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Chiller Controls Testing Procedure:

The following are a series of tests that verify proper operation of the chiller and its auxiliaries under
normal system control. If the actual control sequence differs from that implied by the tests, attach a
description of the control
sequence, the tests that were done to verify the sequence, and your conclusions. Use of datalogging
instrumentation is
recommended to implement and document these tests, though visual observation is acceptable. Annotate any
data and graphs so
that it is clear what the data are proving. Attach annotated data and graphs to this test sheet. Energy
Management System (EMS)
trend logs of EMS outputs, program print-outs, or schedule and setpoint print-outs are not acceptable as proof
of operation, though
trend logs of sensor inputs to the EMS are acceptable.
Criteria for Acceptance: Items #26 - 35 require answers of Y (or NA, where relevant) except where other
criteria are noted.
26. Chiller appears to meet load (no complaints)
40. Chiller operates without unusual number of
41. Chiller enabled under time-of-day control 1
1. OSA temperature lockout functions properly 1
2. If CHW temperature is reset, what is the
controlling independent variable? (e.g.
warmest zone temp, valve position, etc.)
3. CHW temperature follows reset schedule 1
27. Chiller maintains CHW at setpoint 1 F over
a 2 hour operating period 1
4. Gradually remove the chiller load and verify
the chiller & accessory shutdown sequence 2
Acceptance: Sequence verified.
5. Gradually add load and verify the chiller &
accessory start-up sequence 2 Acceptance:
Sequence verified.
6. Shut-down and start-up sequences stage
multiple chillers & accessories properly 2
Notes to System Controls Test:
1 Attach to this test form field documentation in support of your answer. For CHW temperature reset, attach
either monitored data
and graphs showing temperature variation over at least 1/2 of the reset range, or field notes showing the CHW
temperature and
concurrent independent variable value at two points that span at least 1/2 of the reset range. It is permissible
to force the
independent variable in order to facilitate gathering the required data.
2 Attach to this test form field documentation in support of your answer. Loading and unloading may be done by
some combination
of starting/stopping air handler units, starting/stopping secondary chilled water pumps, changing the CHW
setpoint, etc. Be careful,
though, not to simulate loading/unloading by manipulating equipment that is directly interlocked with the
chiller(s). If there are
multiple chillers that are staged together, verify not only each chillers shut-down and start-up, but also the
staging of all of the
Seattle City Light Chiller Commissioning Procedure, page 6
April 1999
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