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Prepared for:ITC 520-Ifor!a"#o S$%"e!% S"ra"e&$

Prepared '$:

A&$apa( %#&)

E*e+,"#-e S,!!ar$........................../// 0
I"rod,+"#o.............................. 1
Purpose of the Study.. 4
Methods and Procedures Used . 4
2a+3&ro,d of Te+)o(o&$ U%ed.....................// 5
Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology Used.. 5
G,#de(#e% For ,%e of F(a%)$ Te+)o(o&$................../ 4
S,r-e$ of IT Te+)o(o&$ U%ed # Re"a#(#& 2,%#e%%.............. 5
eported Uses of !T Technologies.. "
S,!!ar$6 Co+(,%#o%6 ad Re+o!!eda"#o%................
#onclusion.. $
eco%%endation &
Refere+e%............................... 70
Excellence , a Luxury clothing Retailer having diferent futuristic Exicenter
stores all over the world.The company can put their efords to improve annual
sales of the Exicenter y !ntroducing the "lashy Technology in the store.
Excellence spent millions on implementing uni#ue technology on their new
Exicenter , with the purpose of providing diferent shopping experience to their
customers. $s company have the large vision aout the turn over of Exicenter,
where millions are spent, ut opposite to their expectations the introduced "lashy
technology cause the huge mess over the Exicenter. The technology ecome a
huge prolem for staf as well as customers,which efect the company with
greater loss .
%urrent capaility of technology in Exicenter are&'$utomated dressing rooms,
R"!( chips, )($, etc.*enior +anagement of Exellence authori,ed a study to
examine issues related to prolem faced y customers as well as salers while
using technology in Exicenter.
Research are conducted in - ways&
.. %urrent )rolems of Exicenter are examined.
-. +ore than .// luxury cloth Retailing 0usiness +anagers were surveyed
concerning the
use of "lashy Technology in their wor1 settings.
The report addressed the following #uestions&
.. 2hat is current prolem faced y customers within Exicenter due to new
Experimental technology
-. 2hat are advantages and disadvantages of applied technology in Exicenter.
3. 2hat are issues related to exicenter4s current system.
5. 2hat factors are related to success of technology applied in Exicenter.
The study concluded that implementation of new technology in cloth retailing
showrooms may decrease the interest of customers in shopping due to complex
procedure of using technology used in Exicenter.$s customers get confuse y
technology used in Exicenter.%ertain changes must e implemented to ma1e
the system convenient for the usage of customers.

Excellence,luxury cloth retailing is illion'dollor industry with vision of highest
satis6ed customers.*ince the economy ecame more gloal, consumers have to
a large extend een efected y the fast envolving Exicenter.The store would
comine cutting edge architecture and latest Technology to revolutioniali,e the
luxury shopping experience. $s Excellence recently spent millions on
introducing !T for its futuristic Exicenter store in 7ew 8or1,to provide the new
shopping experience to their customers and increase the turnover of company.
*ome very uni#ue and experimental features are added in Exicenter which may
help the customers to save their time as well as providing some new and exiting
shopping experience to the customers.(iferent facilities provided in Exicenter
are& automated dressing rooms,R"!T closet,)($ for customers as well as salers,
9!) dressing rooms .
Purpose of the stu!
The purpose of the study was to determine whether the !T technology
implemented in Exicenter can increase interest of people or not:
$nswers were sought to the following #uestions&
.. ;ow <ashy technology wor1ed within Exicenter, $re people with
experience with shopping in exicenter are satis6ed or happy:
-. 2hat are the advantages and disadvantages of technology used in
3. 2hat are issues raised due to implementation of <ashy Technology in
5. *hould people easily accepts the experimental technology.
Methos "# pro$eures use%
*econdary research are conducted to 1now where the prolem should occur, y
interviewing the staf or management of Exicenter or y getting feedac1 from
customers aout their experience while shopping with usage of new <ashy
technology in Exicenter.
The interview of salers or staf include a set of #uestions related to prolems
occurred in Exicenter due to new experimental technology.

