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Book 5: Success in

Airport Check-Ins
 Student Checklist

  49 Airport Check-Ins
  50 Story: A Trip to Hong Kong
  51 Dialog: At the Check-In Counter
  How Much or How Many?
  52 Reading Airport Monitors: Domestic Arrivals
  Dialog: Could You Please Tell Me…?
  53 Listening to Airport Announcements
  54 Inside an Airport Terminal: Arrivals and Departures
  55 A. Word Families; B. Opposites;
C. Word Builders: Nouns in "-tion"
  56 Story: A Busy Day at the Airport
  Saying Goodbye
  57 Find Someone Who…(Past vs. Present)
  58 Travel Insurance: Going to the U.S.
  59 Read the Postcard; Tell the Class!
  You're on Vacation: Write a Postcard
  60 Dialog: Calling from Seattle
 Supplement 1… Irregular Verbs
  Supplement 2… May's Airport Song
Airport Check-Ins
1. With a partner: How many of the items below can you name without your dictionary?
2. Write the names of the items with your teacher.

Success in Airport Check-Ins page 49

Story: A Trip to Hong Kong
Last week May went to Hong Kong
for a visit. First she took a taxi to Vancouver
International Airport. At the airport she found a
cart for her luggage. Next she went to the airline check-in counter to
check in her luggage. The clerk gave her a boarding pass and told her
to go to Gate Seven. She went to the gate and waited to board her
plane. She was very happy and excited because she was going back to
Hong Kong to see all her old friends.

Story Questions
Instructions: Fill in the blanks with the correct question word from the box on the left,
then answer the question.
1. ______________ did May go last week?
How Answer: ____________________________________________________
Why 2. ______________ did May go to Hong Kong?
Where Answer: ____________________________________________________
3. ______________ did she get to the airport?
Answer: ____________________________________________________

4. ______________ did she get for her luggage?

What Answer: ____________________________________________________
What 5. _____________ did she go to check in?
Where Answer: ____________________________________________________
6. _____________ did the clerk give her?
Answer: _____________________________________________________

7. _____________ was her gate number?

What Answer: ____________________________________________________
Why 8. _____________ did she feel?
How Answer: ____________________________________________________
9. _____________ did she feel that way?
Answer: ____________________________________________________

How do you usually feel before you take a trip?

Do you ever feel nervous? Why/Why not?
Dialog: At the Check-In Counter
May I see your passport and ticket please?
May: Here you are.
How many pieces of luggage do you have?
May: I have two suitcases.
Please put them on the scale. Do you have any hand luggage?
May: Just this bag.
Okay. Here’s your passport and boarding pass.
Flight number 827 is boarding in an hour at Gate Seven.
Please go to Gate Seven half an hour before boarding time.
May: Gate Seven? Great. Thanks.
pass (n & v) boarding pass (n) bus pass (n) passenger (n)

 How Much or How Many?

1. ___________________ carry-on luggage do you have?
2. ____________________ pieces of luggage are you going to bring with you?
3. ____________________ suitcases can you carry?
4. ____________________ time do we have before our flight leaves?
5. ___________________ meals will they serve on the flight?
6. ___________________ money did it cost for a round-trip ticket?
7. ___________________ passengers fly in the first class section?
8. ____________________ time* will the flight take?
9. ____________________ times* have you gone back home for a visit?
*How much time? (= how long) (time = a non-count noun)
*How many times? (=how often) (times = a count noun)

Make Questions to Ask Your Partner

1. How many _________________________________________________?
2. How many _________________________________________________?
3. How much _________________________________________________?
4. How much _________________________________________________?
5. How many _________________________________________________?

