A4@ %ersion translated )! Coseh Ca'o)s$ Althou#h I
"ill not #i%e a full histor! of the ori#ins of these fa)les$ =ost eole
that the animal stor! de%eloed indeendentl! in Gree'e and India
)et"een 3??? )$'$e and L?? )$'$e$ The Greek ori#in reutedl! )e#an
"ith Aeso& an Ethioian sla%e in Samos Gree'e$ The India ori#in
)e#an "ith Kas!aa& not lon# )efore Saka!amuni -the Buddha.$ The
Buddhists 6ui'kl! adoted the animal tale and )e#an to ass them
onto the Greeks$ I+%e 'hosen some eDamle that I feel are arti'ularl!
Druidi'al to me$ EnFo!$
The 2ro#s Desirin# a Kin#
The 2ro#s "ere li%in# as ha! as 'ould )e in a marsh! s"am
that Fust suited themJ the! "ent slashin# a)out 'arin# for no)od!
and no)od! trou)lin# "ith them$ But some of them thou#ht that
this "as not ri#ht& that the! should ha%e a kin# and a roer 'onstitution&
so the! determined to send u a etition to Co%e to #i%e them
"hat the! "anted$ N=i#ht! Co%e&O the! 'ried& Nsend unto us a kin#
that "ill rule o%er us and kee us in order$O Co%e lau#hed at their
'roakin#& and thre" li#ht$ He kno"s that mankind destro!sdo"n
into the s"am a hu#e 1o#& "hi'h 'ame do"n (kerlash:( into the
s"am$ The 2ro#s "ere fri#htened out of their li%es )! the 'ommotion
made in their midst& and all rushed to the )ank to look at the
horri)le monsterJ )ut after a time& seein# that it did not mo%e& one or
t"o of the )oldest of them %entured out to"ards the 1o#& and e%en
dared to tou'h itJ still it did no mo%e$ Then the #reatest hero of the
2ro#s Fumed uon the 1o# and 'ommen'ed dan'in# u and do"n
uon it& thereuon all the 2ro#s 'ame and did the sameJ and for
some time the 2ro#s "ent a)out their )usiness e%er! da! "ithout
takin# the sli#htest noti'e of their ne" Kin# 1o# l!in# in their midst$
But this did not suit them& so the! sent another etition to Co%e& and
said to him9 N*e "ant a real kin#J one that "ill reall! rule o%er us$O
No" this made Co%e an#r!& so he sent amon# them a )i# Stork that
soon set to "ork #o))lin# them all u$ Then the 2ro#s reented
"hen too late$
Better no rule than 'ruel rule$
The Bat& the Birds and the Beasts
A #reat 'onfli't "as a)out to 'ome off )et"een the Birds and the
Beasts$ *hen the t"o armies "ere 'olle'ted to#ether the Bat hesitated
"hi'h to Foin$ The Birds that assed his er'h said9 N,ome
"ith usOJ )ut he said9 NI am a Beast$O 1ater on& some Beasts "ho
"ere assin# underneath him looked u and said9 N,ome "ith usOJ
)ut he said9 NI am a Bird$O 1u'kil! at the last moment& ea'e "as
made& and no )attle took la'e& so the Bat 'ame to the Birds and
"ished to Foin in the reFoi'in#s& )ut the! all turned a#ainst him and
he had to fl! a"a!$ He then "ent to the Beasts& )ut had soon to )eat
a retreat& or else the! "ould ha%e torn him to ie'es$ NAh&O said the
Bat& NI see no" that he that is neither one thin# nor the other has no
The Do# and the *olf
A #aunt *olf "as almost dead "ith hun#er "hen he haened to
meet a House(do# "ho "as assin# )!$ NAh& ,ousin&O said the Do#&
NI kne" ho" it "ould )eJ !our irre#ular life "ill soon )e the ruin of
!ou$ *h! do !ou not "ork steadil! as I do& and #et !our food re#ularl!
#i%en to !ouHO
NI "ould ha%e no o)Fe'tion&O said the *olf& Nif I 'ould onl! #et a
NI "ill easil! arran#e that for !ou&O said the Do#J N'ome "ith me to
m! master and !ou shall share m! "ork$O
So the *olf and the Do# "ent to"ards the to"n to#ether$ On the
"a! there the *olf noti'ed that the hair on a 'ertain art of the
Do#+s ne'k "as %er! mu'h "orn a"a!& so he asked him ho" that had
'ome a)out$
NOh& it is nothin#&O said the Do#$ NThat is onl! the la'e "here the
'ollar is ut on at ni#ht to kee me 'hained uJ it 'hafes a )it& )ut
one soon #ets used to it$O
NIs that allHO said the *olf$ NThen #ood()!e to !ou& =aster Do#$
Better star%e free than )e a fat sla%e$O
The 2oD and the Graes
One hot summer+s da! a 2oD "as strollin# throu#h an or'hard till he
'ame to a )un'h of Graes Fust rienin# on a %ine "hi'h had )een
trained o%er a loft! )ran'h$ NCust the thin# to 6uen'h m! thirst&O
6uoth he$ Dra"in# )a'k a fe" a'es& he took a run and a Fum& and
Fust missed the )un'h$ Turnin# round a#ain "ith a One& T"o& Three&
he Fumed u& )ut "ith no #reater su''ess$ A#ain and a#ain he tried
after the temtin# morsel& )ut at last had to #i%e it u& and "alked
a"a! "ith his nose in the air& sa!in#9 NI am sure that the! are sour$O
It is eas! to desise "hat !ou 'annot #et$
The 1ion and the Statue
A =an and a 1ion "ere dis'ussin# the relati%e stren#th of men and
lions in #eneral$ The =an 'ontended that he and his fello"s "ere
stron#er than lions )! reason of their #reater intelli#en'e$ N,ome
no" "ith me&O he 'ried& Nand I "ill soon ro%e that I am ri#ht$O So
he took him into the u)li' #ardens and sho"ed him a statue of
Her'ules o%er'omin# the 1ion and tearin# his mouth in t"o$
NThat is all %er! "ell&O said the 1ion& N)ut ro%es nothin#& for it
"as a man "ho made the statue$O
*e 'an easil! reresent thin#s as "e "ish them to )e$
The =an and His T"o *i%es
In the old da!s& "hen men "ere allo"ed to ha%e man! "i%es& a
middle(a#ed =an had one "ife that "as old and one that "as !oun#J
ea'h lo%ed him %er! mu'h& and desired to see him like herself$ No"
the =an+s hair "as turnin# #re!& "hi'h the !oun# *ife did not like&
as it made him look too old for her hus)and$ So e%er! ni#ht she used
to 'om) his hair and i'k out the "hite ones$ But the elder *ife sa"
her hus)and #ro"in# #re! "ith #reat leasure& for she did not like to
)e mistaken for his mother$ So e%er! mornin# she used to arran#e
his hair and i'k out as man! of the )la'k ones as she 'ould$ The
'onse6uen'e "as the =an soon found himself entirel! )ald$
Eield to all and !ou "ill soon ha%e nothin# to !ield$
The T"o ,ra)s
One fine da! t"o ,ra)s 'ame out from their home to take a stroll on
the sand$ N,hild&O said the mother& N!ou are "alkin# %er! un#ratefull!$
Eou should a''ustom !ourself to "alkin# strai#ht for"ard "ithout
t"istin# from side to side$O
NPra!& mother&O said the !oun# one& Ndo )ut set the eDamle !ourself&
and I "ill follo" !ou$O
EDamle is the )est re'et$
Her'ules and the *a##oner
A *a##oner "as on'e dri%in# a hea%! load alon# a %er! mudd! "a!$
At last he 'ame to a art of the road "here the "heels sank half"a!
into the mire& and the more the horses ulled& the deeer sank the
"heels$ So the *a##oner thre" do"n his "hi& and knelt do"n and
ra!ed to Her'ules the Stron#$ NO Her'ules& hel me in this m!
hour of distress&O 6uoth he$ But Her'ules aeared to him and said9
NTut& man& don+t sra"l there$ Get u and ut !our shoulder to
the "heel$O The Gods hel them that hel themsel%es$
The =an and the *ooden God
In the old da!s men used to "orshi sto'ks and stones and idols&
and ra!ed to them to #i%e them lu'k$ It haened that a =an had
often ra!ed to a "ooden idol he had re'ei%ed from his father& )ut
his lu'k ne%er seemed to 'han#e$ He ra!ed and he ra!ed& )ut still
he remained as unlu'k! as e%er$ One da! in the #reatest ra#e he "ent
to the *ooden God& and "ith one )lo" s"et it do"n from its
edestal$ The idol )roke in t"o& and "hat did he seeH An immense
num)er of 'oins fl!in# all o%er the la'e$
The =iser
On'e uon a time there "as a =iser "ho used to hide his #old at the
foot of a tree in his #ardenJ )ut e%er! "eek he used to #o and di# it u
and #loat o%er his #ains$ A ro))er& "ho had noti'ed this& "ent and
du# u the #old and de'amed "ith it$ *hen the =iser neDt 'ame to
#loat o%er his treasures& he found nothin# )ut the emt! hole$ He
tore his hair& and raised su'h an out'r! that all the nei#h)ours 'ame
around him& and he told them ho" he used to 'ome and %isit his
#old$ NDid !ou e%er take an! of it outHO asked one of them$
NNa!&O said he& NI onl! 'ame to look at it$O
NThen 'ome a#ain and look at the hole&O said a nei#h)ourJ Nit "ill
do !ou Fust as mu'h #ood$O
*ealth unused mi#ht as "ell not eDist$
The Bundle of Sti'ks
An old man on the oint of death summoned his sons around him
to #i%e them some artin# ad%i'e$ He ordered his ser%ants to )rin# in
a )undle of sti'ks& and said to his eldest son9 NBreak it$O The son
strained and strained& )ut "ith all his efforts "as una)le to )reak the
Bundle$ The other sons also tried& )ut none of them "as su''essful$
N;ntie the )undle&O said the father& Nand ea'h of !ou take a sti'k$O
*hen the! had done so& he 'alled out to them9 NNo" & )reak&O and
ea'h sti'k "as easil! )roken$ NEou see m! meanin#&O said the father$
N;nion #i%es stren#th$O
The Buffoon and the ,ountr!man
At a 'ountr! fair there "as a Buffoon "ho made all the eole lau#h
)! imitatin# the 'ries of %arious animals$ He finished off )! s6ueakin#
so like a i# that the se'tators thou#ht that he had a orker
'on'ealed a)out him$ But a ,ountr!man "ho stood )! said9 N,all
that a i#+s s6ueak: Nothin# like it$ Eou #i%e me till to(morro" and I
"ill sho" !ou "hat it+s like$O The audien'e lau#hed& )ut neDt da!&
sure enou#h& the ,ountr!man aeared on the sta#e& and uttin#
his head do"n s6uealed so hideousl! that the se'tators hissed and
thre" stones at him to make him sto$ NEou fools:O he 'ried& Nsee
"hat !ou ha%e )een hissin#&O and hel u a little i# "hose ears he
had )een in'hin# to make him utter the s6ueals$
=en often alaud an imitation& and hiss the real thin#$
The Serent and the 2ile
A Serent in the 'ourse of its "anderin#s 'ame into an armourer+s
sho$ As he #lided o%er the floor he felt his skin ri'ked )! a file
l!in# there$ In a ra#e he turned round uon it and tired to dart his
fan#s into itJ )ut he 'ould do no harm to hea%! iron and had soon to
#i%e o%er his "rath$
It is useless atta'kin# the insensi)le$
A Green Book of =editations
8olume 0

Oriental and =onotheist *isdom
Oriental and =onotheist *isdomOriental and =onotheist *isdomOriental and =onotheist
*isdomOriental and =onotheist *isdomOriental and =onotheist *isdom

I "as not "holl! satisfied "ith m! se'ond %olume and I "ished to
further emulate 2ran#6uist and Shelton in 'olle'tin# a )road sele'tion
of instru'tional meditations from the "orld reli#ions$ Perhas I
should ha%e ra'ti'ed their silen'eH In an! 'ase& I sent a summer
uttin# to#ether this %olume from m! fa%orite )ooks$ I don+t think I
did as #ood a Fo) as m! rede'essors& )ut I think that there are some
fas'inatin# ie'es nestled inside this %olume for !ou$
I don+t ha%e 'o!ri#ht ermission on man! of these arti'les$ I am
not makin# mone! off this deal& so I don+t feel too )ad a)out this$ In
fa't& I 'onsider it free ad%ertisin# for the authors$ It+s ro)a)l! )est if
eole re'ei%in# this 'o! do not further distri)ute it$ ;se !our Fud#ement$
The ori#inal edition is mu'h different from this one$ The >en
Koans& Haiku B ,hristian Thou#hts are the same& )ut I remo%ed
man! sele'tions from the Tao of Pooh and the Te of Pi#let& )e'ause
man! reresented the sole thou#hts of BenFamin Hoff -a re'ent "riter.
and "ere not the retold timeless stories of old Taoists -"hi'h I ket
in this %olume.$ This amounted to a)out L a#es )ein# remo%ed out
of @? from the Third 8olume$ I "ill ut those remo%ed sele'tions
into a file on the "e)(site for o)ser%in#& )ut not for do"nloadin#$ I
ha%e re'entl! added all the sele'tions in N>en and the Gosel&O NS'ots
Gaeli' Poems&O NThree Random Pie'es&O NIs God A TaoistH&O N*it
and *isdom of IslamO and N8arious Other <uotes$O The end result
is a more di%ersit! and intri#uin# stories and Druidi'al one(liners$
Please enFo!&
I=i'hael S'hardin#
Bi# Ri%er Gro%e& Saint ,loud =innesota
Da! AA of Geamreadh& Eear XXXIII of the Reform
Canuar! /Ath& 3445 '$e$
Printin# Histor!
3st Printin# 3440
/nd Printin# 3445
>en Har%est K73?
The one
*ho+s es'aed the "orld
To li%e in the mountains&
If the! are still "ear!&
*here should the! #oH
>en Har%est K/37
Toda!+s raise&
Tomorro"+s a)useJ
It+s the Human "a!$
*eein# and 1au#hin#$$$
All utter lies$
NThe Iron 2luteO
A >en Buddhist ,olle'tion of Koans
Editor+s Note9 A koan is a short ara)le or stor! in "hi'h a #leam of
Buddhist "isdom is traed$ It is usuall! follo"ed )! short le'tures that
enlar#e and eDlain further that "isdom$ Se%eral tea'hers 'omment on
ea'h of the follo"in# Koans$ This )ook is a%aila)le on oen reser%e$
0@( Hsueh(fen# Sees His Buddha(nature
A monk said to Hsueh(fen#& NI understand that a erson in the
sta#e of ,ra%aka sees his Buddha(nature as he sees the moon at
ni#ht& and a erson in the sta#e of Bodhiratt%a sees her Buddha
nature as he sees the sun at da!$ Tell me ho" !ou see !our o"n
2or ans"er Hsueh(fen# #a%e the monk three )lo"s "ith his sti'k$
The monk "ent to another tea'her& Een(t+ou& and asked the same
Een(t+ou& slaed the monk three times$
NEOGEN9 If a erson studies Buddhism to es'ae the sufferin#s
of the "orld& he finds that all sufferin# is 'aused )! his o"n #reed&
an#er& and i#noran'e$ As he seeks to a%oid these three oisons and
to urif! his heart& he ma! see his Buddha(nature as )eautiful and as
remote as a ne" moon& )ut most of the time he misses seein# e%en
this$ He is in the sta#e of ,ra%aka$
Another erson studies Buddhism to sa%e all sentient )ein#s$ He
realiGes the true nature of man& and sees Buddha(nature in e%er!
erson "ithout eD'etion$ ,loud& rain& and sno" he sees "ith sadness&
)ut he does not )lame the sun& and at ni#ht he kno"s other
arts of the earth ha%e )ri#ht da!li#ht$ He kno"s that mankind destro!s
thin#s foolishl!& )ut 'an also 'reate and )uild thin#s "isel!$
He is a Bodhisatt%a$
The monk+s first statements "ere all ri#ht& )ut if he reall! understood
them& he "ould kno" )etter than to ask Hsueh(fen# a)out his
Buddha(nature$ Hsueh(fen# tried to )rin# the monk )a'k from
dreamland "ith his )lo"s& )ut the monk took his dream to Een(t+ou&
"here he re'ei%ed similar treatment$ I 'an ima#ine his stuid& slee!
3? Eueh(shan Holds It
The #o%ernor of a state asked Eueh(shan& NI understand that all
)easts ossess Sila -re'ets.& DhFana -meditation. and PraFna -"isdom.I
Do !ou kee the re'etsH Do !ou ra'ti'e meditationH Ha%e
!ou attained "isdomHO
NThis Poor monk has no su'h Funk around here&O Eueh(shan
NEou must ha%e a %er! rofound tea'hin#O the #o%ernor said N)ut
I do not understand it$ N
NIf !ou "ant to hold it&O Eueh(shan 'ontinued& N!ou must 'lim)
the )i##est mountain and sit on the summit or di%e into the deeest
sea and "alk on the )ottom$ Sin'e !ou 'annot enter e%en !our o"n
)ed "ithout a )urden on !our mind& ho" 'an !ou #ras and hold
m! >enHO
NEOGEN9 *hen one kees the re'ets& he 'an meditate "ellJ
"hen his meditation )e'omes matured& he attains "isdom$ Sin'e
these three& Sila& Dh!ana& and PraFna& are interrelated and e6uall!
essential& no one of the three 'an )e 'arried as an indeendent stud!$
But the #o%ernor "as tr!in# to understand the tea'hin# as he mi#ht
a 'i%il(ser%i'e eDamination$ He himself had often sele'ted men "ho
mi#ht )e defi'ient in one 6ualit!& ro%ided that the! "ere stron# in
another$ *hat foolish 6uestions to ask Eueh(shan: If a monk is
defi'ient in the re'ets& he 'annot a''omlish his meditationJ if his
meditation is not 'omlete& he ne%er attains true "isdom$ He 'annot
se'ialiGe in an! one of the three$ Toda! there are Buddhist students
"ho "rite )ooks )ut ne%er ra'ti'e meditation or lead an ethi'al life
and >en mastersO "ho la'k man! of the simler %irtues$ E%en thou#h
the! sha%e their heads& "ear !ello" ro)es& and re'ite the sutras& the!
ne%er kno" the true meanin# of Dharma$ *hat 'an !ou do "ith
these imitatorsH The #o%ernor 'ould not understand Eueh(shan+s
stee >en& )ut "hen he admitted it& Eueh(shan sa" there "as hoe
and ro'eeded to #i%e him some instru'tion$
GENRO9 Eueh(shan uses the mountain and the sea as an illustration$
If !ou 'lin# to summit or )ottom& !ou "ill 'reate delusion$ Ho"
'an he hold NitO on the summit or the )ottomH The hi#hest summit
must not ha%e a to to sit on& and the #reatest deth no la'e to set
foot$ E%en this statement is not eDressin# the truth$ *hat do !ou
do thenH -He turns to the monks$. Go out and "ork in the #arden or
'ho "ood$
2OGAI9 Sto: Sto: Don+t tr! to ull an un"illin# 'at o%er the
'aret$ She "ill s'rat'h and make the matter "orse$
NEOGEN9 No": Ho" are !ou #oin# to eDress itH
3@( Pai(!un+s Bla'k and *hite
Pai(!un& a >en master of the Sun# D!nast! "rote a oem
*here others d"ell&
I do not d"ell$
*here others #o&
I do not #o$
This does not mean to refuse
Asso'iation "ith othersJ
I onl! "ant to make
Bla'k and "hite distin't$
NEOGEN9NEOGEN9NEOGEN9NEOGEN9NEOGEN9 Buddhists sa! that sameness "ithout
differen'e is
sameness "ron#l! 'on'ei%ed and differen'e "ithout sameness is differen'e
"ron#l! 'on'ei%ed$ =! tea'her& Shen Shaku& used to illustrate
this )eautifull!& and Dr$ D$ T$ SuGuki has ut it into En#lish9
NBillo"s and "a%es and riles all sur#in#& s"ellin# and e))in#& !et
are the! not so man! different motions of the eternall! self(same
)od! of "aterHO
The moon is serenel! shinin# in the sk!& alone in all the hea%ens
and the entire earthJ )ut "hen she mirrors herself in the )rilliant
"hiteness of e%enin# de"& "hi'h aear like #litterin# earls so"n
uon the earthIho" "ondrousl! numerous her ima#es: Is not e%er!
one of them 'omlete in its o"n fashionHO
>en sta!s neither in assertion nor denial$ It is like a steerin# "heel
turnin# to the left or to the ri#ht to #uide the %ehi'le on"ard$ The
master in this stor! "as not insistin# on his o"n 'ourse& )ut "as
"arnin# students not to 'lin# to one side or the other$ He sou#ht
onl! to la! the #ame of life fairl! e%en thou#h he kne" the fa't of
There are man! lod#es& 'lu)s& and le'ture halls& "here all sorts of
dis'ourses are deli%ered& ea'h seaker "ith an ur#ent messa#e to #i%e
to his audien'e$ Eou 'an attend these meetin#s and enFo! the different
oinions and ar#uments& )ut I ad%ise !ou to re'all o''asionall!&
N*here others d"ell& I do not d"ell$ *here others #o& I do not #o$O
It ma! sa%e !ou from ner%ous strain$
The koan also sa!s& NThis does not mean to refuse asso'iation
"ith others$O *e 'an s!mathiGe "ith different mo%ements in the
"orld "ithout )elon#in# to an! of them$ *e 'an "el'ome %isitors
from an! #rou and ser%e them tea& )rimful of >en$ Ea'h of !ou ma!
'ome and #o as !ou "ish$
The koan ends& NI onl! "anted to make )la'k and "hite 'lear$O
That is to sa!& "e are "ithout 'olor$
@?$ The Dr! ,reek
A monk asked Hsueh(fen#& N"hen the old 'reek of >en dries out
and there is not a dro of "ater left& "hat 'an I see thereHO Hsuehfen#
ans"ered& NThere is the )ottomless "ater& "hi'h !ou 'annot
see$O The monk asked a#ain& NHo" 'an one drink that "aterHO Hsueh
fen# relied& NHe should not use his mouth to do it$O
The monk later "ent to ,hao(,hou and related the dialo#ue$ ,hao(
,hou said& NIf one 'annot drink the "ater "ith his mouth& he also
'annot take it throu#h his nostrils$O The monk then reeated the first
6uestion& N*hen the old 'reek of >en dries out and there is not a dro
of "ater& "hat 'an I see thereHO ,hao(,hou ans"ered& NThe "ater "ill
taste as )itter as 6uinine$O N*hat haens to one "ho drinks that
"aterHO asked the monk$ NHe "ill lose his lifeO 'ame the rel!$
*hen Hsueh(fen# heard of the dialo#ue& he aid homa#e to ,hao(
,hou sa!in#& N,hao(,hou is a li%in# Buddha$ I should not ans"er
an! 6uestions hereafter$O 2rom that time on he sent all ne"'omers
to ,hao(,hou$
NEOGEN9 As lon# as there remains a faint tra'e of >en& the 'reek
has not )een 'omletel! drained$ Ea'h erson 'omin# here )rin#s
his o"n arti'ular tin#e to add to the stream$ *hen ,hao(,hou
referred to losin# his life& he meant to lose one+s self and enter Nir%ana$
A erson "ho attemts to )e'ome a sa#e must ass throu#h
man! diffi'ulties& and e%en at the last he must 6uen'h his thirst "ith
)itterness$ If EO; do not mind these o)sta'les& I sa!& NGo to it$O
4A$ Eueh(shan+s 1ake
Eueh(shan asked a ne"l!(arri%ed monk& N*here ha%e !ou 'ome
2OGAI9 Are !ou enFo!in# the atmoshereH

The monk ans"ered& N2rom the Southern 1ake$O

2OGAI9 Eou #i%e a #limse of the lake %ie"$
N Is the lake full or notHO in6uired Eueh(shan$
2OGAI9 Are !ou still interested in the lakeH
NNot !et&O the monk relied$
2OGAI9 He #lan'ed at the lake$ NThere has )een so mu'h rain&
"h! isn+t the lake filledHO Eueh(shan asked$
2OGAI9 Eueh(shan in%ited the monk to see the lake& a'tuall!$

The monk remained silent

2OGAI9 He must ha%e Dro"ned$
NEOGEN9 >en monks like to d"ell intimatel! "ith nature$ =ost
,hinese monasteries "ere )uilt in the mountains or )! a lake$ >en
re'ords man! dialo#ues )et"een tea'her and monks 'on'ernin# natural
)eaut!& )ut there must also )e man! monks "ho ne%er asked
6uestions& siml! allo"in# themsel%es to mer#e "ith nature$ The!
are the real suorters of >enI)etter than the 'hatter)oDes "ith all
their noise in an emt! )oD$
GENRO9 If I "ere the monk& I "ould sa! to Eueh(shan& NI "ill "ait
until !ou ha%e reaired the )ottom$O
2OGAI9 It "as fortunate the monk remained silent$
NEOGEN9 Genro sometimes sounds like a sh!ster "ith unne'essar!
GENRO9GENRO9GENRO9GENRO9GENRO9 The thread of Karma runs throu#h all thin#sJ
TOne 'an i'k u an!thin# as a koan$U
Re'o#nition makes it a )arri'ade$
RIf !ou look )ehind there is no )arri'ade$S
The oor monk asked a)out a lake
RGo on: Fum in and s"im:S
=ade an ima#inar! road to hea%en$
R*here are !ou standin#HS
4@$ 1i%in# Alone
A monk 'ame to Eun('hu and asked& NHo" 'an I li%e alone at the
to of the mountainHO
2OGAI92OGAI92OGAI92OGAI92OGAI9 Eou are lost in a 'loud$
Eun('hu ans"ered& N*h! do !ou #i%e u !our >en(do in the %alle!
and 'lim) the mountainHO
2OGAI9 This is not the "a! to handle #hosts$
NEOGEN9 Ameri'an friends often ask me ho" to find the N6uiet
la'e to meditate$O =! usual ans"er is& N,an !ou not find a 6uiet
sot in !our homeHO No matter ho" )us! one+s dail! life is& he 'an
find 'ertain minutes in "hi'h to meditate and a 'ertain la'e to sit
6uietl!$ =erel! inin# for a 6uiet la'e a"a! from his o"n home is
entirel! "ron#$ This monk 'ould not harmoniGe himself "ith other
monks in the >en(do and "ished to li%e alone on a mountain eak$
E%en thou#h Eun('hu 'ornered the monk "ith the 6uestion& no
"onder 2o#ai thou#ht Eun('hu too luke "arm in his method$ If I
"ere Eun('hu& I "ould demand that the monk tell me "here he is at
this moment$ If he hesitated& I "ould ush him out of the room
GENRO9 If I "ere Eun('hu& I "ould sa! to the monk& NIf !ou do not
ne#le't !our o"n >en(do& I "ill allo" !ou to sta! on the mountain
eak$ But ho" 'an !ou sta! on the mountain "ithout ne#le'tin# !our
o"n >en(doHO
2OGAI9 Destro! that >en(do and that mountain:
NEOGEN9 2o#ai is like an anar'hist$ I do not "ish to asso'iate "ith
this radi'al monk$ Genro+s first remark is slendid$ *h! did he add
the lastH 1ook at m! asso'iates:
@@$ Nan('h+uan ReFe'ts Both A =onk and


A monk 'ame to Nan(,h+uan& stood in front of him& and ut )oth

hands to his )reast$ Nan(,h+uan said& NEou are too mu'h of a la!man$
NThe monk then la'ed his )ands alm to alm$ NPEou are too

mu'h of a monk&O said Nan(,h+uan$ The monk 'ould not sa! a

"ord$ *hen another tea'her heard of this& he said to his monks& NIf

"ere the monk& I "ould free m! hands and "alk a"a! )a'k"ard$N

NEOGEN9 *hen the monk 'ame for sanGen& he meant to eDress
his freedom )! not 'onformin# to the rules of enterin# or lea%in# the
>en(do& )ut Nan(,h+uan+s first "ords Folted him so that he 'han#ed
his attitude$ *here "as his freedom thenH The "orld is filled "ith
eole "ho are Ntoo mu'hO of this or that& and there are those "ho
think that )! )ein# i'ono'lasti' the! 'an eDress their freedom$ The!
are all )ound$
A free erson does not disla! his freedom$ He is free& and so
asses almost unnoti'ed$ Sin'e he 'lin#s to nothin#& rules and re#ulations
ne%er )other him$ He ma! )o" or "alk )a'k"ardsJ it makes
no differen'e$
GENRO9 If I "ere Nan(,h+uan& I "ould sa! to the monk& NEou are

too mu'h of a dum)()ell&O and to the master& "ho said he "ould free

his hands and "alk )a'k"ard& NEou are too mu'h of a 'raG! man$O

True eman'iation has nothin# to hold to& no 'olor to )e seen& no

sound to )e heard$

A free man has nothin# in his hands$

He ne%er lans an!thin#& )ut rea'ts a''ordin# to others+ a'tions$

Nan(,h+uan "as su'h a skillful tea'her

He loosed the noose of the monk+s o"n ro)e$
NEOGEN9 Silas Hu))ard on'e said& NAs I #ro" older& I simlif!