&"$'(rou# of te$h#o)o(! use
The !T technology is implemented in Exicenter which cause lot of changes in
shopping. This new technology is used y company for the convenience of
A*"#t"(es "# +s"*"#t"(es of IT +# E,+$e#ter
A*"#t"(es "re%
!T technology is used in automated dressing rooms which turns opa#ue
when customer enters in dressing room with simply pressing the paddle
with foot, which is really a diferent experience for the customers.
R"!( chips are there which connect the customers directly with the
inventory system of the store. 2hen customer place any dress on the
closet, then R"!( automatically detect the customer4s selection and
display the important details of dress on the touch screen. 0y which
customers get very convenience to select the dress.
)($ =)ersonal (igital $ssistance > device is given to all the staf to chec1
the stoc1s in inventory which may help the seller to get updated with
availale stoc1.
$s the $rchitect Romy 2oolhas promised a radically new shopping
experience and he 1ept the promise ut,opposite to his expectations ,
customers in fact soon enduring horders of tourists, neglecting technology
and occasional thrill of wastage of time due to new experimental technology
used in Exicenter.
D+s"*"#t"(es "re%
"ic1le 6tting rooms& (oors that turn from clear to opa#ue confuse the
customers and fre#uently stuc1 .*ometime the customer do not ale to
understand how the clear chamer?dressing room ecome opa#ue in
resultant some customer may get highly frustrated y this prolem. They
get confused is the dressing room is clear or ecame opa#ue.
"ailed R"!(& !n the dressing room the R"!( got activated or wor1s when
the customer put any dress in closet, only then the R"!( can identify the
selection of the customer which is often @ust lan1.
)ointless )($& *ales staf let the handheld devices gather the dust instead
of using )($ for chec1ing stoc1s in !nventory.
7eglected 7etwor1& $ lag etween sales and inventory system ma1es the
wireless networ1 mostly irrelevant.
Gu+e)+#es for the use of IT +# E,+$e#ter
Research in Exicenter environment where the technology is used reveals
interesting information aout acceptance of technology in Exilence pro@ect.
The following guidelines help the Exicenter to improve current situation or
prolem caused due to the applied <ashy technology in exicenter.
Proper (u+"#$e (+*e# to $usto-ers% sometimes some customers are
not aware of latest trend of technology that why they do not easily
understand to handle the technology while shopping.There should e
noti6cation oard around every experimental place, where how to use the
technology should e mentioned. *o that customers may get idea of using
technology from there.
Re(u)"r test+#( of the te$h#o)o(!% Regular testing is very important
issue, regular testing can help the company to easily overcome the
drawac1 of the current system.Testing is important to maintain the
technology.*o regular testing of technology help to enhance the
performance of current system.
Proper Tr"+#e st".% There should e proper trained staf should e
placed in Exicenter who are very fond of new technology and having
experience of dealing with customers.
A#")!s+s of te$h#o)o(! re(u)"r)!% The applied technology should e
regularly analyses for chec1ing the status of technology, the management
should have to analyse the prolems occurred due to the current
technology used in the store, so that the technology may altered time to
time for the convenience of the customers.
Use of RFID $h+ps +# proper -"##er% R"!( chips on cloth have to
change the mirror into magic mirror where the customer got all the details
of the inventory.
Us"(e of PDA +# proper -"##er% )($ must use for personal
assistance, so it should e duty of staf to do the eAcient usage of the
)($ device.=as )($ is used for chec1ing the stoc1 in inventory> which
may save the time of staf as well as update them with the current status
of inventory system of the store.
Fee/"$' of the $usto-ers% $lways ta1e the feedac1 from the
customers aout their experience of shopping with new technology which
may help to overcome the prolems which the customers may face during
the shopping.
Thus, when all these measures are implemented the result can e etter and
satis6ed. %ustomers can feel easy and convenient to do shopping with
exicenter. $nd the efect may also re<ect in annual turnover of the exicenter. $s
we 1now turnover of company directly depend upon the satisfaction of the
Sur*e! of ret"+)ers us+#( F)"sh! te$h#o)o(! +# the+r

