Closed mouths sink republics. Black sheep are still sheep.

Exhibit A Exhibit B

Don’t eat your soul to fill your belly. Education is everywhere.

Adapt or die! No one noticed.

RUN WHILE YOU STILL HAVE LEGS! The revolution has abandoned you, you’re on your own now. THE BUCKET IS GOING TO KICK YOU! This is your true desire. Exhibit C BELIEVE

IT’S ONLY A JOKE UNTIL “THEY” GET THE PUNCHLINE. Everyone laughs at the drunk in the gutter, but no one likes to admit that the drunk is laughing back. [Citation needed] FUCK WHAT YOU THINK YOU KNOW ABOUT CHAOS.

BE YOUR OWN FUCKING MESSIAH. It’s okay that you don’t know. ENJOY WITHOUT CAUTION. If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’re getting. You got away with it. Exhibit A Exhibit B

The mainstream is a sewer. Learn to swim. “Normal” is what gouges out your third eye and you fail. A belief is just a thought you keep having. A conclusion is simply where you stopped thinking. Reality does not give a shit about your opinions. Miscarriage is manslaughter. Freedom is a verb. Exhibit A Freedom is a verb.

Now that you’ve read this I’ll follow you home. The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he exists. Exhibit C

Hey, you in the gray suit. Your wife is cheating on you. Hey, you in the gray suit: Everybody knows. Freedom is a verb. You can’t be too serious.

When you act like someone is your enemy, they’ll soon start playing to the role as they feel threatened. Reason is the Illusion of Reality. Reality is the Illusion of Reason. Exhibit A Boredom is counterrevolutionary. Be realistic, ask for the impossible. They buy your happiness. Steal it. Culture is the inversion of life. BELIEVE Exhibit B Exhibit C

Quick, while no one is looking! I see what you did there. GET OVER IT

Don’t just defend the right to be wrong - exercise it! [Citation needed] Freedom is a verb. You are now breathing manually. You are now aware you are blinking. Exhibit C Exhibit A Exhibit B

[Citation needed]

Nothing bad ever happens if you don’t do anything. If life gives you lemons, find a small child with open wounds. Fill in the blank: I’m always Exhibit D myself.

Just because you aren’t on their side doesn’t mean you aren’t playing their game. Try looking at these words without reading them. Know: Purchase necessary.

All religions are true, and everyone is going to hell.
People who talk about change and resistance without referring explicitly to everyday life, without understanding what is subversive about love and what is positive in the refusal of constraints, such people have corpses in their mouths.

Freedom is a verb.

These aren’t the answers you are looking for. You are mortal. You are going to die. Start living how you want to be remembered. Exhibit A Exhibit B Exhibit C

History is the study of the world’s crime. Politics is a strife of interests masquerading as a contest of principles. You cannot be, what you really could, be as long as you think, you are only what you are. Innocence proves nothing. [Citation needed]

Capitalism: If it feels like you’re stealing, you’re doing it right.

Even if you’re beautiful, I think you’re fat. You are the Enemy and We are You. Your fear will kill you still.

People who work get bored when they don’t work. People who don’t work never get bored. What you change, changes you. Exhibit A You won’t meet Buddha on the road. Keep quiet about this. Unleash infinity. Exhibit A

[Citation needed]

Life is a joke - death is the punchline. I can see you. No forbidding allowed. Exhibit B

Unleash infinity. Exhibit B Exhibit C

You are now breathing manually.

You are now aware you are blinking.

[Citation needed]


No one can tell you’re faking it, too.

Don’t read this. Exhibit A Exhibit B

The Management would like to thank you for not subverting the dominant paradigm. Any sufficiently advanced postmodernism is indistinguishable from necrophilia. They know you’re not as weird as you pretend. Operatives are standing by. You go Yaweh, Allah go mine.

Dig your own reality tunnel. Exhibit A Exhibit B Unleash infinity What if you’re wrong? BELIEVE BELIEVE Eschew Obfuscation. I have found a truth. This is the distraction. [Citation needed] What’s stopping you? Enlightenment is Bullshit. Are you still awake?

If you don’t take control of your mind, your mind will take control of you. Please look away immediately. Living in the past devalues currency. You’ll never lose them at this pace. Just because you’re not getting cash doesn’t mean you’re not a whore.

Honesty is a virtue best ignored when making a point. Anyone seen showing signs of alarm or stress will be shot immediately. A better place to leave porn would be legislator’s offices. You’ll see it when you believe it. I wonder, when will I be in the present? [Citation needed] Unleash infinity. Unleash infinity. Exhibit C

Democracy by Autocracy! Give them liberty and give them death!

You just couldn’t mind your own business, could you. Small minds think alike too. Break a pattern today. The future is history. Delusions comfy enough? A better place to leave porn would be legislator’s offices. Unleash infinity. Exhibit C Do what you want to say.

Power to the imagination!

Exhibit B

CAUTION: Suspicious Contents

CAUTION: Suspicious Contents CAUTION: Suspicious Contents

Don’t read me, I’m embarassed about being self-referential.

Exhibit A

Don’t read me, I’m embarassed about being self-referential.

CAUTION: Suspicious Contents
A better place to leave porn would be legislator’s offices. A better place to leave porn would be legislator’s offices. BELIEVE