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Seeking challenging assignments in Electrical Engineering preera!l" in the
C#ns$ltancies an% c#ntracting &el%'
Monito, coo!inate an! su"e#ise ME$ site acti#ities an! su%contacto on a !a& to !a& %asis
an! ensue t'at "o(ect goals ae ac'ie#e! )it'in time *ame, e+uie! +ualit& an! %u!get in sa*e
en#ionment com"l& )it' ,-E e+uiement.
. !&namic "o*essional )it' o#e 5 &eas o* site e/"eience in $o(ect e/ecution in
$esentl& associate! ,ith Drake - Sc$ll Internati#nal (JSC .atar as Site Engineer
$ossess soun! 0no)le!ge a%out eection an! ins"ection o* electical installations , lig'ting
elate! to in*astuctue "o(ects.
.n e1ecti#e communicato )it' e/cellent lea!es'i" an! "lanning s0ills
-u"e#ision Communication -0ills -ite E/ecution
-ite 2ns"ection 3iaising 4 Coo!ination -a*et&
Oct234 5 till %ate Drake - Sc$ll Internati#nal (JSC as Site Engineer /Electrical0
Maintaining eco! o* !ail& )o0 acti#ities li0e man"o)e, necessa& "emit, com"lete! )o0s
,su%mitting an! con!ucting ins"ection *o t'e a""o#al o* )o0 .
-u"e#ise an! a!#ise on constuction met'o!ologies in coo!ination )it' ot'e
!isci"lines4contactos4su%contactos "io to constuction.
Mateial ta0e o1 *om s'o" !a)ings.
.nal&6ing an! esol#ing 7el! "o%lems %& coo!inating )it' ot'e !isci"lines 4 consultancies.
Ensuing t'at t'e constuction issue !a)ings *ull& e8ect t'e sco"e o* )o0s an! e+uiement o*
Monitoing su%contactos "e*omance.
$e"aing e! ma0e! !a)ings *o 7nal .- 9uilt !a)ings.
Ensuing constuction team is )o0ing to a""o#e! to t'e latest an! a""o#e! constuction issue
Committe! to com"an& ,-E e+uiements an! all a""lica%le legislations an! contactual
e+uiements a1ecting t'e ,-E acti#ities at "o(ect site an! a!ministati#e o:ces.
5e"oting an! !iscussing )it' Constuction Manage a%out egula )o0 acti#ities, mateial
Ma"637 8 Sept234 Nitta Gelatin In%ia Lt% as (r#9ect Engineer /Utilities0
Maintaining eco! o* !ail& site acti#ities, "emit s&stems li0e 'ot )o0 "emit, con7ne! s"ace
"emit, electical an! mec'anical e+ui"ment maintenance "emit .
;esigning ,5e#ie)ing an! a""o#ing t'e !i1eent !esigns li0e $lant la&out !a)ings, -ingle line
!iagam, <en!o !a)ings ,3ig'ting 3a&out, 3= ,= "anel !isti%ution ,-teet lig't !esigns.
$osses soun! 0no)le!ge o* utilit& sections li0e %oiles, *es' )ate an! e>uent )ate teatment
Engaging in !iscussion )it' !esign consultants li0e ?E;@ *o selection o* e+ui"ments on t'e
%asis o* t'e es"ecti#e aea, !a)ing coections, etc.
<ei*&ing an! ta0ing notes on "en!ing )o0s
Ensue com"liance to stan!a! o"eating "oce!uesA-@$B an! "actices.
$e*oming intenal sa*et& an! +ualit& au!its an! "e"aing e"ots conse+uentl&.
3iaising )it' !e"atments li0e Mec'anical, Ci#il, 2nstumentation ,En#ionment C $o!uction to
im"o#e o"eational e:cienc& an! in!ustial sa*et&
5e+uesting an! #ei*&ing !i1eent +uotations
<ei7cation o* -3;, *a%ication !a)ing o* "anels, containment !a)ings, eat' "it !a)ings.
C'ec0ing an! "assing %ills "atiall& an! *ull& o* !i1eent contactos.
5e"oting to $o(ect Mange a%out egula site )o0 acti#ities inclu!ing i!enti7e! is0s an!
<ei*& t'e stoc0 o* mateials an! ma0ing necessa& mateial e+uisition.
-u"e#ise an! mo%ili6e commissioning (o%s as "e "lan.
Das es"onsi%le "eson *o 500 ton4&ea 'i!e gelatin "e "ocessing "lant mec'anical, electical
an! "lum%ing )o0.
2n#ol#e! in electi7cation o* E>uent teatment "lant 'a#ing a ca"acit& 10000 cu%ic mete !ail&.
Feb10 May10 Sterling an% :ils#n Lt%'; <"%era!a% as Site Engineer
;a*te! !etaile! 9ill o* Euantities A9@EB an! !ail& e"ots
-u"e#ise! )o0 o*:
o 33 F< -u%station )it' @il Coole! =ans*omes
o @n 3oa! =a" C'anging -)itc', $anel, ,=, 3= an! Meteing $anel
3iaise! )it' Ci#il, ,<.C, Eualit& an! $lanning ;e"atments

