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1. What is Difference between stamina and strength?

Ans. Strength is capability over a short length of time and Stamina is the ability to keep going

2. What is Hydrostatic System?
Ans. Hydrostatics is the study of fluid bodies that are
• At rest
• Moving sufficiently slowly so there is no relative motion between adjacent parts of the body
For hydrostatic situations
• here are no shear stresses
• here are only pressure forces that act perpendicular to any surface.
!t"s a closed loop hydraulic systems. !t comprises of motor and pump. Here pump supplies energy to
motor and motor gives return energy to pump supply.

3. What is Cotter joint?
Ans. A cotter joint is used to connect rigidly two co#a$ial rods or bars which are subjected to a$ial
tensile or compressive forces. Here shaft is locked in place by a smaller pin that passes through the side
of the lug and partly or completely through the shaft itself. his locking pin is named as cotter.

4. How is the ecess discharge !ress"re !re#ented?
Ans. %ischarge pressure prevented by a pressuri&ed spike cushion. Here the system employs a
pressuri&ed cushion of air and a two o#ring piston' which permanently separates this air cushion from the
water system. (hen the valve closes and the water flow is suddenly stopped' the pressure spike pushes
the piston up the arrester chamber against the pressuri&ed cushion of air. he air cushion in the arrester
reacts instantly' absorbing the pressure spike that causes water hammer.

$. What is the difference between Strainer and %it&er?
Ans. Strainer for coarse si&e' Filter is more accurate than Strainer.

'. What is the !osition of (iston )ing?
Ans. !n )*+ degree angle the op ring' Second ring and ,il ring are fi$ed. -osition the ring
appro$imately ) inch gap below the neck.

*. Why Deareator are !&aced at Hieght+ ,n -herma& (ower (&ant?
Ans. o build a .ery high pressure and the temperature for a boiler feed water pump and it discharge
high pressure water to the boiler.
And to provide the re/uired 0et -ositive Suction Head 10-SH2 for the 3F( pump and to serve as a
storage tank to ensure a continuous supply of feed water during rapid changes in 3F-.

.. What is meanst by /ne -onn Air0Conditioner?
Ans. ) ton refrigeration means 4)+ k56min e$tracts heat from thesystem.

1. State 1st 2aw of -hermodynamics?
Ans. H7A A0% M78HA0!8A9 (,:; A:7 M<<A99= 8,0.7:A397. 707:>= 8A0 37
8:7A7% 0,: 37 %!S:,=7% 3< ! 8A0 37:A0SF7:7% F:,M ,07 F,:M , A0,H7:

13. ,f yo" heat a stee& !i!e with the ho&e at center+ does heat affects the ho&e diameter?
Ans. !t gets bigger.