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TechniScan, Inc.


November 2009

Corporate Headquarters: About TechniScan, Inc.

3216 South Highland Drive
Suite 200 TechniScan, Inc. is a medical device company engaged in the development and commercialization of an automated,
Salt Lake City UT 84106 repeatable ultrasound breast imaging and diagnostic system.
Phone: 801-521-0444
Website: SVARATM, TechniScan's automated 3D whole breast ultrasound imaging system, is designed to provide physicians with
Industry: Medical Devices a repeatable, non-invasive imaging tool of unrivaled sensitivity and specificity for the early and accurate detection of
cancers and abnormalities. This operator-independent, automated breast imaging system is a software-controlled, fixed
Investor Contact: room, ultrasound system designed to maximize patient comfort during the scanning process. It enables the operator to
Hayden IR perform an automated whole breast examination while the patient lies prone on the system’s examination table with the
Peter Seltzberg breast comfortably suspended in a warm water bath maintained near skin temperature. The ultrasound array is moved
Phone: 646-415-8972 in a continuous scan that collects a complete series of successive 3-D images of the breast. The resulting images can
Email: then be viewed on a DICOM review station. The quality of the images generated by the system is relatively independent
of operator skill and experience (unlike conventional breast ultrasound). TechniScan does not use ionizing radiation and
Stock Data (as of Nov. 13, 2009): this technology does not require breast compression. The TechniScan system additionally records, stores and catalogs
FY End: 12/31 data from each scan of each patient to a centralized database.
Stock Price: $1.01
Shares Out: 78.6 M The system includes unique subscription software that supports the business model by providing support for many top
Mkt. Cap: $84.6 M level functions and also support system financing – i.e., through subscriptions fees. The software allows TechniScan to
52 Week Range: $0.75—$2.00 provide radiologists with a portal through which it can deliver a wide variety of valuable services that will allow them to
Volume Average: 2,700 archive and retrieve, compare images to other similar data sets, store their own images and diagnostic notes, collabo-
rate with others, and correlate information with diagnostic results and outcomes.

Strategic Partnerships Financial Highlights

 Became a public company through reverse merger on more than 60,000 imaging systems deployed globally.
Oct. 9, 2009.  Esaote owns 12% of the Company’s outstanding
 Has generated $24 million in equity financing to date, shares and has submitted the Company’s 510k sub-
plus $5 million as a result of NIH grants. mission to the Food and Drug Administration/
 Huge market opportunity: National Institute of Health in June 2009.
Financial Model  Approximately 9,000 FDA certified facilities in the  Esaote has place orders and prepaid for three sys-
U.S. are projected to have spent over $2.5 billion in tems, pending approval.
2008 for breast cancer detection and diagnostic  Fast Track Award of $3.2 million: Year 3 clinical de-
On Demand (Usage Based): imaging equipment; ployments began in July 2009.
In the U.S., the Company will pursue a  Have been awarded two other SBIR grants totaling
 US market expected to grow at a CAGR of 16.7%
medical services model with support from $275,000.
per year.
Sun Microsystems (graphic Java Caps
 Strategic partnership with Italy-based, Esaote, the  Six subscription-based systems to be deployed within
software suite), LCN Technologies
fastest-growing ultrasound company in the world with eight months of receiving financing.
(systems integrator) and NVIDIA (graphic
processing chipmaker for imaging system).
Data Library:
Access to aggregated (anonymous) patient
Competitive Advantages
data also will be sold as subscription-based  Automated
model.  3D whole breast ultrasound
Capital Equipment Sale:  Comfortable, no breast compression
In the EU, the Company will pursue a capi-  Scan time 8 min/breast – less than current ultrasound or MRI
tal equipment sales strategy with distribu-  Repeatable
tion, sales, marketing, service and OEM  Storage, archiving, comparison analysis, correlative analysis
support from Esaote. and other functions delivered to the desktop
 Unique, quantitative high resolution images
 Operator independent
Awards and Grants
Intellectual Property
TechniScan currently has six patents awarded, eight patents pending, two allowed, two provisional patents and two
pending foreign applications. All listed inventors have assigned their rights in the patents to TSNI except for the
University of Utah, which has granted an exclusive, irrevocable and permanent world-wide license to the intellectual
property, pursuant to an Amended and Restated License Agreement, dated January 10, 2002. TSNI patent rights,
proprietary know-how, and similar intellectual property are material to its competitive position. In addition to its
patents, TSNI has a registered trademark in the United States for "TechniScan Medical Systems."
Reimbursement Rate Schedule

