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Since Robert Bosch founded his

repair shops for precision

mechanics and electrical
engineering in 1886 in
Stuttgart, research and
development have been the
pillars of all company activities
at Bosch. With the companys
safe, clean, economical motto,
more than 22,000 Bosch
specialists from around the
world work on making driving
When Milliseconds make the Difference
A high degree of research expertise provides for more occupant protection
more dynamic, more
environmentally friendly and
safer. Research expertise
acquired over decades allows
Bosch to contribute to motor
vehicle technology of tomorrow.
Bosch solutions are always on
board whenever vehicle
manufacturers achieve lower
levels of emissions, or active and
passive safety systems provide
even more security within
milliseconds, and networked
systems in the vehicle
communicate more perfectly
with one another.
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Issue 7

May 2006
Co Reg No. 195800026C
Shapeliness meets technology the new CLS
This time, they got straight to the
point. After Mercedes-Benz had
presented its Coupe study at the
2003 IAA, the new CLS class
already stood at the Automobile
Salon in Geneva, fully ready to
go into serial production. One of
the reasons was the excitement
of the general public. This was
not entirely without justication
because the new CLS is based
on a unique vehicle concept,
which for the first time
combines the elegance and
dynamics of a coupe with the
comfort and the functionality of
a limousine. Indeed, state-of-
the-art technology allows the
Mercedes to once again play the
role of an important trendsetter
for new automobile ideas. And
Bosch is a trusted partner.
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Curvaceous Diva
Mercedes-Benz sets new standards with the CLS
The next issue of
Automotive News will be
published in July 2006.
8th Issue
Dear Readers
Asia is increasingly becoming
an important market for all
major vehicle manufacturers.
Many have already set up
R&D and manufacturing
facilities across the region,
with some exporting their
Asian-made vehicles around
the world. Bosch has
developed a network of
manufacturing facilities in
Asia to support our OE
business. Increasingly, you
will see more BOSCH Asian-
made parts installed on new
vehicles. This is a testimony
to our quality of product
design and manufacturing
technology. In this issue, we
will focus on one of our highly
successful plants, BOSCH/
MICO of India. Currently,
BOSCH/MICO supplies 30%
of all our nozzles worldwide,
and their products are
supplied to both OE and IAM.
Its clients include many
signicant international auto
makers like Nissan, Hyundai,
GM and Ford, just to name a
few. We will invest an
additional 100 million over
the next few years in
BOSCH/MICO. This example
shows our confidence and
commitment to this region,
and will provide a platform to
better serve our OE and IAM
customers here.
Other highlights in this issue
feature the technical future
developments and the Diesel
Challenge. A point of interest
is the adaptation of Bosch
Common-Rail Technology on
the latest 8th generation
Honda Civic.
I am sure you will enjoy this
feature-packed issue just as I
have enjoyed reading it. Please
do not hesitate to contact
your local representative
should any of the featured
products be of interest to you.
Yours sincerely
Andreas Bodemer
Sales & Marketing ASEAN
Automotive Aftermarket
AutomotiveNews 2
The Diesel Fuel Injection
System has remained the
backbone of Diesel Engines
ever since its presence in the
automotive industry. The
widespread utility of Diesel
Technology from big marine
and locomotive engines through
heavy and light duty commercial
vehicles, as well as passenger
cars and small agricultural
applications, is possible mainly
due to the appropriate Diesel
Fuel Injection System.
The main concept of the Diesel
Fuel Injection has remained
almost the same ever since its
invention in which Diesel
Pump is used for increasing the
pressure of the Diesel fuel
whereas the Injector is used
for injecting an atomised form
of diesel at high pressure inside
the combustion chamber for
igniting compressed air for
producing the power in a typical
Internal Combustion Engine.
The various types of Diesel Fuel
Injection Pumps eg PE, VE, PF,
etc, and Injector cater to a wide
range of applications and new
technology products like
common rails, VP44 etc. involve
and utilise electronics to meet
changing needs of the engines
like high power, low emissions
and lower fuel consumption.
Diesel Fuel Injection has always
provided interesting business
prospects for diesel specialists
like Bosch Diesel Centres and
Bosch Diesel Service, in terms of
repair methods and the
diagnostics of the Diesel System.
This has remained a classied
repair concept which is done
with proper test equipment,
precision spares and trained
In ASEAN we face increasing
challenges in the diesel market
due to the fact that new tech-
nology (eg common rail, VP44)
is slowly and surely gaining
market acceptance with original
equipment manufacturers,
while a large number of diesel
vehicles still use conventional
technology (PE, VE, etc). The
emergence of organised
competitors as well as low cost
solutions and end-users
preference to keep the repair
cost of the vehicle at an optimum
level added another dimension
to the diesel business.
Fluctuating diesel prices have
also made the diesel business
scenario even more complex.
Bosch has retained its
leadership position in the diesel
spare parts business for decades
and has a high reputation for its
quality products. BOSCH is
active in ASEAN through its
OE/Premium brands like ZEXEL
and BOSCH, whereas MICO is
used as a replacement brand,
with all of them providing value
for money and high quality.
The changing market situation
will certainly keep the diesel
business very dynamic and
challenging in the years to
come. Im Ashish Gore, Diesel
Project Manager AP. If you
have any question, please
contact me via e-mail at or
by telephone on +65 63505442.