Success in Airport Check-Ins page 51

Reading Airport Monitors: Domestic Arrivals
607 6:45 3 St. John’s arrived
592 7:10 1 Calgary arrived
290 8:05 16 Ottawa delayed
317 10:15 27 Toronto
942 11:20 5 Edmonton
804 12:00 22 Winnipeg
490 13:00 7 Halifax
531 21:06 14 Charlottetown
422 22:51 6 Montreal
210 23:04 1 Fredericton
340 23:11 16 Victoria

Read the monitor above to answer the questions below:

1. At what time is flight 607 arriving? ______________________________
2. At which gate is the flight from Calgary arriving?____________________
3. What is the flight number for the plane from Ottawa?_________________
4. When does the plane from Toronto arrive?__________________________
5. At which gate does flight 804 land?________________________________
6. When does the flight from Winnipeg arrive?_________________________
7. Has the flight from Calgary arrived yet?____________________________
8. Has the flight from Ottawa arrived yet? ____________________________

Dialog: Could You Please Tell Me...

Complete the dialog, then practice it with your partner.
A: Excuse me, could you please tell me at what gate the flight from Ottawa
will be arriving?
B: Certainly, _________________________________________________.
A: And could you tell me what time it is due to (=should) arrive?
B: I sure could. ________________________________________________.
A: And where can I get a luggage cart?
B: __________________________________________________________.
A: Great! Thanks very much!
B: __________________________________________________________.

page 52 Success in Airport Check-Ins

Polite Questions: Could You Please Tell Me...?
Often the longer the sentence, the more polite it is! Change each question below by
adding “Could you tell me...”. Don’t forget that only the first verb in a question changes
1. What time does flight 18 arrive ?
Could you tell me what time flight 18 arrives?
2. When will the flight from Ottawa get in?
3. Where can I get a baggage cart?
4. Has flight 341 arrived yet*? (* Use ‘if’ when there is no question word.)
5. How soon can we board the plane?
6. Where is gate 33?
7. Where are the washrooms?
8. Where is the Air Canada check-in counter from here?

Listening to Airport Announcements

Listen and fill in the missing words.
1. Flight 807 from _________________ will be arriving at __________.
2. Flight _____ to Victoria will be departing at __________.
3. Flight _____ from Seattle is ______________ at Gate ______.
4. Flight _____ from Quebec City is arriving at ______________.
5. Flight _____ to Toronto is _________________ at ________________.
6. Flight _____ to Calgary is departing at ___________________.
7. Flight _____ from ________________ is arriving at ________________.
8. Flight 902 ________ Tokyo is ________________ at _______________.
9. Attention please. Canada Air flight number ______ from Vancouver to
________________ is now boarding. Would all ___________________
please go to gate number ___________. This is your final boarding call.
10. Attention please. Would Mr. ________ __________ please go to the
information desk on level ________.

Success in Airport Check-Ins page 53

Inside An Airport Terminal: Arrivals and Departures
New Words:

Use the map of the terminal to tell where you should go.

1. You want to meet a friend 7. You are picking up someone

arriving from Hong Kong. coming from the U.S. ___________
2. You are taking a flight to Hong 8. You are going to the U.S.______
Kong.________________________ _____________________________
9. You are going to Ottawa. ______
3. You are meeting someone from _____________________________
_____________________________ 10. You are meeting someone who
is coming from Ottawa.__________
4. You are flying to Toronto._____ _____________________________
11. You are picking up someone
5. You are meeting someone who is coming from Victoria._____
coming from Taiwan. _____________ _____________________________
12. You are going to England.
6. You are going to Taiwan.______ _____________________________
_____________________________ _____________________________

Listening Task: Can you find the three wrong directions on the student CD?

page 54 Success in Airport Check-Ins

A. Word Families 
Instructions: Fill in the missing words below, then use the words to fill in the blanks.
Note: Use words from #1 on the chart in sentence #1, and so on.
1. flight
2. arrive
3. departure; departed
4. national; international
5. immigrant (person)
immigration (thing)
1. a) Last month I __________________________ to Toronto on business twice.
b) __________________________ number five will be leaving from Gate 6.
2. a) When will this plane ______________________________ in Vancouver?
b) International _________________________________ are on Level One.
3. a) Flight 607 will _____________________________ in ten minutes.
b) Where is the _________________________________ gate for flight 607?
4. a) Vancouver is really an ______________________________________ city.
People from many countries live here!
b) China and Canada are both countries or ____________________________.
5. a) I’m a new __________________________________________.
b) I _______________________________ to Canada two and a half years ago.

