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To Dr Raman With Love Series

Nadi Astrology Part 2

Dr. B.V. Raman
SA Volunteer !anish "our
S#e$ial Than%s A&A' Team( 'hi$ago
Ta%en )rom The Astrologi$al !aga*ine De$+ ,-.. issue
/ust give some e0am#les+ &) the As$endant is Taurus and the sensitive
#oint is 1umaramsa ,
#art 2Such a name is not found in any of the
Shashtyamsas3 the #erson 4ill 5e the third issue to his #arents6 he 4ill
5e 5orn in a 5ig to4n on the 5an% o) a river( in the house o) his o4n
)ather situated in a street running north7south and the house )a$ing the
east+ The delivery 4ill 5e easy+ &) the 5irth is in the 2
#art o) this
sensitive #oint the #la$e o) 5irth 4ill 5e a small one( 5irth having ta%en
#la$e in a relatives house( situated in a street running east74est and the
house )a$ing the south+ 8e 4ill 5e the 9
issue( the eldest 5rother having
died+ The delivery 4ill 5e di:$ult+ &n either $ase( the trimsamsa 2or ,;<=
division3 4ill 5e that o) Venus+ &) the as$ending Node is also in the
trimsamsa o) Venus( as a result o) his #ast sins he is lia5le to su>er )rom
e#ile#ti$ ?ts+ &n the su57#eriod o) @u#iter and the ma/or #eriod o) the 2
asterism lord( 4hen Saturn transits the end #oint o) Taurus or the
5eginning o) "emini( mothers death ta%es #la$e+ Again the As$endant
5eing Taurus and the sensitive #oint is komalamsa ,
#art the #ersons
5irth ta%es #la$e in a relatives house( situated in a street north74estA
south7east( the house )a$ing north7east+ The delivery 4ill 5e easy+ &n the
hal)( the 5irth ta%es #la$e in a hos#ital situated near a tem#le in the
#ersons mothers house situated in a street running northAsouth and
delivery ta%es #la$e a)ter mu$h su>ering )or the mother+ The #erson 4ill
5e the <
issue to his #arents( the ?rst t4o 5rothers having died+ The
trimsamsa or ,;<=
division 5eing that o) @u#iter denotes a 5ody in$lined
to $or#ulen$e+ &) the sensitive #oint is mangalamsa ,
#art 2Sri C.S.Patel
lists this Nadi amsa as the 91
Nadi Amsa and lies between 17!"#!1$ and
1%&&#&&$ in 'o(able signs) 11*1#&&$ and 1+&&#+&$ in ,i-ed signs and
*&&#&&$ and *+&#&&$ in .ual signs.3 the 5irth 4ill 5e in a small to4nshi#
near a 5ig river+ 8e 4ill have a num5er o) 5rothers 5ut only one sister+ 8e
4ill su>er )rom lot o) in)antile trou5les+ 8is $om#le0ion 4ill 5e 5lood7red+
&) the 5irth is in the 2
#art the 5irth#la$e 4ill 5e in an industrial to4n+
The delivery 4ill 5e di:$ult+ 8e 4ill 5e )air7$om#le0ioned and he 4ill
have( alive( t4o 5rothers and t4o sisters+ The )ather 4ill 5e a #etty
The )ollo4ing is a ty#i$al horos$o#e e0tra$ted )rom one o) the
versions o) .hru(a Nadi Taurus As$endant Vasudhamsa 22-B 9C to <= 3+

The native 5orn in the ?rst #art o) the (asudhamsa 22-B 9C to 2-B
D93 2/his is also in accordance with .e(a 0eralam. 1owe(er) C.S. Patel has gi(en the
2asudha Nadiamsa for ,i-ed signs from +9 *&3 to *&3 in the trimsamsa o) Venus
is a sudra 5y $aste and is the <
or 9
$hild to his #arents+ 8e has an
elder 5rother living and his younger 5rothers are dead+ Lord o) the -
is in
the 9
2Saturn in 4eo3 and lord o) Lagna is asso$iated 4ith !ars+ @u#iter is
in the ,=
There)ore the natives 5irth#la$e 4ill 5e near a river+ &) it is the
2nd #art o) the Nadi Amsa 22- D9 to <=3 his 5irth 4ill 5e in a small to4n
ad/oining a )orest+ As 5ahu is in the !