CPT Code Professional Component (PC or 26) Technical Component (TC) Total Reimbursement** (PC + TC)

76645 $30.26 $69.18 $99.44 (for unilateral or bilateral exam)

76377 $42.07 $71.37 $113.43 (for unilateral exam)

$226.86 (for bilateral exam)
76497 $55 $200 $255
(Approximate & reasonable reimbursement based
on cost to conduct procedure)

Transmission and Reflection Ultrasound Imaging

The reflection images are refraction corrected by utilizing the transmission data – the
speed of sound - traveling through human breast tissue. Additionally, TechniScan has
incorporated a 3D version of B-mode ultrasound (or reflective ultrasound) into the
SVARA™ imaging platform. The unique combination of these image-generating proc-
esses will provide physicians with a new way of interpreting ultrasound images as well
as new information about the bulk tissue properties of the breast.

Whole Breast Ultrasound Image of 2 CM Cyst

Executive Management Team

David Robinson, President and Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Robinson is a successful entrepreneur with several start ups to his credit (PhatPipe, MEC Analytical Systems). He has 20 years of experience in building
strong businesses and great management teams.
Steven K. Passey, CPA, Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Passey was most recently the VP, Chief Accounting Officer and Treasurer for Mrs. Fields’ Famous Brands (Mrs. Fields and TCBY brands). Prior to that, Mr.
Passey was hired to spearhead all SEC filings for Extra Space Storage, a publicly-traded company with $200M+ in revenue. He has 20+ years accounting ex-
perience and spent several years as a Senior Manager for a public accounting firm.
Barry Hanover, Chief Operating Officer
Mr. Hanover brings more than 20 years of technical and business management experience to TMS. Prior to TMS, he served as the Vice President of Research
and Development for GE-OEC Medical Systems. Mr. Hanover is listed as an inventor on 20 U.S. patents.
John C. Klock, MD, Chief Medical Director
Dr. Klock is a board-certified Internist and Hematologist-Oncologist who has been involved in the start-up of five medical companies. He has more than 70 peer-
reviewed medical and scientific publications and eight granted US Patents.
David Burya, Director of Manufacturing and Product Integration
Mr. Burya brings over 30 years of manufacturing and regulatory affairs experience to TMS including Director of Manufacturing at GE-OEC Medical Systems
where he led a team of over 100 manufacturing employees.
Karleen Callahan, Ph.D., Director of Clinical Affairs
Dr. Callahan brings more than 15 years of experience in clinical investigations to TMS. Most recently, she served as the Clinical Studies Director for Macromed
Inc and also led the clinical studies for a breast cancer diagnosis product at Computerized Thermal Imaging Inc.

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by the Company and is meant purely for informational purposes. Hayden IR, (HIR) its affiliates, officers, directors, subsidiaries and agents have been compensated by the Company for the
creation of this document. HIR receives eight thousand dollars per month for the period from November 1, 2009 through October 31, 2010, and receives 100,000 restricted shares, 25,000
vesting proportionately at 3-month intervals throughout the year, beginning November 1, 2009. HIR has relied upon information received from the Company, which, although believed to be
reliable, cannot be guaranteed. This information is not an endorsement of the Company by HIR. HIR is not responsible for any claims made by the Company. You should independently investi-
gate and fully understand all risks before investing. (11/13/09)