OMCE Savings Proposals for 2009-2010 Budget Reductions

Prior Proposals Submitted Implement two week “rolling paydate lag.” (One week “rolling paydate lag”). Offer expanded opportunities for VRWS. Seek volunteers and offer leave without pay for up to six months with health insurance coverage maintained at current shares of premiums. Offer and manage OMCE Succession Planning Incentive. Pilot project linking VRWS and telecommuting for employees with no face to face public contact. Eliminate phone lines that are still “active” in the phone closet but not connected to a phone jack. Eliminate all S.212 waiver employees and create full-time equivalent positions for current employed eligibles. Eliminate duplicative agency operations such as “Communications Office” in agencies that have a Division of Public Affairs and a Press Office. Sunset unused “member items” after 2 years. Charge motorists from other states for DMV statements that all tickets/fines/penalties owed to NYS are paid. Charge attorneys for duplicate copies of tickets……ticket issued to client. Review and eliminate duplicative or superfluous LEXIS accounts. Reduce number and value of consultant contracts. Count savings on attrited positions off payroll in 2008-09. Count savings for funded unfilled positions given up by agencies. Manage equipment, furniture, auto and temporary staff leasing. Reduce political appointee hiring and control salaries. Additional managerial savings and efficiencies. Review and consolidate or eliminate toll free hotlines. Outside the Executive Branch: scrutinize consultant contracts let by OSC(VendRep, PORTAL), and revamping of Common Retirement System computer systems. Appoint a new Pension Task Force comprised of equal number/representation of workers, retirees and employers to review all pension related issues. TOTAL $1.3 billion $60 million Savings Projected $692 million ($360 million) $7 million $20 million (500 participants) $120 million (2000 plans) $2 million $2 million $3 million $3 million $500,000+ $1 million ($5 fee) $1 million ($5 fee) $500,000 $100 million $110 million $50 million $50 million $25 million $50 million

OMCE Savings Proposals for 2009-2010 Budget Reductions
New Savings Proposals Reduce number of public authorities and sub-authorities. Reduce number of commissions and boards. Continue reduction of contracting out. Consider preference for NYS based companies in RFP/contract process where contracts are deemed necessary. Eliminate Office of National and Community Service (non-profit; voluntary sector does this. Collect cigarette and fuel taxes on Native American reservations from jobbers/wholesalers doing business with Native Americans. Reduce member item funding and equalize allocations. Reduce NYSHIP reserve fund to an actuarial reasonable amount ($500 million). $250 million savings to be distributed to state and local participating employers; State portion to be used for M/C raises. Consolidate drug purchases for various programs and purchase from overseas/request waiver for such purposes. Pass single payer state legislation and begin to implement. Freeze any funding for Albany Convention Center. Support moratorium on purchase of recreational lands. Increase background checks/vetting of all companies proposed to get state dollars – for tax liability, pay to play, criminal records. GRAND TOTAL 1.939 Billion $10 million $78 million $1 million $65 million $100 million Savings Projected $20 million $5 million $10 million

$250 million $100 million

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