the mother3s health will he
a6icted at the time of nati(e#s birth and will continue to be bad
throughout the 7anma .asa i+e+ the #eriod o) the #lanet ruling the 5irth
$onstellation+ Lord o) the 9
2Sun3 is in a %endra or Euadrant 27
is gi(en
in the ne-t 8aragra8h3 in asso$iation 4ith the lord o) the D
2/aken to be in the 7
0endra as otherwise the distance between Sun and 'ercury wil
e-ceed the 8ossible range if Sun is to be 8laced either in the !
or 1&
8ositions3+ The !oon is in the ,,
+ 8e 4ill 5e )airly ha##y regarding
#arents+ &n the ?rst su57#eriod o) the se$ond ma/or #eriod the native
su>ers )rom mu$h 5ala7rishta 2i+e+( in)antile disease3+
Lord o) the as$endant in his o4n house 92enus 8laced in 4ibra: and
@u#iter in an angle or trine( the native has a )ull term o) li)e
+ !ars in the
22enus will also be 8laced here as in the 8re(ious 8aragra8h it is stated that ;4ord
of 4agna is associated with 'ars.< 3 and Saturn in the as$endant( 2/his seems to
be contradictory as it is stated abo(e that 4ord of 9
is in the !
or 8robably this is a
di=erent combination as seen from the >rst line of ne-t 8aragra8h3 the Sun in the
and Rahu in the 9
and @u#iter in the ,=
( the native has t4o
6 he o4ns lands( is virtuous( generous( and is ha##y 4ith his
4i)e and $hildren+ 8e is a 4ell74isher o) the #eo#le and has a num5er o)
4ell74ishing )riends+ Sensual in nature he has e0tra7marital relations
When the as$endant is (asudhamsa in a ?0ed sign the Sun o$$u#ies
either a trine or an angle( and lord o) the -
is in the as$endant( 2again the
8osition of Saturn di=eres from the original one3 the )ather 4ill live u# to middle
age+ The )ather is a devotee o) Lord Siva and res#e$ts Grahmins and
Saints+ 8e 5e$omes )amous through )riendshi# 4ith rulers and se$ures a
high #osition+ &n arudha 7 the !oon and Saturn are in asso$iation and
hen$e mi0ed results )ollo4 in the ma/or #eriod o) Saturn+ The )ather 4ill
die in the last #art o) the third ma/or #eriod o) the native+
Lord o) the 9
strongly #la$ed in %endra or tri%ona and the %ara%a in
a 1endra(21ere the karaka for mother is not 8laced in a 0endra3 he 4ill have
ha##y relations 4ith mother+ The mother is a lady o) high $hara$ter and
she dies in the same #eriod+
7 When 5irth is in (asudhamsa in a ?0ed sign and sakata yoga is
#resent and trimsamsa is that o) Venus( the native 4ill have a 4ell7
#ro#ortioned 5ody( dar%ish in $om#le0ion and the $onstitution 4ill 5e o)
(ata and 8itta 2a mi0ture3+ Hrdinarily edu$ated( he 4ill 5e ha##y a)ter <=+
The e>e$ts o) sakata yaga
4ill he )elt )rom the ,F
year+ As lord o)
Lagna is 4ith !ars( the native 4ill 5e ado#ted 5y a ?nati 2a distant
relative3 and hen$e he 4ill have t4o )athers and t4o mothers+
&s this a 5road di$tum( $an resear$hers test this in the $ase o) S&DS 2Sudden &n)ant Death Syndrome3
SA Pu5lisher+
Ior those 4ho use only one house )or marriage and as$ertaining num5er o) marriages( one $an see
the num5er o) houses used es#e$ially the ,=8 and de$i#her themselves+ SA Pu5lisher
Note the Rishi saying e0tra marital relations( then o5serve Rahu in the 98 o) $hastity and !ars in the
F8 o) sa7#atni 2the other one3 SA Pu5lisher+
&n the original arti$le it is mentioned yaga and not yoga in the 2
re#etition o) the 4ord sa%ata yoga+
Pls note that !oon is in the 2
to @u#iter( that is @u#iter is in the ,=8 and !oon in the ,,8 and it is
5eing $alled Sa%ata Joga+ Due to la$% o) original manus$ri#t one is handi$a##ed+ SA
As lord o) the F
is 4ith !ars( he 4ill inherit 4ealth )rom a ?nati+ 8e
4ill su>er )rom sorro4 till 2.
