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RSM plus Comments/reference

Audit Questionnaire to be completed by all local auditors of projects funded by the Danish Ministry
of Foreign Affairs (Danida) through Disabled Peoples rgani!ation Denmar" (DPD) and
for#arded to$
Disabled Peoples Organization Denmark DPOD!
%loe&erpris&ej '()
D%*+,-( .&ido&re
Att/$ Anne )irthe 0ensen
1*mail$ abj2handicap/d"3 Phone$ 45- 6, 67 7- '+3 Fa8$ 45- 6, 9- '5 (6
Partners abroad$
Contact person$
;atest date of receipt <<<<<<<<<<<<<< (Four months after finalising project)

Please enclose a copy of the audited financial statements in connection #ith the return of this
Audit Questionnaire/
;ocal auditor$
=e confirm that the attached audit >uestionnaire has been properly completed and reports all
matters of #hich the auditor of DPD should be a#are/
RSM plus Comments/reference
@ PA1FAC1///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
@@ ?BMMAAD F ?@E:@F@CA:C MACC1A? A1;AC@:E C DBA ABD@C///////////////////////////////////////
@@@ E1:1AA;//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
A/ @ndependence/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
)/ Co*operation Agreement/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
C/ Audit procedures/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
D/ @nternal control////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
1/ Applied accounting policies/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
F/ ?ubse>uent e&ents/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
E/ Che Management endorsement//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
./ Audit scope/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
@/ Audit////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
0/ Audit opinion///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
@F A1EB;AA@CD (F@:A:C@A;) ABD@C///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
A/ @llegal acts etc/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
)/ ther matters//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
C/ Co*operation Agreement re>uirements////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
D/ ther specific audit re>uirements//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
(Bpdate pagenumber by FG)
RSM plus Comments/reference
Chis audit >uestionnaire has been prepared in order to assist A?M plus * as auditors of the consolidated
financial statements * in recei&ing rele&ant information about the audits of the projects funded by Danida
through the Mini Programme administrated by the Disabled Peoples rgani!ations Denmar" (DPD)/
All projects3 no matter the si!e3 shall undergo this >uestionnaire/
Che information relating to the regularity of (financial) audit is necessary for A?M plus to sign the
consolidated financial statement/
All >uestions in this audit >uestionnaire relate to the project le&el e8cept for the >uestions in section @@@/C/
H@nternal ControlI3 #hich relate to the organisation implementing the project/
Che management mentioned in the audit >uestionnaire is the management of the organisation
responsible for the project accounts/
None o' t(e ans)ers in t(is *uestionnaire s(all be based on a 'ull audit o' t(e items or issues t(at
t(e *uestions relate to+ E,er- ans)er s(all re'le.t auditor/s opinion based on an audit in )(i.(
risk and materialit- (a,e been taken into .onsideration and t(e e0amination (as been made on a
test basis+
RSM plus Comments/reference
Che audit >uestionnaire has been designed in accordance #ith generally accepted auditing principles and
guidelines and DanidaJs re>uirements/ .o#e&er3 should there be any important issues or points not
included in this audit >uestionnaire3 #hich in your opinion should be emphasised3 please inform us
promptly accordingly/
All ans#ers should reflect your opinion of the issues in >uestion/
@f your ans#ers to the >uestions are not applicable (K:/AK)3 you are re>uested to add comments/
@f the >uestionnaire does not pro&ide enough space for your ans#ers3 please enclose a separate
sheet/=ord document/ Please add the rele&ant audit reference number at the top of this document/
Please ma"e reference to a management letter or other reports3 if the subject has been an issue in your
@n case your country has imposed special audit procedures or responsibilities not included in generally
