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Strathfoyle Youth Club

Deramore Drive
Strathfoyle BT47 6XL
Tel: (028) 7186 0334
Chris McGarrigle

WELB Inclusion Unit

40 Dungiven Road
Waterside BT48 7BW
Tel: (028) 7131 3444 ext. 4
Stephen Quigley/Lynsey Cathcart

One World Centre
7-15 Foyle Street BT48 6AL
Tel: (028) 7137 0989 in
Eddie Kerr Strathfoyle Youth Club
Sai Pak Chinese Welfare Association Derry/Londonderry
2nd Floor Ebrington Centre, Thursday 10th
Glendermott Road, BT47 6BG
Tel: (028) 7128 8858 December 2009
Karen Scrivens @ 7:00 pm
Kerala Associations
One World Centre
7-15 Foyle Street BT48 6AL
Tel: (028) 7137 0989
Mr. Hari Avinash

Polish Abroad
One World Centre
7-15 Foyle Street BT48 6AL
Tel: (028) 7137 0989
Marlena Musialek and Ewa Wierzba
Foyle Multicultural Forum
Laura Giacani
The Foyle Multi Cultural Forum consists of representatives 18:45 - Registration
from local minority ethnic community groups in the North 19:10 Tea/Coffee
West region, as well as representatives from statutory
agencies working closely with minority ethnic
communities, and has been in existence since 19:15 - Introduction by
January 2007
19:20 Ann McCausland
Polish Abroad WELB Limavady
Marlena Musialek & Ewa Wierzba Area Youth Officer
POLISH ABROAD organisation was established in
October 2008 as a response to polish community voices
19:20 - A series of
of people seeking for representation of their own interests.
They aim to provide a detailed programme of activities to 20:15 presentations by
support the inclusion of the Polish Community in the North
West of Ireland. These programmes are designed to be of a Polish Abroad
social, cultural, educational, linguistic, artistic nature to
promote the inclusion of the Polish Community in Ireland, Sai Pak
North and South.
Kerala Association
Sai Pak Seeds
Chinese Welfare Association
SPEAKER: Foyle Multicultural
Karen Scrivens
To secure the future of the Chinese community in the
northwest of Northern Ireland within a framework of racial
equality and enable all sections of the community to fully
20:15 - Information Session
participate in both the development of the community and
in the wider society 21:00 Exhibits & Stalls
Kerala Associations: 21:00 Closing
Mr Hari Avinash
Kerala association was founded in September 2008 as a
representative organization of a group of people from the
Southern state of Kerala, India, who have been a part of
Derry life for quite a while, with around 100 families living
in the city area.

Roisin O’Hagan
SEEDS seeks to promote racial, ethnic and cultural
diversity in the North West of Ireland thus maintaining a
commitment to promote equality and integration.