A$g67= 8 Jan637 A!" Electricals as Site Engineer /Electrical0
Gante! necessa& "emits li0e 'ot )o0 "emit ,con7ne! s"ace "emit #aious !e"atments in
,in!ustan @ganic C'emicalsA,@CB
Caie! out ins"ection *o ca%ling )o0 o* %ot' ,= an! 3=
2n#ol#e! in ,= an! 3= $anel 9oa! eection
M- @??2CE A e/cel, )o!, "o)e "ointB
.H=@ C.; ;5.?=2IG =@@3
Din!o)s J474<ista4K$ o"eating s&stem
Do0e! in -.$ an! @acle so*t)ae

=itle: 2nstallation o* lig't an! "o)e )o0s in Mall # .atar , %elo) s'o)n ae main
acti#ities A Com"an&: ;a0e C -cull Engineeing $L-C, EataB
1. Constuction an! eection o* 6 in!oo su%station.
2. Constuction an! eection o* "lant oom *o !istict cooling "u"ose )'ic' consist
o* 7 centi*ugal c'ille, eac' 'a#ing a ca"acit& o* 2500ton.
3. 3ig'tning an! eat'ing "otection o* )'ole "o(ect.
4. Ca%ling o* ,= ca%les *om "ima& su%station to 6 su%stations locate! in !i1eent
aeas o* "o(ect.
5. $o#i!ing %us tun0ing *om 3< "anel in su%station to ot'e 3< ooms.
6. $o#i!ing loo"ing *o t'e lig'tning "otection an! e+ui"ment eat'ing .
7. G2 con!uiting *o eac' an! e#e& se#ices in )'ole "o(ect.
=itle: Constuction, eection an! commissioning o* 3< ooms an! electical e+ui"ment *o
!i1eent "lant electi7cation Ali0e E>uent teatment "lant, ,i!e $ocessing "lant, Date =eatment
"lant, 11=$, 9oile "lantB.ACom"an&:Iitta Gelatin 2n!ia 3t! B
1.Constuction an! eetion o* 3< oom.
2. Ca%ling o* 3< ca%le *om $CC oom to MCC ooms.
3.Eection an! commissioning o* electical e+ui"ments.
4. Eection o* ne) eat' "its .
5. $o#i!e necessa& lig'ting acco!ing to aea classi7cation.
=itle: -eene $o"eties, 5a'e(a Min! $ace 9uil!ing Io.ACom"an&: -teling C Dilson 3t!B
2nstallation an! -&stem =esting =aining4Do0s'o" to ?BS EN @A47BCA77@ (r#tecti#n Against
Lightning? con!ucte! %& J#hn Sherl#ck Mem%e o* 9-242EC4Cenelec 3ig'ting "otection
committee C C'aiman o* .=3.- 3ig'ting committee.

2009 9.=ec'. AElectical C ElectonicsB *om 5a(agii -c'ool o* Engineeing C =ec'nolog&, Ena0ulam, M. G.
Hni#esit& )it' 66.J7M
2005 12
*om 5a(agii ,ig'e -econ!a& -c'ool, Falamasse& )it' J3M
2003 10
*om 5a(agii ,ig'e -econ!a& -c'ool, Falamasse& )it' J0.66M
Ceti7cation in .utoC.; an! .utoC.; Electical
2nstallation an! -&stem =esting =aining4Do0s'o" to N9- EI 62305:2006 $otection .gainst
;ate o* 9it': 16
Lanua&, 19JJ
$emanent .!!ess: ='e00um"uam ,ouse, <&lo""il& 5oa!, Maottic'u!e, E!a""al&, Foc'i-24,
Feala, 2n!ia
$esent .!!ess: ?lat Io-11%, 5eta( 9uli!ing 9, .lsa!!, ;o'a , Eata
Iationalit&: 2n!ian
3anguages Fno)n: Englis', ,in!i C Mala&alam
Maital -tatus: -ingle
$ass"ot ;etails: 2ssue ;ate: 2J40J4200J, E/"i& ;ate: 2J40J4201J an! $ass"ot Ium%e:
M. Dael .%!elgani
$o(ect ;iecto AMall o* EataB
;a0e C -cull 2ntenational $L-C Eata
M . $a#een . G
Manage A$o(ectsB
Iitta Gelatin 2n!ia 3t!
$': +919447970026
M. 5amee6 .'amme!
D-$ Mi!!le East,