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All Day Starters Mains Desserts

Garlic Bread 7
Soup 10
Starters Hot + Cold 17
Chicken & Bacon salad
Greek salad, olives, feta
Prawn & Avocado salad
Spicy hot Thai Beef salad
Prawns in Garlic Cream sauce
Grated green lip mussels in garlic
butter, Parmesan and a bit of cream
Vegetarian 26
Let the chef surprise you.
Fish 26
Fish Pot with 3 types of fish
slowly cooked in Zarzuela sauce
and white wine
Sea Food chowder with salad and
garlic bread
Spicy Pangasius (Bass) with salad
Meat 28
Beef Stroganoff
Scotch Fillet with fries, salad,
garlic butter or mushroom sauce
Pork Medallions with mushroom
Desserts/All Day Sweet Calories
Grande Dame Blanche/Sundae 14
with warm chocolate sauce
Bavarois=mousse & ice & cream
Warm cherries, ice cream and 14
sweet whipped cream
Pancake ice, cream, chocolate 14
Assiette d’Amour for 2 lovers 20
Warm waffle sugar + cream 8
Warm waffle fresh fruit, cream 10
Warm waffle cherries + cream 11
Warm waffle, cherries, ice 12
cream and whipped cream
Warm Apfelstrudel with cream 10
vanilla ice cream, cinnamon sugar
Kinderen Kids Enfants Kindern
Kids Fizzy or cordial drink 2
Kids pancake natural with sugar
and syrup or lemon juice, or bacon
or cheese or apple or choc sauce or
ice cream or whipped cream, 8
Kids pancake bacon and cheese 9
Kids pancake ice, cream, choc 11
Kids Chicken Nuggets, Fish bites, 9
Hamburger (no bun), with fries
Kids Cheese Brger, Chicken 11
Schnitzel, pan fried Fish, with
fries & salad
Kids ice cream 3
D u t c h Pancakes for the Tall&Tiny
Adult’s Natural/lemon juice 9
Adults Single filling 11
Apple Raisin and Cinnamon 13
Adults Double fillings 13
Adults Triple fillings 15
Warm cherries, ice cream, cream 16
Our fillings: Bacon, Cheese, Apple,
Pine Apple, Ham, Banana, Ice cream,
Whipped Cream, Chocolate sauce,
Tomato, Mushroom, Onions
* Veggie with or without cheese, 16
* Prutje: Calzone style with cheese, 17
spicy hot and hot
* Tuna,tomatonioncapsicumushroom 18
* Toscane: onion, olives, tomato, 18
Parmesan, capsicum, mushrooms
* Egmont: bacon, onion, mushrooms, 18
capsicum, cheese, spices
* VolcaNoview = Egmont with 18
hot chilli paste; real (wo)men only!
Cold Pancake Wrap Salad with 14
marinated chicken or beef, yummie

Baguettes 16
GarlicTomatOlive, garlic butter,
tomato, grated cheese & olives
Garlic butter, tomato, Dates and
grated Parmesan Cheese
Three Eggs, whole meal bread, salad
Omelet or Fried or Scrambled eggs 17
with bacon +/- cheese +/- mushroom
VolcaNoview Omelet with 18
bacon, cheese, capsicum, onion,
mushroom and secret spices
Biggg Breakfast: fried or scrambled
eggs, bacon, mushroom, tomato
hashbrown, caramelized onion 19
Tailor made Burgers and more
HokiFishBurger with lettuce, 17
tomato, mayo, tartare sauce, chips
Volcano Burger 195 gr. 18
onion, tomato, cheese, bacon, aioli,
beetroot, BBQ sauce, chips, salad
EggaNaki Burger 18
Chicken Burger with, cheese, 18
onion, tomato, avocado, honey
mustard, bacon, chutney, salad
Spicy Chicken Burger hot and
heet, makes you tsty………… 18

Prutje: bacon, capsicum, tomato18
mushrooms, chilli and soy sauce in
a bowl topped with Parmesan in &
out of the oven; comes with slices
of baguette; try make it at home!
KilCoy open chicken sandwich 19
with pesto, lettuce, tomato, onion
parmesan cheese, bacon,capsicum
chutney, ailoi, crumbed chicken
Seafood chowder with ……Fish 20
prawns, mussels, slices baguette
Bowl of Chips 10
Cheezy Wheezy Chicken/ Bacon16
with aioli and Parmesan and more..

After 5 pm we can only serve
starters, mains, desserts and
KIDS food