)oth m! s'ien'e and m! reli#ion$ Books mean less to meJ ra!ers

mean lessJ otions& ills and dru#s mean lessJ )ut ea'e& friendshi&

lo%e and a life of usefulness mean more $ $ $ infinitel! more$O

Here "e see a #ood Ameri'an "ho learned >en naturall! in his
old a#e$ But "h! should one "ait until he is oldH =an! eole do
not kno" ho" to free themsel%es from s'ien'e and reli#ion$ The
more the! stud! s'ien'e& the more the! 'reate destru'ti%e o"er$ Their
reli#ions are mere outer #arments too hea%! "here& the! "alk in the
srin# )reeGe$
Books are )urdens to them and ra!ers )ut their )eautiful eD'uses$
The! 'onsume otions& ills& and dru#s& )ut the! do not de'rease
their si'kness h!si'all! or mentall!$ If the! reall! "ant ea'e&
friendshi& lo%e& and a life of usefulness& the! must emt! their re'ious
)a#s of dust and illusions to realiGe the sirit of freedom& the
ideal of this 'ountr!$
Thou#hts from ,onfu'ius

Editor+s Notes9 ,onfu'ius heled to sta)iliGe the 'haoti' ,hinese oliti'al
s'ene )! romotin# a ne" Nreli#ionO )ased on honor and atriar'h!$ The
term N)ene%olen'eO is the #olden 6ualit! of the N#entlemanO that is erhas
"isdom of attunement "ith the *a!$ The num)ers refer to assa#es
in The Anale'ts& "hi'h are a 'olle'tion of sa!in#s of ,onfu'ius )! his
dis'iles and #rand(dis'iles$ I like the Pen#uin ,lassi's edition of the
Anale'ts$ I also re'ommend the "ritin#s of =en'ius "ho further )uilt on
the ,onfu'ian tradition$
Tsen# TGu said& NE%er! da! I eDamine m!self on three 'ounts$ In

"hat I ha%e undertaken on another+s )ehalf& ha%e I failed to do m!

)estH IN m! dealin#s "ith m! friends ha%e I failed to )e trust"orth!

in "hat I sa!H Ha%e I assed on to others an!thin# that I ha%e not

tired out m!selfHO -I9@.

*hen the =aster "ent inside the Grand Temle& he asked 6uestions
a)out e%er!thin#$ Someone remarked& N*ho said that the son

of the man from Tsou understood the ritesH *hen he "ent inside

the Grand Temle& he asked 6uestions a)out e%er!thin#$O

The =aster& on hearin# of this& said& NThe askin# of 6uestions is in

itself the 'orre't rite$O -III93L.

The =aster said& N8irtue ne%er stands alone$ It is )ound to ha%e

nei#h)ours$O -I89/L.

The =aster said to TGu(kun#& N*ho is the )etter man& !ou or HuiHO

NHo" dare I 'omare m!self "ith HuiH *hen he is told one thin#

he understands ten$ *hen I am told one thin# I understand onl!


The =aster said& NEou are not as #ood as he is$ Neither of us is as

#ood as he is$O -894.

The =aster said& NEou 'an tell those "ho are a)o%e a%era#e a)out

the )est& )ut not those "ho are )elo" a%era#e$O -8I9/3.

The =aster said& NI ne%er enli#hten an!one "ho has not )een dri%en

to distra'tion )! tr!in# to understand a diffi'ult! or "ho has not #ot

into a frenG! tr!in# to ut his ideas into "ords$ *hen I ha%e ointed

out one 'orner of a s6uare to an!one and he does not 'ome )a'k

"ith the other three& I "ill not oint it out to him a se'ond time$O

The =aster said& Nis )en%olen'e reall! far a"a!H No sooner do I
desire it than it is here$O -8II90?.
There "ere four thin#s the =aster refused to ha%e an!thin# to do
"ith9 he refused to entertain 'onFe'tures or insist on 'ertaint!J he
refused to )e infleDi)le or e#otisti'al$ -IX9@.
The =aster said& NI ha%e !et to meet the man "ho is as fond of %irtue
as he is of )eaut! in "omen$O -IX93A.
The =aster said& NAs in the 'ase of makin# a mound& if& )efore the
%er! last )asketful& I sto& then I shall ha%e stoed$ As in the 'ase of
le%elin# the #round& if& thou#h tiin# onl! one )asketfull& I am
#oin# for"ard& then I shall )e makin# ro#ress$O -IX934.
The =aster said& NOne 'annot )ut #i%e assent to eDemlar! "ords&
)ut "hat is imortant is that one should re'tif! oneself$ One 'annot
)ut )e leased "ith ta'tful "ords& )ut "hat is imortant is that one
should reform oneself$ I 'an do nothin# "ith the man "ho #i%es
assent )ut does not re'tif! himself or the man "ho is leased )ut
does not reform himself$O -IX9/@.
The =aster said& N=ake it !our #uidin# rin'ile to do !our )est for

others and to )e trust"orth! in "hat !ou sa!$ Do not a''et as friend

an!one "ho is not as #ood as !ou$ *hen !ou make a mistake do not

)e afraid of mendin# !our "a!s$O -IX9/L.

The =aster said& NThe #entleman hels others to realiGe "hat is

#ood in themJ he does not hel them to realiGe "hat is )ad in them$

The small man does the oosite$O -XII935.

2an ,hi+ih asked a)out "isdom$ The =aster said& NKno" !our fello"
men$O -XII9//.

TGu(kun# asked a)out ho" friends should )e treated$ The =aster

said& NAd%ise them to the )est of !our a)ilit! and #uide them roerl!&
)ut sto "hen there is no hoe of su''ess$ Do not asked to )e

snu))ed$O -XII/0.

TGen# TGu said& NA #entleman makes friends throu#h )ein# 'ulti%ated&
)ut looks to friends for suort in )ene%olen'e$O -XII9/@.

The =aster said& NThe #entleman a#rees "ith others "ithout )ein#

an e'ho$ The small man e'hoes "ithout )ein# in a#reement$O -XIII9/0.

The =aster said& NA man of %irtue is sure to )e the author of memora)le
sa!in#s& )ut the author of memora)le sa!in#s is not ne'essaril!

%irtuous$ A )ene%olent man is sure to ossess 'oura#e& )ut a 'oura#eous
man does not ne'essaril! ossess )ene%olen'e$O -XI89@.

The =aster said& N=en of anti6uit! studied to imro%e themsel%esJ

men toda! stud! to imress others$O -XI89/@.

The =aster said& NIt is not the failure of others to ar'iated !our

a)ilities that should trou)le !ou& )ut rather !our o"n la'k of them$O


The =aster said& NTo fail to seak to a man "ho is 'aa)le of )ein#

)enefited is to let a man #o to "aste$ To seak to a man "ho is

in'aa)le of )ein# )enefited is to let one+s "ords #o to "aste$ A "ise

man let neither men nor "ords #o to "aste$O -X89A.

The =aster said& N*hat the #entleman seeks& he seeks "ithin himselfJ
"hat the small man seeks& he seeks in others$O -X89/3.

The =aster said& NThe #entleman is 'ons'ious of his o"n sueriorit!

"ithout )ein# 'ontentious& and 'omes to#ether "ith other #entlemen
"ithout formin# 'li6ues$O -X89//.

The #entleman is de%oted to rin'ile )ut not infleDi)le in small


In instru'tion there is no searation into 'ate#ories$

There is no oint in eole takin# 'ounsel to#ether "ho follo" different

It is enou#h that the lan#ua#e one uses #ets the oint a'ross$ -X8907@3.

,onfu'ius said& NThose "ho are )orn "ith kno"led#e are the hi#hest$
NeDt 'ome those "ho attain kno"led#e throu#h stud!$ NeDt

a#ain 'ome those "ho turn to stud! after ha%in# )een %eDed )! diffi'ulties$
The 'ommon eole& in so ar as the! make no effort to stud!

e%en after ha%in# )een %eDed )! diffi'ulties& are the lo"est$O -X8I94.

The =aster said& NEu& ha%e !ou !ou heard a)out the siD 6ualities and

the siD attendant faultsHO


NBe seated and I shall tell !ou$ To lo%e )ene%olen'e "ithout lo%in#

learnin# is lia)le to lead to foolishness$ To lo%e 'le%erness "ithout

lo%in# learnin# is lia)le to lead to de%iation from the ri#ht ath$ To
lo%e trust"orthiness in "ord "ithout lo%in# learnin# is lia)le to lead
to harmful )eha%iour$ To lo%e forthri#htness "ithout lo%in# learnin#
is lia)le to lead to intolerna'e$ To lo%e 'oura#e "ithout lo%in# learnin#
is lia)le to lead to insu)ordination$ To lo%e un)endin# stren#th
"ithout lo%in# learnin# is lia)le to lead to indis'iline$O -X8II9A.
TGu(hsia said& NA =an 'an& indeed& )e said to )e ea#er to learn "ho
is 'ons'ious& in the 'ourse of a da!& of "hat he la'ks and "ho ne%er
for#ets& in the 'ourse of a month& "hat he has mastered$O -XIX9L.
TGu(hsia said& N 1earn "idel! and )e steadfast in !our urose& in6uire
earnestl! and refle't on "hat is at hand& and there is no need
for !ou !ou to look of )ene%olen'e else"here$O -XIX95.

Editor+s Note9 The neDt se'tion of this 'olle'tion
is taken fromA >en Har%est -1O,K
B< 4/57 $>@A 34AA. )! Soiku Shi#ematsu$
Ea'h time "ishin#
Beforehand to talk it out
I+%e ne%er arted from Eou
*ithout feelin# man! "ords
Autumn 'omin#It+s
almost unnoti'ed& )ut
I feel its
In%isi)le arri%al
In the rustlin# "inds$ 0$
Rain& hail&
Sno"& i'e9
All Different& )ut
The! finall! meld into
One %alle! stream$ 34$
O%er the ond
E%er! ni#ht the moon
,asts its li#ht$
But the "ater "on+t )e soiledJ
The moon "on+t either$ @@$
Nothin# seems
So transient as
Human life9
The de" on the etal
Of the mornin# #lor!$ 5@
Should the moon
Ri'h and oor&
It "ould ne%er )ri#hten
A oor man+s hut$ 7?$
*hite fa'e& !ello" fa'e&
;#l! or )eautiful9 it+s
Hard to 'han#e$
But our mind 'an )e 'han#ed&
So set it ri#ht$ 7/$
B! their 'olors
2lo"ers attra't us& )ut
Soon the! fade& fall& and
2inall! turn into dust$ 7@$
To )e )orn
And )e un)orn is one thin#9
Penetrate this fa't$
Death is
Illusion$ 43
Ees or no&
Good or )ad& all
Ar#uments are #one9
=ore )eautiful tunes 'ome
2rom ine "inds on the hills$ 4@$
1ife is one rest
On the "a! )a'k from Illusion
To Nir%anaJ
1et it rain if it rains:
1et "inds )lo" if the! )lo": 3?3$
I reall! lo%e
=! )arrel(makin# Fo)J
,onne'tin# ea'h )oard into
One round )arrel$ 330$
*alk on deli)eratel!
And !ou+ll surel! see the "orld
Be!ond the thousand miles&
E%en if !ou "alk
As slo" as a 'o"$ 33@$
Ho" re#retta)le:
To return9
Da!s and months& flo"in# "ater&
And Human li%es: 3/?$
=istaken if !ou
Think !ou see the moon
*ith !our o"n e!es9
Eou see it "ith
The li#ht it sheds$ 30?$
*isdom& if !ou
De%ise it& is
The true "isdom is
*hat !ou ne%er kno"$ 303$
No hesitation an!more:
Ha%in# #i%en it all u&
I+m 6uite read!
To die$$$$$$$$ 3@0$
No arents& no friends&
No 'hildren& no "ife&
Ho" lonel!:
I "ould rather
Die: 3@4$
No arents&
No "ife&
No 'hildren&
No Fo)& no mone!J
But& no death& thank !ou$ 3L?$
The "ind is !ou )reathJ
The oen sk!& !our mindJ
The sun& !our e!eJ
Seas and mountains&
Eour "hole )od!$ 355$
*hat shall I lea%e as
A keesake after I dieH
In srin#& flo"ersJ
Summer& 'u'koosJ
2all& red male lea%esJ
*inter& sno"$ 354$
*oman and man9

The! look different
But inside

Their skeletons are

Almost the same$ 3A4$

*ere our skins eeled off&

Eours and mine&

*hi'h is !ou& *hi'h is IH 34?$
,old moon9
Sounds of the )rid#e
As I "alk alone$ 343$
Dut! and humanit!
Are often in'omati)le9
The road forksI
But m! )od! is one$ /34$
In the dark
I lost si#ht of
m! shado"J
I+%e found it a#ain
B! the fire I lit$ /0L$
,omin# out of darkness
I+m likel! to enter
The Darker ath a#ain$
Shine far all o%er&
=oon on the =ountain ed#e$ /05$
As I stum)le on the sloe&
=! lantern has #one outJ
I+m treadin# all alone
In 'omlete darkness$ /A/$
*hen the lantern #oes out&
*here& I "onder& does
Its li#ht #oH
Darkness is m! o"n
Ori#inal house$ @?A
1o%e too
Rooted in
And shit$ /@L
=ake !our mind
2leDi)le as "ater9
No" s6uare&
No" roundIu to
The shae of the )o"l$ /5@$
2eelin# helless& I #o out
To meet the moon
Onl! to find e%er! mountain
8eiled "ith 'loud$ /5A
Ne%er re#ard this "orld as
The onl! oneJ
The neDt "orld
And the one after the neDt$$$
All the "orlds are here no"$ /7L
E%er!one admires

Beautiful flo"ers in )loom&
But the ones "ho kno"

8isit them

After the!+%e fallen$ /A@
E%en stron# "inds are

*eakened )!
O)edient "illo" t"i#sJ

The!+ll ne%er

Be )roken in the storm$ 0?A

Re%eren'e is

The sour'e of di%ine fa%orsJ
*ithout it&

Buddhas and "ooden 'lo#s are

Onl! ie'es of "ood$ 0//
Good and )ad& are the

Refle'tions in the mirror9
*at'h them 'losel!

And !ou+ll kno" the!+re

Nothin# )ut !ourself$ 00@

Eour arents&

All 'onstituted in Eourself$

1o%e !ourself&

Re%ere !ourself$ 07@
The 2our Gates and 2our S'hools
Are nothin# )ut one$ 0A5
*hilst e%er!one
*ashes their dirt!
Hands and feet&
2e" remo%e
Stains from their minds$ 04L
E%en in the de"
On the tin! )lade
Of some nameless #rass&
The moon
*ill sho" herself$ @/?
*e "ish
Our li%es "ere lon#
*hile our hair+s
Gro"in# lon#
Is a nuisan'e$ @/0
A erson "ho
Does e%er!thin# as it
Naturall! #oes
Gets alon# easil! in
This "orld and the neDt$ @@L
E%er!thin# is
A lie in this "orld
Be'ause e%en
Death isn+t so$ @L3
The moon refle'ts
E%en on dirt! "aterJ
This realiGed&
Our mind 'lears u$ @53
*hen the "ater

In !our mind
,lears u

,alm stars 'an )e seen

Refle'ted on it$ @5/
Someone else+s 6uestion&

Eou 'an ans"erJ

But& !our mind+s 6uestion&

Ho" 'an !ou ans"erH L0A
The Fe"el

Is in !our )osomJ
*h! look for it


ElseH LL7
Push aside

Those lea%es heaed on
The Old PathJ

Eou+ll see the in%isi)le footrints

Of the Sun Goddess$ L5A
Pine trees in the "ind

Don+t )reakJ
The! al"a!s s'atter

The sno" )efore it+s

Too hea%! for their )ran'hes$ L54
Pine "inds&

=oonli#ht on the field #rasses
Are all that I ha%e9


No %isitors$ L40

So the full moon is admired

1ike a "ell(rounded mind

But on'e it "as a
Shar(ed#ed 'res'ent$ 5?0
Be round&

Thorou#hl! round&
Human mind:

