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Hack ur ISP + MODEM n get highspeedsas much as u want

Hack Your Modem and Increase YourDownload Speed

Hack Your Modem and Increase YourDownload Speed from 64Kbps to any Speed You Wish

Most of us will be feeling that thesurfing speed which is allocated by our ISP is not enough.
People with 64Kbpswill think 128Kbps will be cool speed. People with 128Kbps will think
256Kbpswill be cool and so on

This tutorial will teach you how to increase your 64Kbps link to 512Kbps or what ever speed
you like.

It is very much possible to do this.With a bit of luck if your Cable Internet Service Provider
are very uneducated on how this very new technology works and leave some key loopholes
open for youto grab vital information on how to accomplish this task. But this [tutorial]will no
guarantee you 100% success.

Okay here we go. Im going to try toexplain you as best as I can to accomplish re-configuring
your SB5100, SB4100or SB3100 cable modem

Theory of cable modem working

All the cable modems when it boots upit will search for an Image file where in all
configuration like your uploadspeed limit and download speed limit is defined. This Image
file is stored inISP`s TFTP server. Modem will be pre-configured with the ISP`s TFTP server
IPaddress and the Image file name to be downloaded. When the modem boots up itquery
TFTP server and download Image file from [TFTP] [server] according tothis this our speed
limits will be set.

Our Mission

Get this Image file from ISP`s TFTPserver, reconfigure it according to our need and force
our modem to downloadthis file from our Computer rather than downloading it from our ISP`s

1). Get cable [modems] MAC-Addreaa

You can either look at the back of themodem to get this MAC Address or you can logon to
your Cable modem with yourWeb Browser hxxp:// . This is internal HTML
pages stored withinyour DOCsis cable modem (SB5100, SB4100 and SB3100) that gives
you even morevital information on configuration. Unless it is turned off by your ISP.
Thisfeature might be totally turned off by your ISP.

2). Get your [ISP] TFTP server IPaddress

a) Theres a program called QUERY.EXE from Weird Solutions which is a BOOTP packet
request program that will tell you everything you need to know, without all these extra steps.
It will display the Image Filename, TFTP server address, which is really all you need to get
started. To use this BOOTP QUERY tool, you need the MAC address of your cable modem
or Beginners can use DOCSIS Diagnosis utility

Using the above tools you will get theinformation of your ISP`s TFTP server IP and the name
of your Image filestored in that TFTP server

All your vital information is storedin this file, One of which is the MaxRateDown 2621440;
MaxRateUp 393216;. (This was my ISP settings. Which you can see is similar to what speed
I was getting.40KB/s up and 250 KB/s down)

Among these, the one we need are:

Configuration [TFTP] [Server] =194.*.*..90 (replace this with yours throughout in the doc)

Configuration filename = isrr.bin(replace this with yours throughout in the doc)


IP fragments created = 0

IP address.10.$$$.$$$.$$$ =10.$$$.$$$.$$$

IP address. = (the IP address of the cable modem, (replace this
with yoursthroughout in the doc)

IP-to-If-index.10.$$$.$$$.$$$ = 2

Suggestion: You can do this step bysniffing the modem i.e. when modem
boots up. I never tried thismethod. Try your luck.

3) Download Image file from ISP`s TFTPserver.

For doing this got to your command prompt and use below commands with out quotes and

C:\tftp -i GET

Okay now you got Image file from yourISP`s TFTP server.

4). Decrypt the Image file which youdownloaded from ISP`s TFTP server

For all you can use the DOCsis toolCode:


to decode

5). Modify the Image file

Change your computers TCPconfiguration same as ISP`s TFTP server (i.e. IP address
same as ISP`s TFTPserver)

Go to my network place and right click->properties

Select your LAN Card right click->property->Internet Protocol (TCP-IP) double click on it and
change itto as following values

Configure your TPCs TCP settings asbelow

IP: 194.*.*.90 (replace with the ISPsTFTP server)


Gateway: (replace withyour cable modems IP address)

Note: Gateway should be only your modem can communicate with

6). Encrypt the modified Image file(Save it using Docsis)

7). Host TFTP server in your computer

Download TFTP Server software and hostTFTP server in your computer

You can download TFTP server from:Code:

. Put Image file in the basedirectory of your TFTP

Start TFTPD32 server. Go to Settingsand set the Security to None. Increase the timeout to
20secs and the MaxRetransmit to 6. Choose to translate UNIX filenames. Make sure its
basedirectory point to where the isrr.bin is (i.e. the image file which youmodified). If you need
to replicate a directory pathname along with the imagefile, then make a directory from root
that corresponds to the image filepathname.

Restart your modem, and AS SOON as theSEND light goes solid, you should see a receive
on your TFTP server i.e. yourPC

9). [Restart] your [modem]

10). Changer your PCs IP back asgiven by ISP

11). OOPS Done. Start surfing withyour new speed

Note: This speed will remain sameuntil you restart your cable modem. So each time you
reboot your modem you have to follow the steps 7 to 11 .