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Greg Newton
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I am putting this subforum up because I've been getting a lot of hits on this site from people who are searching for information on Dr. Frank
Rudolph Young. The late Dr. Young was a chiropractor, a bodybuilder, and an athlete with a background in dentistry. He developed a system
of exercise he called "Yogametrics" which served as a system of bodybuilding, health enhancement, and spinal alignment. This system of
exercise was based on isometric tension, flexion, and an emphasis on decompressing the spine. He was also someone who saw the
interconnection between mind, body, and spirit.

My knowledge of Dr. Young comes from his four books on exercise and diet and an early course Dr. Young had written on building big arms.
These were given to me by John Peterson at Bronze Bow Publishing. Eventually we hope to do a book on Dr. Young's exercises.

Dr. Young was definitely a different kind of person who marched to the beat of his own drum and wading through his books you have to go
through a lot of psuedo mystical verbage. However, once you get past that, you realize that the good doc had an incredible grasp of health,
the body and how the mind and body work together.

Since posting to this forum is limited by security and privacy issues, feel free to send your questions about Dr. Young to and I will answer them here.

Greg Newton
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Greg Newton
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One of the things I should also mention about Dr. Young is not very flattering. Dr. Young was heavily into spiritism and communing with the
archetypal spirits of one's ancestors. As a Christian, I call this witchcraft and necromancy. As a former law enforcement officer I've seen the
mental health dangers of delving into this kind of paranormal activity. It never turns out right and opens doors to psychosis and other mental

So why do I promote Dr. Young and his exercises? Because I separate Frank Rudolph Young the physical culturalist and chiropractor from
Frank Rudolph Young the wanna be sorcerer's apprentice. Dr. Young never lived to 200 live as he planned. He died in his nineties and
suffered from senile dementia for several years prior. Like everyone else, he had an appointed time to die.

Still, there are valuable things that can be learned from Dr. Young's exercises. Taken as exercises to promote health, build muscle, and
decompress the spine, they work well. If you go beyond that in F.R.Y.'s writings, you get on shakey ground.

Greg Newton

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When I first read Dr. Young's books I just wrote it off the nonsense as 1960s/1970s BS to sell books. Later I came to see what he
wrote as just positive thinking cloaked in paranormal language to sell books. But then I know nothing about him other then his
books. I like the exercises!
For some odd reason the Upper Class and Politicans seemed drawn to spirts and magic, I see that decadent and misguided, Christ
is the way and the light.
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The Judeo/Christian tradition is full of spirituality,but it emphasizes the positive aspects of it and not the satanic and distructive aspects. The
whole area of spiritualism is full of hucksters and frauds,but there is another dimension too it.
I first read the following quote in the late 1950s or early 1960s and have remembered it ever since even though religion and spirituality were
the farthest things from my mind at the time. This was before the research at the Menninger Clinic and other similar research that have proved
the power of the mind which I believe is part of what Jesus was referring too when he said that "The kingdom of God is within"
"Scientists working in the field of parapsychology, and extra sensory-perception and experimenting in precognition,telepathy and clairvoyance
[all of which were previously considered parphenalia of cranks,but now are of sound scientific usage in laboratories], are expressing
themselves as believing that the soul survives the barrier of time and space . In effect,we are on the edge of one of the greatest scientific
discoveries in history which will substantiate, on a laboratory-exploratory basis, the existance of the soul and its deathlessness."

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale "The Power Of
Positive Thinking" 1952

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Greg Newton
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I've read that quote by Dr. Peale. What has happened in the interim? Why did we lose sight of the Human Potential Movement and how did
devolve into New Age?

By the way, here is a picture of Dr. Young from a book on Chicago's paranormal community. John Peterson and I, thanks to a member of the
Transformetrics forum have a very rare bodybuilding picture of Dr. Young. I am not going to post it anywhere until John and I have finished the
book we are doing on him.

He was very well built, almost six foot in height and looked like Charles Atlas with about twenty more pounds of muscle. After building my
arms to 17 inches with his exercises, I can easily believe Dr. Young built his physique solely by his "Yogametric" exercises. They are a
combination of DVR, DSR, and Isometric, all in the same movement and contraction.

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I think a lot of the research that Dr. Peale predicted has been going on. It just has not been communicated to the gerneral public.

We are all familiar with the research that went on at the Menninger Clinic because of our interest in the area. It was 20 years after Dr Peale's
prediction and proved most of the things that he had forecasted. Yet I would bet that very few people even know that research even took

Recently on The History Channel on one installment of Brad Meltzer's Decoded there was a program titled "Apocalypse In Georgia".

On that show they had a discussion of mind power and visited a scientific research facility where they were developing machines to enhance
the power of the mind.

One or the reporters for the show was put on a machine where he projected his brain waves, without implants, and was able to move a
robotic arm that was physically removed from him. Apparently there is a lot of research going on in this area that has not been publicized.
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That page notes that Dr. Young taught Zohar Science, that is Kabbala and I am now more
convinced that he cloaked Positive Thinking (a gift from the Lord) in paranormal language to sell books. I have talked to several
Kabbalists and they were ethical believers in the Lord, Kabbala might be described as a Jewish-Christian version of Yoga; all were
ethical believers in the Lord, and taught by a Rabbi-Scholar. The Mighty Atom followed this Tradition. One is a friend and he
describes his belief as he is a follower of the God of Abraham and the Lord Jesus Christ, and is a Christian in the Protestant
Tradtion, I'd describe him as a ethical, kind man and a good Christian.
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Greg Newton
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We'll probably never really know what the real Dr. Frank Rudolph Young was like. The books are strange. BUT, once you get behind the
mystical, psuedo-yogic thought that permeates them, and you get past those endless stories of faceless people who have been empowered by
the good Doc, you find a very sound understanding of how the body and mind work together.

The one thing that I've really come to appreciate is his approach to caring for the spine. Since I started doing some of his exercises, I've had a
lot of success in limbering and elongating the lumbar and sacral vertebra. It has made a difference in my ability to run and run hard, as well
as being able to perform other daily tasks without stiffness, pain or immobility.

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