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My training report on role of Civil engineering for

U.C.I.L mines & mill turamdih and for U.C.I.L

mines banduhurang.
A department Of Atomic Energy.

Submitted to:- Mr. N Patil (chief supt.) Civil

Report by: - Nikhil Singh
Branch: - Civil Engineering
Jaipur National University, Jaipur


I would like to thanks Mr. R.K Tiwari (G.F.M) civil, who guided
me in this 30 days training. Under his supervision I had came
to know many things related to civil like building works,
planning, designing ,constructions of various things in mines
and in townships with details. I would also like to thanks
Mr. N Patil (chief supt.) civil, for inspiring and guiding me
throughout my training period. I would like to thanks Mr. R.K
Srivastava (Asst supt. of Survey and planning) for helping me
to know a lot about surveying and planning of open cast
mines. At last I also would like to thanks my father I.J Singh
(A.F.M) mining, for always inspiring and motivating me
throughout my training period.

Uranium corporation of india limited,
Is a centrally owned public sector undertaking (PSU), under
the department of atomic energy for uranium mining and
uranium processing. The corporation was founded in 1967 and
is responsible for the minning and milling of uranium ore in
india. The firm operates mines at Jadugora, Bhatin,
Narwapahar, Turamdih and Banduhurang mines.

Turamdih mines:
Turamdih mine is located 24km to the west of jadugoda. It was
commissioned in 2003. Turamdih processing plant has been set
up to treat the ore from Turamdih, Banduhurang and Mohuldih
A new plant at turamdih has set up to treat the ore produced
from turamdih and banduhurang mines.
Application of civil engineering plays an important role at
U.C.I.L mines turamdih. Thus civil engineering plays an
important role.

Surveying of open cast mines:
Surveying may be defined as an art to determine the relative
positions of points on, above or beneath the surface of the
earth, with respect to each other, by vertical and horizontal
distances, angles and directions.
The purpose of surveying (open cast mines) is to determine the
dimensions and contour of any part of the earths surface, i.e.
to prepare a plan or map, establish boundaries of land,
measure areas and volume, and select a suitable site for an
engineering project or mining project.
Surveying of banduhurang mines(open cast mines) with the
help of an instrument known as total-station.
Total station survey:
Atotal station survey is an optical instrument used as a primary
contrivance for modern surveying. It is a combination of an
electronic theodolite (transit), an electronic distance meter
(EDM) and a software running on an external computer known
as data collector. When this instrument are combined and
interfaced with EDM and electronics data collectors they
become total stations.
It also called electronic tachometers (ET).

Features of total stations:
The total stations system offers more functionality and greater
flexibility for a wider variety of survey applications. The large
display is positioned under the telescope to give user access to
much more information at a glance.
Depending on the type of total stations used, (GSI) Geo Serial
Interface provides a specific set of commands considering the
instrument series functionality.

Function of total stations:-
Can be used in layout of a place.
Can be used for finding out the co ordinates,
Can also be work as digital theodolite.
If it is fix vertical then it can also work as auto level.
It is used to find the height and depth.

Construction details of Ground Hopper in
U.C.I.L mines, turamdih:

Ground hopper is constructed at U.C.I.L mines. The main
purpose of ground hopper is to carry the ore and transfer it to
other part.
Generally in U.C.I.L mines the ore that is extracted is dumped
on the hopper and then the hopper slide and transfer the
dumped ore to the U.C.I.L mill for grinding and chemical
treatment for further utilization of ore.
It is one of the most important project that is constructed at
mines for underground transportation purpose.
Total RCC work is done in the construction.
Nearly, rupees 1 crore had invested on this ground hopper

Construction details of R.C.C Hill Tank:

It is constructed on the tall hill which is present in the township
of U.C.I.L mines. On the hill it is constructed so that to store
water to supply it to the U.C.I.L mill and mines for various

The capacity of this hill tank is 350 cubic meter. It store the
waste water coming from mines and then supply it to water
treatment plant with pressure where the water is treated and
then again the water is supplied to the hill tank and from hill
tank he water is supplied to mines and mill .
It is total R.C.C tank. Around rupees 50 lakhs (approx) invested
on this project.

Construction details of D-Type quarter at tmd

It is constructing in the area of 117.39 meter square .It is meant
to made to satisfy full need for a person. It is constructed in a
smart way, in constructing D-type brick work with the use of
R.C.C. for finishing work is done. With brick and RCC
electrification work is also done to satisfy the electric need.
Various components of this quarter are:
Balcony- 2 nos
Bedroom-2 nos
Master bedroom- 1 nos
Dinning + dry room- 1
Study room- 1
Smart kitchen-1
Toilet- 2 nos

Construction cost for 3 blocks (6 units) is estimated around
1 crore (approx) .

Construction with details of science
laboratory in A.E.C. School, tmd:

The laboratory is made for student scientific purpose. There are
three labs that are constructed
Physics lab, chemistry lab and biology lab.
Around 45 lakhs invested on this construction.
It is constructed in area of square feet.
Total RCC and brick work is done with finishing work too.
Electrification work is also done to satisfy the electric need.

Estimation work of room of lab:
There are two methods for measuring and estimating the wall
that are-
Wall to wall method
Centre line method

Construction details of retaining wall of ore
yard at hopper area in U.C.I.L mines, tmd :

It is constructing with the estimated cost of 41 lakh (approx).it
is constructing near the hopper area.
It is around 180 meter in length. The place where it is
constructing has soil bearing capacity of 10MT/m.
The main bar used is of 20 @200 C/C.
The concrete grade shall be used is M20 unless stated.
The main purpose of constructing this retaining wall is to stop
the sliding of soil that will be filled inside it. The retaining wall
will act as a barrier for soil . it is generally constructed on the
ends of a bridge or pool.

Details of Hill road at talsa village, besides
U.C.I.L Turamdih Township:
To control the landslide and flooding due to moving water from
hill and to avoid breakage of road. There is way used to stop it
in some extent. Hill road is generally constructed on or near the
As we know excess of rain causes flow of water and thus water
flows from hill to road and can break or slide road. So to control
this property loss we should have to construct road with a
proper planning and management.
Several things with proper planning are done here before
constructing a hill road:
Drainage system has made near the road and at the end of hill
water pipe are fixed inside the ground that carries flow of
excess water through drain and transfer it to nearby river.
Retaining wall has also construed hear to control sliding or
breaking of road.
So a proper manage and planning is done here to control
hazardous accidents.
If it should have been also done in uttrakhand , then I think this
much disaster would not had happen.

Visit to health physics (B.A.R.C) and water
treatment plant in Turamdih Township:

In my training period I also had visited to health physics that is
constructing in our township for U.C.I.L purpose. The
construction is going in a great pace and almost half the work
has been done. There I came to know about the component
and material that are used to construct it. It is costly project as
it is very important for our U.C.I.L Company.

I also had visited to the water treatment plant where water is
treated and supply to our townships flats. It is already
constructed and it is surrounded in larger areas. A lot of civil
works had been done for constructing it. It is one of most
important building for U.C.I.L and Turamdih Township. It is a big
example of application of civil engineering.

.Thank you.