I take this opportunity to join
together with you to meet the
Diesel Challenge. Lets face
the Diesel Challenge
The Diesel Challenge
1927 - The very first series
production of injection pumps and
1962 - Presentation of the first
distributor pump
1994 - Production start of the Unit
Injector System UIS for commercial
vehicles (First delivery of the Unit
Injector System UIS for passenger
cars worldwide in 1998)
1996- Series production of the high
pressure distributor pump VP44
2005 - Production of 25 million
Common Rail System
1886 - Robert Bosch opened his
first precision mechanics and
electrical engineering workshop
1936 - The first presentation of
standard diesel fuel injection for
passenger cars
1986 - Market introduction of
electronically controlled diesel
fuel-injection EDC
1995- First series production of the
Unit Pump System UPS for
commercial vehicles
1997 - Market introduction of the
Common Rail System (CRS) for
passenger cars worldwide in 1997
(Production start of Common Rail
System CRS for commercial
Diesel Product Families
Conventional Inline A Type Fuel
Injection Pump Diesel Injectors
Conventional Inline A Type and P Type Fuel Injection Pump
Distributor type VE Fuel Injection Pump
Common Rail System
Diesel car equipped with
Bosch Common Rail System
Issue 7

May 2006 3
auto makers such as Ford,
General Motors, Hyundai, Fiat
and Nissan. Intense and
continuous dedication do
justice in meeting the highest
demands for quality products
manufactured in the state-of-
the-art precision assembly
plants. Products made in India
receive high recognition among
customers from Europe, the
United States and Southeast
Asia. In addition to increasing
its product quality, BOSCH/
MICO continuously improves
the quality of its processes as
can be seen in its cutting-edge
production technology, top
cleanliness at the workplace
and preventive quality
assurance. High priority is also
given to the environment: The
Nashik site is not only certied
on the basis of TS 16949, but
also conforms to the ISO 14000
standard for the protection of
the environment.
The Bosch subsidiary of India
(MICO) supplies top quality
nozzles worldwide, and
30% of all Bosch nozzles today
come from Nashik near Mumbai.
At this site, BOSCH/MICO
produces millions of nozzles and
nozzle holders and, since 2005,
nozzle holder assemblies for
Bosch exchange as well.
They are manufactured using
internationally tested machines
and production methods. The
local repair market, signicant
for the sales of nozzles, is
supplemented by leading OE
customers for worldwide export.
Priority for quality
management and customer
orientation at Bosch India
are important requirements for
the growing automobile
industry in India. Its clients
include leading manufacturers
of the subcontinent as well as
many significant international
Bosch Quality Made in India
same diesel engine: using an
engine equipped for the first
time with piezo technology.
French auto maker PSA is
planning for diesel success en
masse. With a standard 125 hp
and 400 Nm of torque at 1,750
rpm, this innovative diesel is
expected to power all mid- and
upper-class models of PSA
soon. The first launches will
take place simultaneously with
the Peugeot 407 and Citron C5
to hit showrooms in April 2006.
Theyll be followed by the
Peugeot 607 and 807, as well as
the Citron C6 and C8.
Fresh Breeze: Opel
Brand-new front fascia, model
diversity and innovative diesel
injection technology. With its
Vectra, Signum, Zara and Astra
models, Opel is putting some
powerful 1.9l diesel engines on
the road. They come in versions
of 120 and 150 hp, in which
Bosch Common-Rail systems
(CRS2.2) provide the highest
degree in driving comfort, fuel
economy and agility.
Opel Astra Twin-Top
Top down, top up with awless
choreography. The world
premiering Astra Twin-Top
moves five components,
including the C pillars, at the
push of a button. Its roof panels,
designed to take up as little
space as possible, easily t into
the trunk. At a length of 14.8
feet, this genuine four-seater
approaches the dimensions of
mid-class convertibles. Starting
Continuously Successful in Diesel OE
Record Diesel: Honda Civic
Developed by Honda itself, the
rst 2.2-litre diesel engine with
Bosch Common-Rail technology
and turbocharger unleashed a
series of records with the
Honda Accord in September
2003. In addition to 19
international world records for
diesel cars (FIA records), this
engine also won the Engine of
the Year Award this year with
the Honda Accord in the B
Series (displacement between
2 and 2.5 litres).
The 8th generation of the
successful Civic series is now
the talk of the town too: Its mix
of record-winning diesel
engine, athletic design,
intelligent variability and
voluminous space is bound to
win many drivers over to the
new Civic as well.
Heavyweight: Audi Q7
Piezo technology generates
muscle. The 3.0 TDI six-
cylinder, with its Bosch
Common-Rail injection system
of the newest generation with
piezo inline injectors, turns out
massive power. Thats because
the 233 horsepower and
powerful torque of 500 Nm are
combined to give distinct road
manners and excellent fuel
economy. Among the top SUVs,
the Audi Q7 offers room for up
to seven passengers.
Diesel Marathon: Peugeot and
Lots of new models with the
Opel Astra Twin Top
Honda Civic
the drop-top season with a
diesel: The 150 horsepower 1.9
CDTI will galvanise buyers in
early 2006.
Audi Q7
Common-Rail Injector
Production: Investment in the
Diesel Future
Like other Asian countries,
India also shows growing
interest in clean diesels.
Increasingly tightened pollution
standards offer great potential
for growth in the eld of high-
pressure diesel injection
technology. Thus, Bosch
recently made the decision to
start mass production of
Common-Rail injectors at
Nashik. To this end, about 100
million euros will be invested
within the next few years.
