Safety Tracks for Cyclists
the terrible toll of road casualties by the provision of safety tracks for cyclists. I believe that in Holland these tracks are laid down beside a great number of rOBds. What one nation has done another can do. It is not only the accumulation of grief and traeic loss to relatives that should be considered, but also the loss of manpower and earning capacity to the nation. I presume that widows, orphans, and dependents have to be kept if a cyclist leaves them in want. Mr. Hore-Belisha in opening the ribbon tracks for cyclists at Western Avenue, Ealing, said :
Are not casnalty lists and the number of accidents involving cyclists themselves arguments for the provision of experimental tracks of thi3 kind ! Of the 7.202 persons who died as the result of road accid en ts last year 132* were pedal , cyclists. Out of the 184,781 non-fatal accidents pedal cyclists were involved in 43.789. A distressin g feature of these figures is that they disclose that about half of those who !were killed •were under the age of twenty-one. The evidence before me shows tha t accidents to cyclists increasin g. are To the Editor of the Manchester Guardian. Sir ,—It is possible gTeatly to diminish


Surely no cheese-paring policy of so-called economy should stand in the way of making safety tracks for cyclists on our principal roads? II roads can be made safer for cyclists in Holland why cannot this be done here? A forward policy in the direction of road improvement is -urgently overdue. Tours, &c, — A. Lancaster Surra. Arcot Orchards, Sidmouth,

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