year( gets married a)ter <=( and gets t4o
4ives+ 8e 4ill have $hildren late in li)e( the ?rst issue 5eing a daughter+
Goth his 4ives 4ill 5eget $hildren and he 4ill have t4o sons+ T4o
daughters 4ill live and the rest 4ill #erish+
The native is righteously in$lined and 4ill 5e ha##y on a$$ount o)
$hildren( 4ho 4ill loo% a)ter him in his old age+
&n the ?rst Dasa he 4ill have serious health #ro5lems t4i$e or thri$e+
&n the se$ond Dasa 2o4n su57#eriod3( he 4ill su>er )rom a #e$uliar )ever6
and to get $ured( #ro#itiate Saturn+ &n the Suns su57#eriod( the )ather
)alls seriously ill and the mother dies in the su57#eriod o) the !oon+
When Saturn in his ?rst round enters Li5ra( one 5orn (asudhamsa
4ill lose his mother+ Ior those 5orn in Taurus( Saturns transit o) the C
sign )rom the !oon $auses mothers death+
&n !ars su57#eriod he 4ill have mu$h ha##iness )rom his elder
5rother+ &n Rahus su57#eriod( )ather 4ill 5e ill and some )ortunate results
4ill ha##en+ &n @u#iters su57#eriod he 4ill )all seriously ill+ The ?rst #art o)
the third Dasa 4ill 5e some4hat )avora5le+ There 4ill 5e good yoga in the
latter hal)+ 1etu as su57lord 4ill see him #ros#erous and Venus su57#eriod
4ill 5e the 5est+ &n the Suns su57#eriod ado#ted )ather 2sweekara 8itru3
4ill #ass a4ay+ !ars su57#eriod 4ill ma%e him more #ros#erous and
inKuential 4hile Rahus su57#eriod 4ill $on)er 4ealth( lands and other
ty#es o) #ro#erty+

!arriage ta%es #la$e in Rahus su57#eriod in the third Dasa+
Delayed marriage is due to sakata yoga+ @hen the Sun occu8ies the
either with 2enus or 'ercury) marriage takes 8lace in the third .asa+ A
sakata yoga native 4ill not only have delayed marriage 5ut delayed
The natives 4i)e 4ill 5e )air7$om#le0ioned+ She 5rings lu$%+ Lven
4hen there is sakata yoga( nothing 5ut good alone $an ha##en #rovided
the !oon is in a %endra 2Euadrant3 )rom the as$endant( 21ere it is not so3
o$$u#ies a 5ene?$ sign( and @u#iter is also in a %endra or tri%ona 2angle or
trine3+ This is $alled samra?ya sakatayoga and $an mani)est only a)ter
ones 2=th year+ Lven i) @u#iter is asso$iated 4ith 1etu in a male?$ sign(
the yoga does not $ease to )un$tion i) 5ene?$ Navamsas are o$$u#ied 5y
them+ &) the !oon is in the D
( the ?rst issue 4ill 5e a )emale+ Ior this
native( )ather 4ill #ass a4ay in the 9
Dasa( 4hen Saturn( in his se$ond
$y$le( transits Leo or Virgo+ 8is su57#eriod in the 9
Dasa 4ill see the
5irth o) a son( 4hen @u#iter in his 9
$y$le #asses through Taurus+ &n the
Dasa( during the su57#eriod o) the Sun the native marries )or the
se$ond time and gets immense 5ene?ts through "overnment sour$es+
A daughter and son 4ill 5e 5orn res#e$tively in Saturn and !er$urys
su57#eriods 4hen @u#iter #asses through Pis$es+ When Saturn transits
'an$er( aMi$tion 4ill 5e)all the ruler o) Chola+ When Saturn transits
AEuarius( #oliti$al revolution ta%es #la$e+ When Saturn #asses through
S$or#io there 4ill 5e great )ear o) out5rea% o) 4ar+ The %ing or ruler o)
Pandya 4ill #ass a4ay 4hen Saturn enters Leo+
The ?rst #art o) the .