S6uare minds

Often s'rat'h$ 5?@
Eou ma! tr! to )e round&

But kee one 'orner&
O mind&

Other"ise !ou+ll

Sli and roll a"a!$ 5?L

*hile faithfull! thro"in# their

Shado"s to the "ater&

2lirtin# "ith the "ind9
*illo"s )! the ri%er$ 53L
No sound is heard
In the 'reeks "here
*aters run deeJ
Shallo" streams
Al"a!s slash$ 53A
The man
*ho+s es'aed the "orld
To li%e in the mountains&
If he+s still "ear!&
*here should he #oH 73?
The Tao of Pooh
-A must )u! )! BenFamin Hoff.
-A must )u! )! BenFamin Hoff.-A must )u! )! BenFamin Hoff.-A must )u! )! BenFamin Hoff.-A
must )u! )! BenFamin Hoff.-A must )u! )! BenFamin Hoff.
The Stone ,utter The Tao of Pooh#$ 33A
There "as on'e a stone'utter& "ho "as dissatisfied "ith himself and
his osition in life$
NOne da!& he assed a "ealth! mer'hant+s house& and throu#h the
oen #ate"a!& sa" man! fine ossessions and imortant %isitors$
NHo" o"erful that mer'hant must )eO thou#ht the stone'utter$ He
)e'ame %er! en%ious& and "ished that he 'ould )e like the mer'hant$
Then he "ould no lon#er ha%e to li%e the life of a mere stone'utter$
To his #reat surrise& he suddenl! )e'ame the mer'hant& enFo!in#
more luDuries and o"er than he had e%er dreamed of& en%ied and
detested )! those less "ealth! than himself$ But soon a hi#h offi'ial
assed )!& 'arried in a sedan 'hair& a''omanied )! attendants& and
es'orted )! soldiers )eatin# #on#s$ E%er!one& no matter ho" "ealth!&
had to )o" lo" )efore the ro'ession$ NHo" o"erful that offi'ial
isO he thou#ht$ NI "ish that I 'ould )e a hi#h offi'ial:O
Then he )e'ame the hi#h offi'ial& 'arried e%er! "here in his em)roidered
sedan 'hair& feared and hated )! the eole all around&
"ho had to )o" do"n )efore him as he assed$ It "as a hot summer
da!& and the offi'ial felt %er! un'omforta)le in the sti'k! sedan 'hair$
He looked u at the sun$ It shone roudl! in the sk!& unaffe'ted )!
his resen'e$ NHo" o"erful the sun isO he thou#ht$ NI "ish that I
'ould )e the sun:O+
Then he )e'ame the sun& shinin# fier'el! do"n on e%er!one& s'or'hin#
the fields& 'ursed )! the farmers and la)orers$ But a hu#e )la'k
'loud mo%ed )et"een him and the earth& so that his li#ht 'ould no
lon#er shine on e%er!thin# )elo"$ NHo" o"erful that storm 'loud
is:O he thou#ht$ NI "ish that I 'ould )e a 'loud:O
Then he )e'ame the 'loud& floodin# the fields and %illa#es& shouted
at )! e%er!one$ But soon he found that he "as )ein# ushed a"a! )!
some #reat for'e& and realiGed that it "as the "ind$ NHo" o"erful it
is:O he thou#ht$ NI "ish that I 'ould )e& the "ind:O
Then he )e'ame the "ind& )lo"in# tiles off the roofs of houses&
urootin# trees& hated and feared )! all )elo" him$ But after a "hile&
he ran u a#ainst somethin# that "ould not mo%e& no matter ho"
for'efull! he )le" a#ainst itIa hu#e& to"erin# stone$ NHo" o"erful
that stone is:O he thou#ht$ I "ish that I 'ould )e a stone:O Then he
)e'ame the stone& more o"erful than an!thin# else on earth$ But as
he stood there& he heard the sound of a hammer oundin# a 'hisel
into the solid ro'k& and felt himself )ein# 'han#ed$ N*hat 'ould )e
more o"erful than I& the stoneHO he thou#ht$ He looked do"n and
sa" far )elo" him the fi#ure of a stone'utter$
The ,ork The Tao of Pooh#$ AA
The *u *ei rin'ile underl!in# Tai ,hi ,h+uan 'an )e understood
)! strikin# at a ie'e of 'ork floatin# in "ater$ The harder !ou
hit it& the more it !ieldsJ the more it !ields& the harder it )oun'es
)a'k$ *ithout eDendin# ener#!& the 'ork 'an easil! "ear !ou out$
So& *u *ei o%er'omes for'e )! neutraliGin# its o"er& rather than
)! addin# to the 'onfli't$ *ith other aroa'hes& !ou ma! fi#ht fire
"ith fire& )ut "ith *u *ei !ou fi#ht fire "ith "ater$
The Te of Pi#let
-a must )u! )! BenFamin Hoff.
-a must )u! )! BenFamin Hoff.-a must )u! )! BenFamin Hoff.-a must )u! )! BenFamin Hoff.-a must
)u! )! BenFamin Hoff.-a must )u! )! BenFamin Hoff.
=akin# the Best of It The Te of Pi#let#$ /0@
It is fittin# that for 'enturies Taoists ha%e )een asso'iated "ith
ma#i'& as Taoism is& on one le%el or another& a form of ma#i'Ia %er!
ra'ti'al form& erhas& )ut ma#i' all the same$ Here "e "ill )riefl!
des'ri)e t"o se'rets of thatIma#i'It"o rin'iles of Taoist transformation
that ma! ro%e useful in the 'omin# !ears$ The first is Turn
the Ne#ati%e into Positi%e$ The se'ond is Attra't Positi%e "ith Positi%e$
;nlike some other Taoist se'rets& there is little dan#er of these
rin'iles fallin# into the *ron# HandsJ )e'ause in the "ron# hands&
the! "on+t "ork$ *e mi#ht add that the! "ork )est for Pi#lets$
Turn the Ne#ati%e into Positi%e is a rin'ile "ell kno"n in the
Taoist martial arts$ ;sin# it for self(defense& !ou turn !our atta'ker+s
o"er to !our )enefit )! defle'tin# it )a'k at him$ In effe't& he s"in#s
his fist and hits himself in the fa'e$ And after a "hile& if he has an!
intelli#en'e at all& he stos and lea%es !ou alone$ Transformin# ne#ati%e
into ositi%e& !ou "ork "ith "hate%er 'omes !our "a!$ If others
thro" )ri'ks at !ou& )uild a house$ If the! thro" tomatoes& start a
%e#eta)le stand$
Eou 'an often 'han#e a situation siml! )! 'han#in# !our attitude
to"ard it$ 2or eDamle& a Traffi' Cam 'an )e turned into an Oortunit!
to Think& or ,on%erse& or Read or *rite a 1etter$ *hen "e #i%e
u our ima#es of self(imortan'e and our ideas of "hat should )e&
"e 'an hel thin#s )e'ome "hat the! need to )e$
Sherlo'k Holmes& in The Na%al Treat!$ Te of
Pi#let#$ /L@
NThere is nothin# in "hi'h dedu'tion is so ne'essar! as in reli#ion&O
said he& leanin# "ith his )a'k a#ainst the shutters$ NIt 'an )e
)uilt u as an eDa't s'ien'e )! the reasoner$ Our hi#hest assuran'e
of the #oodness of Pro%iden'e seems to me to rest in the flo"ers$ All
other thin#s& our Po"ersJ our desires& our food& are all reall! ne'essar!
for our eDisten'e in the first instan'e$ But this rose is an eDtra$
Its smell and its 'olour are an em)ellishment of life& not a 'ondition
of it$ It is onl! #oodness "hi'h #i%es eDtras& and so I sa! a#ain that "e
ha%e mu'h to hoe from the flo"ers$O
The Emeror+s Horses The Te of Pi#let#$ 345
PN A Great man retains a 'hild+s mind$O And& as the follo"in# stor!
)! ,huan#(tse sho"s& the #reat man rese'ts the 'hild+s mind& as
A''omanied )! siD of his "isest men& the Eello" Emeror Fourne!ed
to ,hu(T+Gu =ountain& to seak to the m!sti' Ta Kuei$ In the
"ilderness of Hsian# ,h+en#& the ro'ession lost its "a!$ After "anderin#
for some time& the men 'ame uon a )o! tendin# horses$
NDo !ou kno" the "a! to ,hu(T+Gu =ountainHO the! asked him$
NI do&O the )o! relied$
NIn that 'ase&O the! said& N"ould !ou kno" "here "e mi#ht find
the hidden d"ellin# of the hermit Ta KueiHO
NEes&O he ans"ered &O I 'an tell !ou$O
N*hat a fas'inatin# 'hild:O said the emeror to his 'omanions$
NHe kno"s this mu'hO He steed from his 'hariot$ N1et me test
him&O and 'alled the )o! to him$
NTell me& said the Eello" Emeror$ NIf !ou "ere in 'har#e of the
emire& ho" "ould !ou #o a)out rulin# itHO
NI kno" onl! the tendin# of horses&O the )o! relied$ NIs rulin#
the emire an! different from thatHO
Not satisfied& the emeror 6uestioned him a#ain$ NI realiGe that
#o%ernin# is hardl! !our 'on'ern$ Still& I "ould like to kno" if !ou
ha%e e%er had an! thou#hts a)out it$O
The )o! did not ans"er$ The emeror asked him on'e more$ The
)o! relied )! askin#&
NIs #o%ernin# the emire different from tendin# horsesHO
NEDlain the tendin# of horses&O said tile Eello" Emeror& Nand I
"ill tell !ou$O
N*hen takin# 'are of horses&O said the )o!& N"e make sure that
no harm 'omes to them$ In doin# so& "e ut aside an!thin# "ithin
oursel%es that "ould inFure them$ ,an rulin# a nation differ from
The Eello" Emeror )o"ed his head t"i'e to the #round$ NHea%enl!
=asterO he eD'laimed$
In'o#nito The Te of Pi#let#$ 3A5
The "ord for Taoist sensiti%it! is ,ooerate$ As 1ao(tse "rote&
NThe skilled "alker lea%es no tra'e nor tra'ksIhe is sensiti%e to -and
therefore rese'tful to"ard. his surroundin#s and "orks "ith the
natural la"s that #o%ern them$ 1ike a 'hameleon& he )lends in "ith
*hat+s There$ And he does this throu#h the a"areness that 'omes
from redu'in# the E#o to nothin#$ As ,huan#(tse ut it9
NTo him "ho d"ells not in himself& the forms of thin#s re%eal
themsel%es as the! are$ He mo%es like "ater& refle'ts like a mirror&
resonds like an e'ho$ His li#htness makes him seem to disaear$
Still as a 'lear lake& he is harmonious in his relations "ith those
around him& and remains so throu#h rofit and loss$ He does not
re'ede others& )ut follo"s them instead$O
The Taoist al'hemist and her)alist Ko Hun# des'ri)ed one of the
)enefits of non e#otisti'al a"areness9 'ontentment$
NThe 'ontented man 'an )e ha! "ith "hat aears to )e useless$
He 'an find "orth"hile o''uation in forests and mountains$
He sta!s in a small 'otta#e and asso'iates "ith the simle$ He "ould
not eD'han#e his "orn 'lothes for the imerial ro)es& nor the load
on his )a'k for a four horse 'arria#e$ He lea%es the Fade in the mountain
and the earls in the sea$ *here%er he #oes& "hate%er he does&
he 'an )e ha!(he kno"s "hen to sto$ He does not i'k the )rief
)lossomin# flo"erJ he does not tra%el the dan#erous road$ To him&
the ten thousand ossessions are dust in the "ind$ He sin#s as he
tra%els amon# the #reen mountains$
He finds shelterin# )ran'hes more 'omfortin# than red(#ated
mansions& the lo" in his hands more re"ardin# than the Presti#e
of titles and )anners& fresh mountain "ater more satisf!in# than the
feasts of the "ealth!$ He a'ts in true freedom$ *hat 'an 'ometition
for honors mean to himH *hat attra'tion 'an anDiet! and #reed
ossi)l! holdH Throu#h simli'it! he has Tao& and from Tao& e%er!thin#$
else 'omesJ the li#ht in the Ndarkness&O the 'lear in the N'loud!&O
the seed in the Nslo"ness&O the full in the Nemt!$O
The 'ook 'reatin# a meal "ith his o"n hands has as mu'h honor
in his e!es as a famous sin#er or hi#h offi'ial$ He has no rofits to
#ain& no salar! to loseJ no alause& no 'riti'ism$ *hen he looks u&
it is not in en%!$ *hen he looks do"n& it is not "ith arro#an'e$
=an! look at him& )ut no)od! sees him$ ,alm and deta'hed& he is
free from all dan#er& a dra#on hidden amon# men$
I ha%e Three Treasures The Te of Pi#let#$ //?
I ha%e three treasures& *hi'h I #uard and kee$
The first is 'omassion$
The se'ond is e'onom!$
The third is humilit!$
2rom 'omassion 'omes 'oura#e$
2rom e'onom!& 'omes the means to )e #enerous$
2rom humilit! 'omes resonsi)le leadershi$
Toda!& men ha%e dis'arded 'omassion in order to )e )old$
The! ha%e a)andoned e'onom! in order to )e )i# senders$
The! ha%e reFe'ted humilit! in order to )e first$
This is the road to death$
2antasies Te of Pi#let#$ 30/
The fearful fantasies "e ha%e inherited ha%e 'onditioned us to
)elie%e that "e need to )e rote'ted from the natural "orld& Better
1i%in# Throu#h Hea%! Industr!& and so on$ In realit!& as an!one
ou#ht to )e a)le to see )! no"& the natural "orld needs to )e rote'ted
from us$ Its "isdom needs to )e re'o#niGed& rese'ted& and
understood )! us& and not merel! %ie"ed throu#h the distorted lenses
of our illusions a)out it$ As Sir Arthur ,onan Do!le 'autioned&
throu#h his 'hara'ter$
NOne+s ideas must )e as )road as Nature if the! are to interret
Nature&O and N*hen one tries to rise a)o%e Nature one is lia)le to
fall )elo" it$O
1i%e& But 1i%e *ell The Te of Pi#let#$ 3LL
Taoism is not the reFe't(the(h!si'al("orld theor! of li%in# that
some s'holars -and a fe" Taoists. "ould ha%e others )elie%e$ E%en
1ao(tse& the most re'lusi%e of Taoist "riters& "rote& NHonor all under
Hea%en as !our )od!$O To a Taoist& a reFe't(the(h!si'al("orld aroa'h
"ould )e an eDtremist a)surdit!& imossi)le to li%e "ithout
d!in#$ Instead& a Taoist mi#ht sa!9 ,arefull! o)ser%e the natural la"s
in oeration in the "orld around !ou& and li%e )! them$ 2rom follo"in#
them& !ou "ill learn the moralit! of modest!& moderation&
'omassion& and 'onsideration -not Fust one so'iet!+s rules and re#ulations.&
the "isdom of seein# thin#s as the! are -not of merel! 'olle'tin#
Nfa'tsO a)out them. and the hainess of )ein# in harmon!&
"ith the *a! -"hi'h has nothin# to do "ith self(ri#hteous NsiritualO
o)sessions and fanati'ism.$ And !ou "ill li%e li#htl!& sontaneousl!&
and effortlessl!$
Illusions Te of Pi#let#$ 3?4
*e "ill )e#in our eDamination of illusions "ith a narrati%e 'on'ernin#
the Per'etion of illusions& "hi'h sho" that It All Deends
on Ho" One 1ooks at Thin#s$ The first is )! the Tao "riter 1ieh(tse9
NA man noti'ed that his aDe "as missin#$ Then he sa" the
nei#h)or+s son ass )!$ The )o! looked like a thief& "alked like a
thief& )eha%ed like a thief$ 1ater that da!& the man found his aDe
"here he had left it the da! )efore$ The neDt time he sa" the nei#h)or+s
son& the )o! looked& "alked& and )eha%ed like an honest& ordinar!
The Samurai+s 1ate Suer Te of Pi#let#$ 45
A 'ertain samurai had a reutation for hot(temered )eha%ior$ A
>en master kno"n for his eD'ellent 'ookin#& de'ided that the "arrior
needed to )e tau#ht a lesson )efore he )e'ame an! more dan#erous$
He in%ited the samurai to dinner$
The samurai arri%ed at the aointed time$ >en master told him
to make himself 'omforta)le "hile he finished rearin# the food$ A
lon# time assed$ The samurai "aited imatientl!$ After a "hile& he
'alled out9 N>en =aster(ha%e !ou for#otten meHO
The >en master 'ame out of the kit'hen$ NI am %er! sorr!&O he
said$ NDinner is takin# lon#er to reare than I had thou#ht$O He
"ent )a'k to the kit'hen$
A lon# time assed$ The samurai sat& #ro"in# hun#rier )! the
minute$ At last he 'alled out& a little softer this time9 N>en =aster(
lease$ *hen "ill m! dinner )e ser%edHO
The >en master 'ame out of the kit'hen$ NI am trul! sorr!$ There
has )een a further dela!$ It "on+t )e mu'h lon#er$O He "ent )a'k to
the kit'hen$
A lon# time assed$ 2inall!& the samurai 'ouldn+t endure the
"aitin# an! lon#er$ He rose to his feet& 'ha#rined and ra%enousl!
hun#r!$ Cust then& the >en master entered the room "ith a tra! of
food$ 2irst he ser%ed miso shiru -so!)ean sou.$
The samurai #ratefull! drank the so!)ean sou u& en'hanted )!
its fla%or$ NOh& >en =aster&O he eD'laimed& Nthis is the finest miso
shiru I ha%e e%er tasted: Eou trul! deser%e !our reutation as an
eDert 'ook:O
NIt+s nothin#&O relied the >en master& modestl!$ NOnl! miso
The samurai set do"n his emt! )o"l$ NTrul! ma#i'al sou: *hat
se'ret si'es did !ou use to )rin# out the fla%orHO
NNothin# se'ial&O the >en master relied$
NNo& no I insist$ The sou is eDtraordinaril! deli'ious:O
N*ell& there is one thin#
NI kne" it:O eD'laimed the samurai& ea#erl! leanin# for"ard$ NThere
had to )e somethin# to make it taste so #ood: Tell me("hat is itHO
The >en master softl! soke9 NIt took time&O he said$
The Gosel A''ordin# to >en

Editor+s Note9 This 'olle'tion of sa!in#s "as taken from a )ook 'alled
The Gosel A''ordin# to >en9 Be!ond the Death of God edited )!
Ro)ert Sohl in 347?$ I hi#hl! re'ommend the )ook to !ou$
Three Sa!in#s of Cesus
Cesus said to his dis'iles9 =ake 'omarisonsJ tell me "hat I am like$

Simon Peter said to him9 Eou are like a Fust an#el$

=atthe" said to him9 Eou are like a "ise hilosoher$

Thomas said to him9 =aster& m! mouth "ill in no "a! endure m!

sa!in# "hat !ou are like$

Cesus said9 I am not !our master$

Cesus said9 1et him "ho seeks not 'ease his seekin# until he findJ

and "hen he find& he "ill )e trou)led&

and if he is trou)led& he "ill mar%el&

and "ill )e a kin# o%er All$

Cesus said9

I m the li#ht "hi'h is o%er e%er!thin#$

I am the AllJ

from me the All has #one forth&

and to me the All has returned$

Slit "ood9 I am there$

1ift u the stone& and !ou "ill find me there$

Gasan and the Bi)le
A uni%ersit! student "hile %isitin# Gasan asked him9 NHa%e !ou
e%er read the ,hristian Bi)leHO NNo& read it to me&O said Gasan$
The student oened the Bi)le and read from St$ =atthe"9 NAnd
"h! take !e thou#ht for rainmentH ,onsider the lilies of the field&
ho" the! #ro"$ The! toil not& neither do the! sin& and !et I sa! unto
!ou that e%en Solomon in all his #lor! "as not arra!ed like one of
these$$$ Take therefore no thou#ht for the morro"& for the morro"
shall take thou#ht for the thin#s of itself$O
Gasan said9 N*hoe%er uttered those "ords I 'onsider an enli#htened
The student 'ontinued readin#9 NAsk and it shall )e #i%en !ou&
seek and !e shall find& kno'k and it shall )e oened unto !ou$ 2or
e%er!one that asketh re'ei%eth& and he that seeketh findeth& and to
him that kno'keth& it shall )e oened$O
Gasan remarked9 NThat is eD'ellent$ *hoe%er said that is not far
from Buddhahood$O
Strin#less Hars
=en kno" ho" to read rinted )ooks& the! do not kno" ho" to
read the unrinted ones$ The! 'an la! on a strin#ed har& )ut not
on a strin#less one$ All!in# themsel%es to the suerfi'ial instead of
the rofound& ho" should the! understand musi' or oetr!H
Eat "hen !ou are Hun#r!
The >en se't sa!s& N*hen !ou are hun#r!& eatJ "hen !ou are "ear!&
slee$O Poetr! aims at the des'rition in 'ommon lan#ua#e of )eautiful
s'ener!$ The su)lime is 'ontained in the ordinar!& the hardest in
the easiest$ *hat is self('ons'ious and ulterior is far from the truthJ
"hat is mindless is near$
Sortin# 2ishes
If !our heart is "ithout storm! "a%es& e%er!"here are )lue mountains
and #reen trees$ If our real nature is 'reati%e like nature itself&
"here%er "e ma! )e& "e see that all thin#s are free like sortin#
fishes and 'ir'lin# kites$
The Emt! Boat
Suose a )oat is 'rossin# a ri%er and another )oat& an emt!
one& is a)out to 'ollide "ith it$ E%en an irrita)le man "ould not lose
his temer$ But suose there "as someone in the se'ond )oat$
Then the o''uant of the first "ould shout to him to kee 'lear$ And
if he did not hear the first time& nor e%en "hen 'alled to three times&
)ad lan#ua#e "ould ine%ita)l! follo"$ In the first 'ase there "as no
an#er& in the se'ond there "asI)e'ause in the first 'ase the )oat "as
emt!& in the se'ond it "as o''uied$ And so it is "ith man$ If he
'ould onl! ass emt! throu#h life& "ho "ould )e a)le to inFure
Three in the =ornin#
*hat is meant )! NThree in the =ornin#OH In Sun# there "as a
keeer of monke!s$ Bad times 'ame and he "as o)li#ed to tell them
that he must redu'e their ration of nuts$ NIt "ill )e three in the
mornin# and four in the e%enin#&O he said$ The monke!s "ere furious$
N8er! "ell then&O he said& N!ou shall ha%e four in the mronin#
and three in the e%enin#$O The monke!s a''eted "ith deli#ht$
>en Ar'her!
One da! Heiko Sensei led his student& Ito& u to the to of a 'liff$
The "a%es 'rashed a#ainst the )ase of the 'liff& se%eral hundred feet
)elo"$ Heiko took u a )o" and set u a tar#et L? !ards a"a!$
N1et+s ha%e a 'ontest&O he told the student$
Ito fired an arro" and hit the red )ullse!e on the tar#et$
NNot )ad$O the =aster relied$ Heiko Sensei took the )o" and
then fired an arro" into sk! as hi#h as it 'ould #o and it landed
hundreds of !ards a"a! in the o'ean$ He eD'laimed loudl!& NBullse!e:O
=eshin# Nets
NAs a net is made u of a series of ties& so e%er!thin# in this "orld
is 'onne'ted )! a series of ties$ I2 an!one thinks that the mesh of a
net is an indeendent& isolated thin#& he is mistaken$ It is 'alled a
net )e'ause it is made u of a series of inter'onne'ted meshes& and
ea'h mesh has its la'e and resonsi)ilit! in relation to other meshes$O
(The Buddha
The Butterflies of ,huan# TGu

Editor+s Note9 I used Burton *atson+s translations found in,huan#
TGu9 The Basi' *ritin#s u)lished )! ,olum)ia ;ni%ersit! Press in
345@$ ,huan# TGu "as a Taoist 'ontemorar! of ,onfu'ianist =en'ius
and li%ed in the @th ,entur! )efore the ,ommon Era$ The 'entral themes
of his "ritin#s are freedom& the ointlessness of "ords and a >en(like
The Dream
On'e ,huan# ,hou dreamt that he "as a )utterfl!& a )utterfl!
flittin# and flutterin# around& ha! "ith himself and doin# as he
leased$ He didn+t kno" he "as ,huan# ,hou$ Suddenl! he "oke
u and there he "as& solid and unmistaka)le ,huan# ,hou$ But he
didn+t kno" if he "as ,huan# ,hou "ho had dreamt he "as a
)utterfl!& or a )utterfl! dreamin# he "as ,huan# ,hou$
*hat is A''eta)leH
*hat is a''eta)le "e 'all a''eta)leJ "hat is una''eta)le "e 'all
una''eta)le$ A road is made )! eole "alkin# on it& and thusl!
thin#s are so )e'ause the! are 'alled so$ *hat make them soH =akin#
them so makes them so$ *hat makes them not soH =akin# them
not so makes them not so$ Thin#s all must ha%e that "hi'h is so and
thin#s all must ha%e that "hi'h is a''eta)le$ There is nothin# that is
not so& nothin# that is not a''eta)le$
The Ar#ument
Suose !ou an I ha%e had an ar#ument$ If !ou ha%e )eaten me
instead of m! )eatin# !ou& then are !ou ne'essaril! ri#ht and am I
ne'essaril! "ron#H If I ha%e )eaten !ou instead of !our )eatin# me&
then am I ne'essaril! ri#ht and are !ou ne'essaril! "ron#H Is one of
us ri#ht and the other "ron#H Are )oth of us ri#ht or are )oth of us
"ron#H If !ou and I don+t kno" the ans"er& then other eole are
)ound to )e e%en more in the dark$ *hom shall "e #et to de'ide
"hat is ri#htH Shall "e #et someone "ho a#rees "ith !ou to de'ideH
But if he alread! a#rees "ith !ou& ho" 'an he de'ide fairl!H Shall "e
#et someone "ho a#rees "ith meH But if he alread! a#rees "ith me&
ho" 'an he de'ideH Shall "e #et someone "ho disa#rees "ith )oth of
usH But if he alread! disa#rees "ith )oth of us& ho" 'an he de'ideH
Shall "e #et someone "ho a#rees "ith )oth of usH But if he alread!
a#rees "ith )oth of us& ho" 'an he de'ideH O)%iousl!& then& neither
!ou nor I nor an!one else 'an kno" the ans"er$ Shall "e "ait for
still another ersonH
But "aitin# for one shiftin# %oi'e to ass Fud#ment on another is
the same as "aitin# for none of them$ HarmoniGe them all "ith the
Hea%enl! E6ualit!& lea%e them to their endless 'han#es& and so li%e
out !our !ears$ *hat do I mean )! harmoniGin# them "ith the Hea%enl!
E6ualit!H Ri#ht is not ri#htJ so is not so$ If ri#ht "ere reall!
ri#ht& it "ould differ so 'learl! from not ri#ht that there "ould )e no
need for ar#ument$ If so "ere reall! so& it "ould differ so 'learl! from
not so that there "ould )e no need for ar#ument$ 2or#et the !earsJ
for#et distin'tions$ 1ea into the )oundless and make it !our home:
Ha! 2ish
,huan# TGu and Hui TGu "ere strollin# alon# the dam of the Hao
Ri%er "hen ,huan# TGu said& NSee ho" the minno"s 'ome out and
dart around "here the! lease: That+s "hat fish reall! enFo!:O
Hui TGu said& NEou+re not a fish& so ho" do !ou kno" "hat fish
,huan# TGu said& NEou+re not I& so ho" do !ou kno" I don+t
kno" "hat fish enFo!HO
Hui TGu said& NI+m not !ou& so I 'ertainl! don+t kno" "hat !ou
kno"$ On the other hand& !ou+re 'ertainl! not a fish& so that still
ro%es !ou don+t kno" "hat fish enFo!:O
,huan# TGu said& N1et+s #o )a'k to !our ori#inal 6uestion& lease$
Eou asked me ho" I kno" "hat fish enFo!& so !ou alread! kne" I
kne" it "hen !ou asked the 6uestion$ I kno" it )! standin# here
)eside the Hao Ri%er$O
Se%en Oenin#s
The emeror of the South Sea "as 'alled Shu -Brief.& the emeror
of the North Sea "as 'alled Hu -Sudden.& and the emeror or the
'entral re#ion "as 'alled Hun(tun -,haos.$ Shu and Hu from time
to time 'ame to#ether for a meetin# in the territor! of Hun(tun& and
Hun(tun treated them %er! #enerousl!$ Shu and Hu dis'ussed ho"
the! 'ould rea! his kindness$ NAll men&O the! said& Nha%e se%en
oenin#s in their head so the! 'an see& hear& eat& and )reathe$ But
Hun(tun alone doesn+t ha%e an!$ 1et+s tr! )orin# him some:O
E%er! da! the! )ored another hole& and on the se%enth da! Hun(
tun died$
1ook ;nder Eour 2eet
=aster Tun#(Kuo asked ,huan# TGu& NThis thin# 'alled the *a!(
"here does it eDistHO

,huan# TGu said& NThere+s no la'e it doesn+t eDist$O

N,ome&O said =aster Tun#(kuo& N!ou must )e more se'ifi':O

NIt is in the ant$O

NAs lo" a thin# as thatHO

NIt is in the ani' #rass$O

NBut that is lo"er still:O

NIt is in the tiles and shards$O

NHo" 'an it )e so lo"HO

NIt is in the iss and shit$O

The Sa'red Tortoise
On'e& "hen ,huan# TGu "as fishin# in the P+u Ri%er& the kind of
,h+u sent t"o offi'ials to #o and announ'e to him9 NI "ould like to
trou)le !ou "ith the administration of m! realm$O
,huan# TGu held on to the fishin# ole and& "ithout turnin# his
head& said& NI ha%e heard that there is a sa'red tortoise in ,h+u that
has )een dead for three thousand !ears$ The kin# kees it "raed
in 'loth and )oDed& and stores it in the an'estral temle$ No" "ould
!ou this tortoise rather )e dead and ha%e its )one left )ehind and
honoredH Or "ould it rather )e ali%e and dra##in# its tail in the
It "ould rather )e ali%e and dra##in# its tail in the mud&O said the
t"o offi'ials$
,huan# TGu said& NGo a"a!: I+ll dra# m! tail in the mud:O
The 2ro# in the *ell
Ha%e !ou e%er heard a)out the fro# in the 'a%ed(in "ellH He said to
the #reat turtle of the Eastern Sea& N*hat fun I ha%e: I 'ome out and
ho around the railin# of the "ell& or I #o )a'k in and take a rest in
the "all "here a tile has fallen out$ *hen I di%e into the "ater& I let
it hold me u under the armits and suort m! 'hin& and "hen I
sli a)out in the mud& I )ur! m! feet in it and let it 'ome u o%er m!
ankles$ I look around at the mos6uito lar%ae and the 'ra) and olli"o#s
and I see that none of them 'an mat'h me$ To ha%e 'omlete
'ommand of the "ater of one "hole %alle! and to monooliGe all the
Fo!s of a 'a%ed(in "ellIthis is the )est there is: *h! don+t !ou 'ome
some time and see for !ourselfHO
But )efore the #reat turtle of the Eastern Sea had e%en #otten his
left foot in the "ell his ri#ht knee "as alread! "ed#ed fast$ He )a'ked
out and "ithdre" a little& and then )e#an to des'ri)e the sea$ NA
distan'e of a thousand li 'annot indi'ate its #reatnessJ a deth of a
thousand fathoms 'annot eDress ho" dee it is$ In the time of Eu
there "ere floods for nine !ears out of ten& and !et its "aters ne%er
rose$ In the time of T+an# there "ere drou#hts for se%en !ears out of
ei#ht& and !et its shores ne%er re'eded$ Ne%er to alter or shift& "hether
for an instant or an eternit!J ne%er to ad%an'e or re'ede& "hether the
6uantit! of "ater flo"in# in is #reat or smallJ this is the #reat deli#ht
of the Eastern Sea:O
*hen the fro# in the 'a%ed(in "ell heard this& he "as 'omletel!
at a loss$
The ,a#ed Sea()ird
On'e a sea )ird ali#hted in the su)ur)s of the 1u 'aital$ The
mar6uis of 1u es'orted it to the an'estral temle& "here he entertained
it& erformin# the Nine Shao musi' for it to listen to and
resentin# it "ith the meat of the T+ai(lao sa'rifi'e to feast on$ But
the )ird onl! looked daGed and forlorn& refusin# to eat a sin#le sli'e
of meat or drink a 'u of "ine& and in three da!s it "as dead$ This is
to tr! to nourish a )ird "ith "hat "ould nourish !ou instead of "hat
"ould nourish a )ird$ If !ou "ant to nourish a )ird "ith "hat nourishes
a )ird& then !ou should let it roost in the dee forest& la!
amon# the )anks and islands& float on the ri%ers and lakes& eat mudfish
and minno"s& follo" the rest of the flo'k in fli#ht and rest& and li%e
an! "a! it 'hooses$ A )ird hates to hear e%en the sound of human
%oi'es& mu'h less all that hu))u) and to(do$ Tr! erformin# the
Hsien('h+ih and Nine Shao musi' in the "ilds around 1ake Tun#t+in#$
*hen the )irds hear it the! "ill fl! off& "hen the animals hear
it the! "ill run a"a!& "hen the fish hear it the! "ill di%e to the
)ottom$ Onl! the eole "ho hear it "ill #ather around to listen$
2ish li%e in "ater and thri%e& )ut if men tried to li%e in "ater the!
"ould die$ ,reatures differ )e'ause the! ha%e different likes and dislikes$
Therefore the former sa#es ne%er re6uired the same a)ilit! from
all 'reatures or made them all do the same thin#$ Names should sto
"hen the! ha%e eDressed realit!& 'on'ets of ri#ht should )e founded
on "hat is suita)le$ This is "hat it means to ha%e 'ommand of reason
and #ood fortune to suort !ou$
S"immin# Boatmen
Een Euan said to ,onfu'ius& NI 'rossed the #ulf at Go)let Dees
and the ferr!man handled the )oat "ith suernatural skill$ I asked
him& P,an a erson learn ho" to handle a )oatH+ and he relied&
P,ertainl!$ A #ood s"immer has a'6uired his a)ilit! throu#h reeated
ra'ti'e$ And& if a man 'an s"im under "ater& he ma! ne%er ha%e
seen a )oat )efore and still he+ll kno" ho" to handle it:+ I asked him
"hat he meant )! that& )ut he "ouldn+t tell me$ =a! I %enture to ask
!ou "hat it meansHO
,onfu'ius said& NA #ood s"immer has a'6uired his a)ilit! throu#h
reeated ra'ti'e& that means he+s for#otten the "ater$ If a man 'an
s"im under "ater& he ma! ne%er ha%e seen a )oat )efore and still
he+ll kno" ho" to handle it$ That+s )e'ause he see the "ater as so
mu'h dr! land& and re#ards the 'asiGin# of a )oat as he "ould the
o%erturnin# of a 'art$ The ten thousand thin#s ma! all )e 'asiGin#
and turnin# o%er at the same time ri#ht in front of him and it 'an+t
#et at him and affe't "hat+s insideJ so "here 'ould he #o and not )e
at ease$
N*hen !ou+re )ettin# for tiles in an ar'her! 'ontest& !ou shoot
"ith skill$ *hen !ou+re )ettin# for fan'! )elt )u'kles& !ou "orr!
a)out !our aim$ And "hen !ou+re )ettin# for real #old& !ou+re a
ner%ous "re'k$ Eour skill is the same in all three 'ases& )ut )e'ause
one riGe means more to !ou than another& !ou let outside 'onsiderations
"ei#h on !our mind$ He "ho looks too hard at the outside
#ets 'lums! on the inside$O
Old =an 2alls into *ater
,onfu'ius "as seein# the si#hts at 1u(lian#& "here the "ater falls
from a hei#ht of thirt! fathoms and ra'es and )oils alon# for fort! li&
so s"ift that no fish or other "ater 'reature 'an s"im in it$ He sa" a
man fall into the "ater and& suosin# that the man "as in some
kind of trou)le and intended to end his life& he ordered his dis'iles
to line u on the )ank and ull the man out$ But after the man had
#one a 'oule of hundred a'es& he 'ame out of the "ater and )e#an
strollin# alon# the )ase on the em)ankment& his hair streamin# do"n&
sin#in# a son#$ ,onfu'ius ran after him and said& NAt first I thou#ht
!ou "ere a #host& )ut no" I see !ou+re a man$ =a! I ask if !ou ha%e
some se'ial "a! of sta!in# afloat in the "aterHO
The old man relied& NI ha%e no "a!$ I )e#an "ith "hat I "as
used to& #re" u "ith m! nature& and let thin#s 'ome to 'omletion
"ith fate$ I #o under "ith the s"irls and 'ome out "ith the eddies&
follo"in# alon# the "a! the "ater #oes and ne%er thinkin# a)out
m!self$ That+s ho" I 'an sta! afloat$O
Is God a TaoistH

