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Media pack 2009

Archant portfolio
Archant is one of the country’s largest independent publishers
with a turnover of almost £200m; employing more than
3,000 staff.

Archant publish:
! 90 regional newspapers
! 3 million magazines per month

This should give you:

! The assurance that we sell what we say we sell.
! Confidence that you are investing in quality publications.
! The knowledge that your advertisement will have good
news-stand distribution
Archant Specialist is the only magazine group
to offer a portfolio of titles for trade, enthusiasts
and professionals
Photography Monthly is…
A strong photographic brand for 2009 and beyond, delivering
targeted content using entertaining, informative and innovative
editorial concepts.
Consumers of both on and offline products choose
Photography Monthly due to its consistent high quality editorial
delivery, coherent message and lively approach, which always
recognises and celebrates the reader’s enthusiasm for the
Photography Monthly is
unique because…
! We sell more magazines than most of our competitors.
! Promotional power of Archant (£200m t/o) is behind it, via
print and online ads.
! Only photo mag in Boots.
! Constantly upgrading the magazine: every 6 months a
feature is voted out by the readers.
! There are still some film users - we cater for them too.
! Our voice is a very personal one: building a
special community.
! We have recognised the importance of women
photographers and are accommodating their needs by
featuring more female pros and more female readers.
Who is the PM consumer?
1 Learners

! Shoot anything and everything
50% ! Frustrated by a lack of knowledge but love taking photographs
! Looking for information, advice, hand-holding and empathy

2 Perfecters

! One or two favourite subjects, but open to new ideas
30% ! Shoots Raw files occasionally, but doesn’t really know why
! Looking for ideas, inspiration and re-affirmation

3 Specialists

! One subject, considered as specialism
20% ! Shoots Raw and sees the benefits
! Looking for inspiration and new working practices
How does the new PM cater
for Learners?

Reader-based Welcoming beginner-

instruction, direct from friendly features
the editorial team
How does the new PM cater
for Perfecters?
Clear advice,
How does the new PM cater
for Specialists?
images and
advice from
the world’s
The facts
! Photography Monthly has an ABC audited circulation of 33,051
(ABC Jan-Dec 2008).

! Our consumers have a passion for photography and a high level of

disposable income. 21% earn over £50,000 pa.*

! 24%* are new enthusiasts keen to invest in their hobby.

! 45%* of our readers bought something as a result of seeing an ad

in Photography Monthly

* 2008 reader survey. Sample 1700.

What will they buy next?*
! 63% an extra lens - that’s 56,700 new lenses!

! 25% a digital SLR - 22,500 new cameras

! 21% a flashgun - 18,900 flashguns

! 20% software - 18,000 CD’s

! 18% a new tripod - 16,200 tripods

! 89% will travel to Europe to take pictures

! 46% to the Americas

* Taken from PM survey 2008.

Don’t take our word for it…
! “Epson works with Photography Monthly across a range of initiatives including
advertising, competitions and our sponsorship of ‘shoot the cover’. We have
always found the team responsive, receptive and full of ideas to help us
achieve our marketing objectives. We have had the privilege of meeting PM
readers and they are clearly passionate about photography and about the
magazine they love” - Kerry Reid, Marketing Director, Epson UK

! “I look forward to a continuing relationship with Photography Monthly, and if my

sales continue to increase at the current rate, it’s a bonus for this independent
retailer and two fingers up to the might of the multiples! The team at PM are a
pleasure to work with, offering good advice on copy content and are regularly
in touch with us to see if everything is running smoothly. - Tim Stavrinou,
Director, Kingsley Photographic Limited
Magazine advertising rates
! Double page spread £5665
! Full page £2935
! Cover and premium positions +10%
! Half page £1575
! Quarter page £890
! Classified £33 per column centimetre

Loose inserts max 50 grams

! Single A4 £150 per 1000
! Folded A3 £200 per 1000
! 10 grams per 1000 thereafter £10

! Agency commission 10%

Key website benefits

! Increased interactivity between magazine and website,

re-inforcing the PM brand.
! Free, independent, informed buying advice via the camera
finder; ensuring the Which Digital Camera brand lives on.
! Cross-platform elements to enhance reader appeal
e.g. image downloads.
WDC Camera finder

! Ensuring the WDC brand lives on with a substantial presence.

! Includes DSLRs, bridge cameras and compacts.
! Guided process from choosing to buying.
Website advertising rates
Home page
! MPU £1000 fixed monthly tenancy (300 pixels wide x 250 pixels)
! Leader Board £750 fixed monthly tenancy (728 pixels wide x 90 pixels)
! Skyscraper £500 fixed monthly tenancy (120 pixels wide x 600 pixels)
! Tile £150 fixed monthly tenancy (125 pixels wide x 125 pixels)
In summary
Recap on the key purchasing drivers
! Suitability of content. We know exactly who our readers are
and what they need.

! Brand equity. Editorial and online delivery will ensure PM

stays front of mind.

! Publishing innovation. New editor will ensure the title is

constantly innovative.

! Promotions. Three core supplements lined up and the

100th issue later in the year.
Contact us
Want to know more? Contact me on the details below.
Sam Scott-Smith
Advertising Director
Photography Monthly
Tel: 01799 544219