Dasa 4ill $ause untold su>ering to the native(
5y 4ay o) mu$h e0#enditure( dis#leasure o) the rulers( et$+ &n his su57
#eriod( the ado#ted mother dies+
The end o) C
Dasa 2the su57#eriod o) Venus3 4ill $ause the natives
death+ 8is longevity is .C+ Lord o) the ,2
2'ars3 is 4ith Venus+ 8e is
as#e$ted 5y Venus+2As it a ty8o errorB .oes he mention 7u8iterCSaturn as these are
the two 8lanets as8ecting 2enus and 'ars3 There)ore he 4ill go to 8unyaloka
a)ter death+ 8is ne0t 5irth 4ill also 5e in a no5le )amily+
Re)eren$es made in the horos$o#e given a5ove to $ertain im#ortant
$om5inations su$h as sakata yoga( #lanetary transits and the e>e$ts o)
su$h transits on $ertain #arts o) &ndia are indeed signi?$ant+
&n this manner are given #arti$ulars in res#e$t o) ea$h sensitive
#oint+ The amsas or the ,;,D=
#arts $annot 5e ordinarily used 5y an
astrologer unless one is a5le to #i$% u# the e0a$t amsa 5y veri?$ational
The Nadi "ranthas #rovide some interesting )a$ts 4hi$h $an 5e o)
great value to #redi$tive #ra$titioners+ The dwadasamsa or the ,;,2
division indi$ates a $ertain general #attern o) )uture( the trimsamsa or
the ,;<=
division( a more s#e$i?$ #attern and the Nadi amsa( the e0a$t
#attern+ When one is not a5le to lo$ate the e0a$t 5asi$ #oint( one $an
study the horos$o#e on the 5asis o) the dwadasamsa #attern 4hi$h ta%es
into a$$ount inKuen$es )or every 2NB+ This 4ill 5e use)ul in #redi$ting
im#ortant events( even though the event $annot 5e narro4ed do4n to
days or months+ The as$endant( the asterism and the dwadasamsa are all
lin%ed+ The num5er o) asterism 5eing 2.( and the num5er o)
dwadasamsas 5eing ,2( the num5er o) $om5inations )or ea$h sign 4ill 5e
<29+ & shall /ust give a )e4 random $om5inations )rom the Nandi Nadi+
Details have to 5e ?lled in 5y #lanetary inKuen$es+
As$endant Aries 222NB to 2D3 D4adasamsa ,=
!oon in Rohini 29
star3 Gelongs to higher middle $lass6 #roud( 4ar7li%e and arrogant6 very
inde#endent in vie4s+ "enerally a strange $areer+ 8asty( #assionate(
auda$ious and desirous o) #rominen$e+ Aggressive and rash+ !arriage
un)ortunate+ !arriage ta%es #la$e in the third main #eriod and the su57
#eriod o) Venus( 4hen @u#iter transits a trine )rom Venus+ At the end o)
the main #eriod( the hus5and or 4i)e 4ill )all seriously ill or die+ At the
age $oin$iding 4ith the $ommen$ement o) the ?)th main #eriod( he 4ill
meet 4ith enmity and misunderstanding and in Rahus su57#eriod(
$oin$iding 4ith his transit 2o) the ,
( <
( D
or .
star3 he 4ill have a
sudden )all )rom #osition+ &) the horos$o#e 4arrants 5irth o) issues( he 4ill
have the ?rst issue in the su57#eriod o) @u#iter in the third main #eriod+
8e 4ill die in the D
main #eriod and the su57#eriod o) the .