B. Opposites: Fill in the blanks with a word or phrase that means the opposite.
1. meet (v)_______________________ 4. land (v)___________________________
2. depart (v) _____________________ 5. embark (=board) (v)__________________
3. late (adj) ______________________ 6. round trip (n) _______________________

C. Word Builders: Nouns in “tion”

Many nouns end in ‘tion’. Write the nouns beside each verb and mark the stressed
syllable. Then clap the words with your teacher.
1. immigrate _____________________ 5. pronounce _________________________
2. inform ________________________ 6. connect ___________________________
3. apply _________________________ 7. congratulate________________________
4. discuss ________________________ 8. graduate ___________________________

Success in Airport Check-Ins page 55

Story: A Busy Day At the Airport
It’s a busy day at Vancouver International Airport.
Some people have come to pick up friends or relatives.
Other people have come to catch a plane. At the Canadian
Airlines check-in counter people are waiting in line to check in their luggage
and show their tickets. The clerk checks their names. Then he weighs their
luggage and tells them which gate to go to.
After that, passengers must go through a security check. Then they can
go to the waiting room near their gate. Someone will tell them when it’s time
to board their plane.

 Story Questions: Write the short answer.

1. What kind of day is it at the airport?
2. Who have some people come to pick up?
3. Why else have people come to the airport?
4. Where are people waiting in line?
5. What does the clerk weigh?
6. What must passengers go through?
7. Then where can they go?
8. What will someone tell them?

Saying Good-bye
Many people are saying good-bye at the airport. First read the following with your
teacher. Then listen to the CD and check () the ones you hear.
Well, I should go now. Have a good (nice)... Give my regards to...
Good-bye./Bye (now). time/trip/flight/day/day John/your husband/...
So long. off/weekend/holiday. Say hello (say hi) to
See you! Enjoy yourself! John/your husband/
See you... around/ Enjoy your.... your family... for me.
soon/later/tomorrow/ trip/flight/day off/ Phone me sometime.
Friday/ next month/. weekend/holiday. Don’t forget to... write/
(I’ll) be seeing you! I’ll miss you. phone/keep in touch.
Take care. Keep in touch! Don’t work too hard.
Follow-up: Use the new words to say goodbye to your teacher and classmates!

page 56 Success in Airport Check-Ins

Find Someone Who... (Simple Past & Simple Present)
Instructions: Write the question and short answers.
Then ask a different classmate each question.
1. likes to fly. ________________________________________________________?
Name: ____________________ Yes, I __________. No, I __________.

2. flew somewhere last year. ____________________________________________?

Name: ____________________ Yes, I __________. No, I __________.
Where _______________________________________________________________?

3. is going to fly somewhere this year. ___________________________________?

Name: ___________________ Yes, I __________. No, I __________.
Where _______________________________________________________________?

4. gets jet lag when they fly._____________________________________________?

Name: ____________________ Yes, I __________. No, I __________.

5. likes to travel first class. _____________________________________________?

Name: _____________________ Yes, I __________. No, I _______________.

6. often flies alone. ___________________________________________________?

Name: _____________________ Yes, I __________. No, I _______________.

7. went to the airport to pick someone up this year.

Name: _____________________ Yes, I __________. No, I _______________.

8. went to the airport to see someone off this year.

Name: _____________________ Yes, I __________. No, I _______________.
Who ________________________________________________________________?

Success in Airport Check-Ins page 57

Before You Read
1. What is insurance?
2. What kinds of insurance are there?
3. Have you ever gotten travel insurance?

Travel Insurance: Going to the U.S.