Diesel nozzles:
Production at Nashik
Did you
...that 100,000,000
common-rail injectors have
been produced by Bosch
since 1997? One hundred
million units! Around 23
million passenger cars have
been tted with this cleaner
and more effective diesel fuel
injection system.
AutomotiveNews 4
Effective problem solving with the KTS at Toyota Yaris 1.4L
Thinking Bolts
Even more selectively than
before, the new iBolt system
from Bosch coordinates the
activation of the passenger
airbag in an accident, as it
evaluates the forces, which
affect the four fastening points
of the seat frame. An evaluation
unit calculates weight and
weight distribution on
the passenger seat, while
the occupant protection
electronics system
determines the correct
airbag deployment for the
passenger. The four sensors
of the iBolt system are
integrated in the seat frame,
where it functions as a
supporting element in the seat,
and measures the weight
through path measurement by
means of Hall sensors.
Computer Bus
The iBolt control unit that is
integrated in the seat
communicates with the central
airbag control unit by means of a
computer bus, which receives
even more information than the
simple weight classication, by
way of the exact four-point
measurement. The iBolt system
assesses the four measurement
values, detects the seat position
as well as its changes. With the
additional information, the
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The demands for vehicle
occupant safety continue to rise.
Safety systems with new
actuators and trigger concepts
protect the occupants from
injury in accidents. By means of
the so-called Predictive Safety
Systems, an imminent collision
can be recognised early with the
help of radar sensors, and
appropriate preventive
measures are possible
immediately. With the
Generation Airbag 9, Bosch has
developed a modular, variably
upgradeable control system,
which selects the right
components from the available
means of support, such as
airbags or pretensioners, and
actuates them if necessary.
Central Sensors
The airbag control unit, AB9,
with its integrated central
sensors, as well as acceleration
and pressure sensors in the
vehicle chassis, is a key
component of the system. It is
anticipated that in 2006, pre-
crash sensors from Bosch will be
available on a radar basis, which
can provide information such as
distance from an obstacle,
relative speed and type of
collision, even before the
imminent collision.
roll-over situations.
An additional renement
of the detection of occupancy
will be possible in the future
through even more exact
determination of the seat
position of the passenger. For
example, video-based interior
sensing will also detect whether
an unbelted passenger falls
forward through an emergency
braking manoeuvre, and if the
airbag should only be ejected
with reduced power during a
collision. A corresponding
system is currently being
developed by Bosch for
production readiness.
When Milliseconds make the Difference
A high degree of research expertise provides for more occupant protection
activation of
the airbag can be
adjusted with two-stage or
multi-stage gas generators to
support the body of the
Bosch delivers a
Comprehensive System
Today Bosch delivers a
comprehensive occupant
protection electronic system for
the control of airbags,
pretensioners and, if necessary,
roll bars. In addition to
detecting passenger seat
occupancy, the intelligent
sensors also detect frontal and
side crashes as well as critical
In order to detect a defective
common rail injector, the Bosch
diagnostic device provides
multiple test routines. From the
result of their combination, a
safe conclusion can be arrived at
in respect of the correct
function of the injectors. One of
the inspection processes is the
mass comparison. In this
process, the software calculates
how much individual injectors
inject during each revolution. If
one of the injectors clearly
deviates from the average
normal injection quantities, this
is regarded as a defect. The
calculated values will be
displayed as a bar graph for
quick identication of a variation.
Complex Combinations
The RPM comparison of the
cylinders among each other
delivers an additional indication
of a defective injector. Thanks to
the highly resolving RPM
sensors in the motor, it is
possible to observe the ratio of
each cylinder to the RPMs of the
engine. A diagnostic unit
displays these complex
combinations in the form of a
bar graph. If a cylinder exhibits
strongly deviating performance,
this also points to a defect in the
area of a cylinder or injector. A
compression test with a starter
revolution provides information
regarding the mechanical
condition of a motor, without
having to disassemble the
motor. For this purpose, the
motor will be driven with starter
revolutions. During the
respective compression stroke,
the RPMs are calculated for each
cylinder, for example, at the top
dead centre and 90 thereafter.
A cylinder with a lower
compression will involve an
increase in RPMs. At the end of
the test, the tester displays the
differences of the individual
cylinders. If a cylinder clearly
deviates from the others, an
additional compression test is
recommended with a conven-
tional compression tester.
A jerky diesel engine, a loss of power, or the need for attention due to uneven idling, could be
attributed to a defective fuel injector. Whoever does a diagnosis in a classical diesel engine with
distributor or in-line pump has no easy task before him. It is not so with modern diesel engines
because a comparable problem can be solved more effectively with a device from the KTS series.
Effective Problem Solving
KTS units detect defective common rail injectors
According to the latest
statistics, pedestrians and
cyclists rate high as accident
victims in street traffic. Even
here, appropriate measures
can minimise the danger and
the seriousness of injuries.
For this purpose, Bosch is
developing electronic systems
that activate appropriate
protective measures, like
airbags or a slight raising of
the engine hood shortly
before the impact. In the area
of pedestrian protection,
future anticipatory sensors
will enable specic measures
even before the collision.
