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Software and hardware design

needed with phone app

Job Description
We need a (1) triaxial accelerometer with chargeable battery and (2) wifi or bluetooth
capabiltiies so it can (3) link to an iphone or android app (4) We also need a developed app.

Software Architect for
Embedded System
Job Description
I'm looking for someone to work closely with to help design some algorithms and a finite state
machine for an embedded system. I'm a technical person with a decent background in
programming, but I need assistance to do this project well.

The project involves wearable sensors for a new system I'm building.

Would enjoy to chat about specifics.
(Imp.) Mobile Network
Surveillance Sensor
Job Description
The project involves writing the control software and GUI for a mobile spectrum surveillance
sensor which uses a commercial GSM/3G modem and is driven by AT commands. The concept
is to have all control and results presented via a web browser to avoid having to have any
software or applications resident on the user machine, which can be a laptop or tablet. The
modem is resident on an ALIX 6f2 single board computer and I would prefer to run debian-for-
alix, but this is not essential. I do not want to run commercial software.

The work involves two main areas:
1. Creation of a user interface, for which the conceptual design exists.
2. Write the software which:
a. controls the modem actions (via AT commands),
b. collects the results of the AT commands (URC) =, stores them in a SQL database.
c. allows the user, via the browser GUI, to see the results, to retrieve previous results and to view
the results on an interactive map display.

Experience with AT commands and applications such as Kermit are essential.

Specification document available to short listed candidates.

Candidate MUST be UK based.

Job Description
I am developing a hardware/software embedded control design station. I need to develop the
software (C++) on PC which can talk to the hardware (MKL15 Freescale microcontroller). The
hardware is developed by others. The software will have a simplified simulator with interfaces.
The design and some C++ software is already available from previous product will be provided,
and it will have to be packaged differently.

Developer is required to sign a non-disclosure agreement before working on the project.

Embedded Linux, video for Linux
Job Description
Our system:
Ubuntu 11.10+
Freescale i.MX6 Quad Core ARM processor
Freescale-proprietary open-source drivers (video capture, H.264 encoding ...)

The tasks:
Diagnose and address application stability issues possibly due to OOM or kernel driver issues.

Revisions to app and OS updating system

upgrade u-boot to recent version and add automatic detection and control of parameters at boot
Embedded C TCP Socket
Job Description
C Programmer with embedded experience required.

This task is the development of C code to collect data from a PCI peripheral and create a server
socket to broadcast data over a TCP port. We will provide a software library to handle the
communication with the PCI device, therefore the focus of the programming needed is the
buffering of the data into the correct packet structure and creating a TCP socket for program

The system will be implemented in Linux and should be developed as a startup script, to run on
system boot up.

Linux Kernel Software Project
Job Description
Software patch like ioctl() function to be written, so that boot up time
all the initial conditions are established providing rs485 handshake
between the central station and microcontroller-based boards.
Embedded C programmer
Job Description
The objective is to develop a program in AVR C for the Atmel 328 to control two bi-polar
stepper motors and one brushless DC motor.
The input parameters that dictate the movement of the motors will come from an embedded
Linux board utilizing the I2C protocol. The program should provide feedback back to Linux on
success or failure of a given operation.
The two stepper motors will have a feedback from a magnetic quadrature encoder that will
essentially measure the distance traveled.
Due to the excessive amount of information from the quadrature encoders; interrupts going to be
utilized in the project.
The expertise I am looking for is prior experience with AVR C development using avrdude, avr-
gcc,avr-libc, I2C communication protocol and basic electronic.

(Imp.) Embedded software
Job Description
This project is to develop embedded software to run on a Beaglebone Black Revision C. Must be
expert in embedded software development with C++, javascript, node JS, linux, etc experience.
The project will take in sensor data to the board, process data, and control other equipment via
input/output pins on the board. Additionally, the built in web server on the board will be used to
serve web pages to the user to relay sensor information and also allow the user to control the

Beaglebone black rev c:
BeagleBoard & Raspberry
Job Description

We need a BeagleBoard and Raspberry developer. We want to develop an application for
BeagleBoard to transfer the video and audio received through USB to the Raspberry. Then, we
want to customize the Raspberry upon boot, the only thing the user will receive should be video
that's being transmitted from the BeagleBoard. The video and audio going to BeagleBoard will
as USB.

