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Assignment 1

August 15, 2014

Jasmine Hill & Coranetta Wilson

Case 1.2
The Integrated Case: Global Motors
1. Nick Thomas should use marketing research to understand why his company is losing market share
and to predict consumer behavior. By using marketing research, Nick will be able identify the problem
and find new opportunities for Global Motors. Marketing research will help him collect the necessary
data for him to analyze and make a decision on what moves his company will need to make.
2. Nick Thomas will need all four components of the MIS to make his decision. The internal reports
system will gather information generated by internal reports such as sales costs, inventories, cash flow,
etc. Marketing intelligence systems will collect everyday information about relevant developments in
the environment. The DSS is collected data that will be assessed and analyzed by using tools and
techniques that will help managers in decision making. Last but not least the marketing research system
will collect data and solve specific marketing problems.
Case 2.2
1. Yes, Nick Thomas own internal supplier could furnish sales records, purchase requisitions and
invoices for review to see which vehicles are top sellers. This information may also give insight into
which market segment is purchasing which vehicle. However, in addition to using his own internal
supplier, Mr. Thomas will need to gather information on consumer interest in fuel efficient vehicle,
global warming and gas emission or use secondary information collected by another party.
2. Yes. As a member of the MRA, you are required to review and commit to the Code as part of your
membership application and annual membership renewal. Article II Responsibility to Client and
Vendors, #19 dictates the commitment to privacy, one must maintain a trusted relationship with clients
and research sponsors by keeping confidential all sensitive or proprietary research techniques,
methodologies and business information. Also #23 highlights conflict of interest, real or perceived, in
accepting work from multiple clients, particularly clients in competing or similar markets or lines of
business. If any conflict of interest real or perceived- exist, the member will notify all parties of the
conflict and obtain acknowledgement of the conflict and written confirmation to proceed. Failure for
any member to not adhere to the Code will result in sanctions, including publicized expulsion from the