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In Company Quick Placement Test

Notes to the teacher on using the Quick Placement Test:

This test covers a range of grammar and lexis found at each level of the In Company
books. The form of the test is multiple choice which is a familiar format for many
students and easy to administer. Each student will need a copy of the test and should
write hisher answers on the test. Each correct answer receives one mark. This gives a
final score out of fifty. !ere is a scoring guideline to indicate the most appropriate
book for the student"
$%$& Elementary
$'%() Pre%intermediate
*+%&& Intermediate
&' , -pper Intermediate
.ote that this Quick Placement Test provides an assessment of level in terms of
grammar and lexis. /or further testing of spoken English0 listening and reading use
the other placement tests provided.
In Company Quick Placement Test
.ame 1111111111111111111111111111111111 2ate 11111111111
(rammar an! Le"is#
$ou ha%e &' minutes( Com)lete as much o* the test as +ou can( Com)lete the
sentences ,ith ans,er a- .- c or !( See the e"am)le(
3" 3re you 4r 5ensen6
7" 8es0 I a.
a am
b 9m not
c do
d are
$ 3" Is this the right place for 7ritish 3irways6
7" 8es0 it 11111.
a isn9t
b are
c is it
d is
( :oger is 11111 #wit;erland.
a with
b from
c not
d a
In Company Quick Placement Test
* 3" 2o you smoke6
7" .o0 I 11111.
a don9t
b 9m not
c not
d doesn9t
& 3" 11111 does he work6
7" In a hospital.
a <hy
b <hen
c <hat
d <here
' !ow 11111 do they play golf6
a usually
b every
c often
d time
= 3re there 11111 messages for me6
a got
b any
c a
d have
> I9m afraid I can9t 11111 the meeting at three.
a to make
b made
c make
d making
In Company Quick Placement Test
? !e 11111 in when I rang.
a wasn9t
b isn9t
c weren9t
d didn9t
) !enry 11111 school at fifteen.
a has left
b leave
c left
d leaved
$+ 3" <hen 11111 he phone6
7" 3t around three.
a was
b time
c did
d do
$$ !ow 11111 time off do you get a year6
a many
b much
c any
d some
$( It9s hotter today 11111 yesterday.
a as
b the
c more
d than
In Company Quick Placement Test
$* I go to work 11111 foot.
a by
b to
c on
d from
$& I 11111 on an important pro@ect at the moment.
a going to work
b worked
c work
d 9m working
$' I 11111 the report yet. I need a couple more hours.
a didn9t finish
b don9t finish
c haven9t finished
d 9m not finishing
$= I 11111 a profit this year.
a set up
b made
c did
d ran
$> 3" Can I have extension *$'6
7" I9ll @ust 11111 you through.
a put
b connect
c call
d play
In Company Quick Placement Test
$? Could I 11111 a message6
a speak
b leave
c tell
d say
$) 3" <hat9s he like6
7" !e 11111
a works for the .ational 7ank of Poland.
b 9s the Public :elations 4anager.
c 9s a nice man.
d plays golf.
(+ 3" !ow do you do6
7" 11111
a Pleased to meet you.
b I9m pleased too.
c .ice to have met you.
d Aood to see you too.
($ <ho 11111 the first e%mail6
a did send
b did happen
c sent
d was sent
(( I9ll 11111 with the e%mail straight away.
a send
b deal
c go
d write
In Company Quick Placement Test
(* It9s the 11111 meal I9ve ever eatenB
a expensive than
b more expensive
c expensivest
d most expensive
(& I9ll have breakfast sent 11111 to your room.
a up
b out of
c in
d at
(' Prices have remained 11111 in the first Cuarter.
a increase
b stable
c same
d steadily
(= I9m writing to 11111 the refund for damaged goods.
a claim
b tackle
c take
d book
(> *'0+++ people 11111 in the last five years.
a were been laid off
b lay off
c are laid off
d have been laid off
In Company Quick Placement Test
(? It cost one hundred eurosB <hat a complete 11111 of money.
a invest
b spent
c waste
d lot
() !e 11111 me that he was happy in his new department.
a said
b told
c speak
d asked
*+ <e 11111 less time travelling0 if we worked from home.
a spend
b 9d spend
c would spent
d are spending
*$ 2oes the conference centre have internet 111116
a access
b location
c centre
d transfer
*( #orry0 I didn9t 11111 that. Could you say it again6
a not with
b explain
c catch
d miss
In Company Quick Placement Test
** <ould you mind 11111 0 please6
a not to smoke
b not smoking
c didn9t smoking
d if not smoking
*& 8ou 11111 be tired after your long @ourney.
a can
b let
c must
d ought
*' I agree with you up to a 11111.
a Cuestion
b position
c point
d view
*= 11111 I thought everyone knew.
a <on9t you hear6
b !aven9t you heard6
c 2idn9t you hear6
d 3ren9t you hearing6
*> Det9s move 11111 to the next point of my presentation.
a about
b up
c for
d on
In Company Quick Placement Test
*? I9m sorry0 but can I @ust 11111 in here6
a come
b interrupt
c move
d speak
*) #o0 let9s sum 11111 what we9ve discussed so far.
a about
b up
c with
d for
&+ I 11111 from you.
a look forward to hear
b looking forwards to hearing
c look forward to hearing
d look forwards for hearing
&$ !ow are things 11111 you6
a with
b to
c at
a of
&( I think it9s 11111 of fish with cream and white wine.
a kind
b made
c like
d sort
In Company Quick Placement Test
&* I9m sorry for the 11111 in getting back to you with the Cuote.
a wait
b hold
c late
d delay
&& I suggested 11111 the whole thing forward by a week.
a bringing
b to bring
c that bring
d we bringing
&' <ith 11111 I think that9s a little too low.
a frank
b respect
c honesty
d unfortunately
&= 11111 no see. 8ou haven9t changed a bitB
a Dong time
b Dong wait
c Dong listen
d Dong view
&> 3re you saying they9ve fallen 11111 of pro@ections again6
a down
b decrease
c short
d rapidly
In Company Quick Placement Test
&? It was a very 11111 meeting in the end.
a achievement
b smoothly
c success
d fruitful
&) I9ve @ust 11111 a @ob with 7ill AatesB
a landed
b run
c set
d caught
'+ Can I get hold 11111 the organisers6
a to
b of
c for
d up