September 10, 2014 - Town of Jamestown Newsletter

Jamestown Strong
- One Year of Grit and Gratitude -

"I congratulate all as you have struggled in uncertainty this past year
rebuilding the Jamestown community. The term "Mountain Strong" has
been redefined by Jimtown's level of community character, strength and
- Alan Fronk, FEMA

What: Flood-related displays by local artists, recovery slideshow,
authors, gratitude, and the making of a labyrinth. Public welcome.

When: Friday, Sept 12, 3:00 P.M. - 8:00 P.M.

Mayor Tara Schoedinger (and a few others) to give a brief address
at 6:00 P.M.

Why: To honor those we have lost, to recognize how far we've come,
to acknowledge how far we still have to go, and to thank those who
have helped give us hope.

Where: Town Hall, 118 Main St., Jamestown, CO

RSVP appreciated:

Issue: 17

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Next Town Board Meetings

Monday, September 22, 7:00 pm
Jamestown Town Hall

Next Rebuild Jamestown
Community Meeting

Call for Volunteers:
Want to help with the set-up or clean-up? It's going to be a busy
weekend and we're inviting all residents to be a part. Please sign up for
a time slot here - or contact Nina Andaloro for more information at 303-
449-1806. Thank you!

Other Anniversary Events
To commemorate the anniversary of the September 2013 flood,
Jamestown will host several events for the community to come
together to reflect on the event and to imagine our collective future.

Wednesday, September 10

What: "Floods of Boulder County", Film by Jamestown Elementary
under the direction of teacher, Ines Rutkovis
(This will also be shown during the Open House on Friday in JT)
When: 4:30 P.M. - 5:30 P.M.
Where: Boulder Public Library

What: Boulder Flood Tribute - Mayor Tara is on a panel and will
present a slideshow / speech on the topic of community
When: 6:00 P.M. - 8:00 P.M.
Where: Museum of Boulder

While you are more than welcome to bring friends and family to any of
the Jamestown events below, please note that only the Rebuilding
Jamestown Open House is being advertised as "open to the public". All
events, however, are opened to the Greater JT area - from Lefthand to
the top of Overland.

Thursday, September 11

What: Band - Esther Sparks and the Whiskey Remedy
When: 7:30 P.M.
Where: The Merc
Description: Having survived Katrina, this band came to JT soon after
the flood with an inspiring story of hope and healing.

What: A Toast for Joey - bring a flashlight or a lantern and join in the
late night walk.
When: After the band plays, ~10:00 P.M.

Tuesday, September 16, 5:30
The Merc - Jamestown

Click here to view Mayor Tara's
September 2 Community Meeting

Let's bring our community home.

Calling All Cupcake

We are looking for people to
bake 2 dozen cupcakes for
the open house event. If you
would like to commemorate
the flood in their decoration,
please go crazy. We would
also love to have
any cupcakes that you would
like to contribute. Please
contact Nina ASAP if you
would like to participate.

Support Group

Wednesday, September 17
Where: Departing from the Merc, heading toward the Jamestown
Cemetery down Lower Main.

Friday, September 12

What: Rebuilding Jamestown Open House (**Open to the public)
When: 3:00 - 8:00 P.M. / Mayor Tara to give a brief address at 6:00
Where: Town Hall
Description: Flood-related displays by local artists, recovery slideshow,
authors, gratitude, and the making of a labyrinth. Public welcome. Light
refreshments available. Dinner served next door at the Merc.

What: The Making of a Labyrinth
When: TBA
Where: Elysian Park - by the tennis court
Description: Greater Jamestown residents can join in together to help
build a 40 ft. diameter walking labyrinth. If you've got rocks, please
bring them down any time this week and place them in the pile by the
temporary fire hall in Elysian.

Saturday, September 13

What: Dedication of the Labyrinth
When: 12:00 P.M.
Where: By the tennis court in Elysian Park
Description: For many, the labyrinth represents a centering, meditative
ritual for the self. Come join in as the community dedicates this addition
to our town.

What: Community Potluck & Open Mic
When: 2:00 P.M.
Where: Elysian Park (If bad weather, Town Hall)
Description: Bring a dish, something to drink, a blanket or some camp
chairs, and come on down! Got something to say or perform? There
will be an Open Mic set up on the stage. Please be prepared to pack
out your own waste. Green Girl will be on hand to help with the

What: Square Dance
When: 4:00 P.M.
Where: Elysian Park (If bad weather, Town Hall)
Description: Tie on a bandana and get ready to promenade and do-si-
do. Don't know how? No matter (and no excuses!!) - the caller will
teach us as we go. Fun for the whole family. Led by caller Chip
Stewart. Yeehaw!

What: Bonfire
When: After the Square Dance until ???
Where: Elysian Park

US Senator Michael Bennet's Visit to
6:30 P.M. - 8:30 P.M.
Jamestown Community Church

Led by:
Tamira Jenlink, MA
Body-Centered / Nature
Based Psychotherapist
Mountain Vision Therapy

A place to hold each other up
while we deal with the natural
response to trauma.

All are welcome!
No faith group affiliation.

Rebecca Lawrence
Jamestown Community Advocate

Be sure and check out:

Welcome to Jimtown
By Jamestown author:
Sylvia Welner

To purchase the book
please contact Sylvia / 303.442.

Sylvia Welner will be signing
books at the Open House on

A special thank-you to Senator Michael Bennet and his regional
director James Thompson for their visit to Jamestown on August 28th.
The senator visited both classes at Jamestown Elementary before
making a walk-through of the Town to
view its recovery process. Senator Bennet has been an incredible
advocate for Jamestown, working with Senator Mark Udall to acquire
funding both for flood-affected Colorado and for Jamestown residents.

Don't Miss Out:

Jamestown Long-Term
Recovery Planning

Fire Hall Update

While the Fire Hall is under
construction by Faurot
Construction, a temporary
building will be raised next to
Elysian Park.

Temporary structure:
Est. complete by early

Demolition of the old fire
Est. complete by the end of

Construction on new fire
Est. complete by end of

Road Update

Photo Credit: Steve Edelstein

Please click here to see the
most update road delay and
closure schedule in

Tentative project schedule for
James Canyon Drive:
They are going to work on
stream banks and shoulders first
then move quickly through with
paving operations. Aiming for
a Oct. 15completion date. In the
meantime, 9/9-9/10, the
Maintenance Division is going to

The Jamestown Long-Term Recovery Planning process is beginning
soon, and everyone is invited to take part. How does it work? The
LTRP Group will have a kick-off meeting on September 24th that will
explain and launch the process. (Dinner included!)

WHEN: Wednesday, September 24th
WHERE: Jamestown Town Hall
TIME: 5:30 - 8:00 P.M.

You may choose which of the 6 groups you'd like to be a part of
either online here or at the kick-off meeting.

A Healthy Local Government and Safe Community - This group will
be a combination of Town leadership and citizens who will focus on
strategic goals for sustaining high quality and fiscally sustainable town
services, including fire, EMS, water treatment & distribution, as well as
to mitigate natural hazards and ensure preparedness for future

help fill some of the large
potholes that have formed and
will try to make the road easier
to navigate until the asphalt is

Travel and cycling restrictions
on non-local traffic still in place
on James Canyon Drive.
Asphalt overlay scheduled on
James Canyon Drive to begin
August 25.

Access to the Merc is wide

Boulder County Closures site

Water Update

Photo credit: Eric Flink
More than 80% of the town now
has water! Thanks to the $1M
grant from CDPHE, Water
Treatment Plant repairs are
beginning. These include:

1. Infiltration Gallery
2. Permanent Intake
3. Roughing Filter
4. Well house

More here.

Town Square Update

Jamestown will rebuild our Town
A Supportive Community and Services
This group will focus on goals and ideas for how to foster a more
supportive community within Jamestown. This discussion may include,
but is not limited to, how to create a more kid-friendly town, services for
vulnerable populations, how to maintain local community institutions
(e.g. school, businesses, post office) and overall community well

Getting Around Town
Jamestown is a very walkable small community, but is also on a county
road that provides access to other communities and a popular scenic
byway that attracts cyclists and motorists. This group will focus on
goals and ideas for enhancing, coordinating, and managing
Jamestown's mobility options around town for pedestrians, bikers, and

Living With Nature
Jamestown is surrounded by spectacular natural beauty with James
Creek as a defining community asset. The health of the surrounding
ecosystem - its watershed, wildlife, clean air and water - is valued by
community members. This group will focus on goals and ideas for how
Jamestown can enhance management of its own natural resources as
well as coordinate with regional efforts.

Where and How We Rebuild
Jamestown was significantly impacted by the flood. Residents lost
homes as well as portions or all of their parcels. Some buildings have
been relocated or destroyed creating vacant parcels while other lots
have been eliminated creating a demand for new parcels. How and
where residents rebuild, primarily driven by the Town's
development regulations, has an impact on the Town's finances,
services, and safety. This group will identify issues, opportunities, and
constraints with where and how Jamestown might want to rebuild
to enhance community resiliency.

Vibrant Community Assets: Recreation, Arts, Culture and
Heritage Residents in Jamestown value a high quality of life. This
includes the ability to enjoy the many natural and community parks and
recreation assets around Jamestown used by locals and visitors.
Jamestown also has an active arts community and a rich settlement
history. This group will discuss goals and ideas for managing
community assets that contribute to the high quality of life in Town
including parks and recreation, visitor and events management, how to
foster a vibrant arts community, and preservation of historically and
culturally significant landmarks.

Square in Spring 2015 with the
$117,000 (GOCO grant).

View a larger image of the
Design Concept here.

The Town Square is currently
being used as a staging area for
fill material to be used for the
roads. Please give the machine
operators plenty of space to
move these large objects
and always make eye
contact before you attempt to
move past them.

Hello from the Colorado
Spirit Canyons Team!

It has been a pleasure getting to
know many of you. We feel very
privileged to hear your stories and
talk to you about your recovery.

As we have moved through the
summer, the rains have increased,
and so too have our anxiety levels.
From our experience listening to
survivors of the flood, the
increased rains commonly create
troubling memories and flashbacks
of last year's flood, feelings of
being overwhelmed, a strong need
to avoid places associated with
water or flooding, and-most
commonly-just plain worry or

If you are experiencing

Welcome Back, Bruce and Nancy

Project Director, Don
Horst from Kansas left
last Saturday and has
been replaced by Bruce
and Nancy Smith, who
were with us once

MDS has completed
most projects outside of
JT and are solely
focused on the Loupee
residence to house
volunteers and Leesa's
home. There are fewer MDS volunteers this time of year but will pick
up again mid-September - in time for home rebuilds.

If you have a flood-related project and need help, please

Flatirons Habitat for Humanity
Flatirons is acting as the financial agent for the CDBG-DR (Community
Development Block Grant) funding from the state for rebuilds. The
rebuilds in town will be a combination of those who will be using
CDBG-DR funding with volunteers from MDS and some homes will be
self funded with volunteer help from MDS. We hope to break ground on
the first home this month!

What is Being Constructed in
the Lower Elysian Park?
anything like this, it can be helpful
to try to reduce stress in other
areas of your life. This can be as
simple as eating healthy meals,
getting enough sleep, taking time
to breathe, spending time with the
people you care about, and
remembering to do something fun.
Doing these simple things can give
us a sense of mastery in the small
things, and we enter a state that is
better equipped to handle the
anxiety of increasing rain
and rising rivers. If you would like
to talk to us about developing
strategies for dealing with stress
and anxiety, we will continue to be
in Jamestown Town Hall
every Saturday from 11:00 AM to
3:00 PM.

Support for the
Open House event
on Sept. 12th from
the following

American Red Cross
Salvation Army
Photo Craft
Mike's Camera
The Jamestown Mercantile
BoCo Long-Term Flood
Recovery Group
Hazel's Beverage World
Eco Products

Thank you for being a friend
to Jamestown!

This newsletter is
proudly sponsored

That two-tone green building is a 30 by 40 foot "pole barn" that will
serve as the temporary home of the Jamestown Volunteer
Fire Department (JVFD) while the new building is being constructed at
66 Main Street. The temporary fire station is large enough to house our
pumper engine and the water tender fire trucks with a little extra room
for supplies and equipment. The finished building will be insulated,
propane heated and have electricity, but not water. Road base is being
brought in to allow access to the doors. It is scheduled for completion
by the 15th of September.

Demolition of the old fire station is scheduled to begin next week.
When the permanent fire station is finished, the JVFD will move back
to 66 Main and the "pole barn" will be available to the community for
storage or other uses.

Questions? Ken Lenarcic: 303 938-1486 /

Green Girl

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solution? Give us a call. We
do affordable front door pick-
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electronics recycling.

Newsletter Editors:

Erika Rae Archer
Nina Andaloro
Mary Ellen Burch
Rebecca Lawrence
Tara Schoedinger

8/26 - Each pole has its own foundation

8/28 - Partially framed - floor to be poured

8/29 - Frame up and floor has been poured

9/1- Doors/Windows in, installing siding

Town of Jamestown

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