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Business Cash Solutions : Break Free With Sources Of Growth Financing

In Canada
Feeling ‘ Awkward ‘ About Growing Your Co!an" #
We$re Sol%ing &hat 'roble
O()*(I)W # Inforation on sources of growth financing in Canada+ Business
cash solutions !ro%ide the ca!ital "ou need to cofortabl" eet "our goals+
Sources of growth financing in Canada allow the Canadian business owner / financial
manager to ' break free ' from those chains they feel when it comes to growing their
business. Those same business cash solutions or lack thereof! can make our break your
business. Let's dig in.
The challenges to lack of bank financing in the SME Commercial inance sector lea!es
owners/mgrs with a feeling of awkwardness " if only for the reason they don't know
where to turn when it comes to accessing ca#ital.
$f there is any good news it's sim#ly that the whole situation has left a lot of alternate
solutions on the table% as well as in many cases forcing business to get back to a lot of
basics around cash flow #lanning. There is nothing more e&hilarating than your client
demands for more of your #roduct or ser!ices and feeling you can't deli!er because of
financing challenges.
'ot e!eryone may necessarily agree that the current state of business finance in the
small/medium enter#rise sector is a dire straits situation. or centuries business has relied
on Canadian chartered banks and other large institutions to #ro!ide the bulk of financing
(re there business cash solutions that will eliminate the concern for lack of finance
alternati!es) *f course there are% and they include+
A,* Financing
In%entor" Finance
Asset based AB- lines of credit
'urchase order financing
Working ca!ital ter loans,unsecured cash flow loans
&a. credit financing /S*0)1 , 2edia refundable ta. credits3
SAS Financing /software as a ser%ice3
*o"alt" Finance
)5ui!ent financing, Sale -easebacks,Bridge loans
$f in fact to# e&#erts are correct that access to finance remains a large concern to owners
then the abo!e solutions clearly #ro!ide #ositi!e ho#e.
'aturally many firms continue to #ursue outside e,uity ca#ital " that-s not what we're
focused on here today% if only for two reasons+
*nly the smallest #ercentage of firms going the #ri!ate e,uity/.C route are successful %
and we'll remind you that when they are owners gi!e u# large #er cent ages of ownershi#.
'aturally if you don't ha!e #ro#er financials% and other #otential key re,uirements such
as business #lans% timely cash flow #ro/ections% growth #ros#ects% etc you are ne!er going
to get the financing you need at a com#etiti!e #rice.
(nd in many cases those non bank alternate finance solutions cost more so your ability to
achie!e the lowest cost is always going to be ham#ered by a #oor business/financial case.
Sim#ly s#eaking you need to show lenders you're got a growth #lan to success.
$f you're feeling ' awkward' about Canadian business financing solutions seek out and
s#eak to a trusted6 credible and e.!erienced Canadian business Financing Ad%isor
with a track record of success who can assist you in breaking free from the chains of
lack of sources of growth financing .
Stan 'roko! " 7 'ark A%enue Financial :
0usiness financing for Canadian irms % s#eciali1ing in working ca#ital% cash flow% asset
based financing % E,ui#ment Leasing % franchise finance and Cdn. Ta& Credit inance .
ounded 2334 " Com#leted in e&cess of 53 Million 6 of financing for Canadian
cor#orations . Info ,Contact :
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