)! Ra!mond =$ Smull!an in The Tao is Silent3477 u)l$ )! Harer


=ortal9 And therefore& O God& I ra! thee& if thou hast one oun'e

of mer'! for this th! sufferin# 'reature& a)sol%e me of ha%in# to ha%e

free "ill:

God9 Eou reFe't the #reatest #ift I ha%e #i%en theeH

=ortal9 Ho" 'an !ou 'all that "hi'h "as for'ed on me a #iftH I ha%e

free "ill& )ut not of m! o"n 'hoi'e$ I ha%e ne%er freel! 'hosen to

ha%e free "ill$ I ha%e to ha%e free "ill& "hether I like it or not:

God9 *h! "ould !ou "ish not to ha%e free "illH

=ortal9 Be'ause free "ill means moral resonsi)ilit!& and moral

resonsi)ilit! is more than I 'an )ear:

God9 *h! do !ou find moral resonsi)ilit! so un)eara)leH

=ortal9 *h!H I honestl! 'an+t anal!Ge "h!J all I kno" is that I do$

God9 All ri#ht& in that 'ase suose I a)sol%e !ou from all moral

resonsi)ilit! )ut lea%e !ou still "ith free "ill$ *ill this )e satisfa'tor!H

=ortal9 -after a ause. No& I am afraid not$

God9 Ah& Fust as I thou#ht: So moral resonsi)ilit! is not the onl!

ase't of free "ill to "hi'h !ou o)Fe't$ *hat else a)out free "ill is

)otherin# !ouH

=ortal9 *ith free "ill I am 'aa)le of sinnin#& and I don+t "ant to


God9 If !ou don+t "ant to sin& then "h! do !ouH

=ortal9 Good God: I don+t kno" "h! I sin& I Fust do: E%il temtations
'ome alon#& and tr! as I 'an& I 'annot resist them$

God9 If it is reall! true that !ou 'annot resist them& then !ou are not

sinnin# of !our o"n free "ill and hen'e -at least a''ordin# to me.

not sinnin# at all$

=ortal9 No& no: I kee feelin# that if onl! I tried harder I 'ould

a%oid sinnin#$ I understand that the "ill is infinite$ If one "holeheartedl!
"ills not to sin& then one "on+t$

God9 *ell no"& !ou should kno"$ Do !ou tr! as hard as !ou 'an to

a%oid sinnin# or don+t !ouH

=ortal9 I honestl! don+t kno": At the time& I feel I am tr!in# as

hard as I 'an& )ut in retrose't& I am "orried that ma!)e I didn+t:

God9 So in other "ords& !ou don+t reall! kno" "hether or not !ou

ha%e )een sinnin#$ So the ossi)ilit! is oen that !ou ha%en+t )een

sinnin# at all:

=ortal9 Of 'ourse this ossi)ilit! is oen& )ut ma!)e I ha%e )een

sinnin#& and this thou#ht is "hat so fri#htens me:

God9 *h! does the thou#ht of !our sinnin# fri#hten !ouH

=ortal9 I don+t kno" "h!: 2or one thin#& !ou do ha%e a reutation

for metin# out rather #ruesome unishments in the afterlife:

God9 Oh& that+s "hat+s )otherin# !ou: *h! didn+t !ou sa! so in the

first la'e instead of all this eriheral talk a)out free "ill and resonsi)ilit!H
*h! didn+t !ou siml! re6uest me not to unish !ou

for an! of !our sinsH

=ortal9 I think I am realisti' enou#h to kno" that !ou "ould hardl!

#rant su'h a re6uest:

God9 Eou don+t sa!: Eou ha%e a realisti' kno"led#e of "hat re6uests

I "ill #rant& ehH *ell& I+ll tell !ou "hat I+m #oin# to do: I "ill #rant

!ou a %er!& %er! se'ial disensation to sin as mu'h as !ou like& and

I #i%e !ou m! di%ine "ord of honor that I "ill ne%er unish !ou for

it in the least$ A#reedH

=ortal9 -in #reat terror. No& no& don+t do that:

God9 *h! notH Don+t !ou trust m! di%ine "ordH

=ortal9 Of 'ourse I do: But don+t !ou see& I don+t "ant to sin: I

ha%e an utter a)horren'e of sinnin#& 6uite aart from an! unishments
it ma! entail$

God9 In that 'ase& I+ll #o !ou one )etter$ I+ll remo%e !ou a)horren'e

of sinnin#$ Here is a ma#i' ill: Cust s"allo" it& and !ou "ill lose all

a)horren'e of sinnin#$ !ou "ill Fo!full! and merril! sin a"a!& !ou

"ill ha%e no re#rets& no a)horren'e and I still romise !ou "ill ne%er

)e unished )! me& or !ourself& or )! an! sour'e "hate%er$ Eou "ill

)e )lissful for all eternit!$ So here is the ill:

=ortal9 No& no:

God9 Are !ou not )ein# irrationalH I am e%en remo%in# !our a)horren'e
of sin& "hi'h is !our last o)sta'le$

=ortal9 I still "on+t take it:
*h! notH
=ortal9 I )elie%e that the ill "ill indeed remo%e m! future a)horren'e
for sin& )ut m! resent a)horren'e is enou#h to re%ent me

from )ein# "illin# to take it$

God9 I 'ommand !ou to take it:

=ortal9 I refuse:

God9 *hat& !ou refuse of !our o"n free "illH

=ortal9=ortal9=ortal9=ortal9=ortal9 Ees:

God9 So it seems that !our free "ill 'omes in rett! hand!& doesn+t


=ortal9 I don+t understand:

God9 Are !ou not #lad no" that !ou ha%e free "ill to refuse su'h a

#hastl! offerH Ho" "ould !ou like it if I for'ed !ou to take this ill&

"hether !ou "anted it or notH

=ortal9 No& no: Please don+t:

God9 Of 'ourse I "on+tJ I+m Fust tr!in# to illustrate a oint$ All ri#ht&

let me ut it this "a!$ Instead of for'in# !ou to take the ill& suose

I #rant !our ori#inal ra!er of remo%in# !our free "illI)ut "ith the

understandin# that the moment !ou are no lon#er free& then !ou "ill

take the ill$

=ortal9 On'e m! "ill is #one& ho" 'ould I ossi)l! 'hoose to take

the illH

God9 I did not sa! !ou "ould 'hoose itJ I merel! said !ou "ould take

it$ Eou "ould a't& let us sa!& a''ordin# to urel! deterministi' la"

"hi'h are su'h that !ou "ould as a matter of fa't take it$

=ortal9 I still refuse$

God9 So !ou refuse m! offer to remo%e !our free "ill$ This is rather

different from !our ori#inal ra!er& isn+t itH

=ortal9 No" I see "hat !ou are u to$ Eour ar#ument is in#enious&

)ut I+m not sure it is reall! 'orre't$ There are some oints "e "ill

ha%e to #o o%er a#ain$

God9 ,ertainl!$

=ortal9 There are t"o thin#s !ou said "hi'h seem 'ontradi'tor! to

me$ 2irst !ou said that one 'annot sin unless one does so of one+s

o"n free "ill$ But then !ou said !ou "ould #i%e me a ill "hi'h

"ould deri%e me of m! o"n free "ill& and then I 'ould sin as mu'h

as I like$ But if I no lon#er had free "ill& then& a''ordin# to !our first

statement& ho" 'ould I )e 'aa)le of sinnin#H

God9 Eou are 'onfusin# t"o searate arts of our 'on%ersation$ I

ne%er said the ill "ould deri%e !ou of !our free "ill& )ut onl! that

it "ould remo%e !our a)horren'e of sinnin#$

=ortal9 I+m afraid I+m a )it 'onfused$

God9 All ri#ht& then& let us make a fresh start$ Suose I a#ree to

remo%e !our free "ill& )ut "ith the understandin# that !ou "ill then

'ommit an enormous num)er of a'ts "hi'h !ou no" re#ard as sinful$
Te'hni'all! seakin#& !ou "ill not then )e sinnin# sin'e !ou "ill

not )e doin# these a'ts of !our o"n free "ill$ And these a'ts "ill

'arr! no moral resonsi)ilit!& nor moral 'ula)ilit!& nor an! unishment
"hatsoe%er$ Ne%ertheless& these a'ts "ill all )e of the t!e "hi'h

!ou resentl! re#ard as sinfulJ the! "ill all ha%e this 6ualit! "hi'h

!ou resentl! re#ard as sinfulJ the! "ill all ha%e this 6ualit! "hi'h

!ou resentl! feel as a)horrent& )ut !our a)horren'e "ill disaearJ

so !ou "ill not then feel a)horren'e to"ards these a'ts$

=ortal9 No& )ut I ha%e resent a)horren'e to"ard the a'ts& and this

resent a)horren'e is suffi'ient to re%ent me from a''etin# !our


God9 Hm: So let me #et this a)solutel! strai#ht$ I take it !ou no

lon#er "ish me to remo%e !our free "ill$

=ortal9 -relu'tantl!. No& I #uess not$

God9 All ri#ht& I a#ree not to$ But I am still not eDa'tl! 'lear as to

"h! !ou no" no lon#er "ish to )e rid of !our free "ill$ Please tell me


=ortal9 Be'ause& as !ou ha%e told me& "ithout free "ill I "ould sin

e%en more than I do no"$

God9 But I ha%e alread! told !ou that "ithout free "ill !ou 'annot


=ortal9 But if I 'hoose no" to )e rid of free "ill& then all m! su)se6uent
e%il a'tions "ill )e sins& not of the future& )ut of the resent

moment in "hi'h I 'hoose not to ha%e free "ill$

God9 Sounds like !ou are rett! )adl! traed& doesn+t itH

=ortal9 Of 'ourse I am traed: Eou ha%e la'ed me in a hideous

dou)le )ind: No" "hate%er I do is "ron#$ If I retain free "ill& I "ill

'ontinue to sin& and if I a)andon free "ill -"ith !our hel& of 'ourse.&

I "ill no" )e sinnin# in so doin#$

God9 But )! the same token& !ou la'e me in a dou)le )ind$ I am

"illin# to lea%e !ou free "ill or remo%e it as !ou 'hoose& )ut neither

alternati%e satisfies !ou$ I "ish to hel !ou& )ut it seems I 'annot$

=ortal9=ortal9=ortal9=ortal9=ortal9 True:

God9 But sin'e it is not m! fault& "h! are still an#r! "ith meH

=ortal9 2or ha%in# la'ed me in su'h a horri)le redi'ament in the

first la'e:

God9 But& a''ordin# to !ou& there is nothin# satisfa'tor! I 'ould

ha%e done$

=ortal9 Eou mean there is nothin# satisfa'tor! !ou 'an no" do& )ut

that does not mean that there is nothin# !ou 'ould ha%e done$

God9 *h!H *hat 'ould I ha%e doneH

=ortal9 O)%iousl! !ou should ne%er ha%e #i%en me free "ill in the

first la'e$ No" that !ou ha%e #i%en it to me& it is too lateIan!thin#

I do "ill )e )ad$ But !ou should ne%er ha%e #i%en it to me in the first


God9 Oh& that+s it: *h! "ould it ha%e )een )etter had I ne%er #i%en

it to !ouH

=ortal9 Be'ause then I ne%er "ould ha%e )een 'aa)le of sinnin# at


God9 *ell& I+m al"a!s #lad to learn from m! mistakes$

=ortal9=ortal9=ortal9=ortal9=ortal9 *hat:

God9 I kno"& that sound sort of self()lashemous& doesn+t itH It

almost in%ol%es a lo#i'al aradoD: On the one hand& as !ou ha%e

)een tau#ht& it is morall! "ron# for an! sentient )ein# to 'laim that

I am 'aa)le of makin# mistakes$ On the other hand& I ha%e the

ri#ht to do an!thin#$ But I am also a sentient )ein#$ So the 6uestion

is& Do I or do I not ha%e the ri#ht 'laim that I am 'aa)le of makin#


=ortal9 That is a )ad Foke: One of !our remises is siml! false$ I

ha%e not )een tau#ht that it is "ron# for an! sentient )ein# to dou)t

!our omnis'ien'e& )ut onl! for a mortal to dou)t it$ But sin'e !ou are

not mortal& then !ou are o)%iousl! free from this inFun'tion$

God9 Good& so !ou realiGe this on a rational le%el$ Ne%ertheless& !ou

did aear sho'ked "hen I said& NI am al"a!s #lad to learn from m!


=ortal9 Of 'ourse I "as sho'ked$ I "as sho'ked not )! !our self(
)lashem! -as !ou Fokin#l! 'all it.& not )! the fa't that !ou had no

ri#ht to sa! it& )ut Fust )! the fa't that !ou did sa! it& sin'e I ha%e )een

tau#ht that as a matter of fa't !ou don+t make mistakes$ So I "as

amaGed that !ou 'laimed that it is ossi)le for !ou to make mistakes$

God9 I ha%e not 'laimed that it is ossi)le$ All I am sa!in# is that if

I make mistakes& I "ill )ee ha! to learn from them$ But this sa!s

nothin# a)out "hether the if has or e%er 'an )e realiGed$

=ortal9 1et+s lease sto 6ui))lin# a)out this oint$ Do !ou or do

!ou not admit it "as a mistake to ha%e #i%en me free "illH

God9 *ell& no" this is re'isel! "hat I roose "e should in%esti#ate$
1et me re%ie" !our resent redi'ament$ Eou don+t "ant to

ha%e free "ill )e'ause "ith free "ill !ou 'an sin& and !ou don+t "ant

to sin$ -Thou#h I find this uGGlin#J in a "a! !ou must "ant to sin&

or else !ou "ouldn+t$ But let this ass for no"$. On the other hand&

if !ou a#reed to #i%e u free "ill& then !ou "ould no" )e resonsi)le

for the a'ts of the future$ Er#o& I should ne%er ha%e #i%en !ou free

"ill in the first la'e$

=ortal9 EDa'tl!:

God9 I understand eDa'tl! ho" !ou feel$ =an! mortals (e%en some

theolo#ians ( ha%e 'omlained that I ha%e )een unfair in that it "as

I& not the! & "ho de'ided that the! should ha%e free "ill& and then I

hold them resonsi)le for their a'tions$ In other "ords& the! feel

that the! are eDe'ted to li%e u to a 'ontra't "ith me "hi'h the!

ne%er a#reed to in the first la'e$

=ortal9 EDa'tl!:

God9 As I said& I understand this feelin# erfe'tl!$ And I 'an are'iate
the Fusti'e of the 'omlaint$ But the 'omlaint onl! arises from

an unrealisti' understandin# of the true issues in%ol%ed$ I am a)out

to enli#hten !ou as to "hat these are& and I think the results "ill

surrise !ou: But instead of tellin# !ou outri#ht& I shall 'ontinue to

use the So'rati' method$

To reeat& !ou re#ret that I e%er #a%e !ou free "ill$ I 'laim that
"hen !ou see the true ramifi'ations !ou "ill no lon#er ha%e this
re#ret$ To ro%e m! oint& I+ll tell !ou "hat I+m #oin# to do$ I am
a)out to 'reate a ne" uni%erseIa ne" sa'e(time 'ontinuum$ In this
ne" uni%erse "ill )e )orn a mortal Fust like !ouIfor all ra'ti'al
uroses& "e mi#ht sa! that !ou "ill )e re)orn$ No"& I 'an #i%e this
ne" mortalIthis ne" !ouIfree "ill or not$ *hat "ould !ou like me
to doH
=ortal9 -in #reat relief.9 Oh& lease: Sare him from ha%in# to ha%e

free "ill:

God9 All ri#ht& I+ll do as !ou sa!$ But !ou do realiGe that this ne" !ou

"ithout free "ill& "ill 'ommit all sorts of horri)le a'ts$

=ortal9 But the! "ill not )e sins sin'e he "ill ha%e no free "ill$

God9 *hether !ou 'all them sins or not& the fa't remains that the!

"ill )e horri)le a'ts in the sense that the! "ill 'ause #reat ain to

man! sentient )ein#s$

=ortal9 -after a ause. Good God& !ou ha%e traed me a#ain: Al"a!s
the same #ame: If I no" #i%e !ou the #o(ahead to 'reate this ne"

'reature "ith no free "ill "ho "ill ne%ertheless 'ommit atro'ious

a'ts& then true enou#h he "ill not )e sinnin#& )ut I a#ain "ill )e the

sinner to san'tion this$

God9 In that 'ase& I+ll #o !ou one )etter: Here& I ha%e alread! de'ided

"hether to 'reate this ne" !ou "ith free "ill or not$ No"& I am

"ritin# m! de'ision on this ie'e of aer and I "on+t sho" it to !ou

until later$ But m! de'ision is no" made and is a)solutel! irre%o'a)le$
There is nothin# !ou 'an ossi)l! do to alter itJ !ou ha%e no

resonsi)ilit! in the matter$ No"& "hat I "ish to kno" is this9 *hi'h

"a! do !ou hoe I ha%e de'idedH Remem)er no"& the resonsi)ilit!

for the de'ision falls entirel! on m! shoulders& not !ours$ SO !ou

'an tell me erfe'tl! honestl! and "ithout an! fear& "hi'h "a! do

!ou hoe I ha%e de'idedH

=ortal9-after a %er! lon# ause. I hoe !ou ha%e de'ided to #i%e him

free "ill$

God9 =ost interestin#: I ha%e remo%ed !our last o)sta'le: If I do not

#i%e him free "ill& then no sin is to )e imuted to an!)od!$ So "h!

do !ou hoe I "ill #i%e him free "illH

=ortal9 Be'ause sin or no sin& the imortant oint is that if !ou do

not #i%e him free "ill& then -at least a''ordin# to "hat !ou ha%e said.

he "ill #o around hurtin# eole& and I don+t "ant to see eole


God9 -"ith an infinite si#h of relief. At last: At last !ou see the real


=ortal9 *hat oint is thatH

God9 That sinnin# is not the real issue: The imortant thin# is that

eole as "ell as other sentient )ein#s don+t #et hurt:

=ortal9 Eou sound like a utilitarian:

God9 I am a utilitarian:

=ortal9=ortal9=ortal9=ortal9=ortal9 *hat:

God9 *hats or no "hats& I am a utilitarian$ Not a ;nitarian& mind

!ou& )ut a utilitarian$

=ortal9 I Fust 'an+t )elie%e it:

God9 Ees& I kno"& !our reli#ious trainin# has tau#ht !ou other"ise$

Eou ha%e ro)a)l! thou#ht of me more like a Kantian than a utilitarian&
)ut !our trainin# "as siml! "ron#$

=ortal9 Eou lea%e me see'hless:

God9 I lea%e !ou see'hless& do IH *ell that is erhas not too )ad

a thin#I!ou ha%e a tenden'! to seak too mu'h as it is$ Seriousl!&

thou#h& "h! do !ou think I e%er did #i%e !ou free "ill in the first


=ortal9 *h! did !ouH I ne%er ha%e thou#ht mu'h a)out "h! !ou

didJ all I ha%e )een ar#uin# for is that !ou shouldn+t ha%e: But "h!

did !ouH I #uess all I 'an think of is the standard reli#ious eDlanation9
*ithout free "ill& one is not 'aa)le of meritin# either sal%ation
or damnation$ So "ithout free "ill& "e 'ould not earn the ri#ht

to eternal life$

God9 =ost interestin#: I ha%e eternal lifeJ do !ou think I ha%e e%er

done an!thin# to merit itH

=ortal9 Of 'ourse not: *ith !ou it is different$ Eou are alread! so

#ood and erfe't -at least alle#edl!. that it is not ne'essar! for !ou to

merit eternal life$

God9 Reall! no"H That uts me in a rather en%ia)le osition& doesn+t


=ortal9 I don+t think I understand !ou$

God9 Here I am eternall! )lissful "ithout e%er ha%in# to suffer or

make sa'rifi'es or stru##le a#ainst e%il temtations or an!thin# like

that$ *ithout an! of that t!e of Nmerit&O I enFo! )lissful eternal

eDisten'e$ B! 'ontrast& !ou oor mortals ha%e to s"eat and suffer and

ha%e all sorts of horri)le 'onfli'ts a)out moralit!& and all for "hatH

Eou don+t e%en kno" "hether I reall! eDist or not& or if there reall! is

an! afterlife& or if there is& "here !ou 'ome into the i'ture$ No

matter ho" mu'h !ou tr! to la'ate me )! )ein# N#ood&O !ou ne%er

ha%e an! real assuran'e that !our N)estO is #ood enou#h for me& and

hen'e !ou ha%e no real se'urit! in o)tainin# sal%ation$ Cust think of

it: I alread! ha%e the e6ui%alent of Nsal%ationOIand ha%e ne%er had

to #o throu#h this infinitel! lu#u)rious ro'ess of earnin# it$ Don+t

!ou e%er en%! me for thisH

=ortal9 But it is )lashemous to en%! !ou:

God9 Oh 'ome off it: Eou+re not no" talkin# to !our Sunda! s'hool

tea'her& !ou are talkin# to me$ Blashemous or not& the imortant

6uestion is not "hether !ou ha%e the ri#ht to )e en%ious of me )ut

"hether !ou are$ Are !ouH

=ortal9 Of 'ourse I am:

God9 Good: ;nder !our resent "orld %ie"& !ou sure should )e

most en%ious of me$ But I think "ith a more realisti' "orld(%ie"& !ou

no lon#er "ill )e$ So !ou reall! ha%e s"allo"ed the idea "hi'h has

)een tau#ht !ou that !our life on earth is like an eDamination eriod

and that the urose of ro%idin# !ou "ith free "ill is to test !ou& to

see if !ou merit )lissful eternal life$ But "hat uGGles me is this9 If

!ou reall! )elie%e I am as #ood and )ene%olent as I am 'ra'ked u to

)e& "h! should I re6uire eole to merit thin#s like hainess and

eternal lifeH *h! should I not #rant su'h thin#s to e%er!one re#ardless
of "hether or not he deser%es themH$$$

God9 RButU "e ha%e #otten sidetra'ked as it is& and I "ould like to

return to the 6uestion of "hat !ou )elie%ed m! urose to )e in

#i%in# !ou free "ill$ Eour first idea of m! #i%in# !ou free "ill in order

to test "hether !ou merit sal%ation or not ma! aeal to moralists&

)ut the idea is 6uite hideous to me$ !ou 'annot think of an! ni'er

reasonIan! more humane reasonI"h! I #a%e !ou free "illH

=ortal9 *ell no"& I on'e asked this 6uestion to an OrthodoD ra))i$

He told me that "ith the "a! "e are 'onstituted& it is siml! not

ossi)le for us to enFo! sal%ation unless "e feel "e ha%e earned it$

And to earn it& "e of 'ourse need free "ill$

God9 That eDlanation is indeed mu'h ni'er than !our former )ut

still is far from 'orre't$ A''ordin# to OrthodoD Cudaism& I 'reated

an#els& and the! ha%e no free "ill$ The! are in a'tual si#ht of me and

are so 'omletel! attra'ted )! #oodness that the! ne%er ha%e e%en the
sli#htest temtation to"ards e%il$ The! reall! ha%e no 'hoi'e in the
matter$ Eet the! are eternall! ha! e%en thou#h the! ha%e ne%er
earned it$ So if !our ra))i+s eDlanation "ere 'orre't& "h! "ouldn+t
I ha%e siml! 'reated onl! an#els rather than mortalsH
=ortal9 Beats me: *h! didn+t !ouH
God9 Be'ause the eDlanation is siml! not 'orre't$ In the first la'e&
I ha%e ne%er 'reated an! read! made an#els$ All sentient )ein#s ultimatel!
aroa'h the state "hi'h mi#ht )e 'alled Nan#elhood$O But
Fust as the ra'e of human )ein#s is in a 'ertain sta#e of )iolo#i'
e%olution& so an#els are siml! the end result of a ro'ess of ,osmi'
E%olution$ The onl! differen'e )et"een the so('alled saint and the
so('alled sinner is that the former is %astl! older than the latter$ ;nfortunatel!
it take 'ountless life '!'les to learn "hat is erhas the
most imortant fa't of the uni%erseIe%il is siml! ainful$ All the
ar#uments of the moralistIall of the alle#ed reasons "h! eole
shouldn+t 'ommit e%il a'tsIsiml! ale into insi#nifi'an'e in li#ht of
the one )asi' truth that e%il is sufferin#$
No& m! dear friend& I am not a moralist$ I am "holl! a utilitarian$
That I should ha%e )een 'on'ei%ed in the role of a moralist is one of
the #reat tra#edies of the human ra'e$ =! role in the s'heme of
thin#s -if one 'an use this misleadin# eDression. is neither to unish
nor re"ard& )ut to aid the ro'ess )! "hi'h all sentient )ein#s
a'hie%e ultimate erfe'tion$$$$
=ortal9 An!"a!& uttin# all these ie'es to#ether& it o''urs to me

that the onl! reason !ou #a%e free "ill is )e'ause of !our )elief that

"ith free "ill& eole "ill tend to hurt ea'h otherIand themsel%esI

less than "ithout free "ill$

God9 Bra%o: That is )! far the )est reason !ou ha%e !et #i%en: I 'an

assure !ou that had I 'hosen to #i%e free "ill that "ould ha%e )een

m! %er! reason for so 'hoosin#$

=ortal9 *hat: Eou mean to sa! !ou did not 'hoose to #i%e us free


God9 =! dear fello"& I 'ould no more 'hoose to #i%e !ou free "ill

than I 'ould 'hoose to make an e6uilateral trian#le e6uian#ular in

the first la'e& )ut ha%in# 'hosen to make one& I "ould then ha%e no

'hoi'e )ut to make it e6uian#ular$

=ortal9 I thou#ht !ou 'ould do an!thin#:

