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This letter is to: Request to delete collection item after several requests to verify and validate.

offering a chance for the collection agency to pay $1000 in damages and settle out of court
------------------------------ Begin e!t "etter #ere
ear $ollection Agency%
&n '''''AT(''''''you received my credit reporting dispute and validation request. )ou failed to
respond *ith sufficient evidence that this alleged de!t is mine. )our office received a second
request for validation on '''AT('''' citing various +$,A - +$RA violations that your company is
no* responsi!le for. ,lease !e advised that your failure to respond *ith proper validation and
failure to provide notice of my dispute to the credit !ureaus is in violation of the +$,A:
(.cerpt from the $ass /10-01-234 +T$ &pinion letter
6&f course% if a dispute is received after a de!t has !een reported to a consumer reporting agency%
the de!t collector is o!ligated !y 7ection 1820e/94 to inform the consumer reporting agency of the
)ou also violated the +$RA : 801. Responsi!ilities of furnishers of information to consumer
reporting agencies ;1< =.7.$. : 1891s-0>
6/14 uty to provide notice of dispute. ?f the completeness or accuracy of any information furnished
!y any person to any consumer reporting agency is disputed to such person !y a consumer% the
person may not furnish the information to any consumer reporting agency *ithout notice that such
information is disputed !y the consumer.6
? am here!y offering to settle your +$RA and +$,A violations prior to legal action *ith the
follo*ing terms:
14 )ou delete this account from all my credit reports and fa. evidence of your !ureau notifications
04 )ou agree to close this account and not to sell it to any other collectors.
14 )ou arrange for payment of $1000 for my damages.
,lease respond *ithin 10 days of receipt of this letter
7mart $onsumer
------------------------------- (nd e!t "etter #ere