Last month Mrs. Williams flew to Seattle for the
weekend. She wanted to go shopping and see her friends.
In Seattle Mrs. Williams got sick. She had to go to the
hospital in Seattle for ten days. When she got the hospital
bill, she was very upset. American hospitals are very
expensive! Her B.C. Care Card only paid for some of the
cost. Now she owes a lot of money.
If you go to the States, it’s a good idea to get travel
insurance. Then if you have an accident in the U.S., it will
pay the difference!
 Story Questions
Discuss the questions with your partner before you write the answers.
1. When did Mrs. Williams go to the U.S.? _____________________________________
2. Why did she go to Seattle ? ______________________________________________
3. Why did she have to go to the hospital? _____________________________________
4. Why was she upset when she got the hospital bill? _____________________________
5. Why does she owe a lot of money? _________________________________________
6. What is a good idea? ____________________________________________________
7. Have you been to Seattle? When? Why? _____________________________________
8. Do you usually buy travel insurance? Why/why not? ___________________________
9. Where can you get travel insurance? ________________________________________

page 58 Success in Airport Check-Ins

Read the postcard Mrs. Williams wrote to her friend Mary.


Tell the class about your last trip. Bring in pictures of your trip.
Where did you go? Who did you go with?
When did you go? How long did you stay?
What did you do there? Did you have a good time?
Did you buy anything? What did you buy?

 You’re on vacation. Write a postcard back to a friend in the class.


Success in Airport Check-Ins page 59

Dialog: Calling from Seattle
A. Listen to the dialog and fill in the blanks.
Then practice the dialog with a partner.
A. ______________?
B. Hi. Is Jane __________?
A. ________________.
B. Hi, Jane. This is Annie. I’m ____________ from Seattle.
A. From Seattle? __________________________ in Seattle?
B. I’m on __________________.
A. What’s the _____________ like in Seattle? Is it sunny?
B. No, it isn't. It’s cloudy.
A. ________ ________ having a ________ ____________?
B. No, I'm not. I’m having a terrible time.
A. I’m sorry to ________ that! ______ ________ will you be ______?
B. I’ll be _______ in a few days. ________________ then.
A. Great! _________________!

B. You’re on vacation. Phone a classmate and tell them about your trip.
1. Toronto 2. Hong Kong
cold ? hot ?
wonderful ! lousy !
in a month in a few weeks

3. Victoria
sunny ? 4. your hometown
terrible! ? ?
What’s another way to say it?
1. Is Sue there? _____________________________________________________
2. What is the weather like ? ___________________________________________
3. Speaking. ____________________ 4. terrible _______________________
5. See you ! ____________________ 6. wonderful ____________________

page 60 Success in Airport Check-Ins

Irregular Verbs (*Irregular past participles in bold print.)


BE: am, is; are was; were been lead led led
become became become leave left left
begin began begun lend lent lent
bite bit bitten light lit lit
bleed bled bled lose lost lost
break broke broken make made made
bring brought brought mean meant meant
build built built meet met met
buy bought bought put put put
catch caught caught quit quit quit
choose chose chosen read read read
come came come ride rode ridden
cost cost cost ring rang rung
cut cut cut run ran run
do did done say said said
drink drank drunk see saw seen
drive drove driven sell sold sold
eat ate eaten send sent sent
fall fell fallen shake shook shaken
feed fed fed sing sang sung
feel felt felt sit sat sat
fight fought fought sleep slept slept
find found found speak spoke spoken
fit fit fit spend spent spent
fly flew flown stand stood stood
forget forgot forgotten steal stole stolen
freeze froze frozen sweep swept swept
get got gotten swim swam swum
give gave given take took taken
go went gone teach taught taught
grow grew grown tell told told
have had had think thought thought
hear heard heard throw threw thrown
hit hit hit understand understood understood
hold held held wake woke woken
hurt hurt hurt wear wore worn
keep kept kept win won won
know knew known write wrote written

Success in Airport Check-Ins supplement 1

May's Airport Song
Sing to the tune of ‘The Camptown Races’

supplement 2 Success in Airport Check-Ins