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Raymond mill

Outlines the future of Raymond mill and Raymond mill application

Raymond mill in China in the future development of the
manufacturing industry has undergone two changes,
one change from imitation to innovation-oriented
product development; the second is from extensive
economic operation to the benefit of transformation.
Expected future trends for mill industry, becoming larger,
number of intelligent and green energy.
with the development of powder industry, market
application of Raymond mill requirements are rising.
Raymond mill for grinding powder industry equipment,
in order to meet the requirements of different
application areas, to the "reliability, energy-saving,
precision and Automation" is the inevitable trend of development.
in recent years, businesses are increasingly concerned about green issues, and as "green Twelve-
Five" suggested that the development of energy saving and environmental protection has become
the industry bellwether, Raymond mill industry is even more so. Raymond mill development and
manufacturing, should focus more on study of high efficiency, energy saving, for zero-pollution,
high efficiency, low energy consumption and improved mechanical life these key to manufacturing.
Raymond mill currently markets, large capacity and high separation efficiency, low energy
consumption and energy-saving and environmental protection equipment will be more popular,
market demands more urgent.
2, perfect
Raymond mill automatic control system will be
mainly to highly reliable, accurate, automatic
condition monitoring and automatic control of
direction. SCR power supplies, AC variable
frequency speed-control, centralized grease-
lubricating, shock-absorbing measures, and
monitoring and automatic control devices. High
reliability through mechanical principle study on
the rationalization of reinforced rings, Gland,
resistance to wear, machine work continuously for
the next State.
experts point out that automatic condition monitoring and automatic control of needs within the
Raymond grinder high intelligent electronic control system, automatic control of material flows,
Raymond mill

ground, quantitative, and so on. Automatic control can be effective in improving the working
efficiency and accuracy and safety of Raymond mill, operators only need to operate the button
control, easily and quickly.
3, grinding accuracy has improved a lot
for a long time, Raymond mill in classification system have been made larger improvements, but
mostly stays in the single machine over on many parameters, such as grinding roll and ring size,
power and speed of the host is seldom exceeded.
improving the accuracy of materials grinding accuracy of analysis needs to be strengthened. This
issue has been Raymond mill to improve the technical difficulties. Therefore, Raymond mill,
grinding accuracy of the future will be the relevant enterprises and research and development
research and development focus, it will be decided that Raymond mill in mill industries the key to
future development.
Elaborate Raymond mill performance
Raymond mill was grinding processing industry in one of the most widely used devices, according
to industry statistics, in grinding equipment in China, Raymond mill's share of more than 70%.
Raymond mill enduring advantages include:
1, wide application,
2, product fineness is moderate,
3, made from a powder,
4, gas delivery and ratings,
5, equipment simple structure, host running at low speed, durability, easy to repair and easy to
6, low equipment prices.
Raymond mill working process, Raymond mill is often extremely easy because non-factors for
machine production has a big impact, these factors include the following areas:
1. power differences.
2. raw material water content differences.
3. body active and passive parts combined with gap difference.
4. ancillary equipment is reasonable.
5. crush kinds of raw materials.
Raymond mill has a deeper understanding of, not only can improve productivity of Raymond mill,
but also can save costs and create more economic benefits.
Raymond mill plaster in gypsum processing
gypsum gypsum processing special processing equipment
gypsum by Raymond mill (Raymond mill) formed after the three-ring medium-speed micropowder
mill processed gypsum powder and its use can be divided into: building material gypsum powder,
chemical gypsum plaster powder, food for powder, mold cast with plaster and gypsum powder.
gypsum applications for a long time, but simply used to make chalk, PuTTY, making tofu and doing
simple crafts, such as the lack of in-depth research and development, and pays no attention. The
Raymond mill

late 70 's of the last century, especially since the reform and opening up in China, as the
development of the economy, large consumption of gypsum building, building materials and other
related sharp increase in industrial demand for gypsum, gypsum has attracted more and more
attention, has formed a huge new industries.
according to related data displayed, gypsum after Raymond mill machine processing Hou formed
of gypsum powder is a new green environmental type wipe ash material, not only solution has
traditional painted slurry bond sex poor, and easy empty drum cracking, and operation Shi landing
ash more, problem, and has fire, and insulation insulation, and sucking sound, advantages, while,
because gypsum of "breathing" role, painted gypsum also can regulation indoor air humidity.
currently, painted gypsum in United States, and Germany, and Japan has been widely used.
in recent years as China's economic development and improve the living conditions and the
increasingly urgent need to realize the civilized construction, plaster after Raymond mill (Raymond
mill) in vertical mill's grinding equipment has been gradually moving towards industrialization,
industrialization of deep processing.
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