As$endant Taurus 2,2NB to ,DB3 F
D4adasamsa !oon in Rohini
2the 9
star36 L0$ellent )uture( high ran+ Di#lomati$( se$retive( o5stinate(
sel)74illed+ &) Venus is involved in a Ra/a Joga 2$om5ination )or )ame3
gives high edu$ation and )ruit)ul imagination+ Lord o) the -
( in a
destru$tive $onstellation( )athers death in the <
main #eriod and the
Suns su57#eriod 4hen Saturn transits the 5irth asterism+ !er$ury in
vargottama 2same #osition in the Rasi and Navamsa $harts3 in the 2
house( eminen$e is attained 5y 4riting+ !arriage in the main #eriod o)
the 9
asterism lord and the su57#eriod o) Venus 4hen @u#iter transits a
trine )rom @u#iter+ "reat honor in the main #eriod o) the D
asterism lord
and the su57#eriod o) the Node+ Death ta%es #la$e at the end o) the main
#eriod o) the .
asterism )rom 5irth7star+
Same As$endant 2,2B to ,DB3 and D4adasamsa 5ut the !oon in
Gharani 22
star3 H5stinate( sensitive( sensual( sel)74illed( short7
tem#ered6 a master o) )ore7%no4ledge( re$order o) events+ !arriage in
the 2
main #eriod 4hen @u#iter transits the F
asterism+ "reat
#ros#erity and eminen$e during the main #eriod o) the F
asterism lord+
Not mu$h ha##iness on a$$ount o) $hildren6 great a5ility in 4riting6 highly
learned6 devoted to religion and "od+ Livelihood 5y trading+ World
)amous( i) mangalamsa rises+ Iathers death in the 9
main #eriod and
the su57#eriod o) the !oon 4hen Saturn transits an angle from the Sun+
!others death in the <
main #eriod and the su57#eriod o) the !oon+ 8is
o4n death in the main #eriod o) Saturn and the su57#eriod o) the !oon+
As$endant Virgo 22DB to 2.NB36 ,=
D4adasamsa and the !oon in
Gharani 22
star36 An unostentatious #erson( ordinary ran%6 has a good
5rain 4ith #o4er o) intuition and reasoning6 )ortune unsettled6 gain
through 4omen6 )amily li)e not ha##y+ Religious )ervor( #hiloso#hi$al
in$linations6 moral $hara$ter good6 retiring nature( $riti$al( thought)ul and
va$illating+ La$%ing in drive and am5ition( su$$ess only in the 2
#art o)
li)e 5eginning )rom the main #eriod o) the lord o) the D
asterism )rom
5irth+ !arriage ta%es #la$e at the end o) the <
main #eriod( 4hen @u#iter
transits a trine #la$e )rom the !oon+ Death in the ma/or #eriod o) the .
