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Name of the Teacher : Athira.D.

K Standard:VIII
Name of the School : AMMHS, Karavalur Strength :
Subject : English Date :
Unit : On Telling A Tale Period :
Subunit : The Enchanted Shirt Duration : 45mint
Issue : Lack of cohesive universal vision
Sub issue : Not realizing the importance of social mingling

Content : The poem tells about the story of a King
Vocabulary : zest,snore, toil
 reads and appreciates the poem
 identifies poetic device
 develops the power of imagination
 might have heard about kings.
 might have seen about doctors.
 might have heard about ballads.

 Chart,pictures,audio aids

Informal interaction
Teacher informally communicates with learner and forms
a good rapport with them
Entry Activity
Teacher begins the lesson by asking some questions.
Do you like to hear songs?
What type of songs do you like?
Can anyone sing a song for me?
Now I am going to play a song.
Teacher plays the song “Puthooram Veetil……”
Then she asks some questions.
What is this song about?
Is it only about “Puthooram Veedu”?
Is there any characters mentioned in this song?
Usually where do you find such character?
Is a poem or a story?
Is there any story mentioned in the song that you heard now.
So, this is a story in the form of a song. We call this is a ballad.
Teacher present the chart on ballad.
Link talk
Now you know what is a ballad.
Today we are going to learn a ballad. Here we are going to meet a king
who pretends to be sick. Some doctors are trying to treat him. Let’s see
what happens. The title of the ballad is ‘The Enchanted Shirt’ and it is
written by ‘John Hay’(profile)
Micro processing of input
Teacher reads the poem two or three times aloud with correct
pronunciation, Stress, rhythm etc and keep tracking.

Sharing and understandings
Students share their understanding of the content with peers.
Glossary references
Teacher helps the learners to comprehend the new words by
zest : enjoyment and enthusiasm.
snore: to breath noisily through.
toil : hard unpleasant work.
Scaffolding questions
Teacher asks the following questions like
1. Was the king really sick? Why?
2. List some word associated with king and his rule?
3. What is the medicine suggested for the king?
Appreciation of the poem
Teacher makes the learners to identify rhyming words,
rhyme scheme, etc
Group Activity
Imagine that you meet a king. Write down the conversation
between the King and you about the king’s sick.
Students come up their presentation.
Teacher edits the products and presents the best product.
Construct an eight line poem about King.