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Sage MAS 90 and 200 Extended Solutions

Preferred Development Partners

Sage MAS 90 and 200 Development Partners are an important member of the Sage partner
community, providing valued specialized solutions for Sage MAS 90 and 200 ERP customers.

The library of over 1000 Sage MAS 90 and 200 Extended Solutions titles have been made
available to Sage Development Partners so that they can apply their expertise and provide
Sage MAS 90 and 200 customers the specialized solutions that they need. The Sage MAS 90
and 200 Development Partners shown below have expressed interest in the Extended
Solutions business, and have made a commitment to provide Extended Solutions customers
with a high standard of service.

If you are not already working with a Sage Development Partner, please consider one of these
Development Partners.

Development Contact Phone Email Website

Partner Name Number
DSD Business Jon Reiter 858-550-5900
Information Maria 818-956-3744
Integration Group Gary Mardirossian
(IIG) Harry Hannesian

SWK Ted Levi 973-758-6101

Technologies Inc. Marthe Chensel 973-758-6123
Alex Nastashkin 973-758-6126
Blytheco Nicholas Hoad 404-841-6240

ACS Group, Inc. Ron Chompf 888-948-5550

Exeplex Jeff Fiddelman 914-304-4300

ISM Rebecca Mergner 877-496-5350

Steward Darin Steward 918-299-7514 dsteward@stewardconsulti www.stewardconsul


Accounting Philip Whirley 803-252-6154

Systems x 240
xKZero Emre Karaca 847-754-1269

Midwest Doug Higgs 312-315-0960

Solutions, Inc.
TAIRAQ Systems, John Raquet 630-579-4888
Innovative Gary Willett 562‐981‐0125   gwillett@innovativeconsult www.innovativecon
Consulting x 24

ROI Consulting Bob Richter 402‐934‐2223  bobrichter@roi- www.roi-
Hightower Rob Nordin  847‐674‐0081
Rev. 3-31-10
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Oasis Computer William  502‐429‐6902
Honkamp, Krueger Kyle Kunz  563‐556‐0123
& Co, P.C.
BCS/Prosoft, Inc. Beth Noack  210‐308‐5505
m m

Martin &  Brett Pensigner  513‐772‐7284   brett.pensigner@martinan www.martinandasso

Associates    x 119
Greytrix  Dinesh Multani  888‐221‐6661
Integrated  Ron Taylor  425‐820‐6120 www.ics-
Computer Systems
Support, Inc. 
Kissinger  Corey Kissinger  610‐926‐7450 www.kissingerassoc
Associates  .com

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Rev. 3-31-10
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