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Plants Vs.

Zombies is very addictive game and as your adventure progresses the more it
gets difficult. It is a strategy game against the different zombies how you can manage
those zombies not to get inside your house or else they will eat your brain.
One of the essential tool you need is to have a lot of sun so you can purchase the items
you need for defense. You have two sources of sun, the Sunflower during day time and
the Sun-shrooms at night. You may need to plant a dozen of sunflowers or sun-shrooms at
night to get more suns and you can’t do it that easy because you need to have an attac
plant as well to defend your house. !he "uestion is, how to have infinite sun#
$et me share some Plants Vs. Zombies Cheats and Tips that I discovered and that how
to get infinite suns. You may want to try this for you not to worry that the zombies are
approaching and yet you don’t have enough suns to have attac plants in your garden.
%ere’s the Plants vs Zombies Cheats and Tips | Infinite Sun Cheat &
'. (ae sure you have downloaded the Plants vs Zombies game in your )*.
+. You will be needing the Cheat Engine tool. ,ead my previous post where to
download Cheat Engine. %ere’s the lin.
-. .fter downloading Cheat Engine, Install it.
/. Open and play the adventure game of )lants vs 0ombie
1. Open cheat engine tool and clic the computer icon below the 2ile. 3see image under
procedure 45.6
5. . small window will pop-up under )rocess list. Select popcapgame'.e7e then clic
8. 9o bac to your game. See the current suns you have. :ased on the picture below, I
have 81 suns. ;on’t start the game yet.
<. 9o to cheat engine and type the number of suns you have in the %e7 bo7 then clic
2irst Scan.
=. 9o bac to your game and this time use some of your suns. >otice that from 81 suns I
now have +1.
'?.9o to cheat engine tool again and type on the %e7 bo7 the number of suns you have
after the purchase, then clic >e7t Scan button.
''. You will get one address left, double clic it. *hange the @alue from +1 to your
desired value, let’s say you want to have =????? suns, type it in the @alue window that
pops-up and clic o.
'+. >ow, go bac to your game and you can see that you now have =????? suns to use
for that level.
%ere’s the bad side of this cheat. You can have as many suns as you want but those suns
can only be use on the current level you are playing. If you want to have infinite suns on
your ne7t level, you need to go through the whole procedure again.
If you have difficulties following the procedure above, you can watch the video tutorial