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1984: Freedom can be taken

away. But it’s much
Only 25 Years Late more likely given away. TROOPS THAN YOU

The mainstream is a
Life comes at you fast,
sewer. Think inside the box if you’re lucky
Learn to swim.
A belief is just a
Every statement
thought you keep
contains falsehood
A conclusion is
the womb is a prison Do what you want to
simply where you FETUS LIBERATION FRONT say you’ve done
stopped thinking
If life gives you
The boss needs you,
The bored are boring lemons, build a rocket
you don’t need him
powered lemon gun
A belief is just a
They buy your
Freedom is a VERB thought you keep
happiness. Steal it. having
A conclusion is Congratulations! You’ve
black sheep found Clue #3!
simply where you The man in the green jacket
are still sheep stopped thinking will tell you what to do next

black sheep think for yourself, your life:

are still sheep shmuck and now what?

They buy your Workers of the world

Freedom is a VERB
happiness. Steal it. HAVE FUN
If this was a movie, would You are being
you be a character in it?
You have 30 seconds to
Or just an extra? watched forget this message