accepted auditing principles3 you are re>uested to ta"e the necessary steps to meet and report the de*
@f you anticipate that a reser&ation or >ualification #ill appear in your audit opinion3 please inform A?M
plus promptly3 so that #e may re&ie# the effect on the consolidated accounts and our report to Danida/
@f you become a#are of illegal acts or instances of non*compliance #ith the pro&isions of the frame#or"
agreement and/or the administrati&e guidelines3 you shall report this to A?M plus without delay/
RSM plus
?tatsautoriseret re&isionsa"tiesels"ab
%al&ebod )rygge 5-
D%*'-,( Copenhagen F
Att/$ %nud .einrichs / %im ;arsen
Phone (45-) 66 67 G7 ((
Fa8 (45-) 66 67 G7 ('
1*mail "l2rsmplus/d"
RSM plus Comments/reference
Please pro&ide the follo#ing details$
'/ A description of any significant accounting and auditing problems encountered and their
resolution$ (Please attach a separate sheet if necessary)
'a/ A list of matter(s) #hich should be minuted by DPD$
'b/ A list of salient feature(s) #hich re>uire consideration by A?M plus in auditing the consolidated
financial statements$
RSM plus Comments/reference
A+ Independen.e
A/'/ .as your firm maintained its independence #ith respect to this
client and its possible affiliatesL
@ndependence means financial as #ell as independence related
to family members3 or other circumstances #hich may create
any reasonable doubt about the auditorJs independence/
7+ #o8operation Agreement
Che co*operation bet#een the implementing partner
organisation and DPD is based on a Co*operation Agreement/
Che administrati&e pro&isions applicable for the grants are
stated in the Co*operation Agreement and the Accounts and
audit regulations/
)/'/ .as the implementing partner organisation follo#ed the abo&e
mentioned administrati&e pro&isions M in all major aspectsL
@f not3 report any significant non*compliance #ith the pro&isions/
#+ Audit pro.edures
C/'/ .a&e you carried out financial as #ell as performance audits
according to recognised international standards
@f not3 #hich part and #hy notL
D+ Internal .ontrol
D/'/ Are there major #ea"nesses in the system of internal controlL
(Chis >uestion must be ans#ered in cases #here the
organisationNs figures to a large e8tent depend on the systems
of internal controls)
@f yes3 indicate in #hich area they e8ist/
@f yes3 state #hether such #ea"nesses ha&e been reported to
the management by you and if so3 #as the report made orally
or in #riting3 and #hen #as it made/
@f yes3 are satisfactory steps being ta"en by management to
correct the situationL
E+ Applied a..ounting poli.ies
1/'/ @s the applied accounting policies consistent during the #hole
project periodL
@f not3 gi&e details or refer to the ans#ers to later >uestions or to
the accounts if detailed there/
RSM plus Comments/reference
&+ Subse*uent e,ents
F/'/ .as there been any e&ents3 #hich may materially change the
position sho#n in the project accountsL
@f yes3 gi&e details/
F/+/ Do the project accounts comprise the necessary information of
such e&entsL
4+ T(e Management endorsement
E/'/ .a&e you endorsed the project accounts after an indi&idual
authorised by DPD has signed the accountsL
E/+/ .a&e you recei&ed a letter of representationL
@f yes3 please enclose a copy (1nglish translation)/
@f not3 please e8plain/
:+ Audit s.ope
./'/ .as there been any limitations in the audit scopeL
@f so3 state such limitations/
./+/ .a&e you reasons to inform A?M plus of special matters
relating to the result of the auditing of the accountsL
@f so3 please gi&e details or refer to pre&ious information/
I+ Audit
@n order to be able to complete A?M plusJ report under the
pro&isions of the auditing instructions #hich form part of the
administrati&e guidelines for non*go&ernmental organisations
supported by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Danida)3
#e #ould as" you to report to us on the follo#ing/ ?ome of the
ans#ers to these >uestions can be HyesI or HnoI and you can
gi&e details on a separate sheet or refer to your report on the
issues$ (not audit opinion)/
Aegularity (financial) audit$
@/'/ Che audit procedures performed and their result/
@/+/ ?ignificant uncertainties3 errors or omissions in relation to
boo""eeping3 accounting or internal controls/
@/6/ =hether or not you ha&e any comments as to the use of the
@/5/ =hether or not you ha&e recei&ed all the information and
RSM plus Comments/reference
