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ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus MSP Training

• Course Objectives
• Who Should Attend
• Course Agenda
Course Objectives
ServiceDesk Plus MSP Training helps IT Managers, Adinistrators, and sta!! to get a head start in
understanding and ipleenting an e!!ective IT "elp Desk Solution !or their clients# At the end o! the course,
$ou %ill be able to do the !ollo%ing
• Account Con!iguration
• Set up Incident and Proble anageent
• De!ine Change Manageent
• Discover and anage assets
• &nable a sel!'service and kno%ledge anageent portal
• Manage So!t%are and "ard%are inventor$
• "andle Purchase and Contract anageent
• Con!igure Service Plan and generate bills !or the clients
Who Should Attend
• IT "elpDesk Service Providers
• IT "elpDesk Managers looking !or%ard to optii(e and strealine IT Support Operations
• IT "elpDesk Adinistrators responsible !or anaging service levels b$ e!!icientl$ anaging re)uests
and IT Support Sta!!
• IT Support Sta!!
Course Agenda
Introduction to ServiceDesk Plus MSP
• ServiceDesk Plus MSP Overvie%
• *ene!its o! a Service Desk Plus MSP
• Iport re)uestors
• De!ine Support Sta!! +oles
• Creating Technicians
Imlementing ServiceDesk Plus MSP in !our Organi"ation
• Organi(ational details
• De!ine ,ocations, Departent, Operational "ours, and "olida$s
• Channels o! Support
o &ail - Intranet %ebsite - Phone
• Proble T$pes . Categories
• ,evels . Tier /, Tier 0 etc#
• An$ other Additional in!o
• Custoi(ing the +e)uest !or
• Creating the Service Catalog and services
• Creating a 1endor Database
Account Con#iguration
• Account creation
• Con!igure Account speci!ic support eail address and &ail Doains#
Incident Management
• +e)uest Tracking
• Autoate %ith *usiness +ules
• +e)uest &scalation using S,A
• 2ueues
• Con!igure 3oti!ications
• Tie'Tracking
Problem Management
• Proble Detection 4 Classi!ication
• Proble Priorit$
• Proble Anal$sis
• Solutions, Work Around, and 5no%n error record
• Proble Closure
Change Management
• Initiate Change +e)uest
• Change Plans and CA* 6Change Advisor$ *oard7
• Approval !ro CA* Mebers
• Co'ordinate Change Ipleentation
• Post Ipleentation +evie%
• Change "istor$
• Discover Assets
• Detailed Asset Inventor$
• So!t%are ,ibrar$
• Asset +elationships
T!ical %eldesk Work#lo&s
• 8ser calling in
• Sel!'Service Portal
• &ail
'no&ledge Management
• Solutions Database
• Public and Private solutions
Sel# Service Portal
• Creating a 3e% +e)uest
• Checking Status o! previous +e)uests
• Searching Solutions
• 8pdating Contact Details
• Announceents
%ard&are and So#t&are Inventor!
• Windo%s Doain Scan
• 3et%ork Scan
• Schedule Periodic Audits
• So!t%are ,icense Copliance
• Manage hard%are inventor$
Purchase Management ( Contract Management
• Purchase c$cle overvie%
• Create POs
• Subit !or Approval
• Accept - +eject PO
• Approved POs to vendors#
• +eceive or Partiall$ receive Ites
• Contracts Manageent
• Track 4 Manage Contracts !ro ultiple vendors
• Create Service Plans
• Con!igure the contract to an account#
• Identi!$ing *illable and 3on'billable +e)uests#
• 9enerating Adhoc bills
• De!ine Surve$ and satis!action levels
• +eport Dashboards, 9raphs, and Technician )ueues
• Technician and Tie based +eports
• Categor$ based +eports
• S,A violation +eports
• Pending, Copleted, and Overdue +e)uest +eports
Periodic $ackus
• Con!igure and schedule *ackups
Signup !or the Classroo Training, or book !or an Onsite Training no%:
About ZOHO Corporation
ZOHO Corporation provides affordable software for management and provisioning of complex
networks, systems and IT applications. Wit a broad prod!ct portfolio and an active c!stomer
base ranging from enterprises, e"!ipment vendors and service providers, ZOHO Corp. as
emerged as a very affordable and ig#"!ality alternative to expensive software tat is common
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*isit !s at
ZOHO Corporation
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