P.S. Attach your skype username. We only want high-response contractors.

If there's any other board we can use instead of BeagleBoard at a reasonable price, please
(V. Imp) Serial Programming
in C
Job Description
I require someone to write a program to handle rs232 serial communication in Ubuntu with a
microprocessor. I have requested it be written in C because I am more likely to understand what
is going on, however I will also consider C++.

The microprocessor produces a number of sensor readings as codewords that are sent on rs232.
E.g.#ANGL1450 #PRESS429. I require the routine to parse out the data and display it in a
window. Furthermore I require some entry boxes in the window to type in data e.g. 1234 to go
back to the microprocessor in a similar format e.g. #GOFW1234. The microprocessor produces
about 4 codewords every 200ms. I would also like a box in the window that displays error
messages e.g. #Error:pressure too high$
I can provide a sketch of the window layout of these boxes.

One thing I am particularly keen on is that the routine must be very robust. I expect it to be able
to run continuously for days if necessary. It must be able to handle errors, dropped connections,
share memory nicely etc There are some other resource hungry applications running at the same
time so I want to avoid conflicts and not crash each other. I have attempted this myself however I
really need the help of an expert to build something robust.

I suspect that there will be better ways to implement a communications system like this but to
begin with I ask you to considered only this basic version.

Please provide a SHORT introduction about yourself and your experience in serial programming.
This is a one time project however I expect that it will lead to future work now and then. Thanks
for reading.

PKI usb crypto token / dongle /
smart card
Job Description
Needs to hire 5 Freelancers
The task which need to be done:

Hardware(NXP preferred)
Smart Card OS (Firmware)
Driver, PKI manager(Desktop software) and a CSP

You can complete work partially.

Similar product link:- (click on specification and features tab to get all
details) (check this for MCU Part list)

Here is part list which I know:
number=AT90SC25672RCT (ATMEL 25672USB)

Also check if you select some chip then it must be EAL 5+ certified.

More links:
links : http://en.wikipedi (CCID) (Microsoft
High level consult and design
of a multiple application
control system
Job Description
I am an need of an experienced engineer that can help do the high level design of a control
system. The system will have a single "controller" that will have drivers to talk to other devices,
DVD players, cable boxes, ect... The controller will hold all system information, including
feedback status of controlled devices. We will then write apps for different platforms that will
access the controller to pull the data and create user interfaces.

My need at this time is to find the best platform to build the applications, and best way to store
data and share it between the apps. We will create a new job post for the actual apps.
Which operating systems does this application work on?: Windows, Mac OS, Linux/Unix

CMOS image sensor interface
with LPC1788 or higher
controller in the same family
Job Description
This is a project which requires a device driver development for interfacing a cmos image sensor
with a nxp controller like LPC1788. the cmos image sensor is APTINA make. the cmos image
sensor has to be interfaced with LPC1788 and then the output of the cmos image sensor need to
be acquired and processed so as to get a vital information and algorithms need to be written for
performing further subroutine tasks based on the output received from the cmos image sensor
Driver Development for
embedded linux device
Job Description
For a project in the area of POS. We looking for somebody who assist us in developing devices
based on SOCs from Allwinner mainly the A13.
The work to be done is writing hardware specific drivers as well as optimising the linux for good
performance and stability.
We would supply the developer with one of our devices, so he could work from anywhere

GPS location tracking for fleet
Job Description
Develop web based application(no mobile applicaiton) which fleet/taxi company can use it from
their central office for
1) Real time location tracking for each driver in their fleet
2) Show route history of each driver in their fleet
3) Create report for daily/monthly miles driven by each driver

We need to partner with GPS hardware company which only charges us for GPS hardware and
can provide us the real time data/API for free which we can use to feed this web application.

For example, there is a company which provides such API, if we
buy GPS device from them, but they charge $49/month/GPS(user) to use their API
(Documentation is is available at

We dont want to provide any such monthly service fees. We can invest in one time expense for
buying GPS hardware. Please apply only if you suggest any such GPS hardware company and
can help developing this application.