e8planations #hich3 to the best of your "no#ledge and belief3
#ere necessary for the purpose of your audit/
@/-/ =hether in your opinion proper boo"s ha&e been "ept
concerning the project/
=hether the balance sheet and income and e8penditure
account are in agreement #ith those boo"s/
@/,/ =hether in your opinion and according to the information and
e8planations gi&en to you3 the accounts gi&e a true and fair
&ie# of the state of the project at the period end of the project3
and of the income and e8penditure for the accounting period
and the unspent funds/
@/9/ =hether or not in your opinion the nature of the dispositions of
the management of the project is in accordance #ith the
purpose of the project in >uestion/
@f not3 please e8plain in details/
"+ Audit opinion
0/'/ Che purpose of the project shall be stated in the auditorJs
opinion on the project accounts/
0/+/ @s it stated in the audit opinion that the project accounts has
been audited in accordance #ith DPDJs audit instructionsL
0/6/ Che comments caused by the audit shall be clearly stated/
?imilarly3 your >ualifications3 if any3 shall be clearly stated/
Qualifications must not be mista"en for or mi8ed #ith
comments or not stated in the same paragraph/
RSM plus Comments/reference
A+ Illegal a.ts et.+
A/'/ .a&e you designed your audit steps and procedures to
pro&ide reasonable assurance of detecting errors3
irregularities and illegal acts that could ha&e a direct or indirect
and material effect on the project accountsL
7+ Ot(er matters
)/'/ Are there any areas3 #hich ha&e significant bearing on the
amounts and/or disclosure3 stated in the project accounts (e/g/
e8ceptional transactions #ith management or others) #here
you ha&e had difficulty in determining #hether such amounts
and/or disclosures are fairly presentedL
@f so3 please gi&e details/
#+ #o8operation Agreement re*uirements
Che follo#ing >uestions are related to DPDJs re>uirements to the
financial report/ All >uestions should be ans#ered #ith a HyesI/ Dou
are re>uired to report any non*compliance/
C/'/ .a&e the funds been used in accordance #ith the purpose of
the grantL
C/+/ .as the financial statement been prepared #ith the same
budget lines as in the appro&ed budgetL
C/6/ .a&e significant de&iations bet#een realised income and
e8penses and the appro&ed budget been e8plainedL
C/5/ .as the DPD/Danida share of unspent funds by the end of
the account been stated in the financial statement or in a
separate statement signed by you and the partnerL
.a&e you tested the statement of the DPD/Danida shareL
C/-/ .as the DPD/Danida share of interest been stated in the
financial statement or in a separate statement signed by you
and the partnerL
.a&e you tested the statement of the DPD/Danida shareL
C/,/ .as the DPD/Danida share of e8change gains been stated
in the financial statement or in a separate statement signed by
you and the partnerL
.a&e you tested the statement of the DPD/Danida shareL
C/9/ .a&e payments from DPD/Danida been deposited in a
separate ban" account L
C/7/ At the end of the project3 has a transfer document been dra#n
RSM plus Comments/reference
.as the recipient signs for receipt of the transferred assets
and their &alueL
C/G/ .a&e you seen and tested the reconciliation bet#een the
project accounts and the yearly account for the organisationL
D+ Ot(er spe.i'i. audit re*uirements
D/'/ .a&e all major project assets been recorded in a fi8ed asset
register and ha&e all major additions/disposals been minuted
by the managementL
D/+/ .a&e ade>uate records been "ept #ith specification of
>uantities and prices #ith regard to in&entories/stoc"s/
.as physical counts been made and ha&e the records been
adjusted to tally #ith the physical countsL
D/6/ Please confirm that ban" certificates ha&e been obtained on
re>uest by you directly from the ban"s in respect of all ban"
balances3 ban"ing facilities and related guarantees3 and that
the replies of the ban"s did not contain any other information
#hich should be brought to our attention (e/g/ facility
guaranteed by the DPD/Danida)L
D/5/ .a&e all significant reconciling items (e/g/ uncashed che>ues3
deposits not yet credited) sho#n by the period end been
satisfactorily accounted forL
D/-/ .a&e you performed unannounced cash audits regularlyL
@f so3 ho# many times
and #hat is your conclusion of this auditL
@f not3 please e8plain the reason for not doing it/