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Have you ever installed a TF80, TF81 or TF60 after overhaul and it has had harsh shifts or engagements

s or maybe a flair/bump upshift or harsh

coast down clunks? Most times, clearing shift adapts and driving the vehicle to relearn shifts will correct these problems, however, sometimes a
shift/engagement issue remains. Assuming there is not excessive wear in the valve body and the linear solenoids are good, the clutch control valves on the
valve body can be adjusted to correct these problems.
First lets get a little background on these valve bodies and clutch control valves. The TF60 is also known as a 09G used in Volkswagens and
Mini Coopers, the TF80 is used in Volvo and GM in the United States and the TF81, (also known as AF21), is used in Ford and Mazda vehicles in the
United States.
TF60, TF80 and TF81 transmissions have the same solenoid firing order, the same clutch and band application and all three use clutch control
valves and linear solenoids to control the shifts and engagements. They are all adaptive learn transmissions that need to have shift adapts cleared, after
which, the vehicle must be driven to relearn the shift adapts. Ford, Mazda and Volvo seemto relearn shift adapts quickly, while Volkswagen vehicles seem
to take the longest to relearn.
* =varies with engine load X =capable of lock up in these gears
+ =Reverse inhibited above 4 mph by turning ON P =Solenoid on momentarily during the shift