God9 Onl! thin#s "hi'h are lo#i'all! imossi)le$ As St$ Thomas

said& NIt is a sin to re#ard the fa't that God 'annot do the imossi)le&

as a limitation on His o"ers$O I a#ree& eD'et that in la'e of usin#

his "ord sin I "ould use the term error$

=ortal9 An!ho"& I am still uGGled )! !our imli'ation that !ou did

not 'hoose to #i%e me free "ill$

God9 *ell& it+s hi#h time I inform !ou that the entire dis'ussionI

from the %er! )e#innin#Ihas )een )ased on one monstrous falla'!:

*e ha%e )een talkin# urel! on a moral le%elI!ou ori#inall! 'omlained
that I #a%e !ou free "ill& and raised the "hole 6uestion as to

"hether I should ha%e$ It ne%er on'e o''urred to !ou that I had

a)solutel! no 'hoi'e in the matter$

=ortal9 I am still in the dark:

God9 A)solutel!: Be'ause !ou are onl! a)le to look at it throu#h the

e!es of a moralist$ The more fundamental metah!si'al ase'ts of

the 6uestion !ou ne%er e%en 'onsidered$

=ortal9 I still do not see "hat !ou are dri%in# at$

God9 Before !ou re6uested me to remo%e !our free "ill& shouldn+t

!our first 6uestion ha%e )een "hether as a matter of fa't !ou do ha%e

free "illH

=ortal9 That I siml! took for #ranted$

God9 But "h! should !ouH

=ortal9 I don+t kno"$ Do I ha%e free "illH

God9 Ees$

=ortal9 Then "h! did !ou sa!& I shouldn+t ha%e taken it for #rantedH

God9 Be'ause !ou shouldn+t$ Cust )e'ause somethin# haens to )e

true& it does not follo" that it should )e taken for #ranted$

=ortal9 An!"a!& it is reassurin# to kno" that m! natural intuition

a)out ha%in# free "ill is 'orre't$ Sometimes I ha%e )een "orried that

determinists are 'orre't$

God9 The! are 'orre't$

=ortal9 *ait a minute no"& do I ha%e free "ill or don+t IH

God9 I alread! told !ou !ou do$ But that does not mean that determinism
is in'orre't$

=ortal9 *ell& are m! a'ts determined )! the la"s of nature or aren+t


God9 The "ord determined here is su)tl! )ut o"erfull! misleadin#

and has 'ontri)uted so mu'h to the 'onfusions of the free "ill %ersus

determinism 'ontro%ersies$ Eour a'ts are 'ertainl! in a''ordan'e "ith

the la"s of nature& )ut to sa! the! are determined )! the la"s of

nature 'reates a totall! misleadin# s!'holo#i'al ima#e "hi'h is that

!our "ill 'ould someho" )e in 'onfli't "ith the la"s of nature and

that the latter is someho" more o"erful than !ou& and 'ould NdetermineO
!our a'ts "hether !ou like it or not$ But it is siml! imossi)le
for !our "ill to e%er 'onfli't "ith natural la"$ Eou and natural

la" are reall! one and the same$

=ortal9 *hat do !ou mean that I 'annot 'onfli't "ith natureH Suose
I "ere to )e'ome %er! stu))orn& and I determined not to o)e!

the la"s of nature$ *hat 'ould sto meH If I )e'ame suffi'ientl!

stu))orn& e%en !ou 'ould not sto me:

God9 Eou are a)solutel! ri#ht: I 'ertainl! 'ould not sto !ou$ Nothin#
'ould sto !ou$ But there is no need to sto !ou& )e'ause !ou

'ould not e%en start: As Goethe %er! )eautifull! eDressed it& NIn

tr!in# to oose Nature& "e are in the %er! ro'ess of doin# so&

a'tin# a''ordin# to the la"s of nature:O Don+t !ou see& that the so(
'alled Nla"s of natureO are nothin# more than a des'rition of ho"

in fa't !ou and other )ein#s do a't$ The! are merel! a des'rition of

ho" !ou a't& not a res'rition of ho" !ou should a't& not a o"er

or for'e "hi'h 'omels or determines !our a'ts$ To )e %alid a la" of

nature must take into a''ount ho" in fa't !ou do a't& or& if !ou like&

ho" !ou 'hoose to a't$

=ortal9 So !ou reall! 'laim that I am in'aa)le of determinin# to a't

a#ainst natural la"sH

God9 It is interestin# that !ou ha%e t"i'e no" used the hrase Ndetermined
to a'tO instead of N'hosen to a't$O This identifi'ation is

6uite 'ommon$ Often one uses the statement NI am determined to

do thisO s!non!mousl! "ith NI ha%e 'hosen to do this$O This %er!

s!'holo#i'al identifi'ation should re%eal that determinism and 'hoi'e

are mu'h 'loser than the! mi#ht aear$ Of 'ourse& !ou mi#ht "ell

sa! that the do'trine of free "ill sa!s that it is !ou "ho are doin# the

determinin#& "hereas the do'trine of determinism aears to sa!

that !our a'ts are determined )! somethin# aarentl! outside !ou$

But the 'onfusion is lar#el! 'aused )! !our )ifur'ation of realit! into

the N!ouO and the Nnot !ou$O Reall! no"& Fust "here do !ou lea%e off

and the rest of the uni%erse )e#inH Or "here does the rest of the

uni%erse lea%e off and !ou )e#inH On'e !ou 'an see the so('alled

N!ouO and the so('alled NnatureO as a 'ontinuous "hole& then !ou

'an ne%er a#ain )e )othered )! su'h 6uestions as "hether it is !ou

"ho are 'ontrollin# nature or nature "ho is 'ontrollin# !ou$ Thus

the muddle of free "ill %ersus determinism "ill %anish$ If I ma! use

a 'rude analo#!& ima#ine t"o )odies mo%in# to"ard ea'h other )!

%irtue of #ra%itational attra'tion$ Ea'h )od!& if sentient& mi#ht "onder
"hether it is he or the other fello" "ho is eDertin# the Nfor'e$O In

a "a! it is )oth& in a "a! it is neither$ It is )est to sa! that it is )oth&

in a "a! it is neither$ It is )est to sa! that the 'onfi#uration of the t"o

is 'ru'ial$

=ortal9 Eou said a short "hile a#o that our "hole dis'ussion "as

)ased on a monstrous falla'!$ Eou still ha%e not told me "hat this

falla'! is$

God9 *h! the idea that I 'ould ossi)l! ha%e 'reated !ou "ithout

free "ill: Eou a'ted as if this "ere a #enuine ossi)ilit!& and "ondered
"h! I did not 'hoose it: It ne%er o''urred to !ou that a sentient

)ein# "ithout free "ill is no more 'on'ei%a)le than a h!si'al o)Fe't

"hi'h eDerts no #ra%itational attra'tion$ -There is& in'identall!& more

analo#! than !ou realiGe )et"een a h!si'al o)Fe't eDertin# #ra%itational
attra'tion and a sentient )ein# eDertin# free "ill:. ,an !ou
honestl! e%en ima#ine a 'ons'ious )ein# "ithout free "illH *hat on
earth 'ould it )e likeH I think that one thin# in !our life that has so
misled !ou is !our ha%in# )een told that I #a%e man the #ift of free
"ill$ As if I first 'reated man& and then as an afterthou#ht endo"ed
him "ith the eDtra roert! of free "ill$ =a!)e !ou think I ha%e
some sort of Naint )rushO "ith "hi'h I dau) some 'reatures "ith
free "ill& and not others$ No& free "ill is not an NeDtraOJ it is art and
ar'el of the %er! essen'e of 'ons'iousness$ A 'ons'ious )ein# "ithout
free "ill is siml! a metah!si'al a)surdit!$$$
S'hardin#9 I #uess the onl! remainin# 6uestion is "h! God 'reated
an!thin# in the first la'eH Pro)a)l! )e'ause God lo%ed the idea of
sentien'e as mu'h as God lo%es God+s o"n sentien'e$ But "ould
God not ha%e 'reated sentient 'reatures on'e God thou#ht of e%en
their ossi)le eDisten'eH God lo%es e%en the smallest most imerfe't
Some ,hristian Thou#hts

Cohn Shea =!ster!9 An unauthoriGed )io#rah! of
God& #$ /5$
The follo"in# assa#e starts the Dut'h ,ate'hism9
NIn A$D$ 5/7 the monk Paulinus %isited Kin# Ed"in in northern
En#land to ersuade him to a''et ,hristianit!$ He hesitated and
de'ided to summon his ad%isers$ At the meetin# one of them stood
u and said9 PEour maFest!& "hen !ou sit at ta)le "ith !our lords and
%assals& in the "inter "hen the fire )urns "arm and )ri#ht on the
hearth and the storm is sno"in# outside& )rin#in# the sno" and the
rain& it haens of a sudden that a little )ird flies into the hall$ It
'omes in at one door and flies out throu#h the other$ 2or the fe"
moments that it is inside the hall& it does not feel the 'old& )ut as
soon as it lea%es !our si#ht& it returns to the dark of "inter$ It seems
tome that the life of man is mu'h the same$ *e do not kno" "hat
"ent )efore and "e do not kno" "hat follo"s$ If the ne" do'trine
'an seak to us surel! of these thin#s& it is "ell for us to follo" it$+
=onika Hell"i# ;nderstandin# ,atholi'ism& #$ 37
*hen "e seak of re%elation in a reli#ious sense& "e are till usin#
the "ord In more or less the same sense of a )reak(rou#h eDerien'e
in insi#ht& kno"in# and understandin# that takes us )! surrise and
introdu'es us to a ne" dimension of deth and intima'! "ith the
ultimate& the One& the sour'e and foundation and #oal of our )ein#$
This kind of )reak throu#h 'an haen in a num)er of different
"a!s9 in our eDerien'es of nature& in the "orkin#s of our o"n 'ons'ien'e
and 'ons'iousness& in ersonal relationshis "ith other
eole& and in the his(stor! of the 'ommunit!$
The most )asi' and uni%ersall! a%aila)le kind of re%elator! eDerien'e
in the reli#ious sense is the one asso'iated "ith an eDerien'e of
nature$ =ost of us ha%e at one time or another )een flooded )! a
sense of o"er& )eaut!& maFest! or m!ster! at the si#ht of #reat mountains&
%ast s"ees of sk!& the immense o'ean "ith its rh!thmi' "a%es&
the stillness of lakes& the )lanketin# 6uiet of forests$ =ost of us ha%e
at some time had a sense of an en'omassin# ro%iden'e in srin#
sunshine& "inter sno"& autumn+s )rilliant 'olors& summer+s eDtra%a#ant
a)undan'e of life& the "onder of )irth and the )alm of slee$
These and so man! other eDerien'es& not all Fo!ful ones& offer the
oortunit! for the re%elation and dis'o%er! of the all(en'omassin#
o"er and resen'es of the One "ho is #reater than "e are& rior to
us& trans'endin# our a)ilit! to #ras& our )ountiful host in the "orld
of nature& the silent )ut "el'omin# )a'kdro to all our eDerien'es
of life$ The He)re" S'ritures -kno"n to most ,hristians as the Old
Testament. are full of allusions to su'h eDerien'es& su##estin# them
as startin# oints for our ra!er that "ill lead us to deeer en'ounters
"ith the trans'endent& hidden )ut e%er(resent God$ Su'h allusions
form a 'onstant theme& for instan'e& in the salms& Ce"ish
ra!ers "hi'h ,hristians 'ontinued to ra! from the earliest ,hristian
times& as indeed Cesus himself did$
EliGa)eth Cohnson *omen& Earth and ,reator
Sirit #$ //
Three )asi' relationshis9 human )ein#s "ith nature& amon# themsel%es&
and "ith God$ In ea'h instan'e the maFor 'lassi'al attern of
relationshi is shaed )! hierar'hi'al dualism& that is& modeled on
the dominan'e of rulin# male elites and the su)Fu#ation of "hat is
identified as female& 'osmi'& or forei#n& an under'lass "ith onl! instrumental
%alue$ As the e'olo#i'al 'risis makes 'r!stal 'lear& the olariGation
of ea'h air+s terms is nothin# short of disastrous in its
inter'onne'ted effe'ts$ Our e!es ha%e )een )linded to the sa'redness
of the earth& "hi'h is linked to the eD'lusion of "omen from the
shere of the sa'red& "hi'h is tied to fo'us on a monar'hi'al& atriar'hal
idea of God and a 'onse6uent for#ettin# of the ,reator Sirit&
the li%e#i%er "ho is intimatel! related to the Earth$
In the 6uest for an e'olo#i'al ethi' #rounded in reli#ious truth&
these three relationshis need to )e rethou#ht to#ether$ But "e must
)e "ar! of roads that lead to dead(ends$ I think it is a Strate#i' mistake
to retain the dualisti' "a! of thinkin# and hoe to make an
ad%an'e siml! )! assi#nin# #reater %alue to the reressed NfeminineO
side of the olarit!$ This is to kee "omen& earth& and Sirit in
their reassi#ned )oD& "hi'h is a 'ramed& su)ordinate la'e$ E%en
if "hat has re%iousl! )een disara#ed is no" hi#hl! are'iated&
this strate#! does not allo" for the fullest flourishin# of "hat is 'onfined
to one ole )! re(assi#ned definition$ In truth& "omen are not
an! 'loser to nature than men are$ This is a 'ultural 'onstru't$ In
truth& "omen are e%er! )it as rational as men& e%er! )it as 'oura#eous&
e%er! )it as 'aa)le of initiati%e$ At the same time& re'isel!
)e'ause "omen ha%e )een so identified "ith nature& our %oi'es at
this moment in time 'an seak out for the %alue of desised matter&
)odies& and nature e%en as "e assert that "omen+s rational and siritual
'aa'ities are e6ual to those of men$ *hat "e sear'h for is a "a!
to under'ut the dualism and to 'onstru't a ne"& "holesti' desi#n for
all of realit! )uilt on are'iation of differen'e in a #enuine 'ommunit!$
*e seek a unif!in# %ision that does not stratif! "hat is distin't
into suerior(inferior la!ers )ut re'on'iles them in relation shis of
mutualit!$ 1et us then listen to "omen+s "isdom& dis'ern our kinshi
"ith the earth& and remem)er the Sirit& as "e ste to"ard an
e'olo#i'al ethi' and siritualit!$
*omen& Earth and ,reator Sirit#$ 0@ NIron in
our BloodO
A 'ru'ial insi#ht emer#es from this 'reation stor! of 'osmi' and
)iolo#i'al e%olution$ The kinshi model of humankind+s relation to
the "orld is not Fust a oeti'& #ood(hearted "a! of seein# thin#s )ut
the )asi' truth$ *e are 'onne'ted in a most rofound "a! to the
uni%erse& ha%in# emer#ed from it$ E%ents in the #alaDies rodu'ed
the iron that makes our )lood red and the 'al'ium that makes our
)ones and teeth "hite$ These and other hea%! elements "ere 'ooked
in the interior of stars and then disersed "hen the! died to form a
se'ond #eneration solar s!stem "ith its lanets& on one of "hi'h the
e%olution of life and 'ons'iousness follo"ed$ In the "ords of s'ientist
Arthur Pea'o'ks9
N E%er! atom of iron in our )lood "ould not ha%e )een there had
it not )een rodu'ed in some #ala'ti' eDlosion )illions of !ears a#o
and e%entuall! 'ondensed to form the iron in the 'rust of the earth
from "hi'h "e ha%e emer#ed$O
,hemi'all!& humanit! is all of a ie'e "ith the 'osmos$ The same
is true of our #enes$ =ole'ular )iolo#! sho"s that the same four
)ases make u the DNA of almost all li%in# thin#s$ The #eneti'
stru'ture of 'ells in our )odies is remarka)l! similar to the 'ells in
other 'reatures& )a'teria& #rasses& fish& horses& the #reat #ra! "hales$
*e ha%e all e%ol%ed from 'ommon an'estors and are kin in this
shared& un)roken #eneti' histor!$ To ut it more oeti'all!& "e human
)ein#s as h!si'al or#anisms 'arr! "ithin oursel%es Pthe si#nature
of the suerno%as and the #eolo#! and life histor! of the Earth$+
1i%in# in the resent moment& furthermore& in%ol%es us in a 'ontinuous
eD'han#e of material "ith the earth and other li%in# 'reatures$
E%er! time "e )reathe "e take in millions of atoms )reathed
)! the rest of humanit! "ithin the last t"o "eeks$ In our )odies
se%en er'ent of the rotein mole'ules )reak do"n ea'h da! and
ha%e to )e re)uilt out of matter from the earth -food. and ener#!
from the sun$ Se%en er'ent er da! is the statisti'al measure of our
inter deenden'e$ In %ie" of the 'onsistent re'!'lin# of the human
)od!& the eidermis of our skin 'an )e likened e'olo#i'all! to a ond
surfa'e& not so mu'h a shell or "all as a la'e of eD'han#e$ In a %er!
real sense the "orld is our )od!$
Ori#inal 1ilith =!th
After the Hol! One 'reated the first human )ein#& Adam& God
said9 NIt is not #ood for Adam to )e alone$O God 'reated a "oman&
also from the Earth& and 'alled her 1ilith$
The! 6uarreled immediatel!$ She said9 NI "ill not lie )elo" !ou$O
He said& NI "ill not lie )elo" !ou& )ut a)o%e !ou$ 2or !ou are fit to )e
)elo" me and I a)o%e !ou$O
She resonded9 N*e are )oth e6ual )e'ause "e )oth 'ome from
the earth$O
Neither listened to the other$ *hen 1ilith realiGed "hat "as haenin#&
she ronoun'ed the Ineffa)le Name of God and fle" off
into the air$
Adam rose in ra!er )efore the ,reator& sa!in#& NThe "oman !ou
#a%e me has fled from me$O Immediatel! the Hol! One sent three
an#els after her$
The hol! one said to Adam9 NIf she "ants to return& all the )etter$
If not& she "ill ha%e to a''et that one hundred of her 'hildren "ill
die e%er! da!$O
The an#els "ent after her& finall! lo'atin# her in the sea& in the
o"erful "aters in "hi'h the E#!tians "ere destined to erish$ The!
told her "hat God had said& and she did not "ant to return$ -A1PHABET
And God 'reated the human se'ies in God+s o"n ima#e$$$ male
and female 'reated God them$ -Genesis 39/7.
S'ottish Gaeli' Poetr!

Editor+s Note9 This 'olle'tion is from the )ookNuadh Barda'hdV =odern
S'ottish Gaeli' Poetr! -!ou "on+t find it in the 1i)rar!. "ith 'olle'tions
from man! authors "ith En#lish translations$ I ha%e met and talked
"ith these authors "hile in S'otland$
The Heron

)! Sorle! =a'lean
)! Sorle! =a'lean)! Sorle! =a'lean)! Sorle! =a'lean)! Sorle! =a'lean)! Sorle! =a'lean
A ale !ello" moon on the sk!line&

the heart o the soil "ithout a thro) of lau#hter&

If a 'hilliness 'ontemtuous

of #olden "indo"s in a snak! sea$
It is not the frail )eaut! of the moon

nor the 'old lo%eliness of the sea

nor the emt! tale of the shore+s uroar

that sees throu#h m! sirit to(ni#ht$
2aintness in strife&

the 'hin of Death in essen'e&

'o"ardi'e in the heart&

and )elief in nothin#I
A heron 'an "ith drooin# head

and stood on to of sea("ra'k&

she folded her "in#s 'lose in to her sides

and took sto'k of all around her$
Alone )eside the sea&

like a mind alone in the uni%erse&

her reason like man+sI

the sum of it ho" to #et a meat
A restless mind seekin#&

a more restless flesh returned&

unrest and slee "ithout a #leamJ

musi'& delirium& and an hour of rature$
The hour of rature is the 'lear hour

that 'omes from the darkened )lind )rain&

horiGon()reakin# to the si#ht&

a smile affair "eather in the illusion$
On the )are stones of the shore&

o)ser%in# the slieriness of a 'alm sea&

listenin# to the sea+s s"allo"in#

and )rine ru))in# on the stones$
Alone in the %astness of the uni%erse&

thou#h her ina''essi)le kin are man!&

and )urstin# on her from the #ale

the onset of the )ri#ht )lue #od$
I am "ith !ou )ut alone&

lookin# at the 'oldness of the le%el k!le&

listenin# to the sur#e on a ston! shore

)reakin# on the )are fla#stones of the "orld$
*hat is m! thou#ht more than the heron+s9

the )eaut! of moon and restless sea&

food and slee and dream&

)rain& flesh& and temtationHH
a dream of rature "ith one thrust

'omin# in its season "ithout stint&

"ithout sorro"& "ithout dou)t& )ut one deli#ht&

the strai#ht un)endin# la" of herons$
=! dream eDer'ised "ith sorro"&

)roken& a"r!& "ith the #litter of temtation&

"ounded& "ith one sarkle& 'hurlishJ

)rain& heart& and lo%e trou)led$

The Great Artist

Ian Smith
Ian SmithIan SmithIan SmithIan SmithIan Smith
In the silen'e of the "ood

"here the sun

#ilds the "inter #rass

and e%er!thin# is still

in the 'learin#&

I thou#ht of the #reat artistI

so skilled a ainter&

so fluent a musi'ian&

the "orld+s 'hief oet9

I thou#ht that He

also deser%ed raise&

that He "ished to )e eDtolled

for His terri)le %isionsI

I "ill 'ertain& take His i'ture home

and han# it

)eside the Pi'asso$

The )irds "ill sin# their lo%e

in the hainess )et"een us$


,olle'ted )! Donald =orrison& o$d$a$l$
,olle'ted )! Donald =orrison& o$d$a$l$,olle'ted )! Donald =orrison& o$d$a$l$,olle'ted )! Donald
=orrison& o$d$a$l$,olle'ted )! Donald =orrison& o$d$a$l$,olle'ted )! Donald =orrison& o$d$a$l$

2rom2aith and Pra'ti'e of 1ondon Eearl! =eetin# of The So'iet! of 2riends9

The life of a reli#ious so'iet! 'onsists in somethin# of rin'iles it
rofesses and the outer #arments of or#aniGation it "ears$ These
thin#s ha%e their o"n imortan'e9 the! em)od! the so'iet! to the
"orld& and rote't it from the 'han'e and 'han#e of 'ir'umstan'eJ
)ut the srin#s of life are deeer& and often es'ae re'o#nition$ The!
are to )e found in the %ital union of the so'iet! "ith God and "ith
one another& a union "hi'h allo"s the free flo"in# throu#h the so'iet!
of siritual life "hi'h is its stren#th$ Su'h "ords as Ndis'ileshi&O
Nfello"shi&O N)rotherhood&O des'ri)e these 'entral srin#s of
reli#ious fello"shi$$$$
A Starfish

Anon!mous& 'olle'ted )! S'hardin#
Anon!mous& 'olle'ted )! S'hardin#Anon!mous& 'olle'ted )! S'hardin#Anon!mous& 'olle'ted )!
S'hardin#Anon!mous& 'olle'ted )! S'hardin#Anon!mous& 'olle'ted )! S'hardin#