Book Tip
Number one
Published under the yellow
series, the book Diesel Fuel
Injection Systems Common
Rail has recently been
released. It describes the
continued development of
the most frequently used
injection system for
modern, fast-running diesel
automobile engines. In
contrast to the other systems,
the fuel in Common Rail is
always in a high pressure
reservoir ready for injection.
The new technology
incorporated in the Piezo
inline injectors enables very
short intervals between
injections, while the effective
dead time between the
electronic initial drive and
the hydraulic reaction of the
injector needle equals 150
microseconds. In the books
94 pages, the reader can
find approximately 85
illustrations, drawings and
tables, as well as the following
Common rail system
Fuel supply in the low
pressure portion
High pressure components
of the Common Rail
High pressure connections
Electronic diesel control
Subject words and
The book can be purchased
under ISBN No 3-86522-030-4.
Order number: 1987 722 142
Issue 7

May 2006 5
systems for the repair shop, by
allowing for quick fault
detection and qualied repair.
Its modular setup ensures that
an adjustment to the increasing
tasks and needs of the individual
repair shop is possible at any
Simplied Processing
Information from the program is
made available to the mechanic
through the Windows standard
interface, which he needs for
diagnosis or fault detection in
the vehicle or component.
Nearly all vehicle types and
components are easily
accessible. With the ESI[tronic]
repair shop system, the repair
shop has, in its possession, a
software package with
comprehensive information
covering the entire service
aspects of automobiles.
After the emergence of the rst CD of the ESI[tronic] software
package in 1991, Bosch quickly developed the program to a
comprehensively networked, modularly constructed system.
Now, vehicle diagnosis and fault detection instructions is to be
found on a modern medium the DVD.
have paved the way for the
DVDs permanent presence in
repair shops.
The Electronic Key
The advantages of the DVD, plus
the enormous convenience of
the ESI[tronic] software, have
proven a boon to the repair shop
of today. This is because the
automobile consists of 22
percent electrical and electronic
components, and this will
increase to approximately 35
percent by the year 2010.
Parallel to this, the networking
of individual components into
complex electronic systems
continues to increase.
Increasingly the mechanical
wrench is replaced by the
"electronic key" used for car
service and repair jobs.
Correspondingly, ESI[tronic]
builds a bridge between Bosch
i nst ruct i ons,
spare part catalogues,
repair instructions,
diagrams, testing and
work values. Additional
information such as
detailed mechanic
information and programs
for the execution and
assessment of inspections and
worn-out parts can also be found.
Interfaces for all common
commercial software packages
as well as quarterly updates
make ESI[tronic] a
comprehensive world-wide
information system that is
available in 20 languages.
Greater Amounts of Data
The higher data capacity on the
one hand and the simpler
management on the other hand
Diagnosis by the Silver Disc
Bosch ESI[tronic] now on DVD
Inspections and repairs of
worn-out parts can also be
easily calculated. All these mean
time savings in repair planning
and processing, and even the
cost estimate can be compiled
with just a few clicks.
More Efficiency through the Use
of Correct Software
Better operations in the repair shop
As with companies, economic
success in the automobile
repair shop increasingly
depends on the effectiveness of
the business processes. Lots of
time spent doing searching,
waiting customers and delayed
billing can rapidly lead to lost
Those who still take the risk of
dealing with protracted enquiries
on catalogues, microfiche and
price lists, and who possess no
clear vision of work values,
waste not only valuable work
time, but often, their customers
as well. In order to counteract
this, many suppliers offer
relevant software solutions, the
importance of which becomes
Acceptance Diagnosis Part procurement Repair Invoicing
known to every user later when
he has begun to optimise his
operation processes.
Pay Attention to Standard
The ease of use is a basic
prerequisite in computer
controlled sequences. In doing
so, the size of the repair shop
and which areas should be
supported by computer techno-
logy are important considera-
tions. Nevertheless, certain
standard requirements apply in
every case, as for example, the
opportunity for managerial
control and for the analysis of
day-to-day productivity values.
The capability of Internet
communication should also be
taken into account, as the
integration of external
information with internal
communication processes
continues to gain in importance.
The ESI[tronic] software from
Bosch helps to successfully
manage the daily routine of the
repair shop, by overseeing the
complete repair shop process,
from customer acceptance,
through cost estimation, spare-
parts search, stock-keeping and
repair, right up to invoicing.
Perfect Interface
The operator interfaces ease of
use and the module-like
information setup fulfil all
requirements of a good repair
shop software. The user can
The right solution for every task
With ESI[tronic] through the Individual Repair Shop Phases
In the meantime, over ten years
of developmental work,
including much know-how and
dozens of OEM experiences
are found in the ESI[tronic]
software package. In addition to
organisation and processing of
the main activities of an
automobile repair shop, the
program today comprises
diagnostic and fault detection
thus easily nd information on
timing belts, maintenance plans,
electrical and hydraulic diagrams
as well as fault detection
instructions. In the commercial
domain, access to comprehensive
data regarding manufacturer-
overlapping vehicle equipment
on a Tecdoc basis, spare parts,
service intervals and work
values is easily available.
In connection with the systems
offered by the wholesaler for
merchandise management and
online-ordering, the ESI[tronic]
becomes the interface between
the repair shop, office and
wholesaler. More information
regarding ESI[tronic] is available
from your wholesaler.
AutomotiveNews 6
Dear Valued Customers and
True to tradition, our events
calendar is once again packed
with activities and exciting
events. The current issue
showcases the various events
that Bosch participated in
during the months of March
and April.