asterism( 4hen Saturn transits the ,2
)rom the !oon+
As$endant Li5ra 2DB to .NB D4adasamsa <
6 the !oon in
Purvashada 22=
asterism36 Strange and Eui0oti$ vie4s+ &ll7tem#er+
!arriage not li%ely+ Gorn in a hum5le middle $lass )amily+ Slo4 5ut sudden
rise in li)e+ Parents die at the end o) the ,st main #eriod or the 5eginning
o) the 2nd main #eriod( $oin$iding 4ith Saturns transit o) S$or#io+
&n$ar$eration in the 9
main #eriod and the Su57#eriod o) Saturn+
Lminen$e in the D
main #eriod and )all 4hen Saturn transits the
$onstellation H$$u#ied 5y the Node+
As$endant 'an$er 22.NB to <=B36 D4adasamsa ,2
the !oon in
1ritti%a Sel)74illed and domineering+ !arriage not su$$ess)ul+
&n$ar$eration in the <
main #eriod+ Rise in li)e in the 9th main #eriod and
)all in the Fth main #eriod 4hen Saturn transits naidhana 2.th3
Irom 4hat & have said hitherto( you 4ill noti$e that Nadi astrology
gives an im#ortant #la$e to the 5asi$ #attern o) the horos$o#e revealed
5y dwadasamsa )or a general outline and the nadi amsa )or a
$om#rehensive survey+ The details su$h as attainment o) ran%( #osition
and status( su$$ess( o$$u#ation( et$+( are ?lled in 5y the #lanets and the
various yogas or ty#i$al $om5inations )ormed 5y them+ &n a$tual #ra$ti$e(
these #rin$i#les $an 5e easily demonstrated 5y a##lying them to 4ell7
%no4n horos$o#es+ Gut that 4ill only 5e a 8ostDmortem study+ A)ter an
event has ha##ened( 4e $an /usti)y it in some 4ay or other 5ut it is in the
#rior a##li$ation o) these #rin$i#les and #redi$tion o) events to ha##en in
)uture that the real value o) astrology lies+ @ust )or the sa%e o) $uriosity(
one may note that 8itlers as$endantAas determined 5y meA)alls in
sankaryamsa o) Li5ra+ Ior this 5asi$ #attern( the des$ri#tion is Not
edu$ated 5ut 4ell7in)ormed( li%es musi$( a virulent orator( %no4s three
languages( de$eit)ul nature( and su>ers greatly in the ?rst and se$ond
Dasas+ Ge$omes )amous and ri$h in the D
#eriod( strange $onne$tions
4ith 4omen and tragi$ end in the .
#eriod+ Gut )or a kokilamsa 2Li5ra
as$endant3 all events 4ill 5e same 5ut the #erson 4ill 5e a religious head+
What is astonishing is the dis$overy o) $ertain #atterns o) destiny
$a#a5le o) a##li$ation to thousands o) individuals 5orn in di>erent #arts
o) the 4orld+ &n the Nandi Nadi it is mentioned that su5/e$t to a small
error( the ty#es o) human 5irth re$ur on a $ertain $y$li$ 5asis( so that
these horos$o#es $an 5e $onsidered as more or less valid )or any num5er
o) years+ This as#e$t o) the Euestion( 4e have yet to investigate+ The
Nadi 4riters have demonstrated in unmista%a5le terms the validity o) the
#rin$i#les o) traditional astrology( )or a#art )rom the destiny A#atterns
4hi$h they have dis$overed( #redi$tions are given only on the 5asis o)
the traditional #rin$i#les+ The e0isten$e o) #alm lea) manus$ri#ts
$ontaining some %ind o) ready7made horos$o#es( universally valid( is no
?$tion+ &t is a reality and a )a$t o) e0#erien$e+ &ndia is still $onservative
and is a $ountry o) traditions+ And sin$e most astrologers 4ho #ossess
these Nadi74or%s are tradition7 5ound( they hold these manus$ri#ts in
great reveren$e es#e$ially that their authorshi# is tra$ed to sages o)
yore6 they $annot 5e moved )rom #la$e to #la$e and least o) all ta%en
outside &ndia+
&nvestigations into the Nadi system o) astrology have 5rought out
several im#ortant matters o) astrologi$al interest+
,irst the e0isten$e o) $ertain 5asi$ #atterns o) destiny We do not
%no4 4hether these 5asi$ #atterns 4ere o5tained 5y o5servation and
study or 5y intuitional methods or 5y a $om5ination o) 5oth the
#ro$esses+ Gut there they are+ The method does not matter+ &n the
evaluation o) results( some o) the Nadis go a ste# )urther and suggest
