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SAM Summit Reception
7 pm Reception and Socializing
7:30 pm Patrick J. Kennedy, Kevin A. Sabet and other dignitaries kick off SAM Summit
9 pm Reception Concludes


SAM Summit Program
9 am Welcome by Patrick J. Kennedy
9:20 am Discussion of Day's Goals - Why This Isn't Your Typical Conference
John Redman, Senior Advisor to SAM and Executive Director, CADFY
9:40 am National Snapshot and Opening Plenary
Kevin A. Sabet, SAM
- What are our messages in 2014?
- Where are we with Alaska and Oregon, and beyond?
- What are the 3 key issues you need to know this year?
- What should every affiliate be doing in 2014?
- Show News Clip
10:20 am What You Can Learn from this Media Clip
10:30 am Colorado Update
Ben Cort, CeDAR, SAM; Chris Thurston, SAM and Bob Doyle, SAM Colorado
- Overall picture in Colorado and how you can use this in your community (Cort)
- The Industry Tactics and what Colorado SAM is doing to push back (Doyle)
- Cutting edge, new research findings you can use in your community (Thurstone)
11:15 am Washington State Update
Derek Franklin, SAM Washington
- What is the status of legalization in Washington and what lessons can be brought to
your community?
11:30 am How You Can Put a Group Together to Counter Marijuana Ballot
and Legislative Measures
Reps from Oregon, Alaska, SAM Affiliates and Board
Noon Florida Update
Sheriff Eslinger and Amy Ronshausen, DFAF
- What are the four messages used in FL’s fight and why are they important to you?
- Why did FL decide to have a grassroots campaign in addition to a ballot committee and how can
you apply those lessons in your community?
1 pm Sit Down Lunch and Address by David Frum
2 pm Marijuana + Communities of Color
Judge Arthur L. Burnett, Sr., National African American Drug Policy Coalition
2:30 pm Marijuana + Medical Professionals
Dr. Stuart Gitlow, President, ASAM, Board of SAM
- How can you get medical professionals on board and how can you benefit from the plethora of
position papers by the medical community?
3 pm Break into Geographic Areas to Draft Plan of Action
4:15 pm Final Address – Call to Action!
4:30 pm Summit Concludes