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Multi Org R12 (why Multi Org Access Control ???

You all know by now that Multi Org model in Oracle Release 12 will be changing !hey
call it Multi Org Access Control "hat is the reasons behind this change# and how this
will im$act you %t will also e&$lain to you how this will not im$act you at all 'i( you
don)t wish to use MOAC* Multi Org Access Control+
,or those that are not (amiliar with $re*Release12 multiorg model# you must read
-asics O( Multi Org !hat e&$lains how the current multi*org model (eature works# ie
$rior to Release 12
Business Reason for this change
,our years ago# a s.w consulting /rm was tasked to design a 0ayables %n1oice
scanning $rocess that had (ollowing re2uirements (or a client3*
1. !he client had 144s o( legal entities and organi5ation units
2. !hey wanted to recei1e all $a$er $ayables in1oices at a central location
67ecti1ely# they would ha1e a single Address where in1oices (or all the 8egal
6ntities.O$erating 9nits were recei1ed
3. All the in1oices would be scanned at that central location
4. !he scanned images were then $laced in a 2ueue that were then keyed(ty$ed)
into the system by -angalore !eam(their shared ser1ice
Here lies the issue:-
:canned %n1oices had ;o be /rst sorted $er o$erating unit

Why? -ecause# there was a di7erent <0ayables Clerk< res$onsibility (or each
o$erating unit !he $oor clerk had to switch responsibility de$ending u$on which
o$erating unit the in1oice was being entered against Also it will ne1er be $ossible to
(orce all your su$$liers to $ost their in1oices to =M8 >ateway ?ence clerk had to
ensure that each $a$er in1oice is coded.entered into the right organi5ation.o$erating
How does Oracle Release 12 coe to the rescue here?
%n R12# the clerk will no longer be a <$oor clerk<# because they will no longer need to
kee$ changing the res$onsibility (or di7erent legal entities ?ere lies the strength in
the design o( Oracle Release12# it caters to the need o( :hared :er1ice solution
!oes this ean the "aya#les cler$ res"onsi#ility will ha%e access to all the
o"erating units?
!his is $ossible now in R12 i( that)s what your business needs You can assign a node
o( organi5ation hierarchy or a list o( o$erating units to your res$onsibility 67ecti1ely#
you are now able to assign multi$le o$erating units to a single res$onsibility !his is
made $ossible either through Organi5ation ?ierarchy or by an Organi5ation 8ist
&his sounds %ery uch li$e HR 'ecurity (ro)les as we saw in lin$ Oracle
?RM: :ecurity 0ro/les ?
!rue# in (act Oracle Release12 multi*org model uses :ecurity $ro/les (so % am told)
Read this linked article abo1e to get your conce$ts on ?RM: security $ro/le clear
!oes this ean* a security "ro)le will #e attached to res"onsi#ility as
"ro)le o"tion?
What if + don,t wish to i"leent this enhanced feature? Will this #rea$ y
e-isting ulti org setu"?
Oracle is great when it comes to u$grades 9nless you im$lement security $ro/le
(eature# your multi*org will kee$ working as $re R12
Will R12 ulti-org access control still "o"ulate org.+d colun?
O( course 6ach record will still remain tied to an indi1idual org
/an we re-use security "ro)les that we de)ned for HR0'?
% suggest you kee$ MultiOrg security $ro/le se$arate (rom ?RM: security $ro/le# as
?R security $ro/les also cater (or $ositions and 1arious other hr related attributes
"e will know this once MultiOrg Access Control gets launched
/oing #ac$ to "aya#les cler$* while $eying in the in%oice* how will they
attach s"eci)c in%oice they $ey that in%oice against a s"eci)c
o"erating unit?
-y entering 1alue in the o$erating unit /eld in the screen 0rior to Release12# this
was a hidden column -ut now all screens that use security $ro/le multi*org will ha1e
an enter*able /eld
Oh dear* an additional )eld to #e entered #y the user in R12?
@ot really# i( you wish# you can s$eci(y de(ault o$erating unit $er res$onsibility !his
too by means o( a $ro/le o$tion
@ame o( $ro/le o$tion is 'i don)t know yet+# but it e&ists# so % am told
'o* we ha%e two new "ro)le o"tions?
%ndeed# one (or attaching security $ro/le and other (or de(ault org
What ha""ens to
!his will become redundant (unctionally 9se moAglobal $ackage instead !his
$ackage already e&ists in 11B14 instance And i( you o$en this# you will /nd this
using Row 8e1el :ecurity !echnically % think will
still work# but will $roduce une&$ected results i( you ha1e enabled the MultiOrg
:ecurity 0ro/le (eature too
How does this e4ect y custoi5ations?
:tatement 1 3* %( you ha1e hard*coded client*in(o command# then ob1iously that will
no longer work'with disclaimers# but % think so will be the case+
:tatement 2 3* Also# i( you ha1e been using (ndA$ro/leorgA%d# that again will not
Both stateents a#o%e are false if you decide not to i"leent 0ulti Org
6ccess /ontrol feature in Release 12.