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Type Pharmaceutical

Industry Pharmaceutical
Founded 1995
Headquarters Tianjin, People's Republic of China
Area served People's Republic of China
Key people Jinyuan Li, CEO
Dr. Wenjun Jiao, CFO
Eric Doering, General Counsel
Yupeng Yan, VP HR, Admin
Ping Bai, Exec. Asst. to President
Cindy Lu, Secretary
Socorro M. Quintero, Director
Howard R. Balloch, Director
Gilbert D. Raker, Director
Products Pharmaceutical
nutrition supplement
Revenue $77.2 million USD (2010)
Net income $27.7 million USD (2010)
Employees 1,549 (31 December 2010)
Subsidiaries Tianjin Tianshi Biological
Development Co., Ltd.
Tiens Yihai Co., Ltd.
Tiens Biotech Tianjin Biological Dev. Co.
Tiens Biotech Group
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Tiens Group Co. Ltd (Tiens Group) is a
multinational conglomerate based in Tianjin, China. It
was founded in 1995 by Mr. Li Jinyuan in Tianjin
China, began its march into the international market in
1997. Tiens Group focuses on industrial capital,
trading capital and financial capital. Its businesses
cover fields like biotechnology, health management,
hotel and tourism industry, educational training,
e-commerce, finance investment and real estate. Tiens
Group has set up branches in 207 countries and
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Tiens Headquarters
With the development strategy of great health
industry, Tiens International Health Industrial Park
and Tiens International University, sponsored by Tiens
Group, are planned to cover an area of 4.2 square
kilometers with total investment of RMB 17 billion
Yuan. Tiens International Health Industrial Park is a
comprehensive industrial park including product
research & development, product pilot, product
manufacture, biological health study, hospitality
industry, exhibition economy and so on. There is a
"great health innovative technology system" basing on
its R&D centers and QC centers with international
standard; a "great health production logistics system" relying on its modernized manufacturing shops and
automatic warehouses; a "great health service system" depending on Tai Ji Sun Hospital International
Health Management Center, hotels, conference centers; a "great health education system" being backed
by Tiens International University, parts of which have been implemented in an orderly manner, so as to
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form a chain of health industry linked up with the flow of human resources, products, finance and IT;
and it is believed that Tiens International Health Industrial Park will, on this basis, grow into a "great
health industry cluster" in its true sense, and lay a more solid foundation and provide even more
opportunities for the development of Tiens Group.
Tiens Group has been adhered to its charitable philosophy of "originating from society and therefore
contributing to society" and has been actively taking on corporate social responsibility. Tiens Group has
donated thus far more than RMB 1.5 billion to public welfare and social charities. A high quality
workforce of professional talents, together with a localized and well regulated management, has
contributed to the internationally strategic goals of Tiens Group. In addition, Tiens Group has an
unbeatable international team in terms of research, innovation and professionalism, including more than
10,000 employees; 35% of which hold master's degree or higher. Based on the theory of "Business-
oriented Thinking, Refined Management, and Refined Service", Tiens Group is currently practicing the
advanced theories of "New Swap and Alternative Theory", "Consumption Makes Wealth, Operation and
Consumption Makes More Wealth" as a foundation, guaranteed with the perfect operation management
system and well-designed regulations, to take big strides towards World Top 500 with great confidence
for the development of Chinese national industry. It is learned that Tiens Group has Tiens high calcium
milk powder as a high-end nutritional supplements in the market at home and abroad focused on
marketing, is now sold in Europe and the United States more than 110 countries, and its price higher than
Many other brand, 400g of high calcium milk powder for example: Tiens 128 RMB, Guangming 20
RMB, Sanlu 25 RMB, Nestle 28 RMB. The final test shows that the Tiens high calcium milk contains
"melamine"! In 2012 Tiens closed its operation in USA & Canada. Li Jinyuan, president of Tiens Group,
had said that the company planned to open 400 outlets in China within three years and set up 1,000
directly-managed supermarkets by 2009. By 2010, BannerStore would have 4,000 supermarkets around
the world by direct management and franchise. So far, although BannerStore says on its official website
that it has more than 500 stores in 105 countries, including the United States, Britain, Germany, Russia,
and Indonesia, it has few stores in China. Statistics on the website shows that the company only owns
three BannerStore supermarkets and 32 BannerExpress convenience stores in China.
See also
Pharmaceutical industry in China
[1] (
2008 Annual Report.
[2] (
SEC filing detailing Tiens Yihai Co. Ltd. stake transfer to Tianshi International Investment Group
Co., Ltd.
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