"ast fashion rands are throwing down ig money to ma1e their stores high tech
exemplars of the possiilities for future of storefront retail.Bf course,within the
last year , numerous retailers have tried out the future'forward technologies to
lure in shoppers. Last 7ovemer, for instance, fast fashion retailer ;C+ ofered
augmented reality cloths at +anhattan storeD shoppers could snap a photo of
someone wearing a @ac1et or dress , which appeared to e super'imposed on
the person4s image as seen through an iphone view6nder
!n august Eermany luxury departmental store Fadewe presented 5( light and
video pro@ections featuring virtual polo Ralph Lauren products indoors'a follow
up of polo4s outdoor pro@ection at its +adison $venue and 0ond *treet stores in
new yor1 and London, respectively
*tores li1e 7ordstrom and luxury rand li1e 0urerry G e#uipped with R"!(
chips, digital screens, virtual mirrors and more' are catching on the trend.
0elow are list of some fast fashion rands pulling out all the stops to lure and
impress customers&
0. H 1 M% ;C+ Hs new <agship in 7ew 8or1 city Hs Times *#uare is home to a
virtual runway where shoppers can strut their stuf to thumping music
along an in'store catwal1. 9ideo of the impromptu fashion show appears
on enormous LE( monitors aAxed to the outside of the store. The store is
furnished with interactive manne#uins that screens attached to their
foreheads, writes Retail !nnovations. %hanging rooms are also supposed to
e out6tted with the devices for self chec1out.
2. Ur/"# Out3tters% This is also a top cloth retailing store implemented
moile point of sale unit.Iran out6tters use )B* to locate the customers
in the store. *o that customers should not have to wait for long for the
4. U#+5 )o% Japnese fast fashion retailer,Ini#lo has een the center of
attention for the +agic mirror it deuted at its Inion *#uare *an
"ransisco store,its 6fth storefront in united states.The mirror enales the
shoppers to virtually try on diferent colors of the same dress.The
shoppers tries on a same pair of pants,then magic mirror allow the
shopper to toggle through all availale diferent colors of those pants and
shows a re<ection with that shopper clad in selected hue.
There should e many companies which may use the <ashy technologies in
their stores, initially experience some diAculties ut regular analysis of system
and identifying the prolems of customers can help in improving the signi6cant
prolem caused in the store.

!n Exicenter lot of changes must re#uired such as&
The dressing rooms should e user'friendly, instead of clear chamer of
dressing room there should e opa#ue chamer is there so that
customer don4t thrill due to change in clear.
!nstead of R"!( closet , which are failed sometime, there should e
magic mirror over there, where the customer can interact with
inventory system, customer can get idea of all dresses as well as full
information aout the material of dress as well as the status of dress in
inventory system.
The wor1ers as well staf of the Exicenter must e properly trained to
deal with the usage of <ashy technology introduced in Exicenter. *o
that they should also help or assist the customer in usage of
*taf should have to use the )($ in eAcient manner , so that there
should e no wastage of time while chec1ing the stoc1s in inventory, $s
sometime possiility is there when some of staf memer don4t 1now
how to use the )($ , so proper training of !T products must of given to
)B* is also very innovative step to save the time of customer, as
sometime there is lot of traAc is there in the store, then )B* can detect
the position of customer. )B* device can give the idea to the staf
aout the position of customer within the store, which may save the
time of customer.
)roper testing of technology used is very important part of
maintenance of the system. *o testing should e done at re#uired
interval of time.
$ove are some recommendation for the eAcient wor1ing of exicenter

The latest Technology is designed to ma1e shopping easier is actually hard to
deploy. Even if the software and hardware exists' and much of it does there are
;urdles to overcome , from the sheer grind of the training staf how to use and
service new technology to the customers. The staf must have to synchroni,e
with the latest technology availale in their store. $s sometime prolem is
occurred when the customer don4t understand the complexity of technology y
which the customers get confused and feel hesitate to shopping in such places
where they don4t feel comfortale. *o the comfort level of customer should
come 6rstly. 0ut that does4t mean retailers and designer would stop coming up
with imaginative concept of the future of retail or hyping them. Everyone wants
success ut so many arriers are there along with new experiment ut one
thing which should e clear the technology used in stores should e highly user
friendly. Btherwise the there should going to have a greater loss in resultant.
Retailers implementing these systems have to thin1 aout how they train their
employees and ma1e sure they understand them, as there are poor user
friendly dressing rooms are there in Exicenter, which may confuse the
customers , dressing rooms are too delicate for higher traAc. There should e
need of highly changes in all the system otherwise neglected technology will
leave Exicenter with high priced hassle.

Eore,$=-//K>. Speciality shop retailing . Coral Schroeder
)rentice=-//L>.Retail management .barry berman .$7I=$ustralian 7ational Iniversity>