As our markets become
increasingly competitive and
sophisticated, Bosch must
not only maintain but also
improve its visibility to both
business consumers and end-
users. Being the foundation
of our regional business,
we continue to maintain
our brand awareness in
Singapore as the premier
automotive aftermarket
player. At the German Expo
held in Suntec City
Convention Centre, we
showcased the full range of
automotive products and
diagnostics. We demonstrated
the versatility of the KTS to
workshops. We participated
in the RHB Singapore Cup
Launch event at Ngee Ann
City Civic Plaza and reached
out to the general public.
As part of our strategy to
penetrate local car clubs, we
started by supporting the
Toyota RAV4 Endau Rompin
Expedition. Our customers
were also excited by our Goal
Setting 2006 initiative which
incorporated the Diagnostic
Parts & Bytes strategy. Over
in Vietnam, we welcomed
our Automotive Aftermarket
Vice-President, Mr. Odd
Joergenrud, for his first
visit to the Bosch Vietnam
Representative Office. In the
next few months, we invite
you to join us for the annual
Bosch Golf Challenge in
Singapore and the Diesel
Conference. We are also
participating in the Jakarta
International Motorshow
2006 and the Auto Petro 2006
in Ho Chi Minh City.
Please feel free to contact me
at any time to share your
thoughts and ideas.
With best regards.
Lee Keen Yoong
General Manager, Sales
Automotive Aftermarket
German Expo at Suntec City
(24 26 March 2006)
The German Expo 2006,
organised by the Singapore
German Chamber of Industry
and Commerce was held at
Suntec Singapore International
Convention and Exhibition
Centre, from 24 to 26 March
2006. This three-day event
showcased various products
and services of German brands
ranging from technology,
fashion, education, and tourism
to food. The Robert Bosch Group
took part in the Expo by
featuring its cutting-edge
automotive, consumer and
building technology products.
Representing the Automotive
Aftermarket, our team
displayed the ten core product
items to the general public.
Using the Mercedes E240 as a
demo, we put the spotlight on
the KTS 650 diagnostics
scanner, which reads the vehicle
fault-memory recorded by the
ECU (Electronic Control Unit) of
a vehicle. We also showcased the
FSA 450 Engine Analyzer.
During the three days, about
10,000 people visited the
Bosch booth. As with most free
goodie giveaways, we had
overwhelming response from
the crowd for the instant lucky
dip. All the visitors had to do was
answer a simple survey to win
attractive gifts such as watches,
golf bags, USB thumb-drives,
passport holders and seat-belt
Mr. Lee entertains visitors at the opening of the Expo Mr. Lee entertains visitors at the opening of the Expo
The free lucky dip always attracts the crowd The Bosch Booth
Diagnostic Seminar
at German Expo
During the Expo, a diagnostic
seminar was also conducted
together with our customer,
Goldenlink Auto. The seminar
introduced the KTS scanner
and ESI[tronic] software to
workshops. The trainer
showcased the unique selling
points of the KTS and how the
KTS can help the workshops to
significantly enhance their
service offering. As more
complex systems in automobiles
of today require increasingly
more qualified diagnoses
for professional repair and
maintenance, we strongly
believe that Diagnostics is the
key to the automotive workshop
of the future.
Mr. Teh from Goldenlink Auto welcomes participants to
the seminar
After a successful 2005,
part of our strategy is to
keep our customers
constantly engaged in our
business. Therefore, we
have implemented the
target-setting programme
for our key customers, by
combining parts and bytes
into a focused strategy.
Our main objectives are
to clearly establish and
communicate our goals of
2006 to our customers in
Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam
and Myanmar, and also to
communicate the benets that
our customers can expect from
Mr Aye Tun from Aung Thein Than Co Ltd with the
Bosch team
Mr. Ong from PT Buanamo-
torindo with our GM, Mr. Lee
Diagnostic Parts & Bytes
Goal Setting 2006
Issue 7

May 2006 7
On 12 April, Mr. Odd Joergenrud
paid an informative trip to Ho
Chi Minh City, Vietnam, to visit
the Bosch Representative
Office and to meet up with
customers dealing in diesel
and automotive parts. He
showed a keen interest to
develop and open up the
Vietnamese market further,
Bosch at TOYOTA RAV4 Expedition
Bosch is proud to have
participated with our
wholesaler, Unicla Trading, in
the Rav 4 Off-Road Event
Endau Rompin Expedition IV,
which took place on 15 April.
Endau Rompin, as a nature
reserve situated between Johor
and Pahang, is one of the last
remaining pieces of virgin
rainforest left in Peninsula
On Sunday, a convoy of 80
RAV4s put their vehicles to the
test by driving them from
Singapore to Endau and back.
Bosch was also proud to present
a model RAV4 which had been
specially fitted with Bosch
wipers, cabin filter and pilot
Eighty participants received
goodie bags each containing one
set of wipers (size 24 and 19)
and various assorted Bosch
premiums such as caps, belts,
wallets, passport holders, car
decals, and mouse pads.
The model Bosch RAV4 blazing the trail Endau Rompin Nature Reserve
Bosch Singapore participated in
the RHB Singapore Cup Launch,
which took place on Sunday, 9
April at the Ngee Ann City Civic
Plaza. As part of our efforts to
maintain our brand exposure in
Singapore, we took the
opportunity to show our
products to the public. We
focused on promoting our wiper
blades, spark plugs, brake pads
and the cabin lters.
