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Hi dear surdents .

all your beatiful eyes on me please , i want you to give me

your attention until i finish because i am going to tell you about an
important subject as humane.
So lets start with a short question ,but I would like you to answer honestly
okay? Who doesnt have a computer at home or just a mobile phone?
So all of you use the new technology, but I am sure that you dont use it in a
good way. Do you?
So Id like you to listen carefully and try to understand my .
Life is too short to spend it in things that such happiness out of you. Dont
you want to be happy?
Of course you want, but happiness is not something already made.
Happiness comes from your own actions.
Dear friends live with people who make you happy. Dont be lonely .can
you just try to imagine yourself disconnected to your real world and
connected to virtual world with lot of machines etc .Personally I cant
because if I do, I can just become angry , unhappy, alone ,too serious..and I
believe that there is no point of getting a promotion on the day of getting
breakup . There is no fun driving a car if your back hurts. Shopping is not
enjoyable if your mind is full tension dont take your life too seriously .dont
be that serious. Dont forget yourself , your environment ,family and friends
.life is not meant to be taken seriously as we are really temporary here .if we
are lucky we may last for 80 years and 80 years is just 4000 weekends .so
dont be too serious .do what people say you cant do. enjoy your life as it