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Commercial Pilot Training – Gondia

www. caeoaa. com/gondi a
CAE Oxford Aviation Academy Gondia, also known as National Flying Training
Institute (NFTI), is one of 9 CAE Oxford Aviation Academy locations around the
world. It is a joint venture between CAE and Airport Authority of India (AAI) and was
established in 2007.
CAE Oxford Aviation Academy Gondia’s Pilot Training Programmes provide high
quality, focused ab initio training to aspiring pilots. Our programmes combine
premier ground school courses with high quality flying instruction delivered in
accordance with International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and Directorate
General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). The cadets graduating from our training courses
have had training consistent with airline expectations and are well equipped to meet
the challenges facing airline pilots today.
Why Choose Gondia?
CAE Oxford Aviation Academy Gondia operates a fleet of Diamond aircraft, which
are renowned for having “ one of the most remarkable safety records in all of light
aircraft general aviation”, according to a leading aviation publication. Diamond
users include other CAE Oxford Aviation Academy flight schools, as well as the
U.S. Air Force.
Diamond DA 40CS
The entry-level DA40 CS is a single-engine, propeller-driven aircraft built with
modern composite materials and featuring Garmin G1000 avionics. It can achieve
180 horsepower for a cruise speed of 145 knots and has a range of more than 700
nautical miles.
Diamond DA 42
The DA42 will be your first multi-engine piloting experience. The DA42 has
earned the Flying Magazine’s Editor’s Choice Award as well as awards from Flight
International magazine, Robb Report, Popular Science Aviation Consumer and
Aero-News Network.
CAE Oxford Aviation Academy Gondia is proud to operate these technically
advanced training planes, equipped with the latest “glass” cockpits. We also use
simulation- driven flight and navigation procedures trainers as an integral part of
the training program.
CAE-trained pilots are highly regarded in the airline industry for their consistently
high quality of knowledge, skill and attitude. As one of the world’s leading sources
for well- trained pilots, CAE has already more than 2000 pilots with partner airlines
CAE has strong relationships with various Indian & International airlines. As a
graduate of a CAE Oxford Aviation Academy, you will be eligible for CAE Oxford
Aviation Academy Graduate Services Support which provides direct exposure to
airline hiring.
Course Outline
CAE Oxford Aviation Academy Gondia offers
a comprehensive 19 month program designed
to prepare you to become a professional airline
pilot. All courses meet International Civil Aviation
Organization (ICAO) and Directorate General of Civil
Aviation (DGCA) syllabus standards.
Cadets are trained using best practices developed
from CAE’s extensive experience in training
professional pilots – throughout the CAE Oxford
Aviation Academy network as well as CAE’s
worldwide training center network where tens of
thousands of airline and business aviation pilots
get trained every year.
Upon successful completion, you will have
obtained your Commercial Pilot License (CPL) with
Instrument Rating (IR) and Multi-Engine (ME).
Theory Training
The first 6 weeks of training are dedicated to
aviation theory and preparation to get you the
Student Pilots License (SPL).
Our instructors will not only prepare you for the
mandatory Directorate General of Civil Aviation
(DGCA) examinations but also for ATPL and airline
Commercial Pilot Program India
Flight Training
Highly experienced flight instructors train the
cadets in Diamond aircraft. Flight training is
divided into various lesson elements and you will
fly approximately 230 hours during your time in
• 185 hours in the single-engine Diamond DA
40 CS.
• 15 hours in the multi-engine DA 42
• 20 hours on DA-40 Simulator
• 10 hours on DA-42 Simulator
Entry Requirements
• Candidates must be between 17 to 32 years of
age and of Indian Nationalty.
• Candidates must have cleared 10+2 from a
recognised board/ university with Physics,
Math & English.
• Candidates must hold a valid Indian Class
I Medical Certificate (no limitations) prior to
starting the program.
• Candidates must be fluent in English – verbal
and written.
Selection Process
To ensure that the aspiring cadets have the basic
skills and knowledge needed to succeed in our
Program, CAE Oxford Aviation Academy uses a
selection process called CASS.
CASS tests include:
• English test
• Online personality and values questionnaires
• Structured personal interview
• Physical assessment test (basic flying on a
flight simulation training device)
• Detailed de-brief with our examiners
Once you clear the CASS test, a few documents are
required to receive clearance from the Directorate
General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) in order to secure
admission at CAE OAA Gondia. The documents
must be submitted on or before the day of
joining CAE Oxford Aviation Academy Gondia
for SPL license formalities. For detail visit us at
Candidates from non- science streams can also apply after clearing the required subjects
(Math, Phy, Eng 10+2 Level) from NIOS
IndiGo, India’s largest and fastest growing low-
fare airline is on a very dynamic expansion path.
IndiGo placed an order for 100 Airbus back in 2005
and then began its domestic operations in August
2006. IndiGo started International operations on 1st
September, 2011. It has recently placed a firm order
for 180 Airbus A320 Family aircraft to be delivered
up until 2025. To support their dynamic growth,
IndiGo is in need of many pilots.
CAE Oxford Aviation Academy is proud to be
working with IndiGo and to offer the Indigo Cadet
Pilot Program. This self-sponsored training program
is specifically designed by CAE and IndiGo which
enables the cadet to receive the initial Commercial
Pilot License (CPL) and an Airbus A320 Type Rating
in only 19 months.
If you are diligent, thrive on challenges, believe in
being part of a dynamic team and have boundless
enthusiasm, CAE is the place for you…. Where you
will be well trained to become a successful IndiGo
IndiGo ab initio Cadet Pilot Program
• Candidates must be between 18 and 30 years
of age and of Indian nationality
• Candidates must have scored minimum 55%
in Physics, Mathematics & English each, in
(10+2) exam individually.
• Candidates must have valid Indian Class I
medical certificate (No limitations)
• Candidates must be fluent in English- both
written and spoken.
Candidates who only hold an Indian Class II
medical may still apply but they must secure a
Class I medical prior to commencing the IndiGo
training program.
Selection Process
All complete applications will be screened and
eligible candidates will be called for further
screening. This selection process will consist of:
Selection Phase I
(Written test) based on 10+2 syllabus:
• Physics
• Mathematics
• English

Selection Phase II
Candidates will perform 2 online profiling tests
before presenting themselves at one of the test-
centers spread across India for an interview, a
physical assessment, psychometric test and a
debriefing session.
Selection Phase III
The final selection phase consists of a Group
Discussion and Personal Interview with IndiGo.
Please note: Applications are accepted 5 months
prior to batch commencement.
Batch commence on: March July September
To apply log on to
All supporting documentation
including certificates and/or mark
sheets must be produced at the
enrolment stage.
The aviation industry is growing and there is an increasing
demand for qualified pilots worldwide. The overall worldwide
fleet of aircraft will almost double; airline traffic almost triple by
2028. Industry experts predict the overall global pilot demand
for the next 20 years is about 20,000 pilots per year. Enrol now at
Gondia to secure your place and be part of this exciting aviation
industry growth.
CAE Oxford Aviation Academy
Birsi Airport
PO Paraswada
t. +91 7182 665000 ext 5034
f. +91 7182 665001