Blaupunkt and Bosch power
tools also took part in the event.
At the Bosch booth, members of
the public had to ll up a survey
form before they were allowed
to play the game. All they had to
do was to kick a ball so that it
lands on a picture of the
automotive products. There
were plenty of fun-filled
activities and games lined up
throughout the day at the other
booths, including street soccer
competitions and bike trial
Having a ball of a time at the Bosch booth
Bosch Mascot sparks the right note with the crowd
Automotive Aftermarket Vice
President of Sales Asia Pacic
Visits Vietnam Office
Upcoming Events from May to July 2006
May Mico Incentive Trip
11 May Bosch Golf Challenge
1 June Roadshow in Surabaya
2 June Launch of UTS Bosch Car Service
22-23 June Diesel Conference in Bali
June FIFA World Cup Incentive Trip
21-30 July Jakarta International Motorshow
and expect to see a strong
growth in the automotive
industry for the next three
years. The Vietnamese
market is strongly dominated
by motorcycles. However,
passenger car sales have
experienced a healthy growth
in the last few years.
Bosch at RHB Singapore
Cup Launch
Mr. Joergenrud with our Key Customers
Edited by: Ang Teck Koon
AutomotiveNews 8
From the start, the chassis was
an attractive aspect of the Ford
Focus independent suspension
on McPherson suspension struts,
lower A-arm, coil springs, and an
anti-roll bar with a 22-millimetre
diameter on the front axle, as
well as a tension strut in the rear.
Accurate Handling
The chassis construction makes
the Focus very controllable and
imparts genuine driving fun,
thanks to the accurate handling.
The Focus fan could choose
between six gasoline and two
diesel engines. With 100
horsepower, you have a sensible
power source for a brisk take-
off, especially with the popular
1.6 litre version. If you would
like more power, you could
choose from the following
motors: 1.8L/115 hp, 2.0L/130
hp, ST 170/170 hp or RS/215 hp.
Double the Fun
With the diesel motor, the Ford
Focus offered two variations
under the Euro III emissions
standards. In addition to the 1.8
DI with 75 or 90 horsepower
from 2000, the 1.8 TDCI has
been notable for its 100 or 115
horsepower since 2002. With
this top-line model, those who
like it sporty get to enjoy
maximum driving fun. On top of
that, with standard safety
equipment such as driver,
passenger and side airbags, as
well as side-impact protection,
the Ford Focus was a true
alternative in the Golf class.
Maximum Driving Pleasure
The Ford Focus in independent repair shops
On its very rst attempt, it appealed to the taste of the general public. As the successor of the Escort, the Ford Focus was one of the
top-selling cars. With the recent model change, the car will now reach independent repair shops. It has excited four million drivers
around the world since 1998, primarily through its sporty driving characteristics.
Top-selling car: the Ford Focus
Bosch on Board
Bosch on board
Injection valves
Pressure regulators/sensors
Knock sensor
Lambda sensor
Electronic diesel control
Anti-lock Braking System
Brake booster
Wiper system
Engine cooling
AC blower
Airbag sensors
Radio-navigation system
and more
New Wiper Packaging
The former Bosch single-
wiper blade packaging was a
light grey carton box with a
drawing of the wiper blade on
the front. This has been
changed to an attractive, high
quality blister packaging with
an open window for
customers to see the actual
product. The length of the
wiper blade (in inches) is also
indicated in bold on the front
of the packaging to enable
easy identication of lengths.
As always, Bosch wiper
blades sold in ASEAN are
supplied with our special
Tropical Rubber Formula to
ensure longer life, as well as
smooth, efficient wiping.
Many people do not realise it,
but a wiper blade is actually a
safety product. It is important
for a driver to have clear
vision during driving. Poor
visibility due to defective,
worn out wiper blades could
increase the possibility of
accidents. Always insist on
Bosch wiper blades for Clear
Vision, Day and Night.
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Two high performance gas
engines belong to the motor
program of the new Swabian
flagship. The CLS 350 has a
newly developed V6 motor with
200 kW/272 hp, which achieves
a maximum torque of 350
Newton meters at 2,400 rpm and
accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h
in 7.0 seconds. A powerful eight-
cylinder motor with 225 kW/306
hp is in the CLS 500, which
completes the acceleration from
0 to 100 km/h in 6.1 seconds.
Both motors work together with
the new 7G-TRONIC seven-gear
Curvaceous Diva
Powerful motors and trendy designs Powerful motors and trendy designs
Bosch on Board
Electronic control unit
Lambda sensor
Spark plugs
Phase sensor and tachometer
Sensotronic brake control
Wiper system
Dynamic driving seat
Engine cooling fan
Auxiliary water pump
Battery control unit
and more
automatic transmission, the rst
transmission of this type in the
world for personal vehicles.
Thus, Mercedes offers the best
options for dynamic driving fun,
a fact that is significantly
supported by additional
technical highlights.
Technological and Optical
In addition to adaptive front
airbags, as well as side and
window airbags, the advanced
occupant protection system,
PRE-SAFE, is also available for
the new Mercedes Coupe. Driving
safety continues to dene itself in
the new CLS by means of the
newest generation of standard
Sensotronic Brake Control (SBC)
system and the electronic
stability program (ESP), through
which driving becomes even
safer in the CLS and visually
more attractive. Contrary to
accepted Coupe philosophy, the
CLS gives the feel of a luxurious,
hand-tailored four-seater
limousine. It is guaranteed that
there are no straight lines in the
CLS design, according to Peter
Pfeiffer, the long-time design
chief of Mercedes. In contrast
to the appearance of the last
decade, Mercedes models
should radiate more emotions in
the future, he added.
