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A Study of Student’s Problems in Daily English Speaking Class Activity

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Being people who always interact with others, we have to be able to create good
relationship with good communication in our interaction. There are two kinds of
communication; they are verbal and non-verbal communication. Verbal communication bases
on speaking and listening skill, whereas non-verbal communication bases on writing and
reading skill. Both of them are important, but the verbal one is the most crucial, because we
use verbal communication more often than the non-verbal one directly. So it will make us as
a member of community to able in showing what we want by speaking and understand what
the other want by listening.
Speaking is an interactive process of constructing meaning that involves
producing and receiving and processing information. Its form and meaning are dependent on
the context in which it occurs, including the participants themselves, their collective
experiences, the physical environment, and the purposes for speaking. It is often spontaneous,
open-ended, and evolving. Speaking requires that everyone not only know how to produce
specific points of language such as grammar, pronunciation, or vocabulary, but also that they
understand when, why, and in what ways to produce language.
Every language have four skills, they are speaking, listening, writing and reading.
When you have to learn language, the first skill that you have to be expert firstly is speaking
rather than the other skills. It caused verbal language is the important thing that is used in
daily communication before you have to be able to produce non-verbal language in writing
something to express your idea to others. Unfortunately, the processing in learning English
language in Indonesian school is more concerned in reading skill. It causes of reading
comprehension is able to include the other skills. Reading aloud for speaking and listening
skill, answer some questions for writing skill. Actually, speaking is able to include the others
skill too. It dependents on the techniques those will be used by the models or teachers.
In Indonesia, English language is a foreign language that is important to be learned
more because of it is a global language. Therefore, English language has become one of
school subject. In Indonesian School, it is not easy to apply to use it in the class, although
when English subject is running in the classroom. We are able to find the teachers that rarely
used English language when they teach English as school subject easily. They should act as
good models to their students, if they want to make their students comfort in using English at
the least when the English class is running.