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Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen. May I have your attention
please. We are about to begin our Dinner Reception so please locate
your respective seats and make yourself comfortable.

A very good evening to everyone and welcome to Jackie and
Romulo’s Wedding Reception. We are done with the solemn part of
the celebration and. we thank those people who were with us earlier
at San Bartolome Church for the wedding ceremony. And for those
who just join in, Welcome to the reception for our newlyweds in
celebration of the beginning of their new life together. So sit down,
relax and enjoy the rest of the evening.
I am Marco, Jackie’s friend and I’ll be your emcee for this event. We
thank you all for gracing this joyful occasion especially to those who
have traveled many miles just to be with us. In behalf of Marco and
Tina and their parents, I would like to express their heartfelt gratitude
for your presence at this memorable occasion. It is indeed a pleasure
to have you all tonight.


At this point, let us now witness the parade of the wedding entourage.


We saw the fresh and young, let’s now go to the people we have here
in front: they are the young at heart and spirit, the very gracious and
generous PRINCIPAL SPONSORS. Let’s me introduce them one by
one… starting off with the ninang…

One of the parents’ dreams is to see the wedding of their children. I am
sure our couple’s parents are equally excited as them. Let us now
recognize these very special people in the hearts of the newly wed.
Parents of the Newlyweds
Before anything else, we would like to acknowledge the key persons who took a great part of this joyous affair. For
without their support, this event would not be made possible. Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great pleasure to
introduce to you the Parents of the Bride, Mr. Gabriel B. Centenera and Dr. Heidi Doncillo-Centenera. A big
round of applause please.
Dove Release
The bride and groom will now do the dove release. May I request the newly weds to please come forward and each
get a dove. The newlyweds would like to thank Ms. Rowena Vercide and Mr. Adonis Fernandez for providing us
with this beautiful pair of doves.
Grace Before Meals
Well I guess the food is now ready and dinner will commence shortly. May I call on Rev. Fr. Patrick Martin to
say the grace before meals.
(Fr. Martin comes forward to say grace before meals)

At this point, I hope every ones attention is in the couple as they do
the cake cutting tradition. Bakit, may ganitong eksena pag may kasal?
Well, ayon sa aking research, the cake cutting symbolizes the
couple's unity, their shared future, and their life together as one.
This time let’s see them hold those two doves; please take them out
of the cage. Then, they will make those lovely dove kiss each other.

White doves are a symbol of joy, and since a wedding is a joyous
occasion, opening the bird's cage so that they can fly freely,
This time, let’s fill our glasses with any drink that we could get and
join the best man, Mauro Mabansag for the symbolic wine toast.

Para sa mahabang pagsasama puno nang pagmamahalan,
paguunawaan at pagbibigayan, J ackie at Romulo maligayang bati at
KAMPAY!!! Cheers everyone!