Abstatt lies in the region of
Heilbronn-Franconia, one of the
earlier locations of the
automobile industry in Europe.
Manufacturers of cars, trucks,
buses, machines and systems
term this area home, as do a
number of suppliers and service
It is in the region of Baden-
Wuertemberg which has the
fastest export growth, with the
most new jobs. It possesses a
self-confident trade outlook,
gastronomic excellence, and last
but not least, a number of rst-
class vineyard operations.
Solutions for the Future
Its no coincidence that Robert
Bosch GmbH would establish its
future-oriented Bosch Technical
Centre for motor vehicle
technology here. By the end of
this year, more than 2,000
engineers will develop solutions
for cars of the future in an area
totalling 250,000 square metres
at the foot of the Lowenstein
mountains, which lie between
the forest and the vines. The
terrain in Abstatt, with its
favourable location, offers the
best site, compared to other
sites in the Stuttgart region, and
to the testing site in Boxberg.
Numerous Innovations
The workplaces of CS
employees are located in two
large building complexes which
are connected by a bridge. In
one special area, which
follows business processes,
communication-oriented work
is a vital aspect of the engineers
and technicians, who work on
new developments for driving
safety. This is an area which
Bosch was responsible for
bringing numerous innovations
to enhance production
Together with the Anti-lock
Braking System (ABS), the
Electronic Stability Control
(ESC) and traction slip control, it
has achieved a commendable
plus in vehicle safety and
The Abstatt development centre was officially dedicated in 2004. It is one of the most innovative building projects of recent years,
with all segments of the chassis system division (CS) coming under one roof. It is strategically and scenically positioned on the edge
of the Stuttgart metropolitan area, between vineyards, fortresses and castles.
Bosch worldwide
Ideal Selection at the Vineyard
The new Bosch development centre in Abstatt
Everyday life in Abstatt: A laser beam scans the enclosure
for vibrations of an RPM sensor
Bosch achieves a milestone and celebrates the topping-out ceremony at the new technology centre
Issue 7

May 2006 9
A Leisure
Region with
Lively Traditions
The region of Heilbronn-
Franconia is one of the most
impressive culture
landscapes with its lively
traditions, and is well-known
outside of the countrys
borders. Mighty fortresses
and castles between sun-
splashed vineyards are
enticing, just as idyllic
lowlands and romantic lakes
beckon. Did you know that
the region of Heilbronn-
Franconia is the largest red
wine region of Germany?
Brackenheim is not only the
birthplace of the rst German
Federal President, Theodor
Heuss, but is also the largest
winegrowing community of
The public viticulture school
in Weinberg as well as the
numerous winegrowing and
wine press museums, wine
bars and wine nature trails
are testimony to old tradition
and the most progressive
winegrowing region. In many
steep and terraced locations,
the work of the wine grower is
performed without machines,
the way it was done in the
early days. The cooking of the
region is also as multifaceted
as the landscape. The
spectrum ranges from fine
regional cuisine to
traditional, rich cuisine. Top
renowned international
gastronomists also attract
visitors, the way traditional
broom inns or country
guest houses attract guests.
Robert Bosch (SEA) Pte Ltd
Automotive Aftermarket
38C Jalan Pemimpin
Singapore 577180
Michael Goh
Jaslyn Ong
Colour Separation
Procast Graphics Pte Ltd
Pin Press Pte Ltd
AutomotiveNews 10
Now, be honest: how sporty
have you been during the past
month? Just so-so? In this case,
its high time to increase your
physical activities. The lack of
activity is a recognised risk
factor, therefore, engaging in
regular sports activities
means, in effect, that you are
taking personal responsibility
for your health.
Whether it is jogging, walking,
skating or cycling, many people
begin the day highly motivated
to get back into shape. To keep
motivated, it is important to
remember right from the start
that too much too soon can
quickly ruin our drive. At the
beginning, we should engage in
moderate endurance training
only twice or no more than three
times a week for no longer than
30 minutes per training session.
Getting Back into Shape
How you can improve your tness sensibly
Do not get Breathless
For the beginner or older
person, moderate exertion
means walking at an accelerated
pace without getting breathless.
Medical science recommends
that the optimum training pulse
rate should be 60 to 65 percent
of the maximum personal pulse
rate. The maximum personal
pulse rate can be determined by
the formula, 220 minus age.
Therefore, for a 50-year-old, the
maximum pulse rate is 170.
Reducing this value by 60 to 65
percent, results in an optimal
pulse rate of 102 to 110. For
those who want to be accurate,
the personal pulse rate can be
determined with a pulse meter.
Healthy Jogging
Jogging can be taken up at any
age. It is important to start at a
slow pace. In the rst week, jog
for one minute and then walk for
two minutes. Repeat the whole
procedure seven times and
increase jogging time
progressively in the following
weeks, so that at week 12 you
can jog for 30 minutes without
stopping and without excessive
exertion. Regular joggers suffer
less aches and pains, their body
and mind are more resilient, and
they handle stress better. Better
circulation and oxygen supply
result in a tighter skin, stronger
muscle tone and a more radiant
Walking as Endurance Training
If you value a gentle, joint-
preserving approach to heart
and circulation training,
walking is the best exercise for
you. A breezy and quick walking
style, with increased arm
mobility, is the best alternative
to jogging for many people.
Walking spares the joints by
reducing impact strain and
allows beginners to participate
in longer training sessions
without excessive exertion.
Aerobic endurance training
strengthens the heart muscles
and the circulatory system.
There is an improvement in
blood pressure and cholesterol
levels, breathing and lung
function are improved and
digestion and general metabolic
conversion are stimulated.
Inner Balance with Power
You are already walking or
jogging and want to do
something new in addition?
Then perhaps you should try
Power Yoga. Power Yoga
combines the western idea of
fitness with the wholesome
teaching of Yoga by allowing
Here are some
useful tips:
Set definite times for your
sport. Vary your schedule
only in exceptional
circumstances and set a
replacement date. In this way,
the activity will quickly settle
on you.
Set the speed and duration of
your exercises according to
your personal fitness level,
even though others are
jogging faster and longer.
Excessive exertion kills
motivation and is unhealthy to
boot. Realistic targets increase
a sense of achievement,
especially after the rst ush
is gone.
Take elevators only for
transporting heavy luggage;
park the car at some distance
away; and get off the bus one
stop early.
Bosch is again the fastest spark
plug in stock car racing.
Bosch plugs are not only fast,
they are reliable as well, winning
six races in the rst 12 events.
Bosch alternators are also
strong in competition as Bosch-
equipped cars have won 16 of
the rst 20 races in 2005.
The Indy Racing League
IndyCar Series ran another
highly-competitive season, with
Bosch spark plug-equipped
entries dominating.
Bosch spark plug-equipped
entries take Bosch to new
Bosch continues to dominate in IndyCar Series
and NASCAR Nextel Cup Stock Car Racing
insights from modern medical
sports medicine to be included
in the lessons. Poses and
sequences are adapted to apply
to a broad population base in the
western world. Power Yoga is
clear, simple and efficient. It
consists of a meditative
sequence of exercises (Vinyasa),
progressive poses (Asanas) and
breathing exercises (Pranajama),
all designed, through regular
practice, to strengthen the body,
while at the same time making it
more supple and agile, as
well as improving muscular
coordination. The logical
sequence of the exercises, and
practising them according to the
inner version, can focus
thoughts and concentration,
leading to mental peace and
inner balance.
Vehicle Brand Model Application Period Location Bosch Short Code
Aveo 1.5LS 2004 - On Front BP601
Optra 1.6, 1.8 2004 - On
Front BP418E
Rear BP419E
Issue 7

May 2006 11
New Bosch Product Launch
European Vehicle Application
Wiper / Cleaning Systems
Wiper Blade (16 & 24) 3 397 004 395
3 397 004 397
Oil Filter 0 986 AF1 002
Brakes (Standard)
Disk brake lining set, front 0 986 505 402
Disk brake lining set, rear 0 986 505 403
Brakes (PowerPlus)
Disk brake lining set, front 0 986 AB3 352
Disk brake lining set, rear 0 986 AB3 361
Ignition / Glow System
Spark Plugs Super: FR7KCX (0 242 235 602)
Super 4: FR78X (0 242 232 502)
Bosch Part Numbers for Mercedes-Benz / S 350
Bosch Part Numbers for Toyota Wish
Bosch PowerPlus Brake Pads
Ignition / Glow System
Ignition cable for cylinder 2 (EE 948) 0 356 912 948
Ignition cable for cylinder 3 (EE 950) 0 356 912 950
Speed sensor, ignition/injection 0 261 210 170
Knock sensor 0 261 231 110
Ignition coil 0 221 503 035
Spark plug, double platinum (FR 8 DPP33) 0 242 229 713
Voltage Supply / Starting System
Alternator (NCB2 (>) 14V 90/150A) 0 124 615 012
Starter (DW (R) 12V 1.4 KW) 0 001 108 197
Fuel / Air System
Lambda control sensor 0 258 006 274
Injector, gasoline 0 280 156 016
Fuel lter, gasoline injection 0 450 915 003
Oil lter element 1 457 429 196
Wiper / Cleaning Systems
Wiper blade AeroTwin, spoiler set 3 397 118 947
Headlamp, left-hand traffic, left side (Xenon) 0 301 178 673
Headlamp, left-hand traffic, right side (Xenon) 0 301 178 674
Headlamp, left-hand traffic, left side (Halogen) 0 301 178 601
Headlamp, left-hand traffic, right side (Halogen) 0 301 178 602
Disk brake lining set, front 0 986 424 705
Disk brake lining set, rear 0 986 424 699
Vehicle Brand Model Application Period Location Bosch Short Code
E46 : 3 Series, M3 1998 - 2003
Front BP 426E
Rear BP 415E
BMW E36 : 316i, 318i, 320i, 328i 1990 - 1998
Front BP 414E
Rear BP 372
E30 : 316i, 318i, 320i, 323i, 325i, 328i 1982 - 1992
Front BP 378
Rear BP 342
VOLVO S60 / S80 2.3 T5 2003 - On
Front BP 427E
Rear BP 428E
MERCEDES-BENZ W140 1994 - 1999
Front BP 401E
Rear BP 402E
Asian Vehicle Application