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Geospatial Services- WE offer complete

geospatial value chain from data creation, data
development, data conflation, application development
& consulting services. Technologies such as Satellite
Remote sensing, photogrammetry, LiDAR and Surveys
are used to create different Geospatial Data.

Engineering Services- WE is equipped with

latest technology tools & highly skilled manpower, can
provide planning, design and engineering services for all
the phases of Structural, Mechanical, Electrical,
Plumbing and Land Development.

Remote Sensing-

WE have a team of highly qualified professionals trained

Geospatial Services – in the field of Remote Sensing. WE processes all sort of
satellite images like Optical, Radar and Hyperspectral
Geographical Information system (GIS)- images to cater the need of different users from Telecom,
Land Planning, Urban Planning, Mining, Water
A highly experienced in wide range of GIS Data- Resources, Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and
Conversion, Conflation and Development services Insurance.
covering variety of market verticals. Our expertise
includes: Different thematic maps such as Land-use/Land-cover,
Geology, Geomorphology, Soil, Watershed, Lineaments,
Development of data for: Urban Mapping Solution , Utility Structural, Crop Acreage, etc. are created using satellite
Information Systems (UIS) , Land Information System images ranging in resolution ranging from 0.41m to
(LIS), Land Cadastral Mapping , Forestry Mapping , 250m.
Geological Mapping , Flood Mapping.
Clutter data, Digital City Models, Surface Roughness
We mainly cater the needs of Users like Municipality, Data, DEM, DSM, DTM, and Color Balanced Ortho
Urban Planners, Navigational Companies, Exploration & rectified Satellite Images are other important products
mining companies, power companies, location based being produced by US using Satellite Remote Sensing
services, Telecom, Land Information, Road Networks, Techniques.
Electrical Network, Utilities (like Gas, Water, Sewer),
Flood Mapping, Defense. Survey-

WE offer both Aerial & Land survey.

Photogrammetry- Aerial Survey- WE has tied up with a company which is
empanelled for aerial data acquisition in India. WE can
WE offers cost-effective means to rapidly produce high- provide consultancy as well as appropriate set of Aerial
scale mapping products suitable for use in planning for images and LiDAR data to Users after analyzing their
Community, Planning Efforts for Highways, Transit and needs.
Rail, Potable Water Distribution Systems, Flood
Prevention and Control, Wastewater Collection Systems Land Survey-This type of survey is used for preparing an
etc. accurate Cartographic base map, Defining
Transportation network, Railway networks,
WE provide all range of services like Aerial triangulation, Telecommunications, Property records, Classification of
Planimetric feature extraction, DTM extraction, Digital Urban\Non urban areas, Classifying the land
Ortho-photo Rectification, Post-processing (Ortho-photo (Commercial\Residential),Geology purposes, Electricity
contrast, Color balancing and Mosaicing), True Ortho- net work identification, Gas pipelines. per the new
photo creation & LiDAR. developments observed on field.
Engineering Services

Building engineering services-

WE offer a complete engineering approach for the

planning, design, construction, operation, renovation, and
maintenance of buildings.

Structural Engineering-

is mainly used in Earthquake engineering, Façade

engineering, Fire engineering, Roof engineering, Tower
engineering, Wind engineering Dams, Earthworks,
Foundations, Offshore structures, Pipelines, railways ,
roads, tunnels, waterways. WE has the capability to work
on all types of structures such as Highway & Railway
Structures, Residential and Commercial Structures,
Industrial Structures, Water Retaining Structures with
complete knowledge of American, European, British,
Singapore, Australian & New Zealand, Indian codes.

Land Development
Are mainly designed for trains, pedestrian or road traffic, a
pipeline or waterway for water transport or barge traffic. A -is mainly used in changing landforms from a natural or semi-
road-rail bridge can be used for both road and rail traffic. WE natural state for a purpose such as agriculture or housing,
has the capability to work on Construction of New subdividing real estate into lots, typically for the purpose of
Railway Line bridges, Widening of Railway Bridges, building homes, developing property or changing its purpose,
Construction & widening of new Highway / Road Bridge for example by converting an unused factory complex into
for additional traffic lanes, Assessment of Highway/ condominiums. WE have a capability to work on both
Railway Bridges, Prestress Concrete Bridges, Steel residential & commercial land development along with public
Bridges, RCC Bridges, Tied Arch Steel Bridges. works, transportation & CAD conversion.

Mechanical Electrical & Plumbing-

MEP Applications are used in all types of building

environment such as in Plants, Industries, Commercial
Establishments, Hotels, Hospitals, Offices, Institutions,
Colleges, Schools, Residential Complexes and Buildings, Tritronics (India) Pvt. Ltd
etc. to provide Electrical Power Generation and 794/1A, Joshi Road
Distribution, Low Current System Designs, Telephone Karol Bagh, New Delhi- 110005
and Data Systems, Sound Systems, Access Control Tel: 011-23684575,41546121,23533427
Systems, Lighting Design, Protection of life and
Fax: 011-23684576
Installations from Fire and Electrical Shocks, Air-
conditioning, Ventilation, Water Supply, Drainage, Solar
Energy Utilization. WE have the capability to provide
complete MEP engineering solutions including
Building Information Systems (BIM).