that #lanetary inKuen$es also vary 4ith regard to ea$h minute unit used
)or determining the 5asi$ #atterns o) destiny+ & thin% the nearest in
a##roa$h to the Nadi Amsas( to 5e )ound in Western astrology( are the
degree inKuen$es( most o) them sym5oli$al+
Second Nadi astrology demonstrates $learly that 8indu astrology
gives great im#ortan$e to the ?0ed stars( )or the author o) Sukra Nadi
lays em#hasis on the 2. asterisms and the ,=C Euarters+ 8e says that the
stellar *odia$ is something li%e a $osmi$ o$ean in 4hi$h the $elestial
5odies s4im li%e ?sh in 4ater+
/hird There are $ertain $onditional #redi$tions given in res#e$t o)
some 5ad events in $ertain horos$o#es( su$h as )or instan$e( serious
si$%ness or death o) a 4i)e( et$+( suggesting that the aMi$tion $an 5e
over$ome 5y suita5le remedial measures im#lying there5y s$o#e )or
e0er$ise o) mans volition+
,ourth &n regard to #redi$tion o) events( the Dasas or the dire$tions
or #rogressions are o) #rimary im#ortan$e+ What is not sho4n in the 5irth
horos$o#e $annot ha##en( 4hatever 5e the strength o) the transit
inKuen$es+ Transits are only se$ondary in im#ortan$e+ They #ro5a5ly a$t
as $atalyti$ agents+ Gut there should al4ays 5e a 5lending o) the
dire$tional and transit inKuen$es )or the ha##ening o) an event+
,ifth The su5/e$t o) house division 4hi$h a##ears to #u**le many an
astrologer in the West does not 5other 8indu astrologers+ The $ontroversy
in house division seems to me to 5e some sort o) a #ro?tless amusement+
Jou have( )or instan$e( the systems o) Regiomontanus( 'am#anus(
Por#hyry( and so on+ !ost astrologers in &ndia em#loy either the method
o) Sri#athi 4hi$h $orres#onds to the Por#hyry in the West( or the eEual
house division+ The Nadi system is 5ased u#on eEual house division( that
is to say the as$endant is ?rst determined 4ith re)eren$e to the #la$e and
time o) 5irth and ea$h house e0tends )or /ust ,DB on either side o) the
as$endant #oint+ H5viously the $us# is ta%en as the $enter unli%e in the
4est 4here the $us# is the 5eginning+
Nadi "ranthas and )or that matter( all the systems o) 8indu
astrology7 5ase their te$hniEue o) #redi$tive astrology in terms o) the
#lanets in the angles20endras3( su$$edent houses28ana8aras3 and $adent
house2a8oklimas3 the ma0imum #o4er 5eing e0er$ised 5y the #lanets
in the angles+ H) $ourse( the nature o) the inKuen$e( the events a>e$ted
5y the inKuen$es de#end u#on the nature o) the #lanets( the ty#e o)
o4nershi#s they hold as )rom the as$endant and the nature o) the
asterisms involved+ &t is this #rin$i#le o) Parasara that some o) the
Ameri$an )riends have 5een e0#ounding as )oreground( middle ground
and 5a$%ground+
Gut they have yet to gras# the real te$hniEue o) their a##li$ation+
The proof of the pudding is in the eating thereof. If a system
gives accurate results, the mathematical principles upon which it
is based are quite immaterial except as a matter of purely
academic interest. Hindu astrology furnishes us with facts.
&n the matter o) delineation o) $hara$ter( 4estern astrology has
really done a 4onder)ul /o5+ &) only some o) the te$hniEues o) #redi$tion
em#loyed in 8indu astrology $ould 5e ado#ted 5y the 4estern astrologers
o) $ourse in the light o) the so$ial( $ultural and religious $onditions
#e$uliar to their lives( & am sure( astrology $an 5e restored to a #la$e o)
honour and dignity+
The a5ove le$ture 4as delivered at London seven years ago+
Su5seEuent resear$h made into Nadi literature has revealed )urther
interesting in)ormation 5earing on not only genuine Nadis 5ut also on
s#urious ones+ We shall deal 4ith this in greater detail on a su5seEuent
o$$asion and shall narrate our o4n #ersonal e0#erien$es so that readers
$an have a $lear idea o) the uniEue system o) Nadi astrology+