One da! a !oun# man "as "alkin# alon# a deserted )ea'h$ He
sa" a frail old man )end o%er and i'k u a starfish and ut it )a'k
into the re'edin# o'ean$ He "at'hed for a"hile& and to his amaGement&
the old man i'ked u one starfish after another and la'ed it
)a'k into the "ater$ The !oun# man "alked u to the old man& "ho
"as holdin# a small starfish in his hand& and said&
NOld man& "h! are !ou uttin# starfishes into the o'ean$O
NThe! "ill die on the dr!in# sand unless I ut them into the
"ater$O he relied$
NBut that+s sill!: There are thousands of )ea'hes in the "orld and
millions of starfish "ho "ill die ea'h da!$ *h! should !ou "aste
!our time on su'h a meanin#less a't$O
The old man aused& and in rel! he tossed the starfish far out into
the "ater$ After a "hile he soke& NIt makes a differen'e to this one$O
The Island "ith T"o ,hur'hes
The *it and *isdom of Islam
'olle'ted )! Sam Adams& o$d$a$l$& #r$& )e$
'olle'ted )! Sam Adams& o$d$a$l$& #r$& )e$'olle'ted )! Sam Adams& o$d$a$l$& #r$& )e$'olle'ted )! Sam
Adams& o$d$a$l$& #r$& )e$'olle'ted )! Sam Adams& o$d$a$l$& #r$& )e$'olle'ted )! Sam Adams& o$d$a$l$& #r$&
A *elshman "as shi"re'ked uon a deserted island for t"ent!
!ears )efore a res'ue art! finall! dis'o%ered him$ The *elshman
"as deli#hted at his res'ue& )ut "ished to sho" his res'uers all the
"ork that he had done$ He had missed 'i%iliGation #reatl!& so he had
'ut do"n se%eral trees in order to )uild a %illa#e$ There "as a )ank&
a theatre& a u)& a hotel& a Fail and t"o 'hur'hes$ *hen the res'uers
sa" the t"o 'hur'hes the! asked him "h! he had )uilt t"o 'hur'hes$
He smu#l! relied& NEou see the one on the leftH That+s the one I
don+t #o to:O
Sufism is a #eneri' *estern term for the %arious m!sti'al orders of the
=uslims$ It "ould )e too diffi'ult to tr! to eDlain them or e%en to 'omare
them to an! other #rou$ Sufis are Sufis$ Shelton and I re'ommend
further readin#s on Sufis )! the author Idries Shah$ One interestin# 'hara'teristi'
a)out them is that the! are kno"n for a sense of humor& often
"ith reli#ious undertones$ T"o of their most rekno"ned fool(sa#es in their
Fokes are =ulla Nasruddin and Bohlul$ Please enFo! these lessons& "hi'h
are dis#uised as Fokes& that ha%e )een 'olle'ted from throu#hout the =uslim
"orld$ These sele'tions reresent onl! the ti of an i'e)er#& so if !ou
like these stories then sear'h out further 'olle'tions$
The 2ool and the Kin#
One da!& Bohlul "alked into 'ourt and sat himself do"n uon
the ro!al throne of Kin# Harun$ The entire 'ourt "as in'ensed )!
Bohlul+s imuden'e& so the! )e#an to )eat him "ith sti'ks and to
elt him "ith stones$ Then the! dra##ed him from the throne and
thre" him out of the ala'e$
Bohlul dusted himself off and "ent to talk "ith Kin# Harun and
said& NI onl! sat on the throne for one minute and the 'ourtiers
nearl! )eat me to death: God ha%e it! on the man "ho must rule
there for his entire life:O
The Breakin#
Nasrudin "as transortin# a #reat #rindin# stone to a ne" site
and t"o other men "ere helin# him to 'arr! it$ *hile transortin#
it a'ross a trea'herous #or#e& it slied and fell a #reat distan'e and
)roke into se%eral ie'es$
Nasrudin )e#an to lau#h "ithout 'ontrol and this #reatl! an#ered
the other t"o men$ NSee here no"& Nasrudin&O the! 'ried& N*e ha%e
'arried that stone a #reat distan'e and no" it is useless to us$ *e
ha%e "asted a #reat deal of effort$O
NDo not )e an#r! "ith me&O Nasrudin relied& NI "as not lau#hin#
at our loss& )ut instead I "as reFoi'in# for the #rindin# stone$ 2or
man! !ears it has )een in )onda#e& )usil! #rindin# and turnin# out
flour& "hen all it had to do to es'ae "as to )reak:O
The Stink of Greed
At e%er! "eekl! )aGaar& the to"n+s fool "as seen in'hin# his
nose neDt to the mer'hants+ ta)les$ After a "hile& a to"nsman asked
him "h! he in'hed his nose$
NBe'ause& the )aGaar stinks "ith #reed$O relied the 2ool$
NThen don+t sit in the )aGaar$O instru'ted the to"nsman$
NThere+s no su'h es'ae for me& )e'ause I+m #reed! too$O lamented
the 2ool& NI "ant to stud! their i#norant "a! of life in order to learn
from it$O
The ,laim
A man 'laimin# to )e God "as taken )efore the ,alih$
The ,alih told the risoner& N1ast !ear& someone 'laimin# to )e
the se'ond 'omin# of the Prohet "as eDe'uted$O
NSer%es him ri#ht&O relied the risoner& N I hadn+t sent him !et$O
A 'ertain 'on6ueror said to Nasrudin9
N=ulla& all the #reat rulers of the ast had honorifi' titles "ith the
name of God in them9 there "as& for instan'e& God(Gifted& and God(
A''eted& and so on$ *hat "ould )e the )est name for meHO
NGod 2or)id&O said Nasrudin$
The =ueGGin+s ,all
One da! =ulla "as a'tin# as =ueGGin and 'allin# the 'it! to mornin#
ra!ers from the to of a tall minaret$ After ea'h %o'aliGation& he
"ould Goom do"n the stairs and ra'e out into the near)! streets$
After doin# this se%eral times& a asser)! asked him "h! he did this$
=ulla relied& NI am %er! roud of m! 'allin#& and I "ish to hear
ho" far m! %oi'e 'an )e dis'erned$O
The Drum
A foD "as ro"lin# in a forest one da! and sa" a drum 'au#ht u
hi#h in a tree$ The o''asional )reeGe ushed a tree lim) into the
drum& makin# a "onderful sound$
The foD "as imressed and thou#ht& N*ith su'h a )eautiful noise&
there must )e #ood innards inside of it to eat$O
After the foD had done his "ork& and had mana#ed to tear oen
the skin of the drum& he found it emt! and onl! full of air$
The =aFest! of the Sea
Re#all! the "a%es "ere hurlin# themsel%es uon the ro'ks& ea'h
dee()lue 'ur%e 'rested )! "hitest foam$ Seein# this si#ht for the first
time& Nasrudin "as momentaril! o%er"helmed$
Then he "ent near to the seashore& took a little "ater in his 'ued
hand and tasted it$
N*h!&O said the =ulla& Nto think that somethin# "ith su'h retensions
is not "orth drinkin#$O
Nasrudin "as )ein# inter%ie"ed for emlo!ment in a deartment
store$ The ersonnel mana#er asked him9
N*e like am)itious men here$ *hat sort of a Fo) are !ou afterHO
NAll ri#ht&O said Nasrudin& NI+ll ha%e !our Fo)$O
NAre !ou madH:O
NI ma! "ell )e&O said the =ulla& N)ut is that a ne'essar! 6ualifi'ationHO
The A'6uaintan'e
One da!& =ulla Nasruddin "as tra%elin# do"n a rural road "hen
he sa" a #reat host of i'ni'kers ha%in# a #reat feast$ *ithout a
"ord& =ulla "alked into the 'ro"d& sat do"n& and )e#an to eat "ith
these stran#ers$
One of the i'ni'kers aused in his eatin#& turned to =ulla& and
asked him& NHo" man! do !ou kno" hereHO
=ulla relied& NI onl! kno" the )read& the 'heese& the dates and
the melons$ That is enou#h$O
The Guest
=ulla Nasruddin "ent to sta! at the house of a friend for a fe"
"eeks$ Ho"e%er )! the se'ond da!& his host and his hostess )e#an to
take a dislike for Nasruddin$ The! )e#an to lot for an eD'use to rid
themsel%es of his 'oman!$ The! de%ised a s'heme in "hi'h the!
"ould retend to ha%e a fi#ht and ask Nasruddin to adFudi'ate a
de'ision in fa%or of the hus)and or the "ife$ After that& the other
art! "ould take offense and ki'k him out of the house& and ossi)l!
ha%e him )eaten too$
NB! Allah "ho "ill rote't !ou on the Fourne! that is )ut one da!
a"a!&O said the host& NTell us "ho is in the ri#ht& m!self or m! "ife$O
NB! Allah "ho "ill )e m! rote'tor in this house durin# these
three "eeks&O relied =ulla& NI don+t kno"$O
The =an "ith a Reall! ;#l! 2a'e
There on'e "as a man! "ith su'h an u#l! fa'e& that fe" 'ould
stand to look at him$ Desite this& the u#l! man ne%er a'ted as if he
"as em)arrassed to )e seen in u)li'$ *hen asked a)out his 'urious
)oldness& he relied& NI ha%e ne%er had to see m! o"n fa'e& )e'ause
it is fiDed to m! head$ Therefore& let the others "orr! a)out it$O
The =irror
A 2ool "as "alkin# do"n a road "hen he sa" a %alua)le sil%er
mirror l!in# in the road$ He i'ked u the mirror and sa" his refle'tion$
Immediatel! he la'ed the mirror )a'k on the road and aolo#iGed&
NI+m sorr!& I didn+t kno" that the mirror )elon#ed to !ou:O
Is it meH
Nasrudin "ent into a )ank "ith a 'he6ue to 'ash$
N,an !ou identif! !ourselfH asked the 'lerk$
Nasrudin took out a mirror and eered into it$
NEes& that+s me all ri#ht&O he said$
The G!s! and his Son
One da!& a #!s! "as 'ursin# and !ellin# at his indolent son$
NEou laG! idler: Do !our "ork and do not )e idle$ Eou must imro%e
!our Fu##lin# and 'lo"nin# in order to earn a li%in# and to imro%e
!our life:O
Then the G!s! raised a fin#er in "arnin#& NIf !ou don+t do as I
sa!& I+ll thro" !ou in s'hool& to #ather lots of useless stuid kno"led#e&
)e'ome a learned man& and send the rest of !our life in "ant
and miser!:O
*here there+s a "ill$$$
N=ulla& =ulla& m! son has "ritten from the A)ode of 1earnin# to
sa! that he has 'omletel! finished his studies:O
N,onsole !ourself& madam& "ith the thou#ht that God "ill no
dou)t send him more$O
The Sermon of Nasrudin
One da! the %illa#ers thou#ht the! "ould la! a Foke on Nasrudin$
As he "as suosed to )e a hol! man of some indefina)le sort& the!
"ent to him and asked him to rea'h a sermon in their mos6ue$ He
*hen the da! 'ame& Nasrudin mounted the ulit and soke9
NO eole: Do !ou kno" "hat I am #oin# to tell !ouHO
NNo& "e do not kno"&O the! 'ried$
N;ntil !ou kno"& I 'annot sa!$ Eou are too i#norant to make a
start on&O said the =ulla& o%er'ome "ith indi#nation that su'h i#norant
eole should "aste his time$ He des'ended from the ulit
and "ent home&
Sli#htl! 'ha#rined& a deutation "ent to his house a#ain& and asked
him to rea'h the follo"in# 2rida!& the da! of ra!er$
Nasrudin started his sermon "ith the same 6uestion as )efore$
This time the 'on#re#ation ans"ered& as one %oi'e9
NEes& "e kno"$O
NIn that 'ase&O said the =ulla& Nthere is no need for me to detain
!ou lon#er$ Eou ma! #o$O And he returned home$
Ha%in# )een re%ailed uon to rea'h for the third 2rida! in su''ession&
he started his address as )efore9
NDo !ou kno" or do !ou notHO
The 'on#re#ation "as read!J NSome of us do& and others do not$O
NED'ellent&O said Nasrudin& Nthen let those "ho kno" 'ommuni'ate
their kno"led#e to those "ho do not$O
And he "ent home$
Nasrudin and the *ise =en
The Philosohers& lo#i'ians and do'tors of the la" "ere dra"n u
at ,ourt to eDamine Nasrudin$ This "as a serious 'ase& )e'ause he
had admitted #oin# from %illa#e to %illa#e sa!in#9 NThe so('alled "ise
men are i#norant& irresolute and 'onfused$O He "as 'har#ed "ith
underminin# the se'urit! of the State$
NEou ma! seak first&O said the Kin#$
NHa%e aer and ens )rou#ht&O said the =ulla$
Paer and ens "ere )rou#ht$
NGi%e some to ea'h of the first se%en sa%ants$O
The! "ere distri)uted$
NHa%e them searatel! "rite an ans"er to this 6uestion9 P*hat is
This "as done$
The aers "ere handed to the Kin#& "ho read them out9
The first said9 NBread is a food$O
The se'ond9 NIt is flour and "ater$O
The third9 NA #ift of God$O
The fourth9 NBaked dou#h$O
The fifth9 N,han#ea)le& a''ordin# to ho" !ou mean P)read+$O
The siDth9 NA nutritious su)stan'e$O
The Se%enth9 NNo)od! reall! kno"s$O
N*hen the! de'ide "hat )read is&O said Nasrudin& Nit "ill )e ossi)le
for them to de'ide other thin#s$ 2or eDamle& "hether I am
ri#ht or "ron#$ ,an !ou entrust matters of assessment and Fud#ment
to eole like thisH Is it or is it not stran#e that the! 'annot a#ree
a)out somethin# "hi'h the! eat ea'h da!& !et the! are unanimous
that I am a hereti'HO
2irst Thin#s first
To the Sufi& erhas the #reatest a)surdit! in life is the "a! in
"hi'h eole stri%e for thin#sIsu'h as kno"led#eI"ithout the )asi'
e6uiment for a'6uirin# them$ The! ha%e assumed that all the! need
is Nt"o e!es& a nose and a mouth&O as Nasrudin sa!$
In Sufism& a erson 'annot learn until he is in a state in "hi'h he
'an er'ei%e "hat he is learnin#& and "hat it means$
Nasrudin "ent one da! to a "ell& in order to tea'h this oint to a
dis'ile "ho "anted to kno" Nthe truth$O *ith him he took the
dis'ile and a )roken it'her$
The =ulla dre" a )u'ket of "ater& and oured it into his it'her$
Then he dre" another& and oured it in$ As he "as ourin# in the
third& the dis'ile 'ould not 'ontain himself an! lon#er9
N=ulla& the "ater is runnin# out$ There is no )ottom on that
Nasrudin looked at him indi#nantl!$ NI am tr!in# to fill the it'her$
In order to see "hen it is full& m! e!es are fiDed uon the ne'k& not
the )ottom$ *hen I see the "ater rise to the ne'k& the it'her "ill )e
full$ *hat has the )ottom #ot to do "ith itH *hen I am interested in
the )ottom of the it'her& then onl! "ill I look at it$O
This is "h! Sufis do not seak a)out rofound thin#s to eole
"ho are not reared to 'ulti%ate the o"er of learnin#Isomethin#
"hi'h 'an onl! )e tau#ht )! a tea'her to someone "ho is suffi'ientl!
enli#htened to sa!9 NTea'h me ho" to learn$O
There is a Sufi sa!in#9 NI#noran'e is ride& and ride is i#noran'e$
The man "ho sa!s& PI don+t ha%e to )e tau#ht ho" to learn+ is roud
and i#norant$O Nasrudin "as illustratin#& in this stor!& the identit! of
these t"o states& "hi'h ordinar! human kind 'onsiders to )e t"o
different thin#s$
*hose Shot "as thatH
The 2air "as in full s"in#& and Nasrudin+s senior dis'ile asked
"hether he and his fello"(students mi#ht )e allo"ed to %isit it$
N,ertainl!&O said NasrudinJ Nfor this is an ideal oortunit! to
'ontinue ra'ti'al tea'hin#$O
The =ulla headed strai#ht for the shootin#(#aller!& one of the
#reat attra'tions9 for lar#e riGes "ere offered for e%en one )ull+s(e!e$
At the aearan'e of the =ulla and his flo'k the to"nsfolk #athered
around$ *hen Nasrudin himself took u the )o" and three
arro"s& tension mounted$ Here& surel!& it "ould )e demonstrated
that Nasrudin sometimes o%errea'hed himself$$
NStud! me attenti%el!$O The =ulla fleDed the )o"& tilted his 'a to
the )a'k of his head like a soldier& took 'areful aim and fired$ The
arro" "ent %er! "ide of the mark$
There "as a roar of derision from the 'ro"d& and Nasrudin+s
uils stirred uneasil!& mutterin# to one another$ The =ulla turned
and fa'ed them all$ NSilen'e: This "as a demonstration of ho" the
soldier shoots$ He is often "ide of the mark$ That is "h! he loses
"ars$ At the moment "hen I fired I "as identified "ith a soldier$ I
said to m!self& PI am a soldier& firin# at the enem!$+O
He i'ked u the se'ond arro"& slied it into the )o" and t"eaked
the strin#$ The arro" fell short& half"a! to"ards the tar#et$ There
"as a dead silen'e$
NNo"&O said Nasrudin to the 'oman!& N!ou ha%e seen the shot of
a man "ho "as too ea#er to shoot& !et "ho ha%in# failed at his first
shot& "as too ner%ous to 'on'entrate$ The arro" fell short$O
E%en the stallholder "as fas'inated )! these eDlanations$ The
=ulla turned non'halantl! to"ards the tar#et& aimed and let his arro"
fl!$ It hit the %er! 'enter of the )ull+s e!e$ 8er! deli)eratel! he
sur%e!ed the riGes& i'ked the one "hi'h he like )est& and started to
"alk a"a!$ A 'lamor )roke out$
NSilen'e:O said Nasrudin& N1et one of !ou ask me "hat !ou all
seem to "ant to kno"$O
2or a moment no)od! soke$ Then a !okel shuffled for"ard$ N*e
"ant to kno" "ho fired the third shot$O
NThatH Oh& that "as me$O
The Same Stren#th
Nasruddin attended a le'ture )! a man "ho "as tea'hin# a hilosoh!
handed do"n to him )! someone "ho li%ed t"ent! !ears
)efore$ The =ulla asked9
NIs this hilosoh!& in its resent form& as ali'a)le toda!& amon#
a different 'ommunit!& as it "as t"o de'ades a#oHO
NOf 'ourse it is&O said the le'turer$ NThat is Fust an eDamle of the
ridi'ulous 6uestions "hi'h eole ask$ A tea'hin# al"a!s remains
the same9 truth 'annot alter:O
Some time later& =ulla Nasrudin aroa'hed the same man for a
Fo) as a #ardener$
NEou seem rather old&O said the le'turer& Nand I am not sure that
!ou 'an mana#e the Fo)$O
NI ma! look different&O said Nasrudin& NBut I ha%e the same stren#th
I had t"ent! !ears a#o$O
He #ot the Fo) on the stren#th of his assuran'e$
Soon after"ards& the hilosoher asked Nasrudin to shift a a%in#(
stone from one art of the #arden to another$ Tu# as he mi#ht&
the =ulla 'ould not lift it$
NI thou#ht !ou said that !ou "ere as stron# as !ou "ere t"ent!
!ears a#o&O said the sa#e$
NI am&O ans"ered Nasrudin& NeDa'tl! as stron#$ T"ent! !ears a#o I
'ould not ha%e lifted it& either:O
The 8alue of the Past
Nasrudin "as sent )! the Kin# to in%esti#ate the lore of %arious
kinds of Eastern m!sti'al tea'hers$ The! all re'ounted to him talks of
the mira'les and the sa!in#s of the founders and #reat tea'hers& all
lon# dead& of their s'hools$
*hen he returned home he su)mitted his reort& "hi'h 'ontained
the sin#le "ord N,arrots$O
He "as 'alled uon to eDlain himself$ Nasrudin told the Kin#9
NThe )est art is )uriedJ fe" kno"IeD'et the farmerI)! the #reen
that there is oran#e under#roundJ if !ou don+t "ork for it& it "ill
deteriorateJ and there are a #reat man! donke!s asso'iated "ith it$O
Se'ond Thou#hts
Hundreds of eole "ere streamin# a"a! from the e%enin# meetin#
of a 'ertain Sufi& "hile Nasrudin "as makin# his "a! to"ards
that house$ Suddenl! Nasrudin sat do"n in the middle of the road$
One of the eole stoed and asked9
N*hat are !ou doin#HO
Nasrudin said9 N*ell& I "as #oin# to the house of that Sufi$ But
sin'e e%er!one else is #oin# a"a! from it& I+m ha%in# se'ond thou#hts$O
The Or'hard
A man snu'k into another man+s or'hard and filled his aron
"ith lemons$ On his "a! out of the or'hard he "as 'au#ht )! the
o"ner$ The o"ner demanded& NHa%e !ou no shame )efore GodHO
The man 'asuall! relied& NI don+t see an! reason to )e ashamed$
One of God+s 'reatures "ants to eat a 'oule of God+s dates from
one of God+s trees on God+s Earth$O
The o"ner 'alled to his #ardner& NBrin# me a roe& so that I ma!
demonstrate m! rel!$O A roe "as )rou#ht and the thief "as tied to
a tree$ The o"ner took a sti'k and )e#an to fier'el! )eat the thief$
The thief 'ried out& N2or God+s sake& sto it: Eou+re killin# me:O
The o"ner 'ooll! told the thief& NCust a 'reature of God is hittin#
another 'reature of God "ith a sti'k from one of God+s trees$ E%er!thin#
is His and I& His ser%ant and sla%e& do "hat He ordains$ *ho+s
to )lameHO
NGreat 6ui))ler&O "himered the thief& N2rom this da! on& I #i%e
u m! Gealous Determinism$ Eou made me see the truth of 2ree
The Grammarian
Nasruddin sometimes took eole for tris in his )oat$ One da! a
fuss! eda#o#ue hired him to ferr! him a'ross a %er! "ide ri%er$ As
soon as the! "ere afloat the s'holar asked "hether it "as #oin# to )e
a rou#h ride$
NDon+t ask me nothin# a)out it&O said Nasrudin$
NHa%e !ou ne%er studied #rammarHO
NNo$O relied the =ulla$
NThen half of !our life has )een "asted$O 'lu'ked the Grammarian$
Storm 'louds )e#an to fill the sk! and o"erful "inds dra##ed the
)oat into the raids and dan#erousl! dee eddies$ The )oat "as
smashed and )e#an to 6ui'kl! fill "ith "ater$
Nasrudin asked the Grammarian& NHa%e !ou e%er learned to s"imHO
NNo& 'ertainl! not:$O the Grammarian said "ith a retentious sniff$
NIn that 'ase&O relied the )oatman& Nall of !our life is lost& for "e
are sinkin#$O
Not a #ood uil
One da! =ulla Nasrudin found a tortoise$ He tied it to his )elt
and 'ontinued his "ork in the fields$ The tortoise started to stru##le$
The =ulla held it u and asked9
N*hat+s the matter& don+t !ou "ant to learn ho" to lou#hHO
Hidden Deths
One da! the =ulla "as in the market and sa" small )irds for sale
at fi%e hundred reals ea'h$ N=! turke!&O he thou#ht& N"hi'h is lar#er
than an! of these& is "orth far more$O
The neDt da! he took his et turke! to market$ No)od! "ould
offer him more than L? reals for it$ The =ulla )e#an to shout9
NO eole: This is a dis#ra'e: Eesterda! !ou "ere sellin# )irds
onl! half this siGe at ten times the ri'e$O
Someone interruted him NNasrudin& those "ere arrots (talkin#
)irds$ The! are "orth more )e'ause the! 'an talk$O
N2ool:or o%er the "all than a )rother o%er the sO said NasrudinJ
Nthose )irds !ou %alue onl! )e'ause the! 'an talk$ Eou reFe't this
turke!& "hi'h has "onderful thou#hts& and !et does not anno! eole
"ith 'hatter$O
The Se'ret
A "ould()e(dis'ile haunted Nasrudin& askin# him 6uestion after
6uestion$ The =ulla ans"ered e%er!thin#& and realiGed that the man
"as not 'omletel! satisfied9 althou#h he "as in fa't makin# ro#ress$
E%entuall! the man said9 N=aster& I need more eDli'it #uidan'e$O
N*hat is the matterHO
NI ha%e to kee on doin# thin#s&J and althou#h I ro#ress& I "ant
to mo%e faster$ Please tell me a se'ret& as I ha%e heard !ou do "ith
NI "ill tell !ou "hen !ou are read! for it$O
The man later returned to the same theme$
N8er! "ell$ Eou kno" that !our need is to emulate meHO
N,an !ou kee a se'retHO
NI "ould ne%er imart it to an!one$O
NThen o)ser%e that I 'an kee a se'ret as "ell as !ou 'an$O
The *isdom of Silen'e
Some hunters "ere in the "oods lookin# for #ame$ The! dis'o%ered
a #rou of three oran#utans and mana#ed to 'at'h one of them$
The other t"o oran#utans es'aed and hid )ehind some near)!
)ushes and trees$
As the hunters "ere dressin# the 'orse of the first oran#utan& a
steam of )lood issued forth$ NHo" red the )lood is:O 'ried a hunter$
The se'ond oran#utan 'alled out& NIt+s red from eatin# so man!
Hearin# the se'ond oran#utan& the hunters dis'o%ered its hidin#
la'e and )e#an to )eat it "ith sti'ks$ As the! "ere killin# it& the
se'ond oran#utan mourned out loud& NNo" I kno" the "isdom of
silen'e$ If I had held m! ton#ue& I "ouldn+t ha%e #otten killed$O
Hearin# his 'omanion+s d!in# "ords& the third oran#utan said&
NThank God I "as "ise enou#h to kee silent$O
He "as killed$
Grateful to Allah
One da! =ulla found that his donke! "as missin# and )e#an to
'r!$ Suddenl! he stoed 'r!in# and )e#an to lau#h and sin#$ He
ran a)out the %illa#e reFoi'in# in his #ood fortune$ A %illa#er asked
him "h! he "as so ha! a)out losin# a donke!$ =ulla relied& NAt
least I "asn+t ridin# the donke! "hen it disaeared$ If I had )een
ridin# it& I "ould also ha%e %anished:O
There "as a sla%e on a )oat that "as )ein# tossed a)out )! some
%er! tur)ulent "eather$ The sla%e s'reamed and !elled in fear& until
the other assen#ers 'ould stand it no lon#er$ The! asked Bohlul to
deal "ith the sla%e$
Bohlul told them& NTake the sla%e& atta'k a stron# roe to him and
thro" him into the "ater until he )e#ins to sli under the "a%es$ At
that oint& ull him )a'k into the )oat so that he 'an realiGe the
relati%e safet! of the )oat$O
Hainess is not "here !ou seek it
Nasrudin sa" a man sittin# dis'onsolatel! at the "a!(side& and
asked "hat ailed him$
NThere is nothin# of interest in life& )rother&O said the manJ NI
no" ha%e suffi'ient 'aital not to ha%e to "ork& and I am on this tri
onl! in order to seek somethin# more interestin# than the life I ha%e
at home$ So far I ha%en+t found it$O
*ithout another "ord& Nasrudin seiGed the tra%eler+s knasa'k
and made off do"n the road "ith it& runnin# like a hare$ Sin'e he
kne" the area& Nasrudin "as a)le to out(distan'e the tourist$
The road 'ur%ed& and Nasrudin 'ut a'ross se%eral loos& "ith the
result that he "as soon )a'k on the road ahead of the man "hom he
had ro))ed$ He #entl! ut the )a# )! the side of the road and "aited
in 'on'ealment for the other to 'at'h u$
Presentl! the misera)le tra%eler aeared& follo"in# the tortuous
road& more unha! than e%er )e'ause of his loss$ As soon as he sa"
his roert! l!in# there& he ran to"ards it& shoutin# "ith Fo!$
NThat+s one "a! of rodu'in# hainess&O said Nasrudin$
There is more 1i#ht here The 2or#otten <uestion
Someone sa" Nasrudin sear'hin# for somethin# on the side"alk$
N*hat ha%e !ou lost& =ullaHO he asked$ N=! ke!&O said the =ulla$
So the! )oth "ent do"n on their knees and looked for it$
After a time the other man asked9 N*here eDa'tl! did !ou dro
NIn m! house$O
NThen "h! are !ou lookin# hereHO
NThere is more li#ht out here than inside m! o"n house$O
The Blind =an and the 1am
One ni#ht& a )lind man "as 'arr!in# a lar#e %ase o%er his shoulder
"ith one arm and holdin# out a tor'h "ith the other hand$ A
asser)! noti'ed this and 'ried out& NI#noran'e: Da! and ni#ht are
)ut the same to !ou& so "h! do !ou 'arr! a tor'h )efore !ouHO The
)lind old man relied& NThe li#ht is for )lind eole like !ou& to
kee !ou from a''identall! )umin# into me and )reakin# m! %ase$O
Salt is not *ool
One da! the =ulla "as takin# a donke!(load of salt to market& and
dro%e the ass throu#h a stream$ The salt "as dissol%ed$ The =ulla
"as an#r! at the loss of the load$ The ass "as frisk! "ith relief$
NeDt time he assed that "a! he had a load of "ool$ After the
animal had assed throu#h the stream& the "ool "as thorou#hl!
soaked& and %er! hea%!$ The donke! sta##ered under the so##! load$
NHa:O shouted the =ulla& N!ou thou#ht !ou "ould #et off li#htl!
e%er! time !ou "ent throu#h the "ater& didn+t !ouHO
The Tri
Nasrudin+s friend *ali slied and fell from the immense hei#ht
of the Post Offi'e To"er in 1ondon$ The e!e"itnesses& "ho had
seen him lummet ast their oen "indo"s& "ere 6uestioned )!
Nasruddin$ The! all a#reed that *ali+s last "ords at ea'h floor on
the "a! do"n "ere9 NSo far& so #ood$O
Somethin# fell
Nasrudin+s "ife ran to his room "hen she heard a tremendous
NNothin# to "orr! a)out&O said the =ulla& Nit "as onl! m! 'loak
"hi'h fell to the #round$O
N*hat& and made a noise like thatHO
NEes& I "as inside it at the time$O
The TaD =an
A man had fallen into some 6ui'ksand "hen Nasrudin 'ame alon#
one afternoon$ Peole "ere 'ro"din# around& all tr!in# to #et him
out )efore he dro"ned$
The! "ere shoutin#& NGi%e me !our hand:O But the man "ould
not rea'h u$
The =ulla el)o"ed his "a! throu#h the 'ro"d and leant o%er to
the man$ N2riend&O he said& N"hat is !our rofessionHO
NI am an in'ome(taD inse'tor&O #ased the man$
NIn that 'ase&O said Nasrudin& Ntake m! hand:O The man immediatel!
#rased the =ulla+s hand and "as hauled to safet!$
Nasrudin turned to the oen(mouthed audien'e$ NNe%er ask a
taDman to #i%e !ou an!thin#& !ou fools&O he said& and "alked a"a!$
NNe%er #i%e eole an!thin# the! ask for until at least a da! has
assed:O said the =ulla$
N*h! not& NasrudinHO
NEDerien'e sho"s that the! onl! are'iate somethin# "hen the!
ha%e had the oortunit! of dou)tin# "hether the! "ill #et it or
One da! as Bohlul "as hastil! ridin# from one la'e to another&
he "as stoed )! a easant "ho "ished to ask him to ans"er a
6uestion that had )een lon# in )otherin# him$ Bohlul didn+t "ish to
)e interruted in his Fourne!$
NBut it is a matter of life and death$O rotested the easant$
NAll ri#ht then&O Bohlul snaed& NBut )e 6ui'k a)out it then& for
m! horse is restless to 'ontinue on the Fourne!$O
The oor easant& dis6uieted )! the ressin# need for seed& stuttered
and s"eated$
N*ell& "hat is itHO Bohlul demanded$
The easant for#ot the 6uestion$
=oment in Time
N*hat is 2ateHO Nasrudin "as asked )! a s'holar$
NAn endless su''ession of intert"ined e%ents& ea'h influen'in#
the other$O
NThat is hardl! a satisfa'tor! ans"er$ I )elie%e in 'ause and effe't$O
N8er! "ell&O said the =ulla& Nlook at that$O He ointed to a ro'ession
assin# in the street$
NThat man is )ein# taken to )e han#ed$ Is that )e'ause someone
#a%e him a sil%er ie'e and ena)led him to )u! the knife "ith "hi'h
he 'ommitted the murderJ or )e'ause someone sa" him do itJ or
)e'ause no)od! stoed himHO
All I needed "as Time
The =ulla )ou#ht a donke!$ Someone told him that he "ould
ha%e to #i%e it a 'ertain amount of food e%er! da!$ He 'onsidered this
to )e too mu'h food$ He "ould eDeriment& he de'ided& to #et the
donke! used to less food$ E%er! da!& therefore& he redu'ed its rations$
E%entuall!& "hen the donke! "as redu'ed to almost no food at all& it
fell o%er and died$
NPit!&O said the =ulla$ NIf I had had a little more time )efore it
died I 'ould ha%e #ot it a''ustomed to li%in# on nothin# at all$O
The Short ,ut
*alkin# home one "onderful mornin#& Nasrudin thou#ht that it
"ould )e a #ood idea to take a short 'ut throu#h the "oods$ N*h!&O
he asked himself& Nshould I lod alon# a dust! road "hen I 'ould )e
'ommunin# "ith Nature& listenin# to the )irds and lookin# at the
flo"ersH This is indeed a da! of da!sJ a da! for fortunate ursuits:O
So sa!in#& he laun'hed himself into the #reener!$ He had not
#one %er! far& ho"e%er& "hen he fell into a it& "here he la! refle'tin#$
NIt is not su'h a fortunate da!& after all&O he meditatedJ Nin fa't it is
Fust as "ell that I took this short 'ut$ I2 thin#s like this 'an haen
in a )eautiful settin# like this& "hat mi#ht not ha%e )efallen me on
that nast! hi#h"a!HO
To Deal "ith the Enem!
=ulla+s mother on'e instru'ted her son& NIf !ou e%er see a #host&
or an aarition in the #ra%e!ard& don+t )e afraid$ Be )ra%e and
atta'k it immediatel!: The! "ill run a"a! from !ou$O
=ulla relied& NBut "hat if their mothers #a%e them the same
8arious Other <uotes
Gleaned and 'omiled )! =i'hael S'hardin#
Gleaned and 'omiled )! =i'hael S'hardin#Gleaned and 'omiled )! =i'hael S'hardin#Gleaned and
'omiled )! =i'hael S'hardin#Gleaned and 'omiled )! =i'hael S'hardin#Gleaned and 'omiled )!
=i'hael S'hardin#
Ho" 'ould I 'on'lude the Green Books "ithout a "hole mess of
mis'ellaneous 6uotes that I+%e i'ked u alon# the "a!H Perhas the!
"ill insire !ou to sear'h more "idel! for "hat !ou alread! kno"& or
%i'e a %ersaH As al"a!s& all oinions eDressed here )elon# to their
authors or 'ultures and do not ne'essaril! reresent the %ie"s of
other Reformed Druids$
The main resour'es for this last 'olle'tion in The Green Books "ere
the follo"in#9
W Ra'ial Pro%er)s)! S"l"!n Gurne! ,hamion& 340A$
W A Druid+s Path9 Readin#s Alon# the *a!)! Sterlin# 1ee 2e"& Cr$
-aka Tree)eard3XAO1$'om. of AD2& Keltria& and OBOD$ ;nu)lished
as !et$ 344L$
W ,raG! *isdom)! Nisker& 344?$
W *isdom from the An'ients9 Pro%er)s& =aDims and <uotations$'omiled
)! =enahem =ansoor of the ;ni%ersit! of =adison *is'onsin
in 344@$
W The Duneseries )! 2rank Her)ert& 3455H$
W <uotations for the Ne" A#e)! Rosen)er#& 347A$
W Peter+s <uotations9 Ideas for our Time)! 1auren'e C$ Peter& 3477
Art& Beaut!& and Poetr!
Art is froGen >en$ IR$H$ Bl!th
Beaut! is lo%ed "ithout kno"in# an!thin#& and u#liness is hated
"ithout )ein# to )lame$ I=altese
,onsisten'! is the last refu#e of the unima#inati%e$ IOs'ar *ilde
Poets and i#s are are'iated onl! after their death$ IItalian
,ommunit! and ,on%ersation
In ne'essar! thin#s& unit!J in dou)tful thin#s& li)ert!J in all thin#s&
'harit!$ IRi'hard BaDter
The )asket that has t"o handles 'an )e 'arried )! t"o$ IE#!tian
Eat a''ordin# to !our taste& and dress a''ordin# to the taste of others$
T"o are an arm! a#ainst one$ II'elandi'
The a%alan'he has alread! started$ It is too late for the e))les to
%ote$ I;nkno"n
=an 'an do "ithout his friends )ut not "ithout his nei#h)ors$ I
Better a nei#h)or o%er the "all than a )rother o%er the sea$ IAl)anian
,hoose the nei#h)or )efore the house and the 'omanion )efore
the road$ I=oorish
Ar#ument is the "orst sort of 'on%ersation$ IConathan S"ift
*ithout 'on%ersation there is no a#reement$ I=ontene#rin
NEes and NoO make a lon# 6uarrel$ II'elandi'
2aults are thi'k "here lo%e is thin$ I*elsh
The faultfinder "ill find faults e%en in aradise$ IHenr! Thoreau
Real ro#ress is made not )! the loud& ostentatious& ush maForities&
)ut al"a!s )! small and o)stinate minorities$ IHenr!k Skolimo"ski
Nothin# makes !ou more tolerant of a nei#h)or+s nois! art! than
)ein# there$ I2ranklin Cones
*hether "omen are )etter than men I 'annot sa!I)ut I 'an sa! the!
are 'ertainl! no "orse$ IGolda =eir
1o%e does not 'onsist in #aGin# at ea'h other )ut in lookin# out"ard
to#ether in the same dire'tion$ IAntoine de Saint EDuer!
An old southern =ethodist Prea'her "as asked if there is a differen'e
)et"een union and unit!$ He relied& NEou 'an tie t"o 'ats+
tails to#ether and thro" them o%er a 'lothes line& in "hi'h 'ase !ou
ha%e union& )ut not unit!$O I*$T$ Purkeson
Al"a!s for#i%e !our enemies& nothin# anno!s them so mu'h$ IOs'ar
,ustom& Custi'e and 1a"
An a#reement "ill )reak a 'ustom$ I*elsh
=en do more from 'ustom than from reason$ I1atin
,ustom and la" are nei#h)ors$ I=ontene#rin
The slo#ans must )e reFe'ted and the 'omleDities re'o#niGed$ I
=i'hael Harrin#ton
A #ood 'at'h"ord 'an o)s'ure anal!sis for fift! !ears$ I*endall
Histor! sho"s that men and nations )eha%e reasona)l! onl! "hen
the! ha%e eDhausted all other alternati%es$ IA))a E)an
The 'hains of ha)it are too "eak to )e felt until the! are too stron# to
)e )roken$ ISamuel Cohnson
Ori#inalit! is the art of 'on'ealin# !our sour'e$ I2ranklin Cones
There is nothin# ne" under the sun$ IE''lesiastes 394
*hen eole are free to do as the! lease& the! usuall! imitate ea'h
other$ IEri' Hoffer
*e desair of 'hain#in# the ha)its of men& still "e "ould like to
alter institutions& the ha)its of millions of men$ IGeor#e Iles
E6ualit! in inFusti'e is Fusti'e$ IE#!tian
The more a man kno"s& the more he for#i%es$ IItalian
He "ho is a''ustomed to e%il is offended )! #ood$ I=eDi'an
To an unFust #o%ernment& a mart!r is more dan#erous than a re)el$
E%er!one should )e allo"ed to kee his natural 'lothes& his natural
food& and his natural reli#ion$ IGerman
Custi'e flees the "orld )e'ause no one "ill #i%e it shelter in his house$
=oral de'isions are al"a!s eas! to re'o#niGe$ The! are "here !ou
a)andon self(interest$ IRe%$ =other Suerior Dar"i Odrade& D;NE
E%er! Fud#ment teeters on the )rink of error$ To 'laim a)solute kno"led#e
is to )e'ome monstrous$ Kno"led#e is an unendin# ad%enture
at the ed#e of un'ertaint!$ I1eto Atreides II& D;NE
Before I Fud#e m! nei#h)our& let me "alk a mile in his mo''asins$ I
I am free of all reFudi'es$ I hate e%er! one e6uall!$ I*$,$ 2ields
1a" searates& 'omromise 'on'iliates$ IGerman
Treat all men alike$ Gi%e them all the same la"s$ Gi%e them all an
e%en 'han'e to li%e and #ro"$ I,hief Coseh
1a"s are sider "e)s throu#h "hi'h the )i# flies ass and the little
one #et 'au#ht$
2ear not the la"& )ut the Fud#e$ IRussian
Thie%es in'rease "ith the makin# of ne" la"s$ IRomanian
,ustom is stron#er than la"$ IRussian
2irst& "e kill all the la"!ers$$$ IShakeseareH
Harken to the sirit of the la" rather than the letter of the la"$ I
The test of 'oura#e 'omes "hen "e are in the minorit!J the test of
toleran'e 'omes "hen "e are in the maForit!$ IHenr! Da%id Thoreau
=ost eole "ould rather defend to the death !our ri#ht to sa! it
than listen to it$ IRo)ert Brault
One la"!er in a to"n "ill lan#uish& t"o la"!ers "ill roser$ ISam
Adams& RDNA
The su''essful re%olutionar! is a statesman & the unsu''essful one a
'riminal$ IEri'h 2romm
The onl! thin# ne'essar! for the triumh of e%il is for #ood men to
do nothin#$ IEdmund Burke
*hen the s!stem defines our 'hoi'es& it 'hannels re)ellion into modes
that it is reared to 'ontrol& into a'ts that harm the re)el& not the
s!stem$ IStarha"k
1a"s to suress tend to stren#then "hat the! "ould rohi)it$ This
is the fine oint on "hi'h all le#al rofessions of histor! ha%e )ased
their Fo) se'urit!$ IBene Gesserit ,oda& D;NE
Death and 2ate
He "ho has )een near to death kno"s the "orth of life$ ITurkemestan
The fall of a leaf is a "hiser to the li%in#$ IRussian
He "ho is fated to han# "ill ne%er dro"n$ IS'ottish
One ,alamit! is )etter than a thousand 'ounsels$ ITurkish
Eour karma ran o%er m! do#ma$ I;nkno"n
I+m not afraid to die$ I Fust don+t "ant to )e there "hen it haens$
I*ood! Allen
I 'annot tell !ou !our fate& a man should not kno" his fate until he
is half"a! throu#h life$ If he "ere to kno" sooner& it "ould all seem
an illusion$ IPleDus& Gatorr
Earth and E'olo#!
The Earth is a )lessin# to those uon her$ IE#!tian
Do not dama#e the earth& or the sea& or the trees$ IBook of Re%elations
=en #o and 'ome& )ut earth a)ides$ IE''lesiastes& 3& @
*e didn+t inherit the land from our fathers$ *e are )orro"in# it
from our 'hildren$ IAmish )elief
The uni%erse is made u of stories& not atoms$ I=uriel Ru'ke!ser$
Eou "ill find somethin# more in "oods than in )ooks$ Trees and
stones "ill tea'h !ou that "hi'h !ou 'an ne%er learn from a master$
ISt$ Bernard of ,lair%auD
He "ho follo"s Nature+s lantern ne%er loses his "a!$ IGerman
O Sa'red Earth =other& the trees and all nature are "itnesses to
!our thou#hts and deeds$ I*inne)a#o Indian sa!in#
The "orld is older and )i##er than "e are$ This is a hard truth for
some folks to s"allo"$ IEd A))e!
The essen'e of dee e'olo#! is to ask deeer 6uestions$$$ *e ask
"hi'h so'iet!& "hi'h edu'ation& "hi'h form of reli#ion is )enefi'ial
for all life on the lanet as a "hole$ IArne Naess
*hen one re'o#niGes the unit! of nature& he also er'ei%es the sin#leness
of mankind$ IGus Tur)e%ille
The hi#hest fun'tion of e'olo#! is the understandin# of 'onse6uen'es$
IPlanetolo#ist Pardot K!nes& D;NE
To )e solitar! is alone "orth! of God$ IKurdish
E%entuall! all thin#s mer#e into one& and a ri%er runs throu#h it$
The ri%er "as 'ut )! the "orld+s #reat flood and runs o%er ro'ks from
the )asement of time$ On some of these ro'ks are the timeless rain
dros $ ;nder the ro'ks are the "ords& and some of the "ords are
theirs$ I am haunted )! "aters$ INorman =a'1ean$
I+m often asked the 6uestion 9 NIs it ossi)le to do %alid rituals aloneHO
2irst of all in nature ritual& one is ne%er alone$ All the other )ein#s of
nature are resent 9 either sun or moon& trees& lants& or animals$ To
'onsider that !ou are alone "hen !ou are in nature is siml! a remnant
of Euro'entri' thinkin#$ IDolores 1a,haelle& Sa'red 1and&
Sa'red SeD& Rature of the Dee
Nature 'onfuses the sketi's and reason 'onfutes the do#matists$ I
Blaise Pas'al
A man said to the uni%erse& NSir& I eDist$O NHo"e%er&O relied the
uni%erse& Nthe fa't has not 'reated in me a sense of o)li#ation$O I
Stehen ,rane
Indeed I no" realiGe that a man re6uires intimate and solitar! 'onta't
"ith the "ild la'es if he is to sur%i%e$ *hen he is deri%ed of
this state he )e#ins to "ithdra" into himself& a re! to inner demons
and the s!'hi' "allaer that asses for his estran#ement from an!
#enuine inner life$ ICames ,o"an& 1etters 2rom a *ild State
If m! de'omosin# 'ar'ass hels nourish the roots of a Funier tree
or the "in#s of a %ultureIthat is immortalit! enou#h for me$ And as
mu'h as an!one deser%es$ IEd A))e!$
Earth("ise& "e are as altars on "hi'h the di%ine fires 'an )urn$ The
stone of the Druids is still "ithin our )odies& as it "as "ithin theirsJ
for hol! sa'rifi'e or sa'rile#ious eDloitation$ IGraham Ho"e& The
=ind of the Druid
In metah!si's& the notion that the earth and all that+s on it is a
mental 'onstru't is the rodu't of eole "ho send their li%es inside
rooms$ It is an indoor hilosoh!$ IEd A))e!
*e shall ne%er a'hie%e harmon! "ith the land an!more than "e
shall a'hie%e Fusti'e or li)ert! for eole$ In these hi#her asirations
the imortant thin# is not to a'hie%e& )ut to stri%e$ IAldo 1eoold
Edu'ation and 1earnin#
1et not th! heart )e #reat )e'ause of th! kno"led#e& )ut 'on%erse
"ith the i#norant as "ith the learned$ IAn'ient E#!tian
I hear and I for#et$ I see and I remem)er$ I do and I understand$ I
Thou dost not ra'ti'e "hat thou kno"estJ "h!& then& dost thou
seek "hat thou kno"est notH I=uslim
He "ho learns "ell defends himself "ell$ IAr#entine
2irst learn& then form oinions$ ITalmud
Kno"led#e that 'an )e stolen is not "orth ha%in#$ IAl(GhaGdi
The men "ho deserted thee "ill tea'h thee kno"led#e$ ITalmud
B! sear'hin# the old& learn the ne"$ ICaanese
*e learn from histor! that "e learn nothin# from histor!$ IGeor#e
Bernard Sha"
A"areness means susendin# Fud#ment for a moment$$$& then seein#&
feelin#& eDerien'in# "hat this 'ondition in front of !ou is all
a)out$ IStehen Alts'huler
If kno"led#e does not li)erate the self from the self& then i#noran'e
is )etter than su'h kno"led#e$ ISinai
*ith #reat dou)ts 'omes #reat understandin#J "ith little dou)ts 'omes
little understandin#$ I,hinese
God rote't us from him "ho has read )ut one )ook$ IGerman
The "orld is a fine )ook )ut of little use to him "ho kno"s not ho"
to read$ IItalian
Better unlearned than ill(learned$ INor"e#ian
Ask eole+s ad%i'e& )ut de'ide for !ourself$ I;krainian
A #ood listener makes a #ood tea'her$ IPolish

To in6uire is neither a disaster nor a dis#ra'e$ IBul#arian

If !ou "ould kno" the future& )ehold the ast$ IPortu#uese

,ulti%ate !our o"n #arden$ IDut'h

So #reat is the 'onfusion of the "orld that 'omes from 'o%etin#

kno"led#e: I,huan# TGu

Tea'hin# is a lon# "a!& eDamle is a short one$ IGerman

Kno"led#e too hastil! a'6uired is not on #uard$ I1atin

Doors are not oened "ithout ke!s$ I=altese

Dis'ussion is an eD'han#e of kno"led#eJ ar#ument an eD'han#e of

i#noran'e$ IRo)ert <uillen

The man "ho strikes first admits that his ideas ha%e #i%en out$ I


Nothin# is so firml! )elie%ed as that "hi'h is least kno"n I=i'hel

de =ontai#ne

Too mu'h kno"led#e ne%er makes for simle de'isions$ IGhanima

Atreides& D;NE

An intelle'tual is someone "hose mind "at'hes itself$ IAl)ert ,amus

A )ook is a mirror$ *hen a monke! looks in& no aostle 'an look

out$ IGeor#e 1i'hten)er#

=an! 'omlain of their looks& )ut none 'omlain of their )rains$ I


There is no)od! so irritatin# as some)od! "ith less intelli#en'e and

more sense than "e ha%e$ IDon Herold

One learns from )ooks and reads onl! that 'ertain thin#s 'an )e

done$ A'tual learnin# re6uires that !ou do those thin#s$ I2arad+n

,orrino -Har6 al(Ada.& D;NE

=ost men& "hen the! think the! are thinkin# are merel! rearran#in#

their reFudi'es$ IKnute Ro'kne

There+s a differen'e )et"een a hilosoh! and a )umer sti'ker$ I

,harles =$ S'hulG

I 'an e%ade 6uestions "ithout helJ "hat I need is ans"ers$ ICohn 2


I often 6uote m!self$ It adds si'e to m! 'on%ersation$ IGeor#e Bernard

The art of tea'hin# is the art of assistin# dis'o%er!$ I=ark 8an Doren

2or e%er! erson "ishin# to tea'h there are thirt! not "antin# to )e

tau#ht$ I*$,$ Sellar

Eou 'an tea'h a student a lesson for a da!J )ut if !ou 'an tea'h him

to learn )! 'reatin# 'uriosit!& he "ill 'ontinue the learnin# ro'ess as

lon# as he li%e$ I,la! Bedford

1earn to reason for"ard and )a'k"ard on )oth sides of a 6uestion$

IThomas Blandi

2orm !our oinion of a man from his 6uestions rather than from his

ans"ers$ I2ren'h

At the moment !ou are most in a"e of all there is a)out life that !ou

don+t understand& !ou are 'loser to understandin# it all than at an!

other time$ ICane *a#ner$

A#notsti'ism siml! means that a man shall not sa! he kno"s or

)elie%es that for "hi'h he has no #rounds for rofessin# to )elie%e$ I

Thomas HuDle!

The road to i#noran'e is a%ed "ith #ood editions$ IGeor#e Benard


,riti'ism 'omes easier than 'raftsmanshi$ I>euDis -@?? B,E.

No "riter or tea'her or artist 'an es'ae the resonsi)ilit! of influen'in#
others& "hether he intends to or not& "hether he is 'ons'ious

of it or not$ IArthur Koestler
Students a'hie%in# oneness "ill often mo%e ahead to t"oness$ I
*ood! Allen
Histor! is mostl! #uessin#J the rest is reFudi'e$ I*ill and Ariel
One art of kno"led#e 'onsists in )ein# i#norant of su'h thin#s as
are not "orth! to )e kno"n$ I,rates -@th 'ent B,E.
Edu'ation is a method )! "hi'h one a'6uires a hi#her #rade of reFudi'es$
I1auren'e Peter
S'rat'h an intelle'tual and !ou find a "ould()e aristo'rat "ho loathes
the si#ht& the sound and the smell of 'ommon folk$ IEri' Hoffer&
2irst Thin#s B 1ast thin#s$
An edu'ated man is not ne'essaril! a learned man or a uni%ersit!
man& )ut a man "ith 'ertain su)tle siritual 6ualities "hi'h make
him 'alm in ad%ersit!& ha! "hen alone& Fust in his dealin#s& and
sane in all the affairs of life$ IRamsa! =a'donald& statesman
=an! hilosohers )uild 'astles in the mind& )ut li%e in do#houses$
IArne Naess
2ear and 2reedom
He "ho is afraid of a thin# #i%es it o"er o%er him$ I=oorish
Do not fear a )ri#ht #un )ut a soot! one$ I=ontene#rin
2ear has 'reated more #ods than iet!$ IGerman
A "arrior "ithout fear is to )e feared$ IAnon!mous
The man is not es'aed "ho still dra#s his 'hain after him$ I2ren'h
Be a master of !our "ill and a sla%e to !our 'ons'ien'e$ IEiddish
Eou ha%e nothin# to lose )ut !our 'hains$ ISarta'us& Greek re)el
N2reedomO is Fust another "ord for Nnothin# left to lose$O ICanis
A hero is a man "ho 'an 'han#e his fear into ositi%e ener#!$ IA$S$
The onl! thin# "e ha%e to fear is fear itself$ I2ranklin Roose%elt
Eou 'an Fail a re%olutionar!& )ut !ou 'an+t Fail a re%olution$ I2red
Those "ho make ea'eful re%olution imossi)le "ill make %iolent
re%olution ine%ita)le$ ICohn 2$ Kenned!
1i)ert! means resonsi)ilit!$ That is "h! most men dread it$ IGeor#e
Bernard Sha"
I must not fear$ 2ear is the mind(killer$ 2ear is the little(death that
)rin#s total o)literation$ I "ill fa'e m! fear$ I "ill ermit it to ass
o%er me and throu#h me$ And "hen it has #one ast I "ill turn the
inner e!e to see its ath$ *here fear has #one there "ill )e nothin#$
Onl! I "ill remain$ Ithe Bene Gesserit litan! a#ainst fear& D;NE
2ools and Humor
He is a fool "ho seaks and listens to himself$ ITurkish
The "ise asire to kno"& the foolish to relate$ I=uslim
E%en a fool 'an #o%ern if nothin# haens$ IGerman
A man 'an make mistakes& )ut onl! an idiot ersists in his error$ I
The first sta#e of foll! is to think oneself "ise$ IGreek
The Errors of a *ise =an make !our Rule Rather than the Perfe'tions
of a 2ool$ I*illiam Blake
Be"are the man "ho 'an not lau#h$ IAnon!mous
Seriousness is the onl! refu#e of the shallo"$ IOs'ar *ilde
The aim of a Foke is not to de#rade the human )ein# )ut to remind
him that he is alread! de#raded$ IGeor#e Or"ell$
Humor is an affirmation of di#nit!& a de'laration of man+s sueriorit!
to all that )efalls him$ IRomain Gar!
2or the resent& the 'omed! of eDisten'e has not !et N)e'ome 'ons'iousO
of itself$ 2or the resent& "e still li%e in the a#e of tra#ed!& the
a#e of moralities and reli#ions$ I2rederi'h NietGs'he
A satirist is a man "ho dis'o%ers unleasant thin#s a)out himself
and then sa!s them a)out other eole$ IPeter =a'Arthur
Definin# and anal!Gin# humor is a astime of humorless eole$ I
Ro)ert Ben'hle!
It is easier to )e ori#inal and foolish than ori#inal and "ise$ IGottfried
*ilhelm 1ei)niG
It is the test of a #ood reli#ion "hether !ou 'an Foke a)out it$ IG$K$
The se'ret sour'e of humor itself is not Fo! )ut sorro"$ There is no
humor in hea%en$ I=ark T"ain
The one serious 'on%i'tion that a man should ha%e is that nothin# is
to )e taken too seriousl!$ INi'holas =urra! Butler
The total a)sen'e of humor from the Bi)le is one of the most sin#ular
thin#s in all literature$ IAlfred North *hitehead
E%en a fool 'an #o%ern if nothin# haens$ IGerman
If !ou "ant to kno" a man& #i%e him authorit!$ I=ontene#rin
The t!rant is onl! a sla%e turned inside out$ IE#!tian
Am)itions tend to remain undistur)ed )! realities$ IThe Prea'her&
The fi%e fin#ers are not e6ual$ ITurkish
To alter and to make )etter are t"o different thin#sJ mu'h has )een
altered )ut little has )een made )etter in the "orld$ IGerman
The dit'h is the master of the field$ I2innish
Honors 'han#e manners$ I1atin
Shado"s follo" those "ho "alk in the sun$ IGerman
Do not )lame "hat !ou ermit$ I1atin
E%en God has His =other$ I=ontene#rin
Heroism 'onsists in han#in# on one minute lon#er$ INor"e#ian
No matter ho" eDoti' human 'i%iliGation )e'omes& no matter the
de%eloments of life and so'iet! nor the 'omleDit! of the ma'hineV
human interfa'e& there al"a!s 'ome interludes of lonel! o"er "hen
the 'ourse of humankind& the %er! future of humankind& deends
uon the relati%el! simle a'tions of sin#le indi%iduals$ Ifrom The
TleiaDu God)uk& 2rank Her)ert& D;NE)ooks
It+s hard to look u to a leader "ho kees his ear to the #round$ I
Cames Boren
;se the first moments in stud!$ Eou ma! miss man! an oortunit!
for 6ui'k %i'tor! this "a!& )ut the moments of stud! are insuran'e of
su''ess$ Take !our time and )e sure$ IDun'an Idaho& D;NE
Pra'ti'al Simli'it!
=an does not eat "hat he desires& )ut "hat he finds$ ITurkish
*hoe%er a)andons a thin# ma! li%e "ithout it$ IE#!tian
Too mu'h "aD )urns do"n the 'hur'h$ IPortu#uese
*e 'an ne%er see the sun rise )! lookin# to the "est$ ICaanese
The )est luDur! is simli'it!$ IKurdish
It is stuid to make a lon# introdu'tion to a short stor!$ IBook of
To drink ure "ater #o to the srin#$ IItalian
The more a)undantl! "ater #ushes from its sour'e& the less the sour'e
is esteemed$ IRussian
The #ood ass is sold in his o"n 'ountr!$ I=altese
Taste is in %ariet!$ I,hilean
The mar%elous and the astonishin# onl! surrise for a "eek$ IAmhari'
Do not )e'ome too hard& lest !ou #et )roken$ I;krainian
Shar a'ids 'orrode their o"n 'ontainers$ IAl)anian
To an in%erted %essel& nothin# adheres$ ISikh
If the e%il "ill not lea%e !ou& then lea%e it$ IBosnian
He "ho em)ra'es mu'h 'olle'ts little$ I2ren'h
No hemlo'k is drunk out of earthen"are mu#s$ I1atin
Pass at a distan'e from him "ho 'hos "ood$ I=altese
To )e a Druid "as to )e a =aster of the art of li%in#$IGraham
Ho"e& =ind of the Druid
To remain "hole& )e t"isted$ To )e'ome strai#ht& let !ourself )e

)ent& To )e'ome full& )e hollo"$ ITao Te ,hin#$

Einstein "as a man "ho 'ould ask immensel! simle 6uestions$ I

Ca'o) Brono"ski

Do not 'at'h e%er!thin# that s"ims$ IRussian

,on'rete is hea%!& iron is hardI)ut the #rass "ill re%ail$ IEd A)

*hen lo#i' fails& another tool must )e used$ IHonored =atres

ADiom& D;NE

*hen the )rid#e is #one the narro"est lank )e'omes re'ious$ I


*hat 'annot )e 'ured must )e endured$ IS'ottish

The fun'tion of an ideal is not to )e realiGed )ut& like that of the

North Star& to ser%e as a #uidin# oint$ IEd A))e!

The num)er of thin#s "e 'an reall! make our o"n is limited$ *e

'annot drink the o'ean )e "e e%er so thirst!$ A 'u of "ater from the

srin# is all "e need$ ICohn Burrou#hs

The lar#est tree "as on'e a seed J and the most 'omleD of all our

ma'hines "as on'e onl! an idea$ IGraham Ho"e& The =ind of the
The "illo" su)mits to the "ind and rosers until one da! it is
man! "illo"sIa "all a#ainst the "ind$ This is the "illo"s+ urose$
IRe%$ =other Gauis =ohaim& D;NE
Here is a man "ho uses a earl like that of the mar6uis of Sui to
shoot at a )ird at a distan'e of 3?&??? feet$ All men "ill lau#h at him$
*h!H Be'ause the thin# he uses is of #reat %alue and "hat he "ishes
to #et is of little$ And is not life of more %alue than the earl of the
mar6uis of SuiH I,huan# TGu /A90
There are a thousand ha'kin# at the )ran'hes of e%il to one "ho is
strikin# at its root$ IHenr! Da%id Thoreau
The ;S 'onsumes more ener#! for air 'onditionin# than the total
ener#! 'onsumtion of the A?? million eole in ,hina$ IRo)ert
O$ Anderson
;nder tension& a 'hain "ill )reak at its "eakest link$ That mu'h is
redi'ta)le$ *hat is diffi'ult is to identif! the "eakest link )efore it
)reaks$ The #eneri' "e 'an kno"& )ut the se'ifi' eludes us$ Some
'hains are desi#ned to )reak at a 'ertain tension and at a 'ertain link$
But a #ood 'hain is homo#eneous& and no redi'tion is ossi)le$
And )e'ause "e 'annot kno" "hi'h link is "eakest& "e 'annot kno"
re'isel! ho" mu'h tension "ill )e needed to )reak the 'hain$ I
Gre#or! Bateson& =ind and Nature
No one is useless in this "orld "ho li#htens the )urdens of another$

I,harles Di'kens

1ike usin# a #uillotine to 'ure dandruff$ I,lare Boothe 1u'e

Those "ho "rite 'learl! ha%e readersJ those "ho "rite o)s'urel! ha%e

'ommentators$ IAl)ert ,amus

,onfine !ourself to o)ser%in# and !ou al"a!s miss the oint of !our

o"n life$ The o)Fe't 'an )e stated this "a! 9 1i%e the )est life !ou 'an$

1ife is a #ame "hose rules !ou learn if !ou lea into it and la! it to

the hilt$ Other"ise& !ou are 'au#ht off )alan'e& 'ontinuall! surrised

)! the shiftin# la!$ Non(la!ers often "hine and 'omlain that lu'k

al"a!s asses them )!$ The! refuse to see the! 'an 'reate some of

their o"n lu'k$+ IDar"i Odrade& D;NE

3st 2armer9 NIf !ou had 3?? horses& and I had none& "ould !ou #i%e

me oneHO

/nd 2armer9 OEes$O

3st9 NIf !ou had 3?? 'o"s& and I had none& "ould !ou #i%e me oneHO

/nd9 NEes$O

3st9 NIf !ou had / i#s$$$O

/nd9 NNo" 'ut that out& !ou kno" I ha%e t"o i#s:O

If the ra!ers of do#s "ere a''eted& )ones "ould rain from the sk!$
He lin#ered )et"een t"o mos6ues and returned home "ithout ha%in#
ra!ed$ ITurkish
,all uon the name of God& and ask for "hat is #ood for !ou$ I
One hour in doin# Fusti'e is "orth a hundred in ra!er$ IKoran
If that "hi'h is "ithin is not )ri#ht& it is useless to ra! for that
"hi'h is "ithout$ IShinto
,all on God for hel& )ut ro" a"a! from the ro'ks$ IIndian
Pra!er is not askin#$ It is a lon#in# of the soul$ I=ohandas Ghandi
Pra!er does not 'han#e God& )ut 'han#es him "ho ra!s$ I
1ord& #i%e me 'hastit!& )ut not !et$ ISaint Au#ustine
A ra))i "hose 'on#re#ation does not "ant to dri%e him out of to"n
isn+t a ra))i$ ITalmud
,le%er rea'her& short sermon$ ICaanese
;s nature m!sti's #ot to sti'k to#ether$ IEd A))e!
There are man! rea'hers "ho don+t hear themsel%es$ IGerman
*hen the foD starts rea'hin#& look to !our hens$ IBas6ue
To #o )arefoot does not make the saint$ IGerman
=an! of the insi#hts of the saint stem from his eDerien'e as a sinner$
IEri' Hoffer
=alta "ould )e a deli#htful la'e if e%er! riest "ere a tree$ I=altese
No matter lar#e the mos6ue is& the Imam rea'hes "hat he kno"s$ I
Ha%e no faith in a riest& e%en if his tur)an is 'o%ered in #ems$ I
,ler#!man9 A man "ho undertakes the mana#ement of our siritual
affairs as a method of )etterin# his temoral ones$ IA)rose Bier'e
The Hi#h Priests of teles'oes and '!'lotrons kee makin# ronoun'ements
a)out haenin#s on s'ales too #i#anti' or d"arfish to )e
noted )! our nati%e sense$ I*$H$ Auden
It is #ood that a hilosher should remind himself& no" and then&
that he is a arti'le ontifi'atin# on infinit!$ I*ill and Ariel Durant
Returnin# from %isitin# her friend+s 'hur'h& a "oman said& NThe
minister ket talkin# a)out Eistles this mornin#$ I didn+t kno"
"hat the! "ere$O Her friend relied& NOh& m! dear& !our i#noran'e is
refreshin#$ I thou#ht e%er!one kne" that the Eistles are the "i%es of
the Aostles$O IAnon!mous
In the rimiti%e ,hur'h there "ere 'hali'es of "ood and riests of
#oldJ in the modern ,hur'h there are 'hali'es of #old and riests of
"ood$ IGerman
If !ou offer "ords of the sirit to a man "ho does not ask for them&
!ou "aste the "ords$ But if a man asks for those "ords and !ou do
not offer them& !ou "aste the man$O IPlanet Ste"ard& Stehen 1e%ine
At a 'ertain dinner& the 'hairerson& lookin# around the ta)les& 'ould
not find an! 'ler#!man resent to ask Gra'e$ So he turned to an
a'tor for the ra!er$ The a'tor )e#an NSin'e there are no 'ler#!men
resent to sa! #ra'e& let us thank God$$$$O IAnon!mous
N GodOIa "ord for not thinkin#$ IEd A))e!
No one )ut God and I kno" "hat is in m! heart$ IAra)i'
*hate%er "e 'annot easil! understand "e 'all GodJ this sa%es mu'h
"ear and tear on the )rain tissues$ IEd A))e!
=an! millions sear'h for God& onl! to find Him in their hearts$ I
*orkin# is half of reli#ion$ ITurkish
A man "ithout reli#ion is like a horse "ithout a )ridle$ I1atin
All NismsO should )e N"asms$O IA))ie Hoffman
=ost se'ts are ri#ht in "hat the! affirm and "ron# in "hat the!
den!$ IGoethe
Onl! the deaf and the )lind are o)li#ed to )elie%e$ IRomanian
No reli#ion "ithout 'oura#e$ IAra)i'
S'ien'e in%esti#atesJ reli#ion interrets$ S'ien'e #i%e man kno"led#e
"hi'h is o"erJ reli#ion #i%es man "isdom "hi'h is 'ontrol$ I=artin
1uther Kin#& Cr$
Reli#ion has t"o 'hildren& lo%e and hatred$ IRussian
Do'trine is nothin# )ut the skin of truth set u and stuffed$ IHenr!
Bee'her& 34th 'ent
Reli#ion destro!s e%il& moralit! merel! hides it$ I*elsh
God has no reli#ion$ I=ahatma Gandhi
Small is his reli#ion "ho seeks dail! for it$ I*elsh
All 'onditioned thin#s are imermanent$ *ork out !our o"n sal%ation
"ith dili#en'e$ IThe Buddha+s final "ords$
The )est sermon is to listen to oneself$ IGerman
Cust )efore lea%in# on an Euroean ,rusade& Bill! Graham "as asked
if he eDe'ted to )rin# )a'k an! ne" 'reeds "ith him& and if so&
"ould he )e a)le to #et them throu#h 'ustoms$ He relied& NOh that
"ould )e eas! enou#h& sin'e fe" of the ne" 'reeds ha%e an! duties
atta'hed to them$O
The fundamental rule of the siritual 6uestIto esta)lish dire't 'onta't
"ith the sa'red rather than deend on intermediaries& authorities&
do#mas& or institutions IH!mns to an ;nkno"n God)! Sam
All reli#ions "ill ass& )ut this "ill remain9 siml! sittin# in a 'hair
and lookin# into the distan'e$ I8$8$ RoGano% in Solitaria 343/
Rituals mend e%er a#ain "orlds fore%er )reakin# aart under the
)lo"s of usa#e and the slashin# distin'tions of lan#ua#e$ IRo!
=an is a Reli#ious Animal$ =an is the onl! Reli#ious Animal$ He is
the onl! animal that has the True Reli#ionIse%eral of them$ He is
the onl! animal that lo%es his nei#h)or as himself and 'uts his throat
if his theolo#! isn+t strai#ht$ I=ark T"ain
Pro%ide a reli#ious or#aniGation "ith "ealth and o"er and it )e#ins
to 'han#e into a se'ular a#en'!$ IEdmund A$ OitG
2antasti' do'trines -like ,hristianit! or Islam or =arDism. re6uire
unanimit! of )elief$ One dissenter 'asts dou)t on the 'reed of millions$
Thus the fear and the hate J thus the torture 'ham)er& the iron
stake& the #allo"s& the la)or 'am& the s!'hiatri' "ard$ IPlanet Ste"ard&
Stehen 1e%ine
=etah!si's is a 'o)"e) the mind "ea%es around thin#s$ IPlanet
Ste"ard& Stehen 1e%ine
<uestions are more likel! to make #ood 'ommuni'ations than do#mati'
statements& "hi'h usuall! onl! 'reate resistan'e& shuttin# the
door "hi'h the! "ere desi#ned to for'e oen$ IGraham Ho"e& The
=ind of the Druid
The fa't that a )elie%er is haier than a sketi' is no more to the
oint than the fa't that a drunken man is haier than a so)er one$
IGeor#e Benard Sha"
A #reat deal of intelli#en'e 'an )e in%ested in i#noran'e "hen the
need for illusion is dee$ ISaul Bello"
I 'onsider m!self a Hindu& ,hristian& =oslem& Ce"& Buddhist and
,onfu'ian$ I=ohandas Ghandi
To )e'ome a oular reli#ion& it is onl! ne'essar! for a suerstition
to ensla%e a hilosoh!$ IDean *illiam R$ In#e
=odern man has not 'eased to )e 'redulous& the need to )elie%e
haunts him$ I*illiam Cames
S'ien'e "ithout reli#ion is lame& reli#ion "ithout s'ien'e is )lind$ I
Al)ert Einstein
N=!ster!O is a )etter "ord for NGodO )e'ause it su##ests 6uestions&
not ans"ers$ N*h!O is al"a!s a #ood 6uestion& the one 6uestion that
distin#uishes us from the other )rutes$ IEd A))e!& ,onfessions of a
*hen reli#ion and oliti's tra%el in the same 'art& the riders )elie%e
nothin# 'an stand in their "a!$ Their mo%ements )e'ome headlon#
(faster and faster and faster$ The! ut aside all thou#ht of o)sta'les
and for#et that a re'ii'e does not sho" itself to a man in a )lind
rush until it+s too late$ IBene Gesserit Pro%er)& D;NE
The insiration of the Bi)le deends uon the i#noran'e of the
#entlemen "ho reads it$ IRo)ert In#ersoll
The do#ma of the infalli)ilit! of the Bi)le is no more self(e%ident
than is that of the infalli)ilit! of the oes$ IThomas Henr! HuDle!
Don+t 'han#e )eliefs& 'han#e the )elie%er$ I*erner Erhart
All the reli#ion "e ha%e is the ethi's of one or another hol! erson$
I*aldo Ralh Emerson
Peole in #eneral are e6uall! horrified at hearin# the ,hristian reli#ion
dou)ted and at seein# it ra'ti'ed$ ISamuel Butler
The "riters a#ainst reli#ion& "hilst the! oose e%er! s!stem& are
"isel! 'areful ne%er to set u an! of their o"n$ IEdmund Burke
Treat the other man+s faith #entl!J it is all he has to )elie%e in$ I
Henr! Haskins
A fanati' is one "ho sti'ks to his #uns "hether the!+re loaded or not$
I2ranklin Cones
The more fer%ent oonents of ,hristian do'trine ha%e often enou#h
sho"n a temer "hi'h& s!'holo#i'all! 'onsidered& in indistin#uisha)le
from reli#ious Geal$ I*illiam Cames
There is somethin# inherentl! ridi'ulous in e'umeni'al dialo#ue
)e'ause in the first sta#e e%er!one sa!s Nif !ou "ould onl! listen to
me and m! 'onfession& "e "ould ha%e the ans"er$O A #reat man!
ne%er #et )e!ond this sta#e& ne%er listen to the other eoles see'hes
)e'ause the! are so )us! "ritin# their o"n and& of 'ourse& ne%er see
ho" funn! it must aear to God or to the se'ularist in the "orld
"ho does not see mu'h to 'hoose amon#st an! of us$ IEu#ene ,arson
All "ords are lasti'$ *ord ima#es )e#in to distort in the instant of
utteran'e$ Ideas em)edded in a lan#ua#e re6uire that arti'ular lan#ua#e
for eDression$ This is the meanin# "ithin the "ord eDoti'$
See ho" it )e#ins to distortH Translation s6uirms in the resen'e of
the eDoti'$ Dan#ers lurk in all s!stems$ S!stems in'ororate the
uneDamined )eliefs of their 'reators$ Adot a s!stem& a''et its )eliefs&
and !ou hel stren#then the resistan'e to 'han#e$ IThe Stolen
Cournals& D;NE
The silent man is often "orth listenin# to$ ICaanese
A listener needs more intelli#en'e than a seaker$ ITurkish
Gi%e e%er! man !our ear )ut #i%e fe" !our %oi'e$ I*illiam
Silen'e is the )est ans"er to the stuid$ IAra)i'
Silen'e is not onl! #olden& it+s seldom mis6uoted$ IAmeri'an
EDamle is a mute admonition$ IGerman
Those "ho kno" don+t talk$ Those "ho talk don+t kno"$ I1ao TGu
Ta't is the art of makin# a oint "ithout makin# an enem!$ I*ilson
>en is not lettin# !ourself )e horse"hied into "ords a)out it& so as
!ou read these "ords Fust unfo'us !our e!es and stare at the )lurr!
a#e$ ICa'k Keroua'
Ne%er ans"er a 'riti'& unless he+s ri#ht$ IBernard Baru'h
Eou ha%e not 'on%erted a man )e'ause !ou ha%e silen'ed him$ I
Cohn& 8is'ount =orle!
As I #ro" older& I a! less attention to "hat men sa!$ I Fust "at'h
"hat the! do$ IAndre" ,arne#ie
He "ho silentl! reforms himself has done more to"ards reformin#
the u)li' than a 'ro"d of nois!& imotent atriots$ IC$ 1a%ater
=! father #a%e me these hints on see'h(makin#9 NBe sin'ere& )e
)rief& and )e seated$O ICames Roose%elt
The 6uieter !ou )e'ome the more !ou 'an hear$ IBa)a Ram Dass
*hen A))ot Pam)o "as asked to sa! a fe" "ords to the %er! imortant
Bisho of AleDandria& "ho "as %isitin# some of the Desert 2athers&
the elder A))ot relied9 NIf he is not edified )! m! silen'e&
then there is no hoe that he "ill )e edified )! m! "ords$O IThomas
;nless "e 'han#e dire'tion& "e are likel! to end u "here "e are
headed$ I,hinese
The do# that trots a)out finds a )one$ IRoman!
Seek kno"led#e e%en in ,hina$ I=uslim
He "ho seeks& finds either his God or his misfortune$ ITurkish
A Fourne! of a thousand miles )e#ins "ith one ste$ I,hinese
There is no )rid#e "ithout a la'e on the other side of it$ I*elsh
Better to turn )a'k than to lose one+s "a!$ IRussian
All men are not like treesJ some must tra%el and 'annot kee still$ I
The tor'h of dou)t and 'haos& this is "hat the sa#e steers )!$ I
,huan# TGu
E%er! road has t"o dire'tions$ I;krainian
The stone that remains in one sot )e'omes 'o%ered "ith moss$ I
To kno" the road ahead& ask those 'omin# )a'k$ I,hinese
1et e%er!one raise the ford as he finds it$ I*elsh
*hen !ou ha%e somethin# to do and !ou find no 'omanions& take
!our sti'k and #o slo"l!$ IAl)anian
God )lesses the seekin#& not the findin#$ IGerman
*hen the ath is )efore !ou& do not look for a road$ IGreek
It is not "orth"hile to #o around the "orld to 'ount the 'ats in
>anGi)ar$ IHenr! Da%id Thoreau
Infinite Di%ersit! in Infinite ,om)inations$ I8ul'ans of Star Trek
*alk do"n that lonesome road all )! !ourself$ Don+t turn !our head
)a'k o%er !our shoulder and onl! sto to rest !ourself "hen the
sil%er moon is shinin# hi#h a)o%e the trees$ ICames Ta!lor
He "ho seaks the truth must ha%e one foot in the stirru$ ITurkish
The e!es )elie%e themsel%es& the ears )elie%e others$ IE#!tian
The stor! is onl! half told "hen one side tells it$ II'elandi'
Bein# a Sufi is to ut a"a! "hat is in !our headIima#ined truth&
re'on'etions& 'onditionin#Iand to fa'e "hat ma! haened to
!ou$ IA)u Said$
He uses statisti's as a drunken man uses lam(osts& for suort
rather than illumination$ IAndre" 1an#$
All #reat truths )e#in as )lashemies$ IGeor#e Bernard Sha"
The sk! is not less )lue )e'ause the )lind man does not see it$ I
All sa! the lam) is #ood& )ut ea'h likes a different "a! of 'ookin# it$
Don+t den! the truth e%en for the sake of !our friend$ IHun#arian
An old error has more friends than a ne" truth$ IGerman
The #reatest truths are the simlestJ and so are the #reatest men$ I
Cohn Hare 34th 'ent$
He "ho dies for truth finds hol! #round e%er!"here for his #ra%e$ I
There is no disutin# a ro%er)& a fool& and a truth$ IRussian
Hoe 'louds o)ser%ation$ IRe%$ =other Gauis Helen =ohaim&
The un'louded e!e is )etter& no matter "hat it sees$ IRe%$ =other
Odrade& D;NE
The truth is so simle that it is re#arded as retentious )analit!$ I
Da# HammarskFold
The oosite of a 'orre't statement is a false statement$ But the
oosite of a rofound truth ma! "ell )e another rofound truth$ I
Niels Bohr
*hen I use a "ord& it means Fust "hat I 'hoose it to meanIneither
more nor less$ I1e"is ,arroll
2a'ts do not 'ease to eDist )e'ause the! are i#nored$ IAldous HuDle!
There are three kinds of lies9 lies& damned lies& and statisti's$ IBenFamin
Then there is the man "ho dro"ned 'rossin# a stream "ith an a%era#e
deth of siD in'hes$ I*$I$E$ Gates
Nati%es "ho )eat drums to dri%e off e%il sirits are o)Fe'ts of s'orn to
smart Ameri'ans "ho )lo" horns to )reak u traffi' Fams$ I=ar!
Ellen Kell!
None attains to the De#ree of Truth until a thousand honest eole
ha%e testified that he is a hereti'$ ICunaid of Ba#hdad& Sufi
Truth suffers from too mu'h anal!sis$ IAn'ient 2remen Sa!in#&
A narro" la'e is lar#e to the narro"(minded$ ITurkemestan
The suosition of the "ise man is )etter than the 'ertaint! of the
i#norant$ I=oorish
The )est rea'her is the heartJ the )est tea'her is timeJ the )est )ook
is the "orldJ the )est friend is God$ ITalmud
The )elie%er is ha!& the dou)ter "ise$ IGreek Pro%er)
A man should ne%er )e ashamed to admit he has )een "ron#& "hi'h
is )ut to sa!& in other "ords& that he is "iser toda! than he "as
!esterda!$ IConathan S"ift
Onl! the shallo" kno" themsel%es$ IOs'ar *ilde
2or of the "ise man as of the fool there is no endurin# remem)ran'e&
seein# that in the da!s to 'ome all "ill ha%e )een lon# for#otten$
Ho" the "ise man dies Fust like the fool: 2or all is %anit! and a
stri%in# after the "ind$ IE''lesiastes$
The father of "isdom is memor!J his mother is refle'tion$ I*elsh
Ask the oinion of an older one and a !oun#er one than th!self& and
return to thine o"n oinion$ IS!rian
In mu'h "isdom is mu'h #riefJ and he that in'reaseth kno"led#e
in'reaseth sorro"$ IE''lesiastes
Dou)t is not a leasant mental state& )ut 'ertaint! is a ridi'ulous
one$ I8oltaire
Be "iser than other eole& if !ou 'an& )ut do not tell them so$ I
1ord ,hesterfield
A man "ho stands )ehind a "all 'an see nothin# else$ ICaanese
The "ise make more use of their enemies than fools of their friends$
Ea'h of us finds his uni6ue %ehi'le for sharin# "ith others his )it of
"isdom$ IBa)a Ram Dass
A man )e#ins 'uttin# his "isdom teeth the first time he )ites off
more than he 'an 'he"$ IHer) ,aen
Remem)er !our hilosoher+s dou)ts$$$ Be"are: The mind of the
)elie%er sta#nates$ It fails to #ro" out"ard into an unlimited& infinite
uni%erse$ IRe%$ =other TaraGa& D;NE
I hoe that !ou ha%e enFo!ed them$
Please feel free to seek more sele'tions to add to this 'olle'tion$