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Health Care
For patients with Diabetes, optimum control of blood glucose can make a signifcant
contribution in preventing diabetes related complications. Failure to do that, can lead
to serious health issues. Often, these patients are undertreated due to poor
understanding of the disease process and nonadherence to treatment protocol.
!ith improved control of their blood sugar level and more aggressive management of
risk factors for other related complications like macro and microvascular diseases,
these patients can beneft in abundance.
Hence, to gain control of the disease, patients need an e"ective monitoring in place
which could help with their selfcare and adaptation to disease. #n toda$%s setting,
with changing lifest$le and rising costs, home monitoring and home health care are
proving to be increasingl$ valuable tools for enhancing &ualit$ of care in diabetes
Home Health care for diabetic patients helps them and their families manage the
patient%s comple' medical needs, monitor blood sugar level patterns and insulin use,
in addition to making them understand the medical regimen involved. (he benefts
for patients include better access, lesser visits to the doctors and labs, reduced
episodes and duration of hospitali)ations, reduced travel time and e'penses.
For hospitals, it o"ers continuum of care to their patients, better patient compliance
to the treatment protocol and overall, better e'perience for the patients. !ith
e*cient home monitoring and communication processes, the ph$sicians will be
alwa$s be in the loop on patient status, thus helping them understand the his+her
needs better. (hus, home health care provides an opportunit$ to o"er a continuum of
care that further improves health, wellness, and outcomes.
,ma)ing -tatistics
,ccording to a recent clinic based surve$ called -creening #ndia%s (win .pidemic, one
in ever$ three adults living adults living in cities su"ers from diabetes. /01 of those
studied su"ered from h$pertension or diabetes or both. ,ccording to Dr. -hahshank
2oshi, the principal investigator of the stud$, these numbers onl$ show how
uncontrolled the diseases are. He believes that this is due to people not monitoring
their sugar or blood pressure regularl$. Onl$ 3.41 of those studies had control over
these standards. 35.61, of those tested had a condition called prediabetes.
.'trapolations from the recent #CM7 stud$ sa$ that #ndia has appro'imatel$ 89
million people su"ering from diabetes. :ut it is estimated that double the number
have prediabetes. (hese numbers onl$ show the magnitude of this epidemic facing
How Can #ndia Home Health Care Help;
(hrough its highl$ skilled and trained professionals, #ndia Home Health Care o"ers
the patient, a complete range of services that improve the &ualit$ of life.
3. 7egistered <urses= Our 7egistered <urses provide support b$ working closel$ with
the ph$sician and evaluating the patient%s needs related to Diabetes and an$ other
comorbid condition. (his leads to the development of a customi)ed care plan. (he
nursing care plan helps in gaining control of the disease b$ monitoring blood sugar
levels, ensuring that the patient is taking the medication as prescribed and
understanding the lifest$le changes that need to be made.
(he nurse visits on a regular basis, depending on the patient re&uirement, and will
also help with procuring the medication and other supplies for care. (hrough these
visits, the nurse develops a good understanding of the patient%s health status and is
be able to assess the progress of the disease condition accuratel$. (his in turn helps
him+her to review and revise the care plan as per patient%s needs.
(he nurse will specifcall$ assess vitals, blood glucose levels> monitor the
development of diabetes related complications, including neuropath$, nephropath$,
retinopath$, diabetic foot and other comorbid conditions.
?. Care (akers= Care (akers will provide basic personal care on a continuous basis and
help the patient with activities of dail$ living, including bathing, dressing, grooming
and mobilising. (he$ can also check the patient%s vitals, monitor the glucose levels
@. !ound Care <urses= Our 7egistered nurses provide advanced care for those
diabetic patients with diabetic foot, skin infections or other wounds. (his speciali)ed
care provided b$ implementing international best practices helps in the patient
recovering faster and preventing further complications.
6. Ah$siotherapist= Musculoskeletal manifestations of diabetes include fro)en
shoulder, back pain, carpal tunnel s$ndrome, sciatica or osteoarthritis. Diabetic
am$otroph$ is a t$pe of neuropath$ that involves muscle wasting and weakening,
especiall$ in the thighs. #n all these conditions, dail$ ph$siotherap$ can help in
returning to normal levels of activit$ and wellbeing. Our ph$siotherapist visits $ou at
home, does an assessment and develops an e'ercise regimen for $ou that are
